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Arianna Hasani

"I can give you freedom of the heart but I cannot feel such a thing for myself."

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Name: Arianna Hasani
Name Meaning: Arianna is the mythological Greek goddess of colors and emotions / the Heart is what holds a person’s emotions
Nickname: Aria
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 117 lbs
Hair Color: Purple
Hair Style: Short hair, cut about an inch and a half above the shoulder
Eye Color: Purple (currently no pupils)
Build: Very curvy with a slender frame
Skin Tone: Little more pale than normal

Outfit #1: (nice, usual outfit) Black flat shoes with wooden soles, short black shorts with a brown belt with a brass buckle, dark navy-blue/indigo tank top, a white button up coat with black lace and frills at the end of the half sleeves.

Outfit #2: (average, lazy day wear) A dark purple, low cut T-shirt with a necklace made of various little beads with a center bead that somewhat Yin and Yang, plus jeans with a brown belt.

Outfit #3: (nice, normal day clothes) A white, long sleeved blouse as her top and a rich purple skirt that reaches just above the knees with a black rim, as well as black shoes with an inch of heel and two little white bows.

Other Accessories: Occasionally will wear her reading glasses

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: A light purple Fairy Tail Mark on the outside of her left thigh (IMCOMPLETE)

Classification: Lost Magic
Magic Type: Emotion Manipulation Magic

Magic Details:
The ability to make herself/others experience certain emotions for limited amounts of time. There are six main emotions; happiness, sadness, excitement, anger, tenderness and fear. Under them all emotions are classified i.e. rage would be under anger, sympathetic under tenderness, nervousness under fear, optimistic under happiness and etc. Each emotion affects a person a different way according to how they normally act when experiencing that emotion on their own and each spell’s effects only last for a limited amount of time. Casting an emotion spell (for example, love) does not force the target to be kind, instead only influence their behavior accordingly, though the stronger the spell the more powerful and long lasting the influence is. You are able to tell the strength of the spell and when it wears off based on the color of the afflicted person’s eyes as they will be the designated color of the emotion (see the emotion color wheel). The more vibrate the more effect the spell has, the more dull the weaker the spell was/is becoming. Casting a spell repeatedly does not make it stronger and if used too many times in rapid succession on one target the target has the potential to become immune to that particular emotion spell.

Special Ability:
Arianna is able to give each of the six emotions a body of their own and they have their own names, personalities and abilities. It takes most of her magic energy and it's unheard of to call all of them out at once (somewhat simliar to Celestial Spirits). They each look very simliar to Arianna and assist her in battle when she calls upon them (though some are more helpful than others). She has only ever heard of this power yet has been unable toa ccess it due to the Curse that Esilon has placed on her.



Likes: (at least 5)
Reading - A calm, quiet activity that she can enjoy without danger (unless it's a very emotional book)
Swimming - A relaxing activity where she feels blissful while floating
Meditating - Often something she does when she feels like her control is fading
Cooking - Good food had always been something Aria liked and she enjoys making it too
Being Alone - Much safer than being with someone else

Dislikes: (at least 5)



As of right now she must not show any emotion (or very little emotion when she takes her medicine) because of the Curse cast upon her. As a child Arianna used to be very social and openly expressive, always happy to help someone in need. Never lacking a smile or something to talk about she melted people's hearts in minutes and was the center of her mother and uncle's universe. Unfortunatly, when her mother was killed she lost the smile she had blissfully maintained through out most all of her childhood. Her personality changed so she was less rosy and bubbly but instead became more catious and withdrawn, though still kind and helpful. When her uncle and father figure was murdered it was like having her heart ripped out of her chest entirely. Broken and alone with a Curse placed upon her, all emotions began to fade away from her. She avoids people and speaking as much as she can nowadays, and when she redners aid it's usually does without her taking credit for it. She does care deeply for her guildmates but avoids acknowledging the affection as the Curse would disable her for it. If ever the Curse is lifted she would once again become friendly, though somewhat shy, always willing to help out someone else whether with an extra hand or a shoulder to cry on.

Esilon and Asimun were brothers who both specialized in the manipulation of emotions, a form of magic that had been Lost to the ages. They grew up together and were very close, rarely being seen without the other. Esilon was the more handsome of the two with jet black hair and a proud figure but was very harsh in his treatment of people. Asimun was attractive but no match against his brother. But what he lacked in looks he made up for with his kind heart. Regardless of their differences, the brothers were nearly inseparable.


As years passed though, the brothers began to take interest in other things. Both excelled in the use of their magic powers and started travelling along different roads. They remained close and continued to be best friends as well as rivals. Their biggest rivalry was for the affection of one girl in particular whose name was Carinna Hasani.

Carinna was the most beautiful girl either boy had ever seen with long, violet hair and amethyst eyes that sparkled when she smiled. They agreed that they would attempt to win her heart without the use of magic, and would be happy even if the other brother won first. Both gave it their best shot, but in the end Carinna choose Asimun over Esilon because she cared more for the beauty of the heart than the attractiveness of the body.


