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"The path to a bright future is riddled with great mountains!"

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by TomorrowsHerald



Quote: "The path to a bright future is riddled with great mountains!"


Nickname: If you must know, It's Jerry, call me so at your own peril
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Height: 5.3
Weight: 125 (I said nothin, honest!)
Sexual Orientation: straight

Likes: I love baked food! Cupcakes, sweet rolls and what have you, I do miss the baking in angelic society, but this mortal stuff isn't half bad. I must say I love the open world, living in the estate and the city for so long leaves me with the advantaged of being awed by even plain sights; such as waterfalls, forests and mountains. These things are just normal in the eyes of others – I am just glad for the experiences, no matter if I look silly, ignorant and somewhat sheltered. Did I mention I also love baking? I never actually did it at home; I guess it's just an undiscovered hobby. I also enjoy stargazing, somehow just starting at them helps me decipher my dreams, it's also comforting to think that my family may be looking at the stars when I do. I certainly appreciate the idea of gardening but I am rather hopeless at it.

Dislikes: I do not like thinking of tomorrow, or yesterday, today is all that matters. Party poopers are a pain but I can accept that some people do not want to be mercilessly teased by me all day long. I do not condone negativity, it's contagious and breeds nothing but the same. I guess I especially deplore the attitude of "there is nothing we can do" or that the world cannot be changed. The war changed people's conceptions, what has been done can be undone or done differently, nothing is impossible and it is our duty to think of a better future then what we have had to put up with. That being said blind optimism disturbs me, despite the fact I find myself to be consistently guilty of that charge. I think that while hope must be cherished and spread, problems must be faced head on and not hidden from plain sight by fantasies, no matter how compelling they may be.

Fears: I fear the future, though some might think having even a vague idea of what might happen would dissipate fears of the unknown, I fear it none the less. I fear fate that is the greatest unknown to me, can I change fate? Is fate a final verdict no matter the actions I take? I am somewhat chilled by dark creatures such as demons and vampires, I am not used to encountering them but I try to be normal with those whom are my allies.

Group: I am with the Chikyuu no Mirai, ignoring all the cleaning duties, so far it's been swell
Partner: None, I am more than enough for me!

Race: Angle/Human Halfling – Yes it's true that my mother was human but my heart isn't, and nor was hers.


Soul projection, Song sword: This is the newest and final manifestation of Jerry's powers and currently the least tried. The power manifested itself during advanced sword training in the Chikyuu no Mirai. Jerry's sword had just been broken in a sparring session, she was about to yield when a blade of light formed in the palm of her hand. Using this power, Jerry still lost the match, but she had been finally convinced to place worth in bladed weapons. In theory, the sword expresses Jerry's wishes; if she wants to train with someone without causing them harm the sword's end will be blunted, if she wishes to put a stop to a fight the sword will become a "sword breaker" designed to catch bladed weapons in it's blade. In practice however, despite the sword drawing heavily on Jerry's proficiency in light manipulation and the angelic nature of her soul, the sword also expresses hidden disquiet between her dominant angelic identity and her oppressed humanity. As a consequence, the sword only functions properly when Jerry's thoughts are adamantly set on a goal in a straightforward way. Commands such as "I do not wish to cause harm" or " I wish to stop the fighting", supplemented by their emotional weight will be answered. Technical requests such as "I wish to increase the sharpness of my blade" or "I want to change quickly between sword breaker and normal blade" simply cause the sword's soothing angelic song to gradually disintegrate into a shrieking scream, generating vibrations that can cancel out Jerry's control over her light manipulation magic temporarily. The request must be emotionally powerful enough to cause both her angelic and human side to come together, the sword serve's Jerry's heart, not her mind. Though the blade may change, the sword always remains a sword; there are no possible changes to its fundamental nature.

