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Vercingetorix Máedóc

"Get... Get out of... AARGH!"

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-”, as played by WaltJRimmer


Vercingetorix Máedóc
Leave me to my own! It's hard enough to concentrate when I'm alone, so LEAVE ME TO IT!


Nickname: Maedoc~Destroyer~
Gender: Male
Age: Comparable to 28

Weight: About 185
Sexual Orientation: Straight, though he's never acted on it, though his Demon side uses sexuality to whatever means it needs.

Likes:Being alone and absolute silence. He uses those conditions to concentrate and train his focus. He enjoys natural sciences and understanding plants. He treats magic as something one can understand and study rather than seen as "magical" in a sense.
Dislikes:Intentional ignorance. He understands that no one will know everything, but to force ignorance on yourself is something he detests. Chatter. Conversation is one thing and loud noises can be ignored, but overlapping voices drive him crazy. Cities. He likes to stay on his own and avoid the cities and their cluttered way of doing things. Meaningless death. Maedoc knows that death is something necessary, but death without meaning angers him to the point of true rage.
Fears:Mostly himself and his Demon side. He fears his own darkness and the idea that one day he might snap and turn into all he hates, not even with the Demon but just his own darkness. His deepest known fear is being forever alone. He loves being alone, but he knows something's missing that shouldn't be.

Group:Master of Chikyuu no Mirai
Partner: Maedoc has a Demon that resides in him. They have learned that they must live with each other, though they still fight constantly. It takes his spare mental power that separates Elves from most Humans and makes it hard for him to think or concentrate as well as he could. The Demon, who's name is Bries, both helps and hurts Maedoc as they have a symbiotic relationship but are also bitter enemies. Bries wants to turn Maedoc into a darker person and Maedoc wants to rid himself of Bries, though he also fears the idea after being with him most of his life.

Race: Elf Demonic

Magic: As an Elf, Maedoc's magic is general healing and a stronger spell that he can only do during the day which can heal much more severe ailments, though he's never tried to bring anyone back from the brink of death and doesn't know if he could. He can talk to plants, though understanding them can be iffy. The final spell he, as an elf can perform can only be cast during the day and takes everything out of him. He can slow down time, in a sense. He can't move any faster and doesn't have more time to react to anything, but he can see, hear, feel more by slowing it down. It doesn't last long and the few times he's tried it, he's passed out and woken up somewhere else with no memory of the occurrences after the spell.

Bries can only do magic at night, as he's the secondary personality in the duo. He can sap the strength from someone he's touching. It doesn't actually hurt them, but it weakens them, in theory, to the point where they were too weak to breath, though that's never happened. His other power, also by touch only, creates a hallucinatory effect, not enough to see a whole knew reality but to cause someone to see or hear things that they aren't sure are real. It doesn't last very long and it's more a feeling of uncertainty than it is actual hallucinations, though if their mind is already overacting over something, they may see or hear something in relation to that.

Weaknesses: Maedoc fears himself and constantly fights with Bries, taking away his concentration. His magic is stronger in the day, but he feels weaker as Bries' weakness effects him. But at night, his magic is weaker and he has to fight more with Bries, as he's stronger then. He refuses to kill, or even harm, without cause and has never considered anyone a true enemy. His memory is terrible and gaps form, mostly around important events and he believes Bries has worked to remove them.
Equipment: A staff he uses to walk around with and sometimes as a weapon. He carries a makeshift magnifying glass that's made out of a cut crystal. He carries around a bow and arrow for protection when he goes out of areas he considers comfortable and safe.

Personal Description: A tall, stringy man who's eyes change colour when he concentrates too much. He is often robed in a dark robe with a hood that he uses to cover his face and drown out extra noises. He has dark hair that he lets grow naturally. He has light coloured skin and a stern expression on his face. He always looks a little angry or sad, no matter what's going on. His clothes are often dirty, literally infused with dirt and plant stains from him kneeling and laying and sitting in natural areas and not caring about how he looks. He wears a necklace but always wears it backwards. Even he doesn't know what's hanging on the necklace as he's never had the thought to look at it. He wears clothes made out of natural materials, most of which he either made himself or were made for him. He does wear leather, occasionally and often has a pair of leather boots he made, as he feels it is natural for an animal to die, but all parts must be used lest the death is wasted.

Personality: He usually keeps to himself and talks more to plants than people. He has a seriousness about him and a sadness. He doesn't usually think before he speaks, which may seem odd when you first meet him, but his mind is concentrating on a conversation, fight or other headache with Bries and doesn't have the brain power left to really think about what he's talking about as well. He's constantly searching for something without realizing it and doesn't know what he's looking for.

