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Rin Hayashi

The Destroyer of Kuusou. A stubborn girl who was gifted with extreme powers.

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by Kaire23


Rin Hayashi
"So you’re telling me that the only person in Kuusou who has no magical whatsoever now has the power to destroy the world? Yeah, right. You may want to get your head checked out."


Gender: Female Image
Age: 18

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 122 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Likes: Sweets, Cherries, Strawberries, Music, Sword fighting, Playing the piano, Friends, Winning, Being right, and Morning
Dislikes: Bring confused, Being Wrong, Losing, Perverts, Vampires, Bitter foods, Spicy foods, Mysteries, People who spout nonsense, People who waste her time, Night, Her parents, and Showing weakness.
Fears: Fire, Death, Vampires, Bandits, Loss of freedom, Death of friends, Blood, The dark, Being Imprisoned, and Losing control.

Group: Undecided
Partner: None

Race: Half Elvish, Half Human

Magic: Unknown

Weakness(es) - If Rin ever gets hit hard on the head, She may lose control of her powers or even black out. Rin also can't control her magic that well so she can easily tire herself out or accidentally hit her friends or allies.
Equipment - Rin has twin swords gifted to her by her sister. She also has a dagger and a first aid kit in her bag at all times.

Personal Description: Rin has dark midnight black hair and blue eyes. She wears olive pants with long grey ranger boots over them. She also wears a long green shirt on top covered with a dark brown cloak with a hood so she can easily blend in the woods. When her powers get out of control, her eyes turn gold and the markings on her right arm glow brightly.
Personality: Rin is very stubborn. She doesn’t like to do anything that she doesn’t understand. On top of that, she also has some trust issues and takes awhile to warm up to people. She can be a bit insulting at times but she often tries her very best to be nice to people. In the middle of danger, Rin’s powers may get out of control if she starts getting over emotional. All in all, you should stay on Rin’s good side or you may get injured.. Badly.


History: Throughout Rin’s life, she had go through life without something common to everyone else. Magic. Her whole family excelled at magic, even aiding in the demonic war while she had to live with common ridicule for being different. Magic was commonly used to keep away vampires that swarmed outside her city so she soon learned how to defend herself with twin swords that were gifted to her by her older sister. When growing up, her best friend Akira set fire to his house in a training accident. She attempted to save him but she fainted from the smoke. In the end, she was pulled out in time while Akira died from the house collapsing on him.

Dealing with survivors guilt, Rin often distanced herself from her few friends and family. She would often travel outside the city walls and found solace in a vampire outside. They soon grew to be great friends. She trusted him more than anyone... But she made a mistake. He deceived her. Once he was let into the city, he let other vampires in to attack the city. In the attack, her sister died at the hands of her “friend”.

Rin grew even more distant from everyone and grew cold to anyone who attempted to get close. She would often wish every birthday for at least some magic to come to her. On her 18th birthday, her wish was granted, for better or for worse.

She was walking to school with her friends when an unbearable pain took over her right arm and golden markings formed. Her friends were blown away and everything around her was getting demolished.

In a last attempt to save everyone, she ran away. With the help of her powers, she was able to get far into the forest before collapsing from overusing her powers. When she woke up, she found the God’s hand of the Chikyuu no Mirai staring down at her.

Extra: She absolutely LOVES sweets.
She is also terrified of Vampires and Fire more than anything.

So begins...

Rin Hayashi's Story


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#, as written by Kaire23
Rin trembled in the snow, curled up as she fought for every breath that raked through her body. She felt the horrible pain of a migraine starting behind her eyes and had to fight to open them, her eyes turning back to their usual blue color. Sitting up with one hand on her head, she tried her hardest to remember what earth happened.

"What the hell?" She mumbled as she rubbed her eyes softly with the palms of her hands. As she looked around, she slowly started to notice where she was at. It was far too familiar. She was laying on the forest floor outside of her village. Immediately, the fog in her mind cleared and she felt a horrible pain as she started to recall all her memories of that day.

"Oh my god! I-" She exclaimed before covering her mouth. A sob shook her body as she tried her hardest to forget. She wished it never happened. That it was only a dream, but sadly, she knew it was impossible. She knew that she had just destroyed over half of her town and killed many of it's inhabitants. She shivered slightly as she looked up at the bare branches. Tears slowly streamed down her face as she faced a truth she never wanted to even imagine. Her family was gone. Dead from the horror she had unleashed on the town. She looked back at the place that used to be her home town as it burned brightly not too far away. She could even feel some of the heat of the fire from this far away.

Slowly, the realization hit her hard. She was never going to be accepted. Wherever she went, people would fear her. Her friends would hate her if they were still alive by some miracle. She was completely alone in the cold world.

"My god, what have I done?"


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  1. heeey o i found this account o

    by Spinturnix

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"Rin" Poppyfield stopped only a few feet from the young girl. Throwing her hood back and staring down at the shivering child. Poppy grabs the girl and starts dragging her towards the casinos in the next town over "you are like...some good luck charm right? I heard about you from the other world...the one before us...before me." Rin continues to sob "or an omen of destruction." shrug "either way i need you for something. Dont worry about all those dead people. Not main characters" draggin rin up to her feet "we have a long journey ahead of us so dont waste all your tears now. lets go meet my associate."

(sorry...its been 3 years)(see ya)