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"My will cannot be denied."

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by Taunbon


"There is no cost too high, no act too harsh or deprived, and no blood price I would not pay to get what I desire. Let this world burn, let it drown in the blood of the innocent and guilty, let the stars, themselves, weep over the embers, I care not so long as I can see her once more."


Var-Konen: Fallen One

Gender: Male
Age: 248 Celestial Years. He has not the faintest clue how that translates into years upon Kuusou.

Height: 6'4
Weight: 196 lbs.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Flying|Stars|Storm Clouds|Raccoons|Dwarves|Pianos|The Destroyer|Children|Birds|Sweets

Demons|The Council|Crickets|Sleeping|Onions|Sun Sets|Idealist|The Gods|Noodles


Never Returning: A fear that propels him into action and fuels his journey, the idea of never being able to return to his home haunts and terrifies Sarhiell, but it isn't the realm or home, itself, that he must return to; it her. His daughter who is slowly withering and dying every second that past, and he wants to see her again, wants to be by her side for whatever time he has left. The thought of never seeing her again, never seeing her weak smile, never feeling her small hand in his keeps him awake at night.

Being Late: A fear that closely ties into never being able to return is that of being too late. What if he arrives and his daughter has already past? What if he gets there too late? What if he misses her just by a few moments? What if he never gets the chance to say goodbye?

Lost Wings: A common enough fear among Angel kind is the loss of their wings and the ability to fly. While there are spells that would help the wings heal, the process is lengthy and extraordinarily painful, and wings are a symbol of an angels power, status, ability, and a source of pride for them all, to have their wings hurt is an emotional scar as much as a physical one.

Corruption: A fear Sarthiel does not allow himself to think about, but it rest deep within his soul. He knows he is no longer the angel he once was, that he has fallen, that he is started to break. He can feel the corruption and darkness of his actions seeping throughout his body, and it has begun to show. His wings, once pearly white, have begun to dim and darken while they still appear white, they do not have the beauty they once had, and his holy sword is now pulses with a dark red light, the blood of his brother and sister angels forever staining and tainting the metal.

The thought of becoming a monster hunts Sarthiel, what if he makes it back only to stand before his daughter as something that is no longer worthy to be called a father?

Group: Neither. Sarthiel works for himself and his own goals and has no desire to 'protect this world or its people'. He has worked with the Shikaku in the past but such 'relationships' are purely business. He had a set of skills they required, they had something he required. He has no qualms, or care, against the Chikyuu no Mirai, and as with the Shikaku, he would be willing to work alongside them, temporarily, if their interest interconnected.

Partner: None.

Race: Angel



Teleportation: Thanks to his obsession in trying to break through the dimensional barriers between worlds in order to return home, Sarthiel has become very adapt with telportation as well as the rituals that it requires as bending space and time is no easy feat. The amount of power it takes to power a teleportation depends upon the range teleporting, the size of the being being teleported, as well as how powerful they are. To teleport a human is far easier then teleporting an Angel, for example, and to teleport himself, Sarhiel needs to have set up a large glyph in order to channel his power through it. Runes exist that do make it impossible to teleport into that structure.

Due to how painful teleporting into a wall would be, Sarthiel needs to be able to 'see' where he is teleporting to meaning he has to have been there at some point in the past in order to reliably teleport to that location.

Light Magic: Like all angels, Sarhiel can heal other or himself, but this is a skill he rarely, if ever, utilizes as he has not had the reason or desire to do so. His healing ability has suffered from his sudden lack of compassion as well as lack of usage, so it would be unwise to depend upon his healing abilities unless the situation was dire.

He, as the name suggest, can use it to create 'light' based attacks such as searing beams that are most effective towards the darker races such as Vampires and Demons. The 'Light' can come in various forms including beams or balls of condensed energy which are easier to avoid, but hold more destructive powers to larger ones such as him expelling large amounts of light magic from his body in a pulse that isn't as powerful but harder to dodge.

Life-Force Absorption: Sarhiel can devour the life-force of beings from other angels and sentient creatures to plants and animals. This allows him to heal himself as well as replenish himself. If he completely drains a being of their life, he will temporarily take their powers until such a time that their life-force is purged from his system. Such an ability is forbidden among the Angelic race for it is considered cruel to forcibly devour the life-force of another being. The process is extremely painful and very obvious to those that it is happening to which tends to cause confrontation, unless Sarhiel were to forcibly hold them down or otherwise imprison them, the fact that it requires touch is also a strong means of avoiding it.

