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Hallbjörn Freyr

0 · 165 views · located in Kuusou

a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-”, as played by WaltJRimmer


Hallbjörn Freyr
"I don't care how long it takes"


Nickname:"RockBear Lord" (The translation of his name); Hal or Freyr.
Age: 20

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 260lb
Sexual Orientation: Straight~Destroyer~

Likes: Water, booze, fighting, fooling people, knifes, tridents
Dislikes: Angels, people stronger than him, salt, almost all living things
Fears: He has a reoccurring nightmare that an odd looking Demonic tortures and kills him by force-feeding him salt water. He doesn't remember any details or why they kill him, just that it's the most agonizing thing he's ever experienced. He hasn't come to distrust Demonics anymore than anyone else, though he is somewhat cautious around them.

Group: Shikaku Rookie
Partner: None, at the moment.

Race: Mermaid

Magic: His only two spells are transformation. He needs to use a spell to convincingly look like a normal human, even when he goes out on land and he has a second one that allows him to turn into a large, semi-aquatic creature he refers to as a "deep one" which is much larger and stronger, though the strength is not on an even ratio to increase in size.


Weakness(es) His biggest is that the longer he's away from water, the weaker he gets. He can slow the process by drinking excessively, but he needs a large freshwater area like a great lake to fully recover.
Equipment: When he's underwater, he carries a harpoon gun as protection against the underwater threats and occasionally carries a trident if he expects trouble. When he's in human form, he has to find his own clothes. He's alright with thrusting/stabbing weapons so if he can, he picks up a knife.

Personal Description:

As a Mermaid: His upper body is humanoid, though not human. His skin and scales are both a mixture of dark and light blues and medium to dark grays. He only has one fin on the very end of his tail, but he has whiskers and feelers, kind of like a catfish, over most of his body, some of them growing long in a way that looks somewhat like hair. When he speaks, he has a deep and commanding voice.

As a monster: A spiny fin goes down the curve of his back. His teeth are like long, thick serrated fish bones and he has a fearsome lot of them. He grows to about, if he were to stand straight, which he can't due to the way he's shaped, he's stand to about 6'4". He has huge eyes, a vulnerable spot but his arms and legs are covered in spikes very similar to his teeth, though not as thick. His legs are built a bit like a frog's and he moves best in little hops and can leap long distances, though the longer he's out of the form, the less accurate he is and often overshoots. He has a generally light green/blue coloring to him. He doesn't have the ability to speak, though he can do a monstrous roar, chuff or growl.

As a man:


He doesn't look so much as undeniably handsome as almost innocent or gullible. In this form, he doesn't seduce people into loving him so much, as feeling sorry or safe around him and to some, a false sense of instinctive trust, though if one has the mental ability to see past it, it makes them more distrustful instead. He has a soft, quiet face and light, copper hair. He holds himself like a victim, if you know what I mean. He often his head low and acts rather shy or defeated and lets people walk over him. He has a weak and outspoken tone to his voice.

Personality: Freyr is cocky and short to anger. He considers himself a warrior but hasn't had any chance to really show it. He's also cruel and has been known to go out into kill anything in the water big enough to bother with calling it, "practice." He doesn't trust or distrust people normally, he more goes with his gut about if he does or doesn't like them, though he agrees with the sentiment that everyone is inherently dark inside an will turn if you give them the chance.

He likes to act gullible and gain trust when he's in human form, finding that a lot of people think someone weaker than them can't turn on them. He finds it funny as well as useful.

History: Freyr was basically born rotten. He was one of those few kids that are just off from the moment they're born. His family, they Freyr, were named that as their status from way back. Since then, they'd lost some of their power, but were still respected and well off. When he was young, he had everything he could have wanted and probably more, but he never liked it. He fought with the other kids, usually losing. He wanted to be stronger but wasn't disciplined enough. He wanted the easy way out but instead started to study how to physically change himself. Mermaids have natural ability for shape shifting since most can naturally change into mostly human when on land and so he studied how to change using magic.

He heard of lore, stories that people told of monstrous creatures called "Deep Ones" that came from deep in the oceans and drove most who saw them insane. There wasn't much description of these mythical creatures, but he used the little he knew about them as a base for his transformation. He found that he could make himself bigger and heavier, but when he did he didn't get as strong as he did big. He also became slower and couldn't stay away from water as long is he was in the monstrous form. He terrorized a town one time, running when real fighters came to defend it. He hid and made himself into his human form. When everything died down, he found someone who literally gave him his shirt off his back and tried to take care of Freyr, taking him to his home and giving him a meal. When the man wasn't looking, he took a knife and stabbed him before returning home. He laughed at the idea as he changed back to his normal form and swam away.

He wasn't rescued by anyone or brought into the Shikaku. Instead, he found out where some of them were one day and approached them, trying to make a case for him to be brought in, exaggerating somewhat about what he'd already done. He hasn't been really accepted in and is basically in a probationary period to be evaluated as if he is or isn't worthy to be in the Shikaku.

Extra: He doesn't really care about saving the world or destroying it. He wants to join the Shikaku as an outlet for his violent urges.

So begins...

Hallbjörn Freyr's Story