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Setsugie Roentel

"I believe there is good in everyone's hearts."

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Reboot-”, as played by Setsugie


Setsugie Roentel
"All I wish for is for us to get along nicely for the good of Kuusou."


Theme Songs
Normal ||Brotherhood||
Battle ||Archangel||
Happy ||The First Town||
Angry ||Rising Souls||

Nickname: The Strongest Human

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Race: Human

Height: 193 cm (6'4 Feet)

Weight: 71 Kg (157 Pounds)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Face Claim: Mifune From Soul Eater (And Angela the Witch Cameo)

Personal Description: Having long straight gray colored hair reaching his lower back, he usually keeps it tied in a pony tail though some pesky strands of hair come loose and cover his face. He has fair skin and a rather muscled yet slender physique due to his ardent training, he may not seem so strong to others but his strength is no joke being able to break walls with little effort. Suffering from heterochromia gives Setsugie one blue colored eye, his right one and a yellow colored one being his left eye.
Setsugie is seen wearing black colored loose fitting jeans held by two belts one neatly placed while another is hanging to his right hip, black colored boots, a net shirt under a light gray long-sleeved plain sweater with the kanji for Wolf God Slayer(ウルフ神スレイヤー) on the left chest; a white kimono top with the design on sakura petals falling is worn over this loosely tied. Carrying two Katanas on his right hip held on his loose belt most of the time one being completely white while the others is normal colored. And is usually seen with a Pocky in his mouth as he enjoys sweets. He is seen wearing a hand made rosary out of wood around his neck and many nick-nacks and random items on his belts given to him by the children of local orphanages he visits regularly when he is either ditching work or not working(Which is a lot).
Although he might not show it Setsugie has quite a few scars on his body from his many battles many of which have come from him trusting his enemies words and getting attack while his back was turned. He has many scars on his torso about 29 or so varying from big to small, with the exception of 1 incredibly large scar on his back which almost took his life which was inflicted when he was protecting a friend back when he was still a rookie in the Chikyuu no Mirai. A few scars on his arms and legs as well as his hands but those are near unnoticeable, an a single small jagged scar on his left cheek reaching to his neck. He keeps these scars hidden from the people around him because he doesn't want them to worry about them.

Personality: Setsugie is a pure-spirited, laid-back, strong, peace-seeking, serious and trustful person, he is very sympathetic with the people around him be it friend or foe and merciful towards them. He believes that every one is in tittle to choose their path in life be it good or evil, though when faced with people following the path of evil he will try and reason with him/her if he fails to convert him/her he will proceed to defeating said person. He believes everyone is good in heart just that some are misguided and need to be shown the right path in life, as he believes this he has no problem letting races such as Vampires, Imps or even Demonics join the Chikyuu no Mirai if the have a pure heart even if they are regarded as evil beings. A key example of this is Setsugie very own Right-Hand Man and Gods Hand of the Chikyuu no Mirai, Len, who is a Vampire.
He is generally very laid-back and lazy person preferring to skip his work to sleep or just do nothing which leads for him being scolded by either his subordinates or Belldandy. People who do not know him may call him spineless, weak or a fool, as Setsugie is mostly a pacifist and cares not if he is publicly humiliated be it spitted on, thrown with something, being called names or even being physically hurt. He prefers to talk things out than to use violence even though he is a quite capable person. Many regard him as a mistake in being the Leader of the Chikyuu no Mirai and he does not care; though those of the Chikyuu no Mirai know just how strong and dependable Setsugie can be he is willing to risk everything for the innocent, you will not find a more trustworthy and dependable person than Setsugie.
Setsugie considers himself like a father and is often associates himself as a father figure for the members of the Chikyuu no Mirai, often calling lower ranking officials his children and in the bottom of his heart he believes this as he thinks of the Chikyuu no Mirai as his family. Even if the other members don't accept this Setsugie will keep on calling them his children his a heart warming smile not in words but with his actions as well, usually spontaneously hugging a member and caressing his face with his/hers or putting cutesy names to them this although leaves for quite humorous scenes usually getting himself hit and scolded in the process by said member.

Drinking Tea
Peace and Prosperity
Chikyuu No Mirai Members
Meaningless Killing
Abuse of Power
Evil and Corruption
Working in General(Sometimes)
Cockroaches(Any and all types, specially if they can fly.)

