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Ceres Rygan Navarin

"I take out the trash"

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by TomorrowsHerald


Ceres Rygan Navarin


Nickname: Ry (green)
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Height: 5.6*
Weight: 135 ibs*
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Likes: Folk stories, jokes and puzzles, human tea - Ginger flavored preferably of the Windswords brand, Ale - any type from any where, good tailoring, forests, MUSHROOMS!, a clean kill, berries, fish, roadside taverns (cheap), mucking about with road signs (though not in any way that may hinder travelers), tattoos, bird song

Dislikes: Meat, hunters, Cities, shiny silver buttons, head-shots, the begging for my life routine, fishing, roadside taverns (expensive), Apples, stupid travelers keeping a fire going at night while they sleep, bandits robbers and criminals, people getting in the way of his dispensary of justice, people pissing on trees, the Chikyuu no Mirai and their associates

Fears:Forest fires, pissing off the trees (in the making them angry sort of way) , people walking alone in the forest at night (What are they stupid?... unless they are more then they seem to be!)

Group: Shikaku
Partner: Rikard the raven stay's with Ceres's vicinity most of the time, Donar the hawk tends to do his own thing until summoned, that being flying around the forest and killing owls - long story.

Race: Elf


Rikard & Donar: "The Raven and the Hawk - swiftly and with style"

Ceres has a longstanding contract with these two forest spirits; in return for providing them with his magical power as an anchor for their spirits in the physical realm, they obey his commands (though Donar might disagree)
The spirits can be physically destroyed causing Ceres a great deal of pain as a result of his role as their anchor in the physical realm. I would take several several day's for the spirits to return after being physically defeated.

Donar is a hawk spirit, he likes to think of himself as the god in charge of hunting in the forest but has a dispute with some owls on the topic, whom he ruthlessly attempts to hunt down to extinction. Donar is usually not around Ceres,as generally does his own thing. Once summoned, Donar immediately appears by his side. Donar is faster then a living hawk and far more ruthless, he can increase his size and strength by a factor of two if he is angry enough. Donar does not share his thoughts with Ceres like Rikard, but both know what to expect from each other in a tactical situation.

Rikard is a raven spirit, but he has no claim to godhood and scoffs and Donar's efforts to legitimize himself. Rikard is adamantly loyal to Ceres and stay's in his vicinity, keeping him company and acts as his liaison to other forest spirits. Rikard is as intelligent as any "two legged" creature and can speak their language, though he finds doing so tiresome. Rikard is not much of a fighter, but through his deep connection to Ceres both can communicate with each other through their thoughts. Rikard often hides at the onset of combat, providing Ceres with intelligence on his adversaries, or spotting for his archery.

Weapons Master: "One arrow threesome"

When Ceres launches an arrow, he may increase the potency of the magic coating that arrow. By his commands, the arrow partially phases out of the physical world while in flight but remains on route to the target. While physically "phased" the arrow passes through physical obstruction be they wood, walls or armor. When the arrow returns to the physical realm, 2 arrows duplicates of that arrow return. Ceres can fire several arrows in less then a minute, if all of these are duplicated an enemy may face a torrent of arrows, seemingly coming from nowhere. The catch is that each of these arrows does not dissipate until the Navarin bow powers down, meaning that each of the duplicated arrows continuously draws on Cerec's magical energy. The more arrows Ceres fires, the greater the rate of his exhaustion; the dilemma is one between using the majority of his magical powers form the beginning and face a greater rate of exhaustion if he fails to end the battle, or conserving magical energy but reducing his effectiveness. Ceres prefers to act somewhere between the two rather then one or the other.

Weapons Master: "The arrow's true flight - 300 yards of pain"

When crafting his arrows Ceres has no shortage of tactical options such as the type of arrow heads or poison coatings it may involve. There is however one aspect which remains consistent to any arrow Ceres creates; each arrow is magically attuned to Cerce's magic, an influence which is enforced by the Navarin bow. An arrow answers Ceres's commands even after leaving the bow. Ceres can change the direction of an arrow's flight to compensate for a target's movements, though doing so specifically does take a measure of concentration. Spent arrows, which already have been launched in the course of a battle can be fired again from a distance: Ceres keeps a single feather in a separate quiver for each arrow, by channeling his magic into the Navarin bow he can "launch" this feather and transfer the power of the launch into the arrow. In one instance, Ceres planted arrows around a bandit camp, giving them the impression that they were under attack from a much larger force as the arrows came rushing towards them from varying directions.