Furious that his brother had won Carinna’s heart instead of him, Esilon began to use his magic power freely and without guilt. He became popular among the people, rich and was well loved by men and women alike. But he still felt bitter towards his brother for his success and decided he could not stand to lose a challenge. So slowly, over the years, he influenced his brother in small ways, making him paranoid that all emotions directed towards him by other humans were only illusions, feelings that had been unconsciously influenced by his magic. Not wanting to create false relationships with other people who only liked him because he was sub-consciously influencing them, Asimun moved away from the large town he’d lived in before and to a humble dwelling in a forest only a few miles away from a small village.

Carinna was heartbroken and in her time of weakness, Esilon swooped in. With the challenge over and his brother out of the way so there was no one to hold him accountable for the rules of their little game, Esilon had no quarrels about using magic. Influenced by his magic, Carinna fell madly in love with Esilon and they were wed. But it was an unhappy marriage as Esilon was unfaithful and constantly influencing his wife to the point she became very resistant to his magic. This was about the time she became pregnant with her first child.


Carinna, despite her excitement about having a baby, still could not put aside her unease. She was a very intelligent young woman and had figured out about her husband’s power as well as how he had used it to turn her away from her true love. And if he were willing to do this to her, than she was sure he would do it to their baby, and immediately felt protective of her unborn child. For the sake of the baby, Carinna decided, she had to escape and seek out help. And the only person she could think to turn to was Asimun.

Suffice to say, Asimun was surprised when the woman he loved arrived at his doorstep eight months pregnant begging for him to help her, and even more shocked when he discovered the terrible magical abuses she had suffered in her relationship with his brother. He took her in at once and nursed her broken spirit, listening patiently to the stories she told of his betrayal with other women, his popularity among town, the fogginess she always felt in her heart whenever he was near her and general confusion she felt when she was away.


Asimun was enraged that Carinna, the love of his life, had suffered under his brother’s unjust hand. He called her his “Heart” and treated her better than Esilon had ever treated her. Finally the time came for her to have her baby and Asimun sat with her through the entire process, comforting and aiding her as much as he could until the child was born. When she was born Asimun and Carinna held the precious baby girl in their arms and loving named her Arianna Hasani.

For the first in history, their lives were perfect. Asimun loved Carinna and treated his niece Arianna like she was his very own daughter. They lived blissfully until Arianna turned four years old. For nearly five years Carinna had been missing and though for the first few months Esilon didn’t care (having plenty of other mistresses to satisfy his needs) he slowly began to worry. Not for Carinna’s safety but that she had made her way back to his brother and was living happily with Asimun instead of with him. For nearly two years he had sat stewing over this idea, but the thing that set him off was a comment by one of the maids who had mentioned that Carinna had been almost eight months along in her pregnancy around the time she left.

It took another two years of searching before Esilon finally found them. Having gathered a small military force he broke into his brother’s home, accusing Asimun of stealing his wife and Carinna or cheating on him. Influencing the crowd the mob destroyed Asimun’s humble house and murdered Carinna. Asimun barely managed to escape with Arianna before they were both killed and since that day the two of them have been running from Esilon’s wrath.

Asimun was very broken from that day forth, but held himself together by looking at Aria. The resemblance she held to her mother was astounding and gave him the encouragement he needed in order to take care of her. So for another six years the pair fled. Over these six years Aria expressed an interest in emotion magic and Asimun agreed to teach her everything he knew. She caught on very quickly and enjoyed her training.


The day Esilon found them was the day Arianna’s life was changed forever.

On that day Asimun was cut down by his own brother while trying to protect Arianna as she fled. Esilon caught her and hoisted her in the air, laughing at her foolishness for trying to escape with a man who wasn’t even her real father. Then he told her to call him her father or she too would die, but Aria refused, claiming that Asimun was more of a father to her than Asilon could even hope to be. Enraged, Esilon placed a Curse on her instead of killing her. Then he told her that if she ever wanted to be free of the curse she would have to come before him and beg for mercy from her father, and left her alone.

Aria knew she could never bring herself to bow before the man who’d killed the only father she’d ever known, biological or not, and instead swore that she would become more powerful than him and instead make him bow before her! But living her life under the Curse was going to be a challenge, especially for a young girl such as herself. She travelled on her own, learning how to avoid attacks and training herself to control her own emotions, as well as practicing her control over other people’s emotions. It took almost two years but finally Aria had managed to get a very good grip of her emotions and how to control them, and sometimes she was able to go days at a time without incident.

At some point, around the time she was fourteen, Aria found her way into a large town. Having lived all her life in seclusion, the number of people and level of activity sent her reeling and she was unable to control herself. She woke up the next time with no memory of the event in a hospital. One of the nurses told her that a young couple and their daughter had been on a walk and seen her fall, picked her up and rushed her to the hospital. The doctor had there diagnosed her with Cataplexy and that the small family had offered to pay for the medicine and her hospital bill, as well as offering her a place to stay. Aria thanked them and for about six months stayed at their house, helping out with chores, earning money and becoming more accustomed to city life.