A war breaking out between the Chikyuu no Mirai and the Shikaku.
The "Destroyer" falling into the hands of the Shikaku.
His subordinates being hurt or worse.

Group: Chikyuu No Mirai Master

Partner: Belldandy/Chikyuu No Mirai Members


(Usually he tends not to use his magical powers unless it is completely necessary as he prefers hand to hand combat without the aid of magic. Usually if his opponent uses magic depending on how strong it is or if it puts the lives of others in danger he will resort to it if he cannot hold it off with his own physical strength.)

Kusanagi - Projectile Spell - Placing two swords stuck on the ground in front of him and one on hand, Setsugie charges energy into a single point into the two blade on the ground then proceeds to unleash a single compressed slash of energy and air at near untraceable speeds by slashing with the 3 swords at nearly the same instant, it is razor sharp, travels a very long distance and is about the same diameter as the blade of the sword but many times longer(about the same as a two story building). This technique takes time to perform and as such can only be used once during battle, it causes great strain on the body of the user as it is more of a physical attack than magical usually leaving the ones arm unable to be moved for quite a while due to the intense pain.

Amaterasu - Offensive Spell - Setsugie coats his blade in magical energy and proceeds to do 5 consecutive spiral slashes that cause so much air friction with the blade that causes a mixture of super critical air and flames create themselves around the area and then explode and implode creating a contained bomb. This attack may also hit the user or allies if he is not careful with it or if they are in the affected area.

Sword Summoning: Graveyard of Swords - Area Spell - The user is able to summon a variety of swords from a pocket dimension into the immediate reality from Setsugie's own personal collection. The default summoning method is the sword appearing a few feet from the ground in which the blade's keen sharpness makes it pierce the ground a few inches, unless Setsugie wills it in which case he decides the location, it could be in his hands, into is surroundings but he can not summon them in areas that are obstructed by something be it a wall, a person, even a piece a paper if he tries to the spell will not function. The summoned blades carry no type of force behind them during their summoning, but with the use of extra magical energy Setsugie can make them fall with great force or summon them with enough force to block a strike from an enemy, but this is unpractical for him and he prefers to not waste the energy and just summon then on his hands.

Akatsuki Blossoms - Healing Spell - Setsugie envelopes a circular area of 10 feet in falling cherry blossoms and a slight pink hue, while in this area wounds of those within it will begin to heal depending on its size while small wounds heals in a matter of minutes larger wounds will take 10 to 20 minutes in closing before it begins to fully heal. It takes great concentration and a large amount of magical energy to maintain this field for long periods of time usually Setsugie can cast this spell many times depending on the time it spent active, a maximum of 30 minutes it can be kept active in 1 day and this is at his peak physical and magical form(he will not be able to cast any other spells until he fully recovers). Anyone within this space with be affected be it friend, foe or even animalsl.

Echo of the Hero - Physical Effect Spell - Setsugie is able to channel his magical energy and stamina to a an individual or individuals, giving them a large boost in magical and physical capabilities depending on the amount he gives these individuals. With this he can channel his immense magical reserves and physical strength to those weaker than him making them able to perform as he would. Though the drawback of this is that the energy and stamina transferred is deducted from his own ultimately leading for him to be in a somewhat weakened state until he has a chance to recover. The afflicted can feel the overflowing sensation of strength and magical power making them many times more powerful than they were originally, or it can be used to rejuvenate a weakened ally back to his peak condition but again this is at the cost of the users own strength and magical supplies.

Weakness(es) -
Cockroaches- Setsugie is deathly afraid of cockroaches if they are far away there is no problem but if it's close he will start to freak out under normal circumstances.
Trustful- Setsugie will trust the word of those around him be it friend, stranger or foe. Due to this he has been tricked time and time again by others and has suffered a few scars because of it.
Merciful- Setsugie is known to be quite merciful to his enemies not wanting to take his/hers life, and prefers to try and make them reconsider the things they have done.
Old Style Mentality- Having been raised with his parents for the longer part of his childhood and being isolated for the other has left him with an olden mentality, he expresses his dislike fighting females or people with glasses and things of the sort.
Teacher by Heart- When he is in combat be it enemy or ally Setsugie instinctively holds back to be on their level and will proceed to "teach" them of their flaws and weaknesses for them to grow and become stronger.