Lately he has taken to devouring other angelic beings in a vain attempt to 'rebuild' his angelic purity so that he can return home, but he knows that it will not work, so he simply does it to keep himself from losing any more of himself then the accursed world has already stolen; however, he still has his sense of honor, and so will not devour another angel unless needed or if challenged, but enough angels challenge him that it has not been hard to find a source of energy.

Telepathy: Sarhiel has advanced telepathy able to speak with his mind, read minds and attack the minds of others. Reading the minds of others depends largely on how strong their mental walls are, their spirit, as well as how skilled they, themselves, are with mental abilities, and often he finds he needs to directly assault their minds in order to break a gap within the mental barriers and force himself into their minds, so when he does 'fight' he tends to launch mental assaults along with physical assaults as if he breaks through their mental barriers the fight is already over.

He can also use his telepathy to forcibly remove the memories of others. This does require him to place his hands upon their head and have already shattered their mental barriers, but he can dig through their memories and erase them or create new ones as he wishes. This can also be used as a form of torture as Sarthiel can force them to relieve their memories and slowly watch them be torn to pieces only to forget why they were in pain in the first place, and he can decide how 'gentle' he wishes to be with their mind. If he needs to know something or quickly erase something, he can 'tear' through their mind creating unspeakable agony in the receiver or take his time and gently shuffle through their minds. Either way, it is an ability of his that many have found of use.

Conjuration: This is a very limited ability Sarthiel has that allows him to summon forth his armor and weapon anytime he wishes. When he uses this ability, his body is covered in his angelic plate armor and his once holy longsword, Kar'Voth materializes in his hand. He can also use this ability to hide his wings, if he wishes, in order to make it easier for him to enter buildings and sit down in normal chairs.

Runes: One of the largest reasons, outside his telepathy, Sarthiel is sought by people for 'tasks'. Sarthiel has the ability to create runes of magical power using his blood as a catalyst. The runes can be large things set upon walls or rooms to 'contain' whatever is inside or act as a barrier to those that would seek entrance to smaller ones that would go upon weaponry or armor to give them smaller boost or protection from magic and elemental attacks. The Runes, depending on the strength, vary in their effects and duration, but if someone wanted to imprison a being with annoying powers, Sarthiel would be a good person to contact as he can make manacles or rooms with runes that will shut down the powers of all who enter it.

That said, Runes have limits. They cannot control or contain power that surpasses their own and time will drain them, but the true power of runes comes with their flexibility. Few things cannot be done without Runes, the only question is of time and preparation.


Obsession: Due to his obsession with finding a way home, Sarhiel is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this, but it also means he is very easy to use and manipulate because if he has even the slightest of belief that a course of action will aid, in whatever way, in getting him home, he will do so even if it seems incredibly unlikely to aid him. This makes it relatively easy to get Sarhiel to do as someone wants, or to distract him and put him away from them; however, such betrayal will not sit well with Sarhiel.

Honor: Despite his reputation and what he has done in moments of extreme rage and sorrow, Sarhiel was still once an Angel of the Council (also known as Archangels by the ill-informed mortal races) and as such has a code of conduct that he obeys. He will fight fairly, and he will not cheat this means that if he were to face someone and a third party try to interfere, he would stop his combat with his foe until it was once more just them. He will not back out of an agreement and will always uphold his end of the deal and honor his word. This sense of honor can, and has, be used against him forcing him into disadvantageous situations, he is also honor bound to not kill those that yield to him or break a parlay.

The Hunger: Sarhiels ability to drain life from beings is highly forbidden for good reason, it is wrong, it is cruel, and it is addictive. The power creates a desire in the user, the desire to feed, to absorb, to grow, to destroy, and it is known simply as, 'The Hunger' among the Angelic race for few beings are capable of it and the even fewer that have ever used it have all succumbed to the madness.

