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Wēn dì Jiāng

Character In Progress

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a character in “Character Storage”, as played by Pusheen




"Like fragile ice, anger passes away in time."


Within Temptation || Ice Queen
Plumb || In My Arms
Evanescence || Haunted
Joel & Luke || Broken Lullabies


"How can you move forward, if you keep regretting the past."


Wēn dì Jiāng

Wendy | It's not really a nickname but this is how people pronounce her name. Instead of prolonging the pronunciation as they do in the Chinese language, people use the American pronunciation of her name.
Ice Queen | Because of her cold exterior, people around her work place tend to use this nickname behind her back. She knows of it but doesn't really care and puts on a charade as if she doesn't know their talking about her.





Face Claim
Re-L Mayer | Ergo Proxy


"The human eye can be deceiving, so don't always rely on it."

Hair Color

Eye Color
Dark Grey

Skin Tone
Pale Mid-tone


138 lbs.

Other Features




    Hyper-polyglot || Wen di can speak, read, and write twelve languages fluently. These languages include: Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Punjabi, German, and French.
    Swimming || Being a strong swimmer, Wen di has muscle strength in her legs and arms. She can swim and run for a substantial amount of time without stopping. Her stamina has built up quite well because of her swimming abilities.
    Prediction || By paying attention to even the slightest flex of an opponents muscles, Wen di can predict which direction they plan on striking from and what attack they are going to use. Basically she can usually see an attack before it happens which gives her time to decide the best course of action.
    Combat || Wen di holds a fair share of common fighting styles. She has learned basic defense skills like any other Inspector but her favorite type of fighting style is kick boxing. She works out at a local gym weekly to hone her boxing skills.
    Analyzing || Being a detective, she has the skills to detect things that other may not notice even if taken a second glance. Wen di has built up her skill well, like any other inspector, and can point out the slightest details left in a crime scene. Her analyzing ability has even helped her read suspects from time to time.
    Children || Although most people might forget, Wen di is a mother, so she is better fitted to handle children. She has always been kind to all children but adults are a different story. She knows how to get kids to calm down and to get them to trust her.


"A daily routine is something that helps clear the mind."

    Scratching || When worried, Wen di often pulls up her sleeves and starts scratching her forearm and or wrist. This often leads to her scratching until skin breaks and she starts bleeding. It's a habit that appears when stress clouds her mind.
    Biting Nails || It's a nasty habit that she hasn't been able to shake, even since childhood. Her nails are often unkempt and even a little rigid. Most people can tell when she's been biting them, she use to bite them a lot more after she quit smoking.
    Motherly || Wen di is very dedicated to being a mother whenever she can when at home. She often forms habits of babying her subordinates subconsciously, such as, wiping off left over food from someones face with her saliva or urging them to eat everything instead of wasting food.


    Books || Everything about them calms her. The beautiful way the words are phrased, the feeling of the pages, even the unique 'perfume' each books have. She especially loves to read to her daughter, even if the books aren't chapter books.
    Water || Wen di loves to merge herself in water. She takes long baths when she wants to relax and only takes showers when she's in a hurry. She is a strong swimmer but really just likes to relax in the water by floating.
    Sibyl System || Wen di believes that the Sibyl System works well for everyone. She loves it especially because the system prejudges people's abilities and what they are capable of for the future. Not only does it allow to detect latent criminals but it also puts everyone in their place. She's a perfectionist so to her this works out well.

    Physical Contact || She doesn't like anyone to casually touch her. She doesn't like people touching her at all, really, and only a few can get away with it without receiving a glare or punch. Only family can physically touch her but even then she gets a little jumpy at times.
    Grudges || Wen di doesn't believe in holding things against people. It's okay to be angry at someone for what they did but holding onto that anger for too long will do no one good. She believes in letting things go and trying to forgive people. Even if you can't forgive someone, she believes you should let it go.
    The Smell of Smoke || Wen di has quit smoking years ago when she learned that Pin had asthma. She hates the smell of smoke because of how much she likes it. She read once that if your around smokers, you'll most likely smoke. She misses the smell but doesn't want to be compelled to start smoking again.


    Nonchalant || Due to her lack of emotion expression, it is quite hard to read her thoughts and character with the normal human eye. People tend to underestimate her ability, especially criminals which gives her the upper hand in most scenarios.
    Quick Learner || When it comes to fighting, she is good at picking up moves. What doesn't kill her does make her stronger, and it's safe to say the same tricks won't work on her twice, once she figures them out.
    Willpower || When tough decisions are to be made, Wen di is the girl who can make them. She doesn't see just black & white and has a strong sense of sacrifice. She has made many tough decisions but never regrets her choices, no matter how bloody the outcome was.

    Enclosed Spaces || They remind her of the inside of a coffin, and she gets extremely terrified if she is trapped in a closed space when she can't even move her limbs.
    Pin || The most important thing in the world to Wen di, is her daughter. If anything were to happen to Pin then Wen di would lose it. Pin has always been the only light for Wen di in this cruel world.
    Perfectionist || Wen di has high standards for many people. She expects too much from people and especially from those who are in her line of work. She's quite picky with herself as well and can be very judgmental of herself when she fails or doesn't meet up to her own expectations.



Aloof | Dedicated | Perfectionist | Self-Serving


"Tell me this. If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear it make a sound?"



"It is my job to rid this world of all that may do harm to the Sibyl System."

So begins...

Wēn dì Jiāng's Story