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Makani Suflare

Life is like the wind. It is never stable, it is always turning one way and then the other. We would do well to follow its path.

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by femspirk1701


Makani Suflare
“Life is like the wind—it’s never stable, it’s always turning one way and then the other. We’d do well to follow its path.”


Nickname: Sushi (only used by the closest of friends…AKA Poppy)
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Height: 5'3" Image
Weight: 153 lb.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Likes: Being able to get away with her ventures and profit for herself, her partner Devora, training with her weapons and getting better at fighting, cooking her own food (usually various woodland stews), proving to herself that she can take care of herself in general, savory foods, and the occasional naturally sweet treat
Dislikes: Getting ambushed, being taken advantage of or threatened by others, cheapskates, liars, creepy individuals, bad food, incompetence, people talking too much about her glasses, idiots, and being enclosed in tight spaces or areas where she could not run away and/or fight if a threat occurred
Fears: Being ambushed, being trapped, being emotionally/psychologically hurt by others who have gotten closer to her, and being killed

Group: No current alliances with any particular group; neutral; subject to bounce around as it suits and helps her
Partner: Makani travels with no one but her trusted wolf dog Devora—a big, shaggy beast with dark fur and even darker eyes. Makani reportedly found her as a youngling under an abusive owner’s care. Makani stole her in the middle of the night and took the beast with her on her journeys, so Devora is now strictly loyal to Makani and will do anything to protect her—including hunting for her and taking down her enemies in battles.

Race: Halfling—Nymph/Human

Healing Touch: She is able to heal, through touch, herself and Devora to a reasonable degree—such as healing cuts and bruises as well as stopping bleeding…causes some fatigue and needs minimal distractions.

Fire Manipulation: She is able to create and manipulate fire for defensive and offensive purposes

Weakness(es) - Occasional emotional instability due to flashbacks of enemies from her past, emotional and psychological torture, being called out on not being as stone-faced and cold-hearted as she appears to be, heavy combat and/or multiple assailants, her affinity for her partner Devora, and getting pinned up against something (which causes flashbacks)
Equipment - Makani can typically be seen in an outfit complete with tunic, pants, fingerless gloves, slightly worn walking boots, and a traveller’s cloak. She has a leather pack slung over her shoulder and resting at her side. She appears to be like any traveller, but she hides a long dagger within her cloak and can craft her own weapons out of wood and stone if need be while in the wilds. She has been known to secret throwing stars in her cloak as well as her trusty dagger. She also carries various, lightweight medical supplies with her in the case of an emergency as well as other tools and materials she might need while traveling.

Personal Description: Makani is lean and fairly fit, able to run from battles if she needs to as well as stand her ground for a reasonable amount of time. She has not been professionally trained in the art of combat but has been able to teach herself through various life events and battles that she has lived through. She has shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes, as well as moderately pale skin. She wears glasses because she has difficulty seeing things clearly from far away, but she can function for the most part without them.
Personality: Makani is a fluid girl, picking and choosing where she stands on things depending on the situation, consequences, and how it can aid her. She doesn’t belong to any one party; rather, she is a self-described neutral character who prefers to be unnoticed in political debates. However, if a topic piques her interest, she will undoubtedly be trying to find the best solution for her own needs in it and will associate with whoever she has to in order to get what she needs—only to vanish later on. She is a travelling loner who typically keeps to her own business…and it’s not her fault if her business happens to intrude on others’ as well. Makani does not easily open up to people or trust them entirely on the spot, but when she does, they should count themselves lucky; she will not abandon her true friends very easily. She used to be a very happy (and more nymph-like) creature, but that optimistic and somewhat naïve attitude was what nearly got her killed in the first place; she has since adopted much more of a poker face style of personality. She tries not to reflect on the past but keep moving forward to find herself a better future, even if that means leaving people and alliances behind.

History: Makani was abandoned by her parents at a young age and has been taking care of herself ever since; she remembers very little of what happened before then. She lived a rough life alone on the streets of dangerous cities, so she learned quickly that trusting others was usually the wrong way to go. She grew to trust an older woman as her mentor in the ways of street smarts, but her “mentor” quickly turned on her. She attacked Makani and nearly succeeded in killing her before Makani managed to escape. Ever since then, Makani has only been able to trust a few people in her lifetime, and even so she has still stayed as emotionally distant from them as she could. She has travelled through much of the land and prefers travelling to settling down.

Extra: Don’t knock off her glasses. Seriously. She’ll just get mad.

So begins...

Makani Suflare's Story


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  1. heeey o i found this account o

    by Spinturnix

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"Rin" Poppyfield stopped only a few feet from the young girl. Throwing her hood back and staring down at the shivering child. Poppy grabs the girl and starts dragging her towards the casinos in the next town over "you are like...some good luck charm right? I heard about you from the other world...the one before us...before me." Rin continues to sob "or an omen of destruction." shrug "either way i need you for something. Dont worry about all those dead people. Not main characters" draggin rin up to her feet "we have a long journey ahead of us so dont waste all your tears now. lets go meet my associate."

(sorry...its been 3 years)(see ya)