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Azraell Abaddon

The Angel of Death with the blood of both demons and angels in her veins, destined to take over the world. Sent to the human world without her memories, will she learn to be human enough resist her fate and to save to world?

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a character in “Character Storage”, as played by UltraVioleta


Full Name:
Azraell / Abaddon

Angel of Death / Destroyer

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 114 pounds

Distinguishing Features:
Azraell’s short hair is rather strange as her eyes change to match the color of it. It has a purple shade to it and looks almost lavender when in direct sunlight. But if in the shadows her hair looks much darker. It all depends on how the light hits it. Hidden under that hair are two lumps as hard as bone just above her slightly pointed ears, almost like undeveloped horns. Additionally there are two extra bones in her body along her spinal cord which seem to have the potential of serving a purpose but are also under developed.

Motto/Catch Phrase:
”Sometimes I feel like something is missing. Something is… urging me to do bad things. And sometimes… I want to…”

Azraell is a quite girl who rarely expresses herself or even speaks, preferring to watch people than actually interact with them. This leads others to believe her to be anti-social and avoid her, which Azraell doesn’t mind very much if at all. But if you do for some strange reason decide you want to get to know her and she allows you to get close to her, you may be surprised to find she like to laugh and have fun like any normal teenage girl. But this won’t be easy as she’s extremely afraid she’ll end up hurting anyone she gets close to, and doesn’t want to lose anyone like she lose Sam.

Being a very curious girl she is filled with questions and often deep in thought, pondering the answers of these questions. Most the time it’s about her reoccurring nightmares, which often involve her parents and sister (all of whom are familiar but unrecognizable). Other times it’s about the little voice in the back of her head that urges her to do “bad things”. It’s been there all her life and most of the time she ignores it and/or does the opposite of what it asks. But once in a while, when she obeys it, she can feel it getting strong and something changing inside of her. And what scares her most, is that she likes the change… Be wary; Azraell’s dark side is purely evil.

- Laughing
- Music
- Singing
- Dancing
- Pizza
-(min. 4)
Dislikes: (min. 4)
- Harming / Killing / Losing her Friends
Theme Song:

*Species: Half Demon / Half Angel / Human Appearance / Angel of Death
Powers: (6th Sense: can sense chaos)
Heightened Senses
Healing – by touching an injured area Azraell can heal infections or wounds
Decay – by touching someone/thing Azraell can cause an injury or infection to form

General Skills:
German – Azraell can speak German fluently and knows quite a bit about the culture
Viola – Azraell learned viola (before orchestra was shut down) and took hers when she ran away
Preforming – Azraell sings and dances quite well, but hasn’t done this since Samantha’s death
*Arch Nemesis: Herself

Azraell never had the normal happy family life a child would want, but then again she was never a normal child either.

Synthen (in mortal tongue) is a demon lord like Trigon was, but stronger because his home planet is Earthand he draws strength from it when needed. He is thousands of years old as he was created around the same time the planet was, growing stronger and stronger. He resides deep within the earth’s core and is in control of many minor demons who also were created in the molten core over the years.

Image Image

Many years ago, roughly in the 1500s, he found a mortal woman of stunning beauty named Veronica. He seduced her and she worshipped him, allowing him to place some of his demonic essence within her body and take her as his queen. He renamed her Versyline and together bore three children.


The first was a girl who was named Terressa. As she grew it was clear that she was a succubus, giving her the ability to travel from the underworld to the over world and back again (once powerful enough). Synthen granted Terressa her own Reaper’s blade a she serves him as an assassin; bringing victims to him as he commands. But she could never hold the throne, so Synthen and Versyline had another child.


This child was a boy who looked strikingly similar to his father, whom his father gladly proclaimed his name was Synbade Having inherited both his father’s appearance and personality, he was proclaimed heir to the throne and was raised to follow his father’s footsteps. But having been alive only just over 500 years versus his father who’s age is far older, he does not yet have that arrogance and is able to see things more clearly.

That is why he was the only one who did not celebrate when Azraell was born.

When Azraell was born it was obvious that this child would change fate’s course, almost as obvious as the black wings on her back; the wings that were given to the Angel of Death (who was in a fact a demon and not an angel). This meant she had the power to travel from to and from the over world and even heaven once she had enough power. She’d be able to take lives with a thought and return lives with a touch. She’d be unstoppable, and she’d been entirely loyal to the demon who fathered her.


But Synbade could see more than this happy daydream of a future. She would take the throne for herself and serve only herself. And without the years of knowledge that were necessary for world domination, she would bring world destruction and kill them all in the process until there was absolutely nothing left. With every day that passed he could see the future becoming set in stone and he knew he had to stop this before it was too late.

So after a large celebration where his parents were distracted and the guards elsewhere, he stole into little Azraell’s room and cast a portal into the over world in a day and age where the mortals thrived. Perhaps if she spent some time among the humans she could learn about compassion, mercy and such human emotions that would hold her back when she was inevitably faced with a desire for world domination. Then, kissing the top of his sister’s head where the horns had already begun to form, Synbade cast a spell that blocked all memories of her demon hood and whispered in mortal tongue, ”Be good,” before he threw the child through the portal and closed it, erasing all traces that he or Ava had been there.