Equipment -
Angelic Katana Belldandy - It is completely snow white from the hilt down to its blade and scabbard, this sword contains the spirit of an archangel inside of it. Having an only design that of angels marching to battle against the demons on its scabbard and the text in ancient angelic tongue "As We Lay In Battle, I Keep You Safe From Evil." signifying the words of the pure angels fighting the tainted demons. The sword has the standard shape and size of that of a normal katana, since it's spiritually connected with Setsugie the sword is weightless and practically unbreakable. This weapon is one of the Seven Blades of Old with an approximate age of 1400 years and yet it retains its beauty and razor sharp edge as the day it was created, the sword is a treasure among swords and is sought out by many.

Collection of Swords- Setsugie posses a vast amount of swords he has either made or gotten a hold of in the past, from long swords, short swords, rapiers to bastard swords, full blades, scimitars, even exotic weapons such as katanas, Okatanas, falshions and the like, he has many types of swords at his disposal. All these swords are of masterful craftsmanship and Setsugie tends to them as best as he can even though the large number of them. He keeps them in a pocket dimension he has created via magic and can call them at will. Each of these blades are completely normal and have nothing special other than its masterful craftsmanship.

History: Born into a normal loving and caring human family Setsugie was brought up to be a kind, strong-willed and above all else caring and compassionate man by his parents. He took a liking to his mothers swords as she served in the military as the swordswoman instructor she decided to teach his young boy the way of the sword with the help of her husband. Setsugie learned fast, faster than the men of the military and in a few short years he was able to spar against his mother with relative ease, surely enough he was a prodigy of the sword. He made it his goal to be the best swordsman in the world and his parents encouraged him but as he got older his goal changed to wanting to keep this world a safe place for all. At the age of 14 Setsugie's father passed away and only 2 years after his mother passed a way deeply heartbroken by their deaths Setsugie still followed the path of sword as he wanted to make them proud. He ardently trained his body and mind everyday in isolation until achieving a level of self enlightenment, 5 years with no contact with other beings except animals he finally decided to travel around to see how the world had changed and to find a place to call home again. Within only the beginning of his travels he found himself in a peculiar cave which he decided to explore it was complex having many twist, turns, dead ends, drops and he even needed to climb a few walls but in the end he found himself with a pedestal and on it a sword.

A completely white katana down to its hilt and scabbard it was a beautiful snow white color with intricate designs on it, as he placed his hand on it he heard a voice echo, "Are you the one?" looking for the source it was the blade itself. Grabbing it he could feel another presence dwelling within it "Break the seal and set me free..." the voice spoke once again, Setsugie looked at the sword seeing a white talisman wrapping the scabbard and hilt shut. After taking a breath he unsheathed the sword breaking the talisman and setting free the Angelic spirit of the sword, Belldandy and with that they became spiritually connected as only one of pure heart could undo the seal. Ever since then Setsugie and Belldandy have traveled together after drifting around they stumbled upon a town where the Chikyuu no Mirai resided in.

Setsugie and Belldandy decided to join this organization and with time they were able to rise up the ranks from a rookie to the head of the whole organization in a mere 6 years and as served as the leader for 3 years running. Many thought that leaving the organization in the hands of a lowly and weak Human would be its downfall but in the years Setsugie has been the leader Kuusou has more notably become a more peaceful and accepting place for all. And it goes to show that Setsugie becoming leader was no fluke, he has a strong sense of justice and unnatural will to see the goodness in others and he was strong so strong that he could chase off packs of Demonics, befriend Elves, battle on equal grounds and outmatch Dwarves; He was regarded as a monster and people couldn't believe that he was of Human decent, rumors sprung here and there that he was a merciless man who killed his enemies and allies alike and things of the such, and soon people began to fear him without even seeing or talking to him once. But a unnatural sense of calmness was exerted around Kuusou with little criminal activities in the time he has served as the Chikyuu no Mirai's leader that is until the feared Destroyer came to light... Now everything is a battle against time to see what fate has in store for Kuusou and its inhabitants.


"I will not tolerate any meaningless bloodshed."


So begins...

Setsugie Roentel's Story