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Phi Cates

"In this world we live in, the end justifies the means."

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, originally authored by Sigma, as played by RolePlayGateway


"In a world where things have been shot to sunshine, the only person you can really trust is yourself.
It's up to you to make your own decisions and it's up to you to do what's right."


Nickname: "...Just call me Phi."

Gender: "You have eyes right? Female."

Age: "Nineteen."

ImageImageHeight: "I'm 5'10" So what?"

Weight: "I fail to see how this is relevant... I'm somewhere between 90-110 lbs. Good enough?"

Sexual Orientation: "I'm heterosexual."


Likes: Spicy Foods|Training|Silence|Gambling|Books|Knives|Taking Tasks Into Her Own Hands|Other Nymphs|
Dislikes: Sweet Foods|Doing Nothing|Waiting|Loud Places|Races Other Than Nymphs|Following Orders|
Rats||Phi has an uncanny fear towards rats and creatures of similar appearance. While the fear is not on a large scale, she is greatly uncomfortable in the presence of such rodents.
Confined||She shudders at the thought of being stuck in confinement with no freedom to do anything she wants. She can last for quite some time in such a confined environment, but will break faster than she wishes.

Group: "I'm a hired soldier for the Chikyuu no Mirai. Honestly, what they're trying to do isn't as much of a concern to me as it is to them, but I still believe in their cause a little bit."
Partner: "I prefer to work alone."

Race: "I'm a Nymph."


Flame Incantation|Offensive Spell||Phi is able to manipulate an existing flame into various forms. She is able to make a wall of flames, fireball projectiles, or even engulf her weapons in flames. However, this spell cannot be used underwater or in the rain. Furthermore, the range of this spell is limited to about 50 feet. Any farther than that and the spell has no affect.
Celeritas|Supportive Spell||Phi is able to cast this spell on a single person at a time, be it herself or another. Celeritas greatly increases the target's swiftness, dexterity and agility for as long as it is active. This spell can stay in effect for an indefinite amount of time; however, the longer time the spell remains active, the greater and quicker exhaustion befalls the affected person.

Weakness(es) -Rodents|| Despite being a species closely tied to nature, Phi has always had an uncanny fear towards rodents, specifically those in the appearance of rats and mice.
Distance||Preferring to use weapons such as blades or daggers, Phi is rather useless when it comes to long distance encounters. This puts her at a disadvantage towards those who have ranged attacks.
Planning||Phi is a perfect example of a vigilante. Often, when she believes the plans of higher ups to prove inadequate, she will devise her own strategies and maneuvers, generally making her very unpredictable.
Equipment -Phi's weapon of choice are throwing knives and daggers. Though those are the preference, she is adequate with various kinds of bladed weapons. Alongside her bladed weapons, Phi uses a sharp, thin wire, similar to that of an enforced piano wire, to assist in her tasks. Typically used more as a defense tool for when she needs to deal with any tails, but can be used offensively by stringing up the person and severing them. That being said, her ability to used ranged weapons, not including throwing knives, is rather poor and she tends to stay away from that as much as possible.

Personal Description: Phi Cates sits at 5'10" with a somewhat slender look. She has a light-ish blue hair color and similarly colored eyes. Her wardrobe is rather simple, containing very little variety. She is more commonly seen in a white polo shirt with a matching blue-plaid tie and skirt. For footwear she wears simple brown boots that extend upwards just under her knee. She commonly has an expression of someone who could care less and carries herself around that way. She speaks in a manner-of-fact tone and will often always be straight and to the point.
Personality: Phi Cates, while not necessarily intentional, acts in a way that would be deemed distant. She prefers to keep people at an arms distance, save for the few whom she really trusts. She can be seen as a cold, apathetic person. Generally, she will stray off from the group to find some peace and quiet. She is also very fidgety, especially when nothing is being done. As a habit, when she is not doing much, she ends up tossing or twirling her knife, or even just cracking open a book. However, in contrast to her nonchalant attitude, Phi has taken a liking to the idea of making bets and gambling, even much to the extent of it being unhealthy.

History: Phi grew up under a family of Mercenaries and Sellswords. Well, they weren't really her family per se. As a younger child, her home was attacked by hired mercenaries and she was the only one who lived. She was taken by those mercenaries and trained to become one herself. Since she had not been with her real family all that long, this band of mercenaries served as her family substitute. There were strict rules of being a mercenary, such as following orders, that Phi did not enjoy cooperating with. Due to this, at the age of 17, she made her escape from their encampment and began a solitary life. It was two years later when she was hired by the Chikyuu no Mirai. Phi does not actually remember who it was who recruited her, but it really couldn't matter any less. All she knew was that her job was to find and protect a high value target.

Extra: Phi's purpose in Chikyuu no Mirai is nothing more than a hired Mercenary. She has not made any plans yet for what comes next after this contract, but will probably go back to looking for more contracts. She was briefed about the situation, but did not entirely pay attention at the time so the only real details she can recall are that there is a certain female out in the world that needs to be protected. Said female may also have the potential to end said world, granted that she falls into the hands of a rival organization that is also after her. Phi is rather skeptical about whether or not she's fighting for the right side, but for this moment in time pay matters more than reason.


So begins...

Phi Cates's Story