Force field: Jerry's own power, unique to her and not brought on by inheritance, training or upbringing. Jerry is only a little bit more experienced using her force field powers then the song sword. When the power first surfaced, before she joined the Chikyuu no Mirai, Jerry's father insisted that before his daughter became cocky over this unexpected power that she learn to integrate it into her present magic. Jerry complied with his wishes and was able to create a personal force field around her body which she could use to provide her with a solid close quarters defense. Only once she had joined the ranks of the Chikyuu no Mirai did her training into more practical uses of her power begin. Jerry can now summon a defensive Force Field shield for a small group, but it can only last several seconds each time, making is practically useless against a continuous attack. While Jerry uses the shield she must power down her own personal force field. Additionally, Jerry cannot engage in combat while maintain the group force field as it demands all her concentration and focus. Her personal shield is stable and continuous, though attacks with a great deal of power behind them would break it entirely most normal attacks would have to target a certain area to weaken the shield before causing Jerry serious injury. The shield provides a defense against the physical element of attacks only; if she were attacked by an element such as fire she would be able to block the flame but not the heat. The shield provides no defense against direct mental attacks or powers lacking a physical aspect such as shadows and advanced dark manipulation.

Light manipulation, physical illusion: While she trained with her sibling's one aspect of light manipulation always eluded her. Unlike her fully angelic siblings who could project the illusionary image of any object they so desired at wish, Jerry constantly failed to create such an illusion no matter how much she tried. Jerry's father explained to her that this problem was undoubtedly a result of her human heritage and that if there where answers she was most qualified to find them. Jerry refused to give up on the ability to cast illusions; she refused to accept such a difference between her and her siblings. She studied every book and scroll she could find until she discovered an advanced form of illusion magic called "Realistic Physical Illusions". This form of illusion magic is fundamentally different from normal illusion as it seeks to create a complete illusion in possession of all the textures of reality from smell, sound and touch, not just a visual image. The catch is that in order to create such an illusion, the caster must study all the aspects which make the target for illusion. Jerry excelled at this form of illusion magic, since adapting to the Chikyuu no Mirai, Jerry's most useful illusion has been one of her own force field, designed to deceive an enemy that the shield is still activated or recreate in in a different location altogether and draw in his fire. Though she can create shrouded fuzzy looking illusions of her allies and a convincing one of herself under the illusionary shield, an observant foe may be able to notice the copies of her allies as fakes because of her inexperience in creating that image. Two other physical illusion Jerry can summon convincingly is that of a wall, if an enemy where to touch it they would feel it physically, normally causing that enemy to go no further. If they actually went through the wall, it would not stop them from doing so, though Jerry is trying to adapt her force field to reinforce the illusion with a truly physical presence. The third illusion is that of a dead leafless tree, which she assumes on herself for the purpose of hiding. Jerry hasn't yet figured out how to create leaves properly and only knows how to turn into one species of tree meaning she would stand out in a forest to an observant enemy. In the latter of these illusions, Jerry cannot move while she maintains the illusionary tree.

Light manipulation, Battle meditation: This is a power she shares with her father and all her siblings. The battle meditation allows it's users to channel light powers into an aura of light around their bodies. The Aura can be specifically focused in the user's feet and fists giving normal martial attacks the benefit of light energy. Against dark creatures, this power causes numbness, pain and even paralysis in contact. This power may only kill pure dark targets, in all other cases killing strikes will always be softened so long as the battle meditation is active. In those cases the power is best used to attack muscles and joints until the target is paralyzed. This power is not very effective against pure light creatures, in such a case it will only cause similar (though weakened) effects so long as the user is defending himself from attack, offensive actions would lead to this power shutting down. Results on half-lings are difficult to predict, in most instances it would be less effective than when facing a dark target but more effective then facing a light one. Some half-lings however could cause a negative feedback which would cause the power to turn on its user (OOC: There is/are character/s in the RP which would cause this effect, a list shall be provided upon RP's start). Though ideally used for martial fighting, when used in accord with the song sword the aura may be transferred to it, but only if the lives of allies are in danger, any other condition including personal safety would cause the sword to lose harmony.