The hunger is as it sounds, the more Sarhiel uses the power, the more he begins to lean on it and desire to use it. After awhile plants will no longer satisfy him, then animals, until he will have to feast upon the souls of other sentient beings in order to hold onto his sanity, and while he knows this, Sarhiel continues to use the dreaded power because it is one of his greatest weapons, at the moment, he is still able to devour plants, but he can feel the hunger, the beast waiting in the back of his mind whispering in his ear about other desires.

Secret that is locked securely in a PM to our beloved Overlords GMs.


Angelic Plate: The armor forged in the High Heavens for Sarthiel before they came down to war against the Demons. The armor is beautifully done, a masterpiece that is far beyond the unskilled hands of 'mortals'. The armor was forged to fit Sarthiel's body which includes four slits in the back for his wings to come out and a long red cap that flows down to signify his once high rank. The armor is covered in numerous runes of his own design that make the armor stronger, lighter, and more resistance to the elements.

Kar'Voth: The blade of Sarthiel known, humorously, as 'Hope's Conquest' was a blade passed down to every angel that held the position of 3rd chair on the council, a position Sarthiel, himself, once occupied before leaving for the war. This holy blade was forged eons ago and is a relic of the Angel race, it contains numerous runes on it some by Sarthiel, others by angels that have wielded the blade before him. The runes once gave the blade a soft white glow, but now, after shedding the blood of friend and fellow angels, the blade glows with a dark red. One of the runes recently added onto the blade is one that limits the blade's power as Sarthiel no longer trust his own sword.

The blade can sheer through common armor like paper and never seems to dull or rust. Sarhiel can channel his power through the blade to greatly increase its power and strength even channeling it to fire off blast of energy. The blade does give off a dark feeling of hunger as if it had a mind of its own.

The Blade has three main abilities:

Tes'ra: Pouring energy into the blade, he swings it and unleashes a destructive wave of red light energy, the power and size of the wave depends on how much power he puts into the swing.

Haren: Point the blade at the target, he unleashes a large amount of concussive force at whatever it is pointing out. While the concussive blast, itself, has no appearance, it is easily seen due to lightning that crackles along the blade that gives a warning to the opponent as well as the amount of air that is pushed area from the blast giving it the appearance of a massive burst of air. The size and power of the Haren depends on how much energy he puts into the sword.

Narra Tosen: The strongest attack of the blade that requires a massive amount of time to use. Sarhiel is constantly draining energy to the sword, normally it is a small amount that is unnoticeable, but overtime, the amount of energy that is being fed into the sword is massive, in turn, the sword slowly bleeds off this energy into the world around them. When this ability is used, Sarhiel lifts his blade and Kar'Voth summons back all the energy it has bleed away from around the world. As it slowly gains back its power, the sword starts to glow brighter and brighter until it can no longer be contained and then it is unleashed. Aiming the blade, all the energy is discharged at the target, the energy forming to shape a massive dragon that charges the target and detonates destroying everything around them.

This ability is not something he can use often as the energy is not simply created, it has to be slowly built up, and even then he will not use it as the ability will overpower the runes he has placed on the blade to control its power.

While it is a very powerful blade, it has two crippling weaknesses that were born from the corruption that Sarhiel has inflicted upon it and himself:

Hunger: The blade constantly hungers, feeding of Sarhiels own life energy which forces Sarhiel to have to absorb the life of other creatures to sustain it and himself. The longer Sarhiel uses a blade in combat, the more the blade takes from Sarhiel shortening his life expectancy and draining his power. The stronger the abilities he uses, the more the blade drains.

Sentience: Kar'Voth was always a legendary relic, but it was never given intelligence for the angels felt it would have been cruel to force a being to live as a sword, as a weapon of war, but with the corruption, the blade has been given a limited sentience. The blade constantly seeks to over-power Sarhiel which is something Sarhiel, himself, is aware of. In fact, the blade will respond to demands and will make known its own demands by pulsing, but if Sarhiel were to become weakened and if Kar'Voth were to have enough energy, it is very likely the blade could over power and take over Sarhiel's mind.

Personal Description:

As an angel, Sarhiel is divinely beautiful, to the point where his features border on feminine. The most obvious feature of Sarhiel is his four massive wings needed to lift someone of his size and weight, and they often garner looks as Angels with more then two wings are exceedingly rare and usually a sign of rank or power. His four great wings are snow white and when fully extended are over twelve feet long, but can be retracted to fit tightly against his back.

