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Chikyuu no Mirai's God's Hand.

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by Rari


Len Takahashi
“Reality continues to ruin my life.”


Nickname: Lenny. (Only used by close friends and his father...And annoying Ex-Fiances...)
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Height: 6’4”
Weight: 156 Lbs
Sexual Orientation: Straight... Mostly.

Likes: Night time, watching others interact, improving his skills, interesting people, animals, and peace and quiet.
Dislikes:Annoying individuals, sunlight, anything shikaku related, and racism.
Fears:Ending up completely alone, drowning, letting people down, and losing control.

Group: Chikyuu No Mirai, God’s hand.
Partner: Len acquired a small egyptian fruit bat named Osiris that he keeps with him as a companion and spoils to no end. He uses Osiris regularly to go ahead of him to scout out new areas. (At night of course.)


Race: Vampire.

Sudden shade: Len can control shadows in small amounts as a tool to shade himself from the sun during the day.

Shadow healing: Len can heal wounds with the exception that as the wound is healed, its transferred to his body. Since Lens body heals faster because hes a vampire, healing minor wounds isn’t much of an issue.

Pyrokinesis: Len can use fire as a weapon and tool to aid him in whatever life throws at him. He learned while staying with a group of Fire Nymphs when he was young. However, the longer he uses this power, the more it drains him.

Bloodhound: Len’s bloodhound ability allows him to taste an individual's blood and track them down as long as the blood is fresh.

Weakness(es) - Sunlight, Earth magic.
Equipment - Len carries with him a few throwing knives and a bow and quiver. He also carries a satchel in which he carries Osiris.

Personal Description: Len is tall and expectedly pale skinned. He has an athlete’s build and blonde hair thats medium length. His eyes are golden in color but turn dark ember when hes hungry or upset. He normally wears a white button up shirt, a black hoodie and tan colored pants that have a pocket watch featuring a coiled cobra secured to the belt loop.
Personality:Len can be described as quiet and withdrawn. Sometimes seen as a grump, Len likes to keep withdrawn from people and simply observe rather than be a part of the group. If Len decides he’s comfortable with certain people, you’ll find that he can be playful and often cracks sarcastic jokes when the opportunity arises.

History: Len grew up in a mansion with his mother, father and his older brother, David. His parents were of high social class, his mother being a highly respected dignitary and his father being well known for his famous sculptures. Len parents fought constantly over beliefs, leaving the children to care for themselves most of the time. At eighteen years of age, he joined the Shikaku, unaware of their true goals. Len fell in love with a young vampire named Celia, who turned him into a vampire against his will. Needless to say, this occurrence ruined romance for Len, and to this day, he frowns at the very thought of it. Only a few months later, after failing a mission he was given, the Shikaku kidnapped and murdered Len’s mother,forcing him to watch. Enraged, Len left the Shikaku and joined the Chikyuu No Mirai, quickly climbing the ranks, swearing revenge on the Shikaku for what they did to his mother.


Extra: Len often runs off to a secret cave where he relaxes and often takes naps, as its quiet and dark. It’s his most treasured and sacred place, he plans on keeping it a secret as long as possible.

So begins...

Len's Story