Visual power – Partial (flawed) Clairvoyance: This is the power Jerry inherited from her mother, a famed oracle who's made a name for herself for informing others of their destiny. Jerry's abilities beyond being still young seem to be inherently flawed in this area, since she only has a very limited control over the power if it at all truly fully exists within her. Visually, Jerry can predict an opponent's possible moves and evade them though only within a span of 3 seconds. A plan designed to lure her into a certain action beyond that time would be lost on her, and in fact she may very well make the exact moves her opponent was hoping she would in the belief that these are the correct ones to make from what she has seen. (Example: An enemy may be seeking to attack her, and cause her to evade in the direction of a trap, Jerry would see that evading the attack would prevent her for being hit but outside the span of those 3 seconds she would not see the trap). This power is practically used in close quarters, where the moves an opponent can make are normally limited and directly visible to her. It is this vision which allows Jerry to summon the song sword before the reason for its summoning are rendered irrelevant. In order to predict an opponent's moves, the opponent must be visible – if an attack came from behind or an area not visible to her she would only see it when it is already too late to act, a second or less before being struck (OOC: And by meaning too late, I MEAN to late, It takes me 1 second to think about 1 second, she would only have time to think something along the lines of "ohh shit" before taking the punch like anyone else. Clarification: If she could not counter an enemy move in those 3 seconds, then she could not counter it - period: END OOC)

In her dreams, Jerry's power sometimes activates causing her to see possible events in future and sometimes the past, though always in a vague dreamy sort of way

(OOC: Unless instructed to by GM, this power will never have any technical influence on the game, I won’t go so low as to say, hay I saw that like last night! COUNTER!!! To anything somebody else did. It is purely RP perspective, example: Say a Shikaku character was planning a deadly trap; Jerry might as well dream about a future in which ponies rule the world. She has no control, and frankly to prove my intentions I am setting a minimum span of foreseeable events into months and years, no immediate events could be seen UNLESS someone specifically requested that it be seen and the GM allows it. This power is outside my control and shall only be used by my initiative to say… spook my character into thinking the world's gonna end tomorrow because of evil ponies (example of technical irrelevance). Past sight might include visions of old battles or ancient murders, past or possible future sights into other characters histories in this roleplay will not occur in any detail, unless it has been prearranged with another player under the authority of GM. I will not be asking people to take part in this unless I am specifically building a character interaction with them, under the authority of GM. I do not want this power for all the reasons I have just forbidden myself from without prior authorizations. I am not going to constantly pester players and GM's alike about it and how "how cool it would be" to do this or that. I want this power mainly as a motive for the character; any good Jeremiah needs a reason to think why the world is going to end one day and why should he/she do something about it. Just to be clear, even if Jerry dreams that ponies will one day rule the world, does not mean it will happen, it's one of many possible futures or just a crazy dream :END OOC)

Weakness(es) – Well, if you have seen my magic then you've probably noticed that many of my powers are undeveloped and raw, What is there to say? I am inexperienced, no point in denying it. I rely on my Clairvoyance too much so anyone who knew my fighting style could trick me, but so far I have been saved by it more times that the day I will be killed because of it.
Equipment - Other than my robes, nothing special really

Personal Description: Though I have trouble recalling her, I think I resemble my mother; my light green hair is certainly her peculiarity, I think my skin is paler, more like father's. I have my father's eyes, a bright golden yellow though they are a bit darker than his eyes or those of my siblings. I used to go around in white robes, I would not survive in them a second out here in this cold. I like to go about my business in a blue coat, padded with winter wolf furs around the edges. My trousers are similarly long, generally a neutral white or grey, though my shoes are blue like my coat. I have a dark yellow belt, father said he had created several such belts out of the magical whip of a demon warlord – I guess it slightly matches my eyes though father wouldn't be glad for the comparison.


Tell us about yourself Jeremiah

Ha, I am a bit embarrassed now; I prepared myself to all manner of specific questions but not a general description. Well, my name is Jeremiah though my family often called me Jerry. I am an angle human half-ling though I was raised in angelic society, I consider myself to be first and foremost an angle, and my humanity has always seemed to be more of a burden then a source for pride. I can be really serious sometimes, but growing up with many siblings has given me a perspective of openness. I am used to teasing people as a manner of communication, and I can be quite humorous while I am at it… I admit I might be unintentionally mean too sometimes. I am very spontaneous and I act on my feelings, some might call me a bit rash and I guess I do not hide my feelings and intentions so well even if I have reason to try. I do not dwell on heavy thoughts or past events and prefer to live in the moment making me hyperactive and sometimes confrontational since socially I have a tendency to speak before I think. That being said, I am not the most self-confident person out there, maybe sometimes unassertive but if anybody thinks that makes me weak, then they are wrong.