He has long white hair that is nearly as white as the feathers and runs all the way down to his middle back in a waterfall of locks with two unruly strands that hang down the sides of his lean, pale face. His bright, fierce sapphire eyes break up the seemingly endless expanse of white and pale skin that gives off the angelic image of 'purity' that radiates from Sarhiel. His eyelashes are thick and long, and above them are thin arching dark eyebrows that give a stark contrast with his pale skin and draw attention towards his radiant blue eyes. His nose is thin and his angled jaw is strong and when coupled with his barely worth mentioning thin lips, Sarhiel has a feminine yet strong masculine appearance at the same time, a rather confusing mixture that is not unique with many male angels.


Proud || Obsessed ||Sardonic || Driven || Distant || Kind

Pride has always been the great sin of Sarhiel even before he came down to the world of Kuusou. His pride is both a blessing and a curse, his pride pushes him to be better then everyone else, to take the extra step when all others have fallen, to improve upon himself and his skills with an almost religious zeal, but it also makes him prone to arrogance over his abilities, to underestimate his enemies and allies, to believe he can bear greater weight than he truly can. Sarhiel does not believe he needs anyone's aid or help in order to survive or push on, and one Sarhiel puts his foot down on something it is near impossible to dissuade him, but... men like Sarhiel, men with mighty unyielding prides do not bend when brought down, they break.

Obsession has become a dominate trait of Sarhiels and one that compels and drives his character to do things he would never do under normal circumstances. The obsession to go home and see his daughter again has taken control of Sarhiels life, every action he takes is to fulfill that desire, every step he takes is to bring him closer to his goal... There is no price he wouldn't pay, no blood toll he wouldn't shred so long as he got to see her just one more time. It has become the core reason of his existence, his source of strength and madness, his blessing and curse.

Along with this obsession and pride is Sarhiels rather cruel sense of humor. He has always possessed a 'dry wit' and sharp tongue much to the dismay of many. Sarhiel is often mocking or condescending to others, using sarcastic quips or barbs that cut through people and hurt their feelings, and in truth, Sarhiel rarely does so with the intention of hurting others, it is merely a part of who he is, and he does not bother to understand the sensitives of others as it is not worth his time to do so.

Pride and Obsession both mix together to give Sarhiel an indomitable will. He is a very driven angel, he will go to any lengths, do any evil, if it is necessary. He would climb a mountain of corpses to reach his destination because he has to. Simple as that. Most mortals do not understand, but there are some things in life that simply must be done, and Sarhiel is the one who does it. He struggles on, pushes on, and dies walking because he simply cannot stop. He simply cannot fathom the concept of defeat or surrender.

Ever since coming to Kuusou, Sarhiel has become distant, withdrawn, reserved... He does not allow others close to him using his barbed words and sardonic nature to sting any who would try and that is because Sarhiel is filled with anger at the world that seeks to take him away from his daughter. The world that has cost him everything, the worthless pebble had to sacrifice the one thing he never wanted to in order to save it. He has no desire to become close to the denizens of the world because he intends to leave them, and he has no intention to ever coming back. The soldier in him understands that it is easier to remain removed from the people so that, when the times comes, he can do what he must in order to leave. He cannot afford to have 'friends' to fall in love. He cannot afford a bond that will hold him back and cost him everything.

Despite his crimes, his actions... his condescending nature and distant soul, Sarhiel has a kind heart. He keeps it locked and hidden aware because it slows him down and weakens his resolve, but even he cannot control it all the time. It is not unusual for him to 'just so happen' to toss food he had intended to eat near a starving urchin child or accidentally drop what few coins he has in front of a beggar. He tries to keep others from seeing this weakness of his, the one that could be so easily exploited if people were to discover how much he cared, how much it tore him apart every time he swung his sword and that it was only his desire to see his daughter once more the powered him through it... he cannot afford to be weak and compassion is a weakness.



