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Future RP Ideas

Future RP Ideas.. WIP

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a character in “Character Storage”, as played by Naught



♬ We're neither famous nor special. We're just doing what we want to do.. ♬

Tokyo, Japan

ImageImage♬ We're just doing what we want, right now! ♬

This group of teenage boys have dreamed for so long to become something in this huge ass city people call Tokyo. They may be delinquents but, these delinquents have some good talent. Their motto will always be that they are doing what the want to do. They've been waiting for opportunity to hurry up and walk up to them and hold their hands, leading them towards success. But, sadly even seeking for opportunity will be the hardest thing that they've done. Because, they have to face a slice of life, death, love, and the truth. But, the question of the matter is... Are they ready to give it all that they've got? All of this because, they want an opportunity.


♬ The world that surrounds us is gray.. ♬

The name of the band is "Dream Dump". Some people have seen them play in some concerts and also has seen them in school. Each member has unique personalities, and most precious backgrounds. That's what makes them so perfectly dangerous, no one knows their history. Which makes the band more mysterious. Their band leader is crazy and it's in a very weird way. There's no way to understand his mind and when you do understand it, it's scary. One day he came up with the craziest idea, he wanted to find himself a muse. A muse would help him write his music and a muse would be someone that he'd loved. At first sight even! He'll give the band the opportunity before a tragic event happens. Well he won't give them it, one of the members would find it. His dream will live on even when he's gone and once his dream is accomplished, he hoped it will still live on.

♬ And we can't see our futures.. ♬


♬ But for now.. ♬

He's Insane! But, we love him that way!
There wouldn't be a band without a leader.
|| Faceclaim: Tatsurou || Name: Suzuki Maori || Age: 18 || Gender: Male || Taken By Naught ||
The only people that really knows how crazy this leader can get is the band members. Suzuki Maori has a tendency to get into everyone's personal space. But, he does it so much that everyone's used to it. He loves the thrill of danger and enjoys beating people up whenever it is necessary. Hell it sometimes isn't necessary, but he has fun either way.

He's crazy scary! That stare will freeze you.
The guitarist.
|| Faceclaim: Miura Haruma || Name: ??? || Age: ?? || Gender: Male || Open! ||
Description Here!

He's so smart! Why is he always calm?
The drummer.
|| Faceclaim: Hyde (Hideto Takarai) || Name: ??? || Age: ?? || Gender: Male || Open! ||
Description Here!

He's very cute! But, deep within he's a man!
|| Faceclaim: Yuya Matsushita || Name: ??? || Age: ?? || Gender: Male || Open! ||
Description Here!

He is intimidating! He sure does have a huge temper..
The guitarist
|| Faceclaim: Miyavi (Takamasa) Ishihara || Name: ??? || Age: ?? || Gender: Male || Open! ||
Description Here!

He isn't that bright! But, he can get any woman he wants.
The bass-guitarist.
|| Faceclaim: Jun Matsumoto || Name: ??? || Age: ?? || Gender: Male || Open! ||
Description Here!

Can't live without a rival!
The rival leader. He's very intelligent and cold.
|| Faceclaim: Lee Minho || Name: ??? || Age: ??? || Gender: Male || Open! ||
Description Here!

He's silent but, is he deadly?
He smiles for no one.
|| Faceclaim: Lee Soo Hyuk || Name: ??? || Age: ??? || Gender: Male || Open! ||

At first, he was a nobody.
Whose popular now?
|| Faceclaim: Lee Jong Suk || Name: ??? || Age: ??? || Gender: Male || Open! ||

This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you!
That's the muse!
|| Faceclaim: Yuri Kwon || Name: ??? || Age: 17 || Gender: Female || Open! ||
Description Here!

He's an upcoming star!
Guess who he has a crush on?
|| Faceclaim: Tsuzuku Mejibray || Name: ??? || Age 19 || Gender: Male || Open! ||
Description Here!

So begins...

Future RP Ideas's Story