What can you tell us about your background, family and so on?

I rather not talk about my family; it is a matter of confidentiality, sufficive to say I wish to protect them from whatever actions I may take in the future. What can I say, I love them dearly and I miss them but I do not have any intention of returning home in the… foreseeable future.

You said you felt your humanity was something of a burden, could you please elaborate?

You have to understand that I have never had any experience with my humanity then its shortcomings. Gods know I do not bare any grudge to humans, OK maybe a little one but I am also in fact curious about them. Though I do not have many memories of my human mother I feel that I would have loved her, and maybe she would have shown me the value of our humanity, sadly I never got that chance. I can't say I have found a new respect for my humanity, I am first and foremost an angle in my identity, weather I will find a reason to take pride in my humanity remains to be seen.

What happened to you mother?

She died when I was very young, I was told it was a rare but fatal disease which eventually killed her and I have no reason to doubt this account.

What are your goals, dreams?

My goal is to find my strength that is important for my pride. But I have dreams of ruin and terror, I fear what may become of this world should the distrust and festering hatreds of the last war be allowed to remain among us.

Is that the reason why you want to join the Chikyuu no Mirai?


I heard two reasons, which one is it?

Well, both


Extracts from the diary of Jeremiah Ares,
Daughter and 5th heiress to his lordship
Archangel Ares Eridanus

The 5th day of Kanya, Year of the Cornfields

"…I had another dream last night about my mother; I didn’t tell father about it this time, he was ever so concerned when I mentioned it last week. I treasure seeing her face in these dreams, my memories of her are so few. I now understand why father's friends say I look just like her; we shared much of our features from our green hair, our lips and even our smile!
These dreams give me the chance to meet the mother I never knew, but she always seems to be so sad. Sometimes I think she notices me in these dreams, she pauses and open's her mouth as if she wishes to say something to me, but then I wake up none the wiser…"

1st day of Tula, Year of the Lion

"…Father had us spar again as a test of how we have learned to use his teachings in combination with our magic. Sufficive to say, while I could keep up martially I could not cast illusions employed by my brothers, and nor could I channel my magic fast enough. Sometimes, I feel like a wounded animal in a herd, moving forwards with the flock and yet always struggling at the rear. Is that all there is to my humanity; a debilitating wound on an otherwise perfected divine entity? I wish there was someone here to answer those questions, but in our estate, miles away from Erean there are only a dozen or so angles and one human half"…

15th day of Tula, Year of the Lion

"… I tried to do what I promised last night, I sneaked into the workshop during the night and took a canister of the white paint father purchased recently to recoat the clock tower. I filled a large bowl with the paint and put my hair in it, it was rather messy but my hair was rendered as white as a winter wolf, just as planned. Father caught me on my way back to my chambers, he did not seem angry but he did not approve and accompanied me to the pond where we washed out the paint. I guess I broke down a little, I told him that I wanted to be the same as my brothers, I wanted to be pure as any angle should be – not shackled by mortal weakness. Father did not seem angry; he merely nodded and took me to the library. We spent the remainder of the night going through illusion magic guide books, looking for some way to compensate for my shortcomings. I dare say we may have found it, a discipline called "Realistic physical illusions". It seems harder to study then normal illusions but I never had trouble in study, only with practice. It will take several weeks before I can actually attempt to perform any of it but it's a chance and I aim to take it. I thanked father for the help, he smiled and said in his usual cryptic way "Do not despise a snake for having no horns, for who is to say it may not become a dragon?" I will certainly ponder the meaning of those words; maybe I will summon the illusion of a dragon for him…"

12th day of Kanya, Year of the Soldier

"… I never imagined I would see our people go to war, for so long it has been the affair of the mortal races, gods why could it not remain so? Father says he will be required to take up arms; Nerva and Trajan have insisted that they accompany father, Serverus, Valerian and I did the same once we heard. Father permitted Nerva and Trajan to join the army but the remainder of us where instructed to pack our things and leave for the safety of the city walls and reside in our grandparents mansion. Most of the servants seem to be convinced that this war will be over by the first days of Mina. I hope they are right, though a part of me hopes there will still be a chance for me to prove my worth on the battlefield…"