Spirit Aspect:"The Living Bark And The Dead Take Roots - Death's 9th symphony"

Using his wood aspect powers, trees and smaller wooden plants like bamboo answer Ceres's touch. In forests Ceres is particularly devastating as he calls upon tree after tree ether with his hands or arrows to strike his enemies with their branches, trap them with their roots or distract them. This power is very flexible, Ceres uses it hide his tracks by covering them with leaves, hand over fruit at the tree's top and even lean on a tree and command it to watch over him for the night. The power does require hover constant contact, a single touch can generate a single action on the part of the tree but a tree Ceres does not have contact with will not remain under his control. Ceres can take control of trees without touching them by striking them with his arrows, but this action carries some risks since Ceres cannot predict the exact reaction of that tree to the arrow.

Weakness(es) Close quarters fighting outside of forested areas, Long fights that are difficult enough to force him to use his powers at their fullest extend and the threat of over draw exhaustion, Fire based attacks while fighting in a forested area, fast moving enemies outside a forested area, enemies with the ability to detect foes magically and can counter his camouflage.

Equipment His leather armor and cloak, a wooden breast plate which Ceres tried to influence but failed do utilize for anything more then containment of bleeding, a dagger, his quiver, a smaller feather quiver matching his arrows, Navarin - his bow and namesake, a magical bow which acts as a conduit between his power and his arrows, Navarin answers to his touch alone since the cord itself is a wooden fiber only those with influence over wooden elements may manipulate into a string form. A small backpack with some tools and material such as arrowheads,feathers and for arrow production.

Personal Description: Ceres is covered by a dark green cloak, meanwhile his legs and arms are covered by the same color scheme but the fabric is cut and shredded to stop the clock from inconveniencing movement.The general leg area also has the added benefit of fine looking dark-brown elvish pants if only for the sake of modesty. The cloak provides a fairly solid piece of camouflage, but whenever Ceres is unconcerned about meeting enemies around the corner he tends to ware a fashionable white brown tunic adorned with dark green lines and bronze buttons. Ceres breaks convention by wearing cumbersome and rough human ranger boots, fashionably at least a travesty but piratical in Ceres's view, he does have nimble elven slippers in is pack tough. Ceres hair is an untidy dark blue (making the use of a hood pressing for his camouflage) and his eyes are a somewhere between yellow and brown. From both his eyes to the sides of his cheeks, run green - blue lightning shaped tattoos.

Personality: In recent years, since the end of the war and the surge of criminal activity, many rangers and guardians of law see their tasks as just another job, there is no shortage of bounties and some have made small fortunes bringing them in. Ceres is different in his professional attitude, some may call him a lawman of the "old school" and they would not be wrong. Ceres does not care much for gold or coin, he acts on the principles passed down to him from his mentor of excellence, selflessness and justice and his own similar principles.

As he was left alone in the world by the actions of the selfish, Ceres does his utmost to defend travelers on the roads and the unknown territories. Be they traders, farmers or travelers; Ceres saw his mentor put life and limb on the line for strangers to whom he owed nothing, when the elder Ranger had been injured to the point of losing his right eye he explained his actions to Ceres and his words have guided Ceres ever since:"The movement between cities is the life blood of civilization, what is the use of an eye without it?". Ceres has fond memories of his mentor guiding lost travelers back to the roads, robbed merchants spending several nights in their camp during a winter storm and nursing many survivors of bandit raids back to health... or giving them comfort during their last breaths. Since his mentor can no longer do these things, Ceres has taken it upon himself to serve all travelers and do well by his master by treating them with kindness. Ceres has also a very personal mission; when his mother died there was no ranger or champion to come to her defense, even if he must die one day for these principles, even if one child still has his mother to take care for him because of his intervention, this life had meaning.

There is however a darker side, who's roots run deep from the death of his mother, to his day's in the charity house and the loss of his mentor. Ceres loathes bandits and criminals of any kind, justice to him has only one answer, and that is the eradication of the unrighteous - the trash of society. Ceres has never taken any bounty for a criminal which specified that the criminal "be taken alive", criminals know him as the Rygan - the Green Death. Ceres does not only see no wrong in his interpretation of justice, to him it is the only true justice and he takes satisfaction and even pleasure from administering it. Ceres generally prefers a clean kill, but his methods of criminal eradication: stalking, ambushing and his manipulation of the very trees against them are a terror on any bandit group unfortunate enough to encounter it. Ceres relishes this hunt, despite being fundamentally a vegetarian, beyond this being his own personal vengeance Ceres believes that he is avenging the countless nameless victims left unburied and forgotten in the unknown. In recent years, since the loss of his mentor and joining the Shikaku Ceres view of "trash" has alarmingly expanded to include more then just bandits; people whom "obstruct justice", traitors to the Shikaku and even members of the Chikyuu no Mirai can all be justifiably killed in Ceres's twisting view of righteousness, but there is still a weak voice which holds him back and may one day be heard if his core beliefs are ever sufficiently rattled.