It was a pleasant life and with the medicine as a mild remedy Arianna was able to live somewhat normally. But when the young woman became pregnant with her second child, Aria decided that she had stayed long enough. The family insisted that it was no trouble at all but Aria merely thanked the couple for their kindness and told them she would visit them again when she was in town before leaving. It was hard as she had become emotionally attached to the family, but managed to leave anyways without collapsing until she reached a cheap inn and rented a room. She stayed about two days while she recovered herself and her emotions before paying her tab and heading out of the city.

Arianna was about sixteen when she heard of such a thing as a wizard guild, a place were strong magic users would stay and take up jobs. She decided that this would be a good place to start on the road to mastering her powers and someday becoming strong enough that she would face of with Esilon, break the curse and make him beg face down in the dirt for her forgiveness. Arianna has been a part of the guild for almost a year now, but very few people know more than her name. She works all of her jobs alone, and typically chooses errands or jobs that can be completed within a short matter of time and involve other people. She rarely speaks to the other members of the guild and when she does it is without any emotion what so ever. The only one who knows about her power is guild master Makarov.


Theme Song + Artist: (lyrics + Link)

Relationships: (This will be updated as the roleplay continues)

When the Curse takes effect Arianna experiences muscle weakness (trembling, dropping objects in her hands or even total collapse), temporary vision impairment (everything becomes blurry), slurred speech (if capable of speech) and possibly loose consciousness. If she manages to remain conscious throughout the attack she will be forced to lie there in a temporary state of paralysis and can experience sleepiness and hallucinations while being completely aware of her surroundings. The strength of the emotion she experiences determines how long the attack will last, the weaker emotions ranging from a few minutes to a matter of seconds while the stronger emotions can disable her for over an hour. Because of the Curse's similarity to a disorder known as Cataplexy, Arianna is able to take medicine to prevent such attacks. The medicine, though it does some good, still is unable to prevent attacks caused by strong emotions, only ones triggered by weaker emotions.

Six Emotions

Mania is the name of Aria’s anger entity. Mania is very competitive and loves a good fight almost as much as she loves insulting others and being violent. Her presence makes people angry enough that their sense of good judgment is impaired and they become extremely competitive, meaning that fights break out whenever she’s around, often with her in the center of them. To her, rules are stupid and it doesn’t matter how she wins as long as she’s the one who ends up on top. She has no problem with killing people. Her main power is a bright beam of red glowing light that causes a person to become so enraged they will attack anyone and everyone with full force. Her opposite is Affinity; Aria’s loving entity.

Hysteria is the name of Aria’s fear entity, identified to have yellow eyes. She tends to avoid people and is extremely paranoid that something bad is going to happen. If something startles her she has a tendency to shriek in fright and run away (though she’ll occasionally faint from fear). Her presence makes people become nervous, paranoid and frightened easily. Her main power is a brief flash of yellow light that makes a person so scared they collapse, paralyzed by their fear, unable to stop shaking until the object causing them distress is gone or run away from the object until the spell wears off (although some people simply pass out on the spot). Her opposite is Zest; Aria’s excitement entity. 

Euphoria is the name of Aria’s happiness entity, identified to have green eyes. Euphoria has never been seen without a smile and rarely do the people around her lack one. Her presence makes people more likely to laugh, smile and be friendlier in general. She can usually be seen skipping through places with large crowds of people and is often located where the laughter is the loudest and smiles are biggest. Parties randomly start up when she’s in the area simply because everyone suddenly lacks hostile feelings. Euphoria’s main ability looks much like a spot light and whoever is caught in its beam dances uncontrollably until the light is removed. Her opposite is Dysphoria; Aria’s sadness entity.

Dysphoria is the name of Aria’s sadness entity, identified to have blue eyes. She usually sticks to the less travelled roads where there are fewer people as she can’t make eye contact without both her and the other person crying. Her presence causes people who get close to her to become depressed. Her blue eyes are constantly streaming with tears without reason, and if asked why she’s crying she will cry harder because she simply doesn’t know. Her main power is in the form of a dark blue beam which causes a person to become so upset they have a mental breakdown, crying, screaming and even contemplating suicide. Her opposite is Euphoria; Aria’s happiness entity.

Affinity is the name of Aria’s tenderness entity, identified to have pink eyes. She is undoubtedly the most beautiful of the bunch and sweeter than ripe strawberries with sugar. Affinity enjoys dancing and often can be seen twirling around or singing to herself. If there is someone in need she will always be drawn to them and is willing to help, unable to stand the suffering of another. She constantly is expressing her love for others, and craves a meaningful relationship with a man. Her presence causes people to be more considerate, generous and polite to each other and her main power is a split beam of pinkish light that causes two people to fall in love. Her opposite is Mania; Aria’s anger entity.

Zest is the name of Aria’s excitement entity, identified to have orange eyes. She is very excitable and loved to explore, constantly asking questions and expressing her curiosity, which is impossible to satisfy. She can most often be found there an event is taking place and it very competitive, but a good sport. Zest is constantly running from place to place and never seems to run out of energy much less stand still. Her presence causes people to become very outgoing and eager to try something name and her main power is a beam of energy which causes a person to glow, making them very energetic with a craving for thrills until it wears off. Her opposite is Hysteria; Aria’s fear entity.

So begins...

Arianna Hasani's Story