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Alizé Ryder

"How on earth could I ever trust you!?"

0 · 218 views · located in Fantasy

a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by Kaire23


Alizé Ryder
"If your not for me, you're all against me...."


Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 121 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Likes: Cupcakes, Smoking, Alcohol, People she can trust, Getting her way, Coffee, Knowing what’s going to happen, Getting the upper hand over people, Spicy foods, Revenge, Holding a grudge, Bringing her version of justice to the world, Making her Master proud, and just recently, Blood.
Dislikes: Anyone against her, Strangers, Tea, Chocolate, Owing favors, Being in a situation that's out of control, Someone attacking her leader, Getting confused, Flowers, Her past, People in general, Hand to hand combat.
Fears: Being alone again with no one to trust.

Group: The Shikaku’s Silencer
Partner: None


Race: Human

Magic: Sleep Manipulation - Can make someone drowsy by touching their forehead. If done again, the person will faint. Once done, she can manipulate that person’s dream without touching them. By doing this, she can mentally attack you, making you think you’re dying so when you get up, you'll be worn out. She could also make you relive bad memories if she knows them so you’ll be delusional when you wake. She can even use this on herself or her allies if they need to heal but won't rest.

Neuro Assault - Alizé attacks the nervous system causing an unbearable pain that gets worse as time goes on and an inability to heal if it lasts too long. These effects will slowly fade away once she stops using it.

Induced Empathy - Can make people feel different emotions. If she wanted to, she could make someone feel intimidated or friendly. She can not, however, completely override an emotion. If you hate her deeply, you will still feel a bit of that hate. People with mental abilities have a better immunity to this.

Health Manipulation - Alizé can manipulate the body's (Hers or other's) healing process to make it go faster. This can be used to the point of regenerating (Which she doesn't know how to do yet and when she can, it'll basically knock her out every time. She can also sense diseases and possibly weaken or strengthen them. Once trained, she can also open up old wounds or cause old poisons to come back into the system.


Weakness(es) - If Alizé gets hit in the head, she loses concentration and her powers will stop or even turn on her if she's not careful. She also doesn't trust many so if you gain her trust, she'll most likely be on your side. She also is not physically fit so she is not good with hand to hand combat which means she’s basically screwed if someone gets too close.
Equipment - A black cloak to stay hidden in shadows, a dagger, and a short sword to defend herself in the worst case scenario.


Personal Description: Alizé has long brown hair that goes down to her waist and icy grey eyes. She always has a long coat on, worn under her shoulders so it drapes behind her. Whenever outside though, she'll put on a black cloak without the hood up. She will only put the hood up if she needs to blend into the shadows or if she recognizes someone in the distance.
Personality: Alizé is a cold girl. She rarely lets anyone see her softer side and prefers solitude because of her mistrust in people. If you get on her wrong side though, she will find any way to make your days miserable. She often holds a grudge and when she lets her anger go, there's no controlling it. When she's angry, she will often make dumb choices to attack her enemy. Anyone she trusts though is held in higher esteem. She will be less likely to get angry at them and will help them in any way she can. These people will also see her Innocent and impressionable side.


History: When Alizé was younger, she lived a normal life with her parents and her younger sister, Enya. It was a good life for a short while but then it all started to slowly unravel.

Alizé's younger sister, Enya, was extremely smart for her age and was a known child prodigy at her village. Her parents and the villagers would always compare her to her younger sister, destroying her confidence slowly and her love in her little sister that she'd grown to trust. On top of that, her sister randomly started to become cruel towards her.

One night when it was almost the end of the demonic war, Enya and Alizé were on the front lines. Her little sister was chosen to carry the demon inside of her. At first, nothing seemed wrong. She seemed perfectly fine, better even... But they were wrong.

Enya suddenly cracked. She injured Alizé badly, to the brink of death and murdered their parents in front of her, laughing all the while. Alizé soon blacked out after this.

Once she woke up, her body had already healed itself with her powers. She soon saw her parents bloodied corpses and the corpses of the whole town outside. She vowed to get stronger and brutally murder her sister for destroying what she cared about most and betraying her trust.

While traveling, she became an apprentice to a master of magic. During their travels, he taught her magic as well as getting her addicted to smoking and drinking. He also helped her find the joy in killing.

Right when their time together was almost done, he attempted to use her as "Payment" for what he taught her, breaking her trust in mankind again.

She kicked and screamed as she tried to get free but he was just too strong. Just then, the leader of The Shikaku came by and murdered him, saving her. She would then grow to trust and be loyal to her new leader.


Extra: She wishes to find and kill her sister in the worst way possible.

So begins...

Alizé Ryder's Story