~ Brief Family History ~

Last names are not something that are used often by the Angelic race there is simply no need to do so and having last names merely divides them into 'families' and seeks to undermine the concept of unity, but every Angel has a father and a mother, and despite what many Angels claim about family not being important, it is. Sarthiel was something of a legacy born to Tasriel who sat upon the third seat of the Council whose mother was, in turn, Ceiliel of the third seat and so on and so forth. The line that bore Sarthiel was one of 'nobility' with a long history of beings that rose to claim a seat upon the Council and to bear the title of 'Archangel' as no being, not even angels, can truly outrun death forever. Angels die or they simply retire from their chair to pursue something else in life, and so the chairs pass from angel to angel the criteria for such a being truly depends on what the previous holder was looking for. Some look for strength and power, others for character, some simply have 'feelings' about people that make it suitable to pass their chairs on to the next, and some, like Sarthiels lineage pass the chairs on to their heirs who have been groomed since they day they were born to excel and uphold the honor and prestige that the position represents, and this was the world Sarthiel was born to, one of expectations, honor, and duty.

~ Early Life ~

Much of his early years has been left to obscurity as he simply does not remember such an early time, but much of his childhood was dominated with training and study. His father and mother paid for the best trainers, tutors, and nursemaids to raise and groom the young angel into a worthy heir, the true amount of parenting, however, was abysmal. Both his parents held important positions in Angelic Society, his father, the Archangel of the Third Chair, and his mother was the head of a large cadre of healers. They simply did not have time to indulge the young boy, and it was far more efficient to merely hire nursemaids to watch over him as there were far more important things in the world then the pleas of a small child.

Where most young children would have thrown tantrums or acted out for attention, Sarthiel did not. He bowed his head, faked smiles, and worked harder hoping his near-fanatical dedication and progress would earn him praise, and in turn, attention from his parents, but it did not for what he was doing was what was expected of him. A boy born into his station was expected to be above such petty desires such as love, attention, and High Heaven forbid, games. If he could go without those things as a child then he would simply not suffer their lack which, in turn, would only increase his ability and skill when he reached adulthood where he could do great things for the Heavens, lead the people into a glorious new age, and continue the legacy of the Bloodline.

Almost pitifully, he never truly learned to go without them. Instead, he found himself in an infinite loop, he would work as hard as he could in hopes of getting praise, when that inevitably failed, he would lower his head and work even harder for praise... there were many nights he would stay awake, hunched over an old tome as he read until the sun rose to fill the sky once again all in hopes of getting a little bit further, a little bit closer to their attention.

~ Destiny and Providence ~

His future had been laid out for him before he was even conceived, it was a road he was to walk down then aid his own children in walking down, and endless cycle destined to repeat itself for an eternity, and it was comforting. Never would Sarthiel have to fumble through the world for meaning or purpose; he had a purpose already laid out, his life had worth and value, and all he had to do was continue to walk forward, to breath, and he would leave a good, worthwhile life. Despite what many believe, Sarthiel always felt there was something liberating in having no control, in simply doing as they were told. Obedience had a quality all on its own, and he had come to embrace that fact. Or, perhaps, he had simply grown so used to it that the thought of his world suddenly changing was simply too horrifying and alien to begin to desire.

When Sarthiel hit the age of sixteen, he was enrolled into the military arm of the Angelic Heavens as every parent had done before him as there was no better way to earn reputation then to be part of the Angelic Host, a Keeper of Order and Light within the realms. His nature, his hard working, diligent, and obedient personality helped him flourish within the strict and rigid structure of the Host. He obeyed every order without question or thought, in fact, if he were to be honest with himself, Sarthiel would not have been able to tell someone when the was the last time he had a true original thought. He was merely a cog in a machine far greater then anyone could possibly imagine, and he already knew exactly where he fit within the grand machine that was until he met her, Aruru, a 'scholar' which, in truth, was merely an angel who read far more then most and had no real job or position and was more of a 'refined free-loader' then anything reputable.

They met when he was tasked with clearing out a small shelter where the poor and sick had gathered to get out of the elements, those who could not afford to be helped or had no skills that could be utilized to better the Heavens, and there she was, using what little magical power she had to heal the sick and wounded wanting nothing more then the knowledge that they were getting better. She was no great beauty, if anything, she was rather plain as far as angels go, the only thing on her that could be ventured as beautiful were her startling green eyes that held a fierce light in them, a light that sparked and shined for all life. It wasn't some great confrontation that lead him to notice her, it was a simply question, Why? Why. Such an odd little question, and one Sarthiel had never asked. Why? Why did they need to leave? What harm where they doing? Why was he truly there? What was his purpose? Such a simple, innocent little question, and it shattered his world.

