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Poppy Field

Thanks for your wallet.

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by Spinturnix


Poppy Field
"Thanks for your wallet."


(Poppy Field does not have a sword as pictured above, but this was the best image I could find.)

Nickname: Poppy
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lb.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Likes: Poppy likes hunting, spending time with her older sister when able, cooking, and especially stealing things
Dislikes: She doesn't like those who kill people or animals for no reason, the harming of children, burnt or badly seasoned food, or close combat
Fears: Poppy doesn't mind being alone, but she is afraid of people leaving her. She is also afraid of disappointing her family

Group: Neither--she belongs to the Thief's Guild
Partner: None currently

Race: Halfling--Elf/Imp

Darkness Manipulation: She can deaden lightened areas to be able to sneak around more efficiently

Shadow Manipulation: She can distract people by making shadows move as well as hiding her own shadow when sneaking around.

Weakness(es) - She is not good at close combat and cannot use her powers for very long. She is also constantly hungry
Equipment - Poppy always has a bow and quiver of arrows on her as well as a small dagger that is primarily used for skinning animals.

Personal Description: Poppy has long medium brown hair with choppy bangs and copper eyes. She often braids flowers into her hair due to boredom or simply out of physical aesthetic. She wears a simple rustic orange hooded tunic with a brown belt around it to keep her pouches. She also has cropped dark brown pants that end just above her knees, tall beige socks, and brown boots with green swirled designs . When it’s cold out, Poppy has a little shawl with wings on it that she wears to keep warm. If she hides her ears, she can easily pass for a human, but she rarely does so and has little need to.
Personality: She is generally easygoing. She was taught hunting at an early age and is very good with her bow and arrow as well as being an excellent hunter, so if you anger her, she will shoot you from a distance…and she will not miss. Generally, however, she just wants to have fun and cook food. She doesn’t have a side she’s picked to stand with on the matter of the Destroyer.

History: Poppy was born to an unnamed Elf father and Imp mother. Her father died soon after her conception and her mother abandoned her in a field soon after her birth. A little human girl named Zodie found her the next day, and her family took her in. She was raised in a small hunting village near a forest and was named Poppy Field after the location of her discovery. She grew close to her sister and was raised among humans. Once her sister got married, she took to hunting often in the woods, found the Thieves’ Guild, and joined them. She is currently part of the Guild, has a few petty theft charges against her at most, and still spends most of her time hunting and protecting the perimeter of the Guild’s territory.

Extra: She is an extreme kleptomaniac, so watch your stuff!

So begins...

Poppy Field's Story


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  1. heeey o i found this account o

    by Spinturnix

0.00 INK

"Rin" Poppyfield stopped only a few feet from the young girl. Throwing her hood back and staring down at the shivering child. Poppy grabs the girl and starts dragging her towards the casinos in the next town over "you are like...some good luck charm right? I heard about you from the other world...the one before us...before me." Rin continues to sob "or an omen of destruction." shrug "either way i need you for something. Dont worry about all those dead people. Not main characters" draggin rin up to her feet "we have a long journey ahead of us so dont waste all your tears now. lets go meet my associate."

(sorry...its been 3 years)(see ya)