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Terri Hopkins

Innonence at it's purest form.

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a character in “Chase the Morning”, as played by Missing Link


Terri has a natural light beige complexion, but she can tan easily under the sun. She has freckles on her cheeks and nose. She has long dirty-blonde hair that barely passes her shoulder blades. Being of such a young age, her hair is usually unkempt. Her large almond eyes are emerald with a hint of brown. Terri has a small body frame and she barely reaches four-feet and weighs in about 56 pounds. Terri's fashion is usually whatever she finds decent and could fit her nicely. She has small scars on her legs from the outdoors and she also has scars on her back from mistreatment as a child.


A smile a day makes the pain go away.
This is Terri's motto.

Terri tries her dearest to act cheerful and so she is pretty friendly when it comes to speaking to fellow patients. She strikes up a conversation whenever she can, even if it is at the wrong time. Though when she is alone in her room before going to sleep, she usually sits in her bed for thirty minutes, doing absolutely nothing, simply in a dazed, expressionless state to clear out her mind. Terri is a lonely child. Her life line to sanity is her gullibility into believing she could leave the St. Marcus's Institute and so, she constantly thinks up ways to escape, yet she has hesitations to leave at the same time.

Terri is highly intelligent for her age, she enjoys learning new things everyday. She isn't afraid of confronting someone if he or she made her upset in any type of form so she can be a bit sassy at times. When it is time for the tests or experiments, Terri either pretends she is sick or simply goes ahead and obey. She had seen many patients fight and struggle against the doctors and had seen the damages they were given, but she does not want to get hurt so she listens most of the time. Very rarely does Terri struggle even though she already knows exactly what they were going to do to her. The times when she does fight back, her attacks become dangerous to where doctors have to sedate her for awhile before continuing the experiments. Terri have yet to have anyone in the hospital she truly hates and because of that, she is friendly to the doctors sometimes too. There are many people she hates outside the hospital though.

She hates her mother, pain, and being cursed at.
She fears seizures, dying, becoming insane, spiders, bugs, and being alone.
She likes patients, candy, playing card games (she always wins), talking to people, and William Godfry.


Terri usually carries around a deck of cards that was given to her from a previous patient that passed away. In her room, she has crayons and coloring pencils that were given to her from William Godfry for her entertainment when she has no one to speak to.


Terri was born into poverty. As a baby, her single mother did not really pay much attention to her and simply cursed at her for being born. She didn't receive much attention, but she always listened to what people were saying, the noises people produced. Her curiosity grew in the area of knowing what people were saying, especially when their lips weren't moving. As a toddler, her mother began to notice her high intelligence as she started walking by herself, and reading by herself. What she lacked was speaking. Everyone believed she was a mute. She wasn't a mute, she was only listening. Terri's power was born with her, but she did not realize that her 'gift' was unique compared to other people. By the age of four, she starting speaking by answering questions her mother never said but only thought. Her mother was freaked out by their daughter and would hit her when she says something that she was thinking. Her mother feared her and she began to hate her. Terri did not know why she mother feared her, but as the beatings got worse, her powers grew and she started using her mental abilities to force the minds into heavy pressure, sometimes causing those she is attacking to fall into a coma for a few days. By age seven, the thoughts of the people around her began to consume her and she collapsed into a seizure.

When her seizure passed, she woke up in St. Marcus and her eyes laid upon William Godfry. There in that room, she was informed of her unique talent. She's telepathic. After that day she began training to control her abilities and tests and experiments shortly followed. Three years have passed since she first woke up in St. Marcus, and she is now ten years old. To Terri, William Godfry is like a father figure to her since she never had one to begin with.

So begins...

Terri Hopkins's Story