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Amarei Soudya


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a character in “Character Storage”, as played by CrimsonFox


+++| Amarei Soudya |+++
+++| Name |+++
Amarei Soudya

+++| Nickname(s) |+++

+++| Personality |+++

Amarei has a deeply rooted respect and fear of the human Hanai she can summon, preferring to summon animals rather than people. She refuses to summon human Hanai, practicing only on animal Hanai, and only when she is completely alone.

Likes: Frogs/Toads (her favorite Hanai animals), dusk, the color orange-red, electricity (lightning), metal
Dislikes: When her Hanai are called zombies, when people are disappointed in her for no good reason, being shunned, rain, dawn

+++| Physical Description |+++
Amarei is 22 years old. Her hair is orange-reddish and reaches between mid-back and shoulder length, although most of the time it's in a messy bun, held together by 2 or 3 bones. Her skin is sort of pale with no freckles, definitely not tan at all. She's roughly 5' 4", 103 lbs. with a slender body build, the moderately above-average curves and a barely fills a C cup. Her eyes are a piercing, dusty amber color. There is a long scar running across her stomach that is very tender whenever it rains. Generally she doesn't wear any shoes, only worn dusty-cream colored stockings that go up to mid-thigh. She wears a tattered, torn up skirt made of fabric is the same color of her hair. Over the skirt as a top she wears a steel gray lace up corset with patterned fabric on the front which does a good job of covering up the scar. This fabric, the same color of her hair with black designs, matches the fabric of her fingerless gloves. There is a steel gray choker she wears that matches the back of her corset.

+++| Weapons / Armor (if any) |+++
Long, one-hand sword made of polished ebony - given two her by the mercenary leader after she laid he and his group to rest

+++| Powers (if any) |+++
Power/Talent/Ability(s): Necromancer
As a Necromancer, Amarei is able to summon the spirits of the dead back into their corpses/skeletons which will then obey her. The proper name for her undead minions is "Hanai" meaning 'eternal spirit warriors'. She becomes very insulted if her summoned Hanai are called zombies. She also knows some basic witchcraft based magic, though rarely uses it as more often than not it goes poorly.

++++++| History |++++++
Amarei was born into a small village nestled deep inside of a dark forest, full of blood thirsty animals who hungrily tore apart trespassers. This village was full of cold shouldered people who did not care for outsiders themselves. This was ironic as this village had a dark secret; they were all practicers of witchcraft. Rituals, sacrifices, chants and a great number of different techniques helped these people cast their many spells.

As a child, Amarei displayed a power that rivaled some of the elders and her family was proud to have such a powerful witch bearing their name. However as she grew up, her powers proved to be exceptionally difficult to use. Ever wand she tried to wield would snap, every spell she cast went badly wrong, even her potions were never as powerful as they ought to be. She became a subject of ridicule and her family shunned her.

Had anyone truly looked at her though, it would have been obvious that she was simply trying to perform the wrong type of magic. All her life strange and unexplainable things happened wherever she went: bugs that were killed did not die, small creatures that were missing appendages merely walked funny, birds that should not sing but in the mornings sang all night long. But in such a magic oriented village, this did not seem like a big deal and Amarei was overlooked.

But when Amarei was 9, her black and speckled cat- Shadow, whom she had had since she was a babe- died of old age. Her mother and father buried him and Amarei wept bitterly. The next morning, Amarei found Shadow curled up on her bed just he'd always done. Amarei, excited, picked Shadow up and brought him downstairs, telling her parents how they had been wrong and Shadow wasn't dead. Only Shadow wasn't breathing. His eyes were dark and unfocused and his heart was not beating. He had been raised from the dead as a Hanai. But a Hanai only responds to and obeys the one who summoned it, so Amarei's parents asked her to tell Shadow to do something. Amarei asked him to bring her his favorite stuffed toy.

He did.

Image Word quickly got around that Amarei was a Necromancer. People were astonished she could raise the dead with no rituals- and at 9 years of age! She thought that this would draw people to her and she would no longer be the joke of the town. But that awe turned to fear and the village, including her own family, began to shun Amarei. They were all jealous and scared of the powerful little girl, refusing to so much as look at her. A few years went by and Amarei took this isolation worse that she did the ridicule. So, in a desperate attempt for people to love her again, she went to the grave of one of the town's recently deceased (and sorely missed) Elders.

