Meadow Barber

"People shouldn't put a price on life"

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a character in “Charna City”, as played by missfightingfork


Name: Meadow Felicity Barber

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Rich/Poor: Poor

Occupation: Unemployed

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Grey

Height: 5"7

Weight: 138lbs


Meadow is fairly tall and slender with a mop of mousey brown hair. She has steel grey eyes that giver her a cold and distant look rather than a pretty one. Due to her homelessness she only has one set of clothes, her grey hoodie, a vest top, old battered jeans and a pair of ratty converse. She isn't one to stand out in a crowd and is much happier to blend in and not draw attention to herself.


Meadow likes to keep herself to herself and will mostly avoid interaction with others, to her socializing seems unneccesary when all she's trying to do is find work and keep safe. Despite her cold exterior to others, deep down she has a heart of gold and wouldn't hesitate to help another if she is in the position to do so.


Being homeless means that Meadow doesn't have many possesions, just whats in her satchel. A bit of change, some ID and paperwork, clean underwear, some plastic bags, an old wooly hat and maybe a bit of leftover lunch.


Meadow wasn't always homeless, there was a time when she had a warm, clean home with a decent bed. All wasn't happy though, she didn't get along with her parents and was always getting herself into some trouble or another. She ran away from home at fifteen and lived in some hostels and such for a time, avoiding her education. By the age of eighteen she had moved on to Charna, hoping to find work but she was continually unsuccessful. She ended up working as a prostitute and living anyway she could. Now at the age of twenty-one she is still homeless and with this new situation troubling Charna's streets she's struggling to survive.

So begins...

Meadow Barber's Story