Azraell’s life, and with it the fate of the world, was changed from that point as she fell through the portal and into the human world. She landed in a local park as a human child. Burn marks covered her body and her frail, feathered wings had burned away. Being so young (only about five years old) she had no memory of her past, only her name and the basic things like walking and a few phrases in the human language. Her appearance was that of a child, and her knowledge of humanity the like, her subconscious demon mind had the capacity of a teenager or young adult. Though unable to speak it with her human tongue, she knows how to read and write in demon but cannot access such knowledge because of her brother’s spell.

As you can imagine when she was found there was a panic among the population and a frantic search for the parents of this burned orphan girl. Of course, none were to be found and so Azraell ended up in an orphanage. It was here she grew up, learning that there are two types of people: good and bad. But which one she is… Azraell was never quite sure. She wanted to be good, truly she did, but deep down within her heart she always wanted to be bad. Why? Azraell had no idea.

Years went by and slowly, folowing her arrival, the city became a dirty, unsafe place. Crime was abundant and Azraell was afraid of traveling the streets. She often stayed in her room simply because it was the only place where she felt safe, in inside of it was the only person she felt comfortable with. Sam.


Samantha, or Sammie, was Azraell’s best friend since she entered the orphanage and probably the first person Avangenline classified as a “good person”. Azraell didn’t know why, but Sam was always positive and upbeat, encouraging Azraell and uplifting her whenever she struggled against the voice. Around Sam, Azraell could be herself and shared her deepest thoughts and feelings. She laughed and shared her thoughts and was for the first time in her life, happy. Human. Samantha had always been, and still is, the “good voice” which urges her to fight the “bad voice” which is actually her father (though Azraell doesn’t know it).

It was also because of Sam that Azraell discovered her powers.

They’d been messing around on the roof of the orphanage when they were about thirteen or so, playing tag, and Azraell had been it. She couldn’t explain it but when she was chasing Sam something came over her and she surged forward, pushing Sammie hard enough it knocked her off balance and she feel over the side with a scream. Something inside Azraell clicked as she heard the thud of a body hitting the fire escape stair and she rushed forward, peering over the ledge at her friend who had fallen before she climbed down herself. Sam’s ankle had twisted and she was crying softly, making Azraell feel both satisfied and disgusted with herself.


Carefully she clasped her friend’s foot and an odd feeling came over her as her friend gasped. The ankle was healed. How that was possible? Neither of them knew Azraell was the Angel of Death that could give and take life. Azraell couldn’t do it again, no matter how hard she tried, because she was not nearly powerful enough and the demon blood weakened her ability to heal, instead strengthening her ability to harm (decay). The two swore that they’d keep the secret and Azraell practiced her healing magic, slowly becoming better at it.

It was half way through the school year, during a football game the best friends had attended, Sammie went missing. She’d gone to get some popcorn while Azraell held their seats, but didn’t return. When the game ended Azraell was worried and searched for her but to no avail. For three days Azraell, the orphanage and the police searched for Sammie with no luck. Then, on the fourth day, the orphanage got a call saying that Samanatha had been found in an alleyway, her throat cut.

Azraell tried desperately to heal to wound and she felt almost like she could bring Samantha back. For hours she spent all her strength desperately trying to resurrect her friend, but failed and instead passed out, having to be carried back to the orphanage unconscious. When she awoke she became, from that point on, closed off from the rest of humanity. That’s when the ridiculing began.

It school she was the victim of teasing by a group of bullies who’d always hated Samantha for her cheerful and carefree attitude. Once she was gone it wasn’t long before they targeted Azraell, the weird girl who was unfit to be a part of any social group. They would antagonize her relentlessly and she did nothing to stop them, instead putting up with it until finally it got to a point that she couldn’t bare it anymore. When three of them followed her back to the orphanage her “bad voice” was screaming for her to act and she did. Azraell whirled around and grabbed one’s face, digging her nails into his skin.

Azraell glared into his eyes and when she saw the fear she almost felt… gleeful. As her fingers tightened she felt a kind of… power, awaken inside of her as the “bad voice” egged her on. ”Do not bother me again, or I will not let you off so lightly.” she said in a dark, commanding voice which she’d never known she had. Then she pushed back and released his face, sending him tumbling backwards. The other two helped him up and casting worried glances at Azraell the three ran off. The next day Azraell saw the boy she’d touched his face was blotched with various colors. He claimed he’d gotten in a fight but always went silent when he noticed Azraell was around, smirking at his bruised face.

Since Sammie’s death Azraell has cut her hair (sort of as a way to cope) and still visits Sam’s grave monthly if not more to talk to her deceased friend. She shares her concerns and how she’d worried that she has a good and a bad side. She expresses her desire to be good but the temptation to be bad is so strong she doesn’t know if it’s even worth trying to be good. But for Sam she’d willing to hold on.


Azraell focused on strengthening her powers, though she had no idea how to use them or that when they were strong enough she would start getting attention from the underworld. At the moment her powers are limited to healing small cuts or dealing a lot of damage with decay either by physically injuring a victim or infecting them with a plague that only her healing can cure. When the owners of the orphanage became suspicious of her practicing (since she was missing school and had a serious social stigma according to other kids) she packed up the few things she had and ran off to live on her own.


So begins...

Azraell Abaddon's Story