The 13 year old Amarei knelt and placed her hands on the soft soil and began to summon. But this was far beyond what she had ever done before. The corpse clawed its way out of the grave and was dragging itself towards her when she froze in panic. One thing she did not understand was that, if an unwilling human Hanai did not receive any orders soon after re-emerging from the grave, it would try to identify and kill its caller. It attacked her and cut open her chest, forcing her to dismiss it.

When the townsfolk came to see what had caused such commotion, they saw Amarei bleeding, near death herself, and the corpse of their beloved Elder laying on the ground. Though many of them wanted to let her die, the leader of the village convinced them to save her (even if only so they wouldn’t have to deal with her spirit haunting them). So they took her back and poured an extremely painful disinfectant into the wound and let it heal without the use of magic as punishment. As soon as Amarei recovered, a newly gained scar stretching across her chest, the leader of the village cornered her and told her that she had caused them all too much trouble to be allowed to stay. She commanded Amarei leave and never return, lest they burn her alive, so Amarei hurriedly collected a bag of items to take with her before she fled from her village in fear of her life.

However the forest was tainted by the magic practiced by the witch village and in it were creatures no mortal had ever seen and lived to speak of. The forest itself seemed to be alive and keen on keeping inhabitants within it's boundaries. Hopelessly lost, Amarei wandered for three days. She was starving, exhausted and dehydrated, aware that monsters were watching her and waiting for her to collapse so they could feast on her meager remains. On the verge of death, it was unavoidable when she collapsed, and the hounds that had been stalking her (mutated beyond recognition by foul magic) emerged from the brush. In desperation she called out for anyone to help her, before blacking out. When she awoke she was surrounded by the bodies of slain beasts and what seemed to be an army of skeletons.

At first she was terrified, but one of the skeletons knelt before her and the rest followed his lead. Amarei came to understand that she had summoned these skeletons, the remains of a travelling mercenary band, with her necromancy to come and aid her. At first she was afraid that they would turn on her, but they’d slain the wolves and were hers to command until she released them. After eating and finding water, Amarei traveled with her skeletal companions until they reached the edge of the woods.

Then she turned to them and commanded them to dig graves. These Hanai’s spirits were restless, having never received a funeral nor a proper burial. So after digging the graves and climbing inside, Amarei released their spirits and filled in the graves. Once done with that she offered up a prayer of thanks before turning to leave and noticing on the ground was the ebony longsword that had belonged to the leave of the caravan. He had left it behind as a thank you, and Amarei took it reverently. Then she left, content that their souls could now rest in peace. Since them she has been travelling, searching for a place of acceptance and hiding her powers from the world for fear that she would once again be driven away.

+++| Fatal Flaw / Weakness(es) |+++
Amarei’s greatest weakness is her own power. She is able to see ghosts and hear the voices of the dead; they constantly haunt her, begging her to send a last message to their families, find/bury their body, send them into the light, etc. Usually she just pretends not to hear them, but occasionally she’ll mistake a ghost’s voice for a person’s and respond. If this happens in the presence of a person she’ll usually pretend she’s just talking to herself whilst actually speaking with the ghost. It’s easier to tell the difference between a ghost and a person though, as they are often in the condition their body was an instant before death (semi-headless, covered in blood with a gaping hole in the chest, etc). It is her deepest regret that she is unable to help all of these ghosts by fulfilling their last wishes or sending them all into the light forcefully; there are simply too many and she’d kill herself trying. Though all of these angry voices (that only she can hear) and living corpses (that only she can see) are slowly driving her to the brink.

+++| Theme Song |+++

"DayBreak "
by Runaway City

Where did you go?
Why did you hide your face?
I don't think you know, I could never be ashamed.
I tried to catch you before you fell too far.
I couldn't let you, be someone else cause I know who you are
I know you. You don't know me, anymore.
I am a light in the darkness I am burning bright for you
I am the hope, and the chance for you to free yourself again
Where are you now? Haven't you found your place?
I though by now you'd see pictures never feel embrace
You want to hold me, you still you run the other way
You never told me the words to say so I could make you stay
I know you. You don't know me, anymore
I am a light in the darkness i am burning bright for you
I am the hope and the chance for you to free yourself again
Take hold of me
Take hold of yourself
I am a light in the darkness i am burning bright for you
I am the hope and the chance for you to free yourself again
Take hold of me
Take hold of yourself

So begins...

Amarei Soudya's Story