History: Ceres was raised by his mother a guard and guide of the merchant caravans. Who his father was, she never mentioned though Ceres never felt any anger radiating from her on the topic, only a genuine belief that the unnamed man was irrelevant to his life. Ceres grew up in one of the mix race cities, though he thinks he was born in Nalir. Once he was old enough, Ceres's mother returned to her work leaving Ceres with her sister whom had married a human. Life with his aunt was a good enough life, the household was poor in means but both his aunt and her husband worked hard for their children and kept Ceres fed. After 9 summers and winters in the world, word came that Ceres's mother had been killed by bandits on the roads. Ceres's aunt took care of him for a time, but with no money coming in from his mother to support him they could not afford to feed another child. Ceres was given away to one of the temples but this temple set aside by financial troubles quickly turned him over to a charity home belonging to a temple in Kelec, commonly refereed to as the Spike.

Ceres hated the harsh conditions in the temple's charity house, he escaped multiple times living on the streets for weeks at a time, but he was always caught eventually and brought back to it's confines. By his 12th year, a Human ranger came to the charity house looking for an apprentice, Ceres was picked by the ranger and apprenticed to him. Both mentor and apprentice spent several months in the city, the latter being trained physically mentally and martially for the journey ahead. They then left to the Unknown lands, where Cerec's training would take place for the next several years. When the Demonic wars began, they were not immediately affected, for a while most rangers and lawmen tried to continue their task in the unknown lands. The war came to them however, and ranger casualties mounted in the crossfire. Ceres and his mentor avoided the fighting for the most part, his mentor felt that Ceres was not ready and thus restricted their missions to information gathering. Fighting still found them, but they survived and did better after every failure, as his mentor said "when strategically inferior in all areas - make the tactical victories count" - the rangers did just that and excelled in the war because of their knowledge of the the forests.

When the war ended, Ceres's mentor warned the leaders in the cities that the large number of ranger and lawmen casualties would make even the semblance of order unattainable. His mentor was being modest, hundreds of destitute, homeless and soldiers driven to blood lust by the war quadrupled the number of bandits in the unknown lands. Many rangers died under these numbers, but Ceres did not ever see his mentor flinch. Angered by the gridlock between the two factions , his mentor chose to side with the Shikaku if only for the sake of a sponsor in his fight to secure the roads. In return Ceres and his mentor made bounties set by the Shikaku their preference. Ceres was beginning to have second thoughts about this arrangement, but was assured by his mentor that negotiations between Chikyuu no Mirai and the Shikaku would soon settle any disputes - it had been after all only a short while since many on both sides had fought together. Soon after those words, his mentor was killed along with many other rangers during a meeting. Ceres was devastated by this loss and was lost to heavy drinking for a time, he was soon approached by other rangers who had made a personal inquiry into the incident. The rangers told Ceres that while the report of the official investigation would say that bandits had been behind the attack, the truth was that the force behind the attack was too well equipped and the attack itself too specific and timed for this to be entirely true. Ceres felt certain that the Chikyuu no Mirai had been behind the attack, that the organization was secretly supporting bandit as it's muscle in a conspiracy to take control over trade between the cities. Ceres officially joined the Shikaku shortly thereafter and has since taken Shikaku bounties for missions rather then only general bounties from the cities, some of them with more then just bandits as their targets. Ceres has tried to find proof of Chikyuu no Mirai involvement behind bandit raids, but despite being unsuccessful his belief that they are guilty only grows each passing day.



address: Ceres generally goes after bounties and protects the roads between the cities which run through the unknown lands whenever he has no orders. He lives in the forests but maintains contact with the Shikaku through a regular contact in one of the roadside taverns. Ceres only goes into the city once in a while, or whenever he is specifically summoned.

VendettaRegarding his accusations against the Chikyuu no Mirai, he has no hard evidence of their involvement but that does not stop him beveling they are responsible. Weather it is true or not really does not matter, he is obsessed with thoughts of conspiracy and vengeance.

OOC:There will not be a side story regarding the identity of the attackers, this is all about Ceres's view of events. I do not think the Chikyuu no Mirai had anything to do with it and that it was probably just a raid of well armed X war veteran bandits seeking revenge on the rangers. Ceres is pursuing a fantasy conspiracy because if he blamed simple bandits for the attack he has no one specific target to hold responsible and no reason to justify fighting for the Shikaku which replaced his mentor as his purpose and loyalty, despite not agreeing with what they represent (which he does not consider important at the moment) The burning need to take vengeance on the Chikyuu no Mirai keeps the idea of his mentor alive because he can't bare to let it go and be left alone in the world yet again. Can Ceres be turned from the Shikaku? maybe, but in some way's he would rather perish then give up his fantasy and face the world alone. At the moment, he is a fanatic who would follow every order unless it conflicted too greatly with his mentor's principles.

So begins...

Ceres Rygan Navarin's Story