At the time, Aruru had no idea of what she had done, and Sarthiel in a state of shock merely did as he was 'programmed' to do and forced the angels from the shelter and back into the cold, harsh world outside. It was a time for soul-searching and he found himself continually running into the female angel, who would always take the time to stop and berated him for being a tool and not having a mind of his own. She challenged him, provoked him, and sparked a desire in him he did not know he possessed. He wanted her, and so he told her... to which... she laughed at him. Laughed at his declaration, and so the chase began. He trying to prove himself and earn 'points', and her teaching him about the world, about being himself, and trying to retain her sense of independence.

The chase finally came to an end after a few years, a rather long time in terms of most 'courting' done by fellow angels, and they were wed despite the protest of Sarthiel's own parents at marrying an unsuitable, weak 'scholar' as it would dilute the bloodline.

~ Fatherhood ~

Their marriage did not last long as soon Aruru became pregnant and Sarthiel could say, for once, that he was happy. He always felt his purpose was to follow in his father's footsteps, but now, Aruru was his purpose. She made him happy, not content or numb, but truly happy. Sure they fought once in awhile, it was hard not to with a woman who was stubborn and heated as she was, but he loved her nature. He loved her, and he was terrified of being a father, of being his father, but he did not have a choice as Aruru was quite set in having her baby, and so, months later, Isda was born... in blood and tears.

The birth did not go as planned, Aruru died in his arms moments after Isda's birth. She had torn and the healers could not save her and the child, they could only save one. Sarthiel wanted them to save Aruru, he had begged them, but Aruru screamed at them to save her baby, to save her little Isda, so the healers did. Aruru stayed alive, fought as long as she could until she heard her little girls first screams and then she closed her eyes.

Aruru's death crushed Sarthiel, he had finally found happiness only to have it ripped away. He did not look at his baby girl, did not hold her, he fled from the room unable to bear the sight of her still body any longer. For weeks he sank into a fierce depression, wandering the lands, drinking heavily, until one night, laying in the street, he heard a babies wail from a nearby house. A baby. In his pain and grief, he had forgotten about his baby girl, he had forgotten about Isda. He fled to the hospital hoping against hope that he was not too late, terrified at the idea of his baby, at the gift Aruru had left him being without him or given away, but to his relief, he discovered that his own parents had collected the child when he fled, and so, head bowed in shame, he went to his parents, and collected his daughter, and the moment he held her tiny, winged body in his arms, he understood that he had never truly loved anyone until that moment.

~ Rise to Council ~

It was odd, to find himself sitting in that overly adorned, overly large marble throne seated with the rest of the Council of Archangels. His father had abdicated the throne in favor of his son, and Sarthiel had accepted. For all Aruru's speak about doing what his heart wanted, he found he generally did desire to sit upon the Third Seat, to uphold his family name and to provide a birthright for his daughter. That was not to mention, of course, that being on the Council gave him perks such as a larger home, much higher income, and various other things he could use to improve his life and his daughters.

As the newest, and youngest, member, it was not uncommon for Sarthiel to be expected to be quiet in discussions of matters of state due to his inexperience, but Sarthiel was never quiet, if he had learned one thing from Aruru it was that backbone and questions needed to be asked, and so he did so... quickly becoming liked and hated depending upon which angel the question was asked to, but he was no great reformist. He had no desire to truly change anything about the way the Heavens operated. Yes, some things were not perfect, the fact that clearing out shelters still happened was proof of that, but at the same time, it was not a broken system. A perfect system is impossible to build, even with the Angel's nature... or perhaps, it was because of their people's culture that it was impossible. Angels tended to be spiritual and fanatical, a common enough affliction, so care had to be made that no one angel ever got too strong which was the entire point of the Council. It was a... working system.

As he spent time on the Council, his daughter also grew, and Sarthiel would often receive criticism for placing his daughter's happiness above the duties of the Council such as when he skipped a large meeting in preference to going to his daughter's name day, and they were right to do so. His daughter meant more to him then the Council or the Heavens, his daughter was all he had in the world, all his love was placed in her small hands, and just like before, the Gods sought to tear apart his life and heart.

