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Akane Aoyagi

"Are you seeing red just yet, my darling?"

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by Saerith


|My only faith is shades of gray|


Nickname: K.
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Height: 6'2
Weight: Over 250 lbs of pure thick skin. You'll see.
Sexual Orientation: Panromatic, but very much assexual, sorry.


Likes: Bright mornings, rain, dancing, reading, the color red, music, praying, hunting, flowers, jewels, sweet apples, etiquette, fire, young children, smoke and animals in general, especially rats.
Dislikes: Humans, most people in general, the dark, people trying to look under his "mask", loud noises, heavy drinking, saying "please", threats to his group members, being humiliated or defied, bad manners.
Fears: Blindness, demons, very thin blades or heavy weapons, the ocean.

Group: Devil's Hand of the Shikaku
Partner: A white and grey twister rat named Lua is usually seen crawling under his leaves. He will constantly talk to Lua, and there's no telling if he actually believes she understands.
Race: Elf
Light Healing While a few years agora Akane could use this power at any time, weaker in the night, it appears it diminishes with time and now can only be used when the sun can still me seen in the sky wherever the injured person is. With the touch of his middle finger, he can heal cuts. The deeper the cut, the longer it takes. He cannot, however, heal broken bones or diseases.
Arrow Vision The dark hole where his left eye used to be can somehow give him an image of shadows from miles and miles away, which allows him to hit a target that couldn't possibly notice him.This power does however causes Akane some pain, nothing unbearable, but quite upsetting.
Skin Armor Akane's whole body - or almost - is covered by thick, hard skin. It works almost like an actual armor, and it has only very small weak spots. However his skin is only mildly fire-proof, only a bit more than the average elf, and does not protect him from kicks or punches
Devil's Tears All of Akane's body fluids can be turned into silver which, if ingested by humans (or individuals with similar digestive system) can be lethal.

Weakness(es) - Akane has multiple weak spots
all over his body-armor, points where the skin and organs
are even more sensitive
than that of a human. They are hard to find and hit,
but a very effective way of harming Akane.
Equipment - A bow, ten silver arrows,
a black leather quiver and two small blades - just
the blades, no scabbard.

Personal Description: White describes K almost completely. He has a very fair complection, so much that some of his veins can be seen through his skin, which has a discrete but undeniable bluish glow, similar to the moon's. His hair is also white, silver, some might say, very long and wavy. It can get a bit wild in humid days, which is why it is common to see it in a ponytail. His eyes, or rather, eye, is a brown yellowish color, and somehow it always seems a bit wide. His other eye, the left one, or where it used to be, is covered, along with a fraction of his pale face, by a black cloth decorated with a large red eye. When asked anything about it, he will chuckle and state he found it hilariously ironic. Since his skin is extremely resistant and he finds it more comfortable to stay far from the enemy, which requires speed and therefore a light body, he prefers to wear light, loose clothes such as tunics and kimonos over his extremely thin figure. On the middle finger of his right hand he keeps a small silver ring that has the symbol of the Shikaku inlaid in white opal. He also always has a silver bracelet or anklet on, pretty much just because he loves the sparkle and reminds him of his childhood, his dearest years.
Personality: Having been raised in Erean, Akane has learned only the finest of manners from angels and noble elves who still inhabit his memories of childhood, and therefore one could say he has grown to become a true gentleman. Although a bit distant, he will always treat those around him, even enemies, in a courteous manner and will respond to every situation calm and rationally. K strongly believes that along the years people have forgotten how to truly live well in society, have become vulgar, hysteric and must be re-educated whatever way possible, even if that requires violence. However chivalrous Akane may act, however, do not be mistaken; he can be very cold blooded and only really cares about very few people outside his city. He does nonetheless loves children to a point of adoration since he feels in them a genuine innocence and pureness. He would kill women, a hundred elderly people, but would never lay a finger on a child. Within Shikaku, he is very much loyal to his leader and will try to be as useful as possible, but does not plan to stick to the group once their objective if fulfilled. This is not a question of loyalty, he only believes their goals are not compatible and sees Shikaku more as a means to an end.

History: Akane sometimes wonder how much different would he be if he hadn't been raised in such an unusual arrangement. His mother died in birth and his father, a rich and aristocratic elf, was always very busy for as long as he could remember. However he never missed his parental figures; Akane was raised by a variety of beautiful nymphs, handsome elves and wise angels who tought him about his powers, about fighting, about the world and most importantly, about love. He was very much loved by those people and had a profound tenderness, perhaps not for each one, but for what they represented. In short, his childhood was everything he could ask for.

As a teenager, he lived as he was meant to: for many times he fell in loved and got it back, - sometimes, as was completely accepted by his social circle, in his city, from many people at the same time - experienced with his new found abilities and dreamed of a word so much bigger than the one he was presented to. At age 16, he was strongly encouraged by his tutors to develop his abilities with the bow, since, for his age, he was very talented even for an elf. At age 18, he was known all around the city as a true prodigy. His master, an elder elf know as Kurai Yajirushi, the Dark Arrow, is perhaps one of his dearest memories.

Then came the war. Even if most people in his city were spared because of the benefits that came with wealth and power and angels composed the majority of the army, Akane was asked to present thanks to his renowned abilities. Akane Aoyagi entered the battlefield as a young men with expectations, a kind heart, principles, and almost the same man left, hardened and disgusted by the cruelty and vileness of people. At age 23, discharged because of a bad injury, he was known as K only by enemy armies. His job was to kill without being seen or heard by anyone. K was officially a ghost.

Finding out that the loss of his eye had only increased his abilities, he went back to his city to look for Kurai, but found the old man had been killed, as so many of his fathers and mothers of old. For an entire week K was unconsolable, and did nothing but cry tears of silver day and night. And by the end of that period, as if all memories and emotions had been spend away, he grabbed his war weapons and left the city, looking to join Shikaku. His period of grief was also his period of reflection, and he had established a precise goal. His plans, however, required help. Help from other vicious assassins. Help from people who understood. His abilities but him in a high rank on the group, and since than he has been a faithful member of the Shikaku.



So begins...

Akane Aoyagi's Story