29th day of Mina, Year of the Solider

"… Serverus and Valerian left to join the army today, I begged father to permit my request to do the same but in his last letter he clearly refused to hear of it; he said I was too young. Maybe humans leave youths behind in war, but I am not human and there are plenty of angles my age signing up for advanced training before joining the army during the harvest. I would not have noticed had I not kept this journal, but the entire tone of angle society has changed, this will not be an easy war and everybody knows that now…"

4th day of Makara, Year of the Soldier

"… I visited Serverus's and Valerian's tombs again last night. It must be so lonely for them now, or have they ascended to the realm beyond the stars, where all our fallen dine and meditate with the gods?
A part of me believes that they will sneak behind me in the chapel and surprise me with some prank, and then explain to me how it was all just a silly misunderstanding. If I close my eyes I can see them, Val's devious grin dragging poor Serverus into yet another one of his pranks. If they saw me crying like I did in the funeral they would probably chuck a bucket full of water over my head and smack me the full length of the chapel corridor.
I open my eyes, their images remain frozen for one precious moment and then they are gone…"

7th day of Kiros, year of Heaven

"… It's been a while since I have written anything here. Since the war ended we have all been busy refurnishing our old house, Nerva, Trajan and I have already moved in while father attends to business in the city; after the murder of that Imp Halfling, father felt it would be safer for me to leave the city and return home. It's been wonderful to have my brothers back after so much time; in a way the three of us are trying to relive our childhood. But there are times when I feel I do not know them, when they go all hard inside and refuse to talk about whatever is bothering them. How can I ever hope to understand them after what has happened?...

12th day of Kanya, year of Heaven

"…My dreams have grown darker of late, I see beacons of fire in the darkness, each a city a flame, and the rivers run red with the bodies of the wounded dying and the slain. Regaining above, I see the passage of the sun and the moon, but the spheres are distant in memory, like an ancient faded rune I, the eternal optimist find myself fearing the sunrise rather than the sunset and the tidings of fate, each day is somehow heavier than the last…"

9th day of Kiros, year of the Worker

"….Mother came to me in a dream and this time I am sure she saw me, she nodded in my direction and nudged her head as if telling me to follow her. We walked through a distorted image of the estate's grounds, passing the stables, the courtyard and the main house. I see people everywhere blurring with the environment, I recognize these people as my brothers, my father and myself during different moments in the past – from our training, the beginning of the war and to that night I foolishly painted my hair white. Mother does not stop and walks on, the images begin to change, I see father and my mother walking by the gardens towards the clocktower holding hands. I hear laughter, joy but there faced are turned away from me. I follow them, the sounds of laughter growing louder, they stop short of the clocktower and I catch up. Finally I catch a glimpse of their faces, and though the laughter goes on I do not see their mouths move in sync with it, only a resigned look of sadness is apparent.

The clock rings, flashes of memories surround me again and I am somehow transported into the main house. I see my brothers as babies playing in their crib, then mother with father at her side, a moment later I am in her arms as a baby. The visions darkens and I find myself being drawn to the waking world, I struggle to see more; my mother is rested on a bed; she is pale, and struggling for breath. The memory passes, I am in the courtyard, and I see mother's body rested on stone – she is gone. I walk over towards her, drawn by some invisible force, I touch her hand, I am blinded by a terrible white light. I am again in a room, by mother's bed, I walk over towards her, but as my gaze shifts between the familiar green hair and the pale face I see myself in the image the images change, I see my own lifeless body rested on the stone surface…"

12th day of Kiros, year of the worker
"… I have made up my mind; I can no longer stay in this household. Something calls on me from beyond the horizon, I do not know why I leave or where I am going, but I do know it is something I must do. I am not a child anymore, father may have not noticed but I have grown up. For too long I have seen this world on the sidelines as a witness unable to be of any use to anyone, not even my kin. I have seen my fate should I stay, beyond the walls of this house my sight has no clear claims on my destiny, and that's just fine by me…"


So begins...

Jeremiah's Story