His daughter had a problem with her heart, one that could not be healed. Her heart could not pump enough blood to the rest of her body, so it overcompensated, pumping faster to make up for the lack in quantity, but the increased strain caused the muscles in her heart to build up. The more muscle it built up, the less blood it could pump, and the faster it had to pump, the faster it had to pump, the more muscle it would build up to do so... it was a vicious and deadly cycle. It was unnoticed at first, then she started to get lightheaded, then she would faint which is when he finally took her to the healers where they told him they could do nothing for her.

Sarthiel through everything he had into researching a cure, every healer he knew was thrown at it... but for all his clout and power, he could not save her. She was dying.

~ The Fires of War ~

The war against the Demons came down from a higher voice... and was greeted with unanimous vote, but the question was, who would go down to the lower realm? Many Archangels all stepped forward to lead the charge, but Sarthiel did not. He had no intention of going anywhere, his daughter's condition was worsening, and he could not leave her. It was decided that a group of Archangels would take a large portion of the Host and descend to push back the demons and save the mortal races... But Sarthiel would be joining them.

His close friend and ally, Samuel, had told him that he needed him. The host needed him. Sarthiel was a mighty angel, one of the best swordsmen and wielder of great magic. The victory was going to be swift, and so, against his better judgement, Sarthiel agreed to join the march for his people and his nation... his station would demand no less.

It was a solemn moment when he told his daughter he was going to war, but she was braver then he, it seemed, as she gripped his hand with her tiny, weak pale hand and smiled at him. Told him that it would be okay, she would be here when he got back. She would wait for him. Sarthiel could not stop the tears that slipped out, but he promised her that he would come back. No matter what happened, he would come back to her.

The war was short, by angelic standards, but bloody. The conflict was brutal with many Angels doing acts of atrocity that Sarthiel did not believe possible, but they did achieve victory. They had fought back the darkness and saved the mortal races from destruction... but at a great cost... Sarthiel had felt it, felt the light leaving him, but at the time, he felt it was merely his exertion in the mortal realms that caused it, but it wasn't, the mortal world was changing him, and when they tried to return, they realized they could not.

Sarthiel, and the rest of the angels, were trapped upon the mortal realm.

~ The Fall ~

Sarthiel spent months trying to find a way back, aiding his fellow surviving Archangels in holding their people together, constructing a mighty city and carving out a piece of land for themselves, but no matter what he tried, he could not breach the dimensional barriers... Every failure brought him lower, every disappointing put another crack into his self-control, but it did not break until Samuel came to speak with him late one night. Samuel confessed something he had been hiding for years, he and a few of the other Archangels were aware of the risk. Of the possibility that coming down to the mortal realm could lock them out of Heaven for eternity.

He had known, and despite this, he had begged for Sarthiel to come because they needed him. A man he considered to be his friend, a man who he would have died for, a man who his own Isda called uncle... had betrayed him. Sarthiel does not fully remember what happened, all he remembers is blood, screams, and red as his blade tore through Samuel's body and every angel that came to stop him in the throes of his blood frenzy. When it ended, Sarthiel was covered in the blood of fellow angels, his blade forever stained with red due to his actions, and Sarthiel fled from the city... he had fallen. A piece of himself already felt tainted and dirty, but he rationalized it. It wasn't his fault. He was in the right.... what right did Samuel have to take away his life? What right did he have to take away his little girl? The only thing that held Sarthiel together was that thought. Isda. He had promised to come back to her, and he would. He would do whatever it took to get back to her.

He traveled for sometime, studying, learning, experimenting, but it always ended the same. He could never get past those barriers... he killed more angels that came to him. Some came to stop him, some to bring him to justice, and a few to reclaim the blade, the angelic relic of their people, but they all met the same fate, and he fed on their life-forces becoming a monster to the Angels still on the mortal plane. Sarthiel had started to lose hope until her heard of her. The Destroyer. A figure with unimaginable power great enough to destroy the entire mortal realm... if he had her power, if he could channel it, if he could enlist her assistance, he could tear open the dimensional barrier, shatter the walls that separated the mortal realm from the heavens... with her power, he could see Isda one more time. The decision was an easy one, and he set off to find her. Find the Destroyer.

Extra: ~Destroyer~

So begins...

Sarthiel's Story