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Name: Dog (real name unpronounceable by humans)

Age: 271 human age measurements

Height: 2.5 meters at the shoulder
Length: 6 meters from tip of snout to end of tail. 1 meter of neck, 3 meters of tail.
Width: 1.2 meters at the thickest point (ribcage)

Physical Description:

Head: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/images/7/70/S ... _lines.jpg (Like one of the heads, but without the eyes. The side whisker/tentacles yes, eyes in them, no. Mouth also has lips that can close all the way.)
Body style: http://static3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... 9/Boga.jpg
Front and Back paws: http://visitmelbourneblog.files.wordpre ... thumbs.jpg
Skin: Grey and leathery, very tough. Hairless.

Dog is blind, but the two tendrils that hang down on the sides of his head generate a magnetic field that allow him to detect anything within a 30 meter radius. Has a good sense of smell, with four nostrils near the tip of his axe-like mouth. One set smells the air, and the other detects heat. Dog is dexterous with all four of his feet, allowing him to manipulate and use objects as well as any human or other opposeable thumb species. Due to his appearance, many treat him as a dumb brute, something which he uses to his advantage.


A bit of a prankster, Dog loves to get into shenanigans. He understands that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and adheres to that philosophy very thoroughly. A very good mechanic, his electromagnetic vision aids him in diagnosing problems in machines and helps him fix them. Somewhat lazy. Speaks 8 languages fluently.

So begins...

Dog's Story