History: He doesn't know how he got where he is. He has massive memory gaps he's almost sure are caused by Bries and most of them occur in the most important parts of his history. He can remember his life before he and Bries were joined, but everything after is fuzzy, missing or misplaced. People often refer to something which he has no memory of. He tries to hide it. He doesn't even know how he got to be what he is today. He has tried to get his memory back before, but Bries always distracts him from it and he moves on to something else.

Extra: Vercingetorix Máedóc's biggest motivation, though he doesn't know it, is the fact that he has a daughter out there somewhere. The necklace he wears was meant to be a reminder to look for her, but one day it got turned around and he forgot why he needed it and never turned it back around. The mother died and the daughter was separated from him. Bries has kept it from him, as well as most of the memories around it because, while he started out as purely trying to turn Maedoc, he came to realize they would have to live together and cares, in his odd way, about him.

So begins...

Vercingetorix Máedóc's Story


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Fate wore a dissatisfied frown on him in the face of the rejection that the woman threw at him. Not because he wasn't expecting it, not because it put a dent in his pride, not because it would make his overall goal harder to achieve, but because it's what the others wanted to see. It was a show and nothing more. Nothing about this outcome had been surprising to Fate. In fact, he predicted her reaction rather well. Everything was going according to his plan, and nobody but himself new that.

As she prevented people from following her with a wall (Or so she thought. If he had wanted to, walls couldn't really do much against someone with the ability to teleport), he let out a "tch" as if annoyed by her retreat - as if it wasn't something he wanted in the first place. He then moved his glowing blue eyes up to Alize, as he pretended to recover his cool that he hadn't lost in the first place. "Simply means I get more time with you, Alize. After all, you're one of a kind." he chuckled. She probably knew that that meant he was going to do his best to get back at her. And he would, not out of anger, but out of boredom. While he wasn't manipulating events, it was always fun to do what he could to screw with her. Childish? Maybe. Fun? Sure. Necessary? Absolutely.

Soon, the man cowering in the tree had spoken. A threat again, but this time, his bluff was obvious. Intentionally, maybe. Either way, it wouldn't matter to Malcolm, who now needed to make an appointment with someone else. Rin could wait, since his role in this was going to be on a temporary hold for now. He had alliances to forge and scenes to be behind. So many things to do, so little time and no room for errors. If things were to go his way, he couldn't allow any mistakes on his half or anybody else's. That's why he needed to predict events before they happened, as well as people too. Shikaku members wouldn't be hard: he had time to gauge what they would do in a given situation. Especially Dianne. Assuming things was foolish, but necessary in the case of the Chikyuu No Mirai. Playing cards was something Fate was a master at; people wouldn't be much harder. Speaking of.... he wasn't in the tree anymore - his target. He had moved on, presumably to follow Rin. Now was the time to confront him.

"I guess it's time for me to leave then. In fact, I'm already gone." with a smirk, the cards circling around him lowered their orbit to his feet and began spinning more rapidly, until Fate disappeared inside of them. He was no longer near the gathered crowd, but instead a lot closer to Rin. Not that she was his target at the moment. He set his sights for someone else, and when that man leaped to another tree, in pursuit of Rin, he tossed a charged card right at the man. Well, his shoulder, to be precise.


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After everything transpired, there were the five of them left, well also the shadow clone. "We'll be out of your lawn soon, I assure you I have no... Do I..." He held his head in pain again. "What can't I remember." He took an attempt to quickly recompose himself. "Now, I'm not going to beat around it here, I think we're all pretty deep into something here. We've known each other a while, been enemies for most if not all of that."

"It's been lovely seeing you all again, don't get me wrong."

"BUT!" He spoke angrily at himself, more specifically Bries. "I believe we've all had an... exciting day. I don't know about the three of you, but I have a long walk back home. So, if there's nothing else, I'll be on my way. Come along, Stein. I could use some pleasant company, he'll be in a foul mood after this." He put the hood of his robe back up and turned to walk away from the group, pausing long enough for anyone that wanted to grab him before he left to do so.


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#, as written by Rari
Juliet, not knowing quite what to do, basically just stood there next to her leader politely. She idly listened to the conversation, slightly concerned about where it was headed. Juliet found her self at one point staring at the young girl that everyone was calling "the destroyer". She had read stories about this destroyer person any times, if the young woman was the destroyer, well, Juliet still wouldn't really mind. She'd probably try to make friends with her the next time they met. If they ever do again.

Come along, Stein. I could use some pleasant company, he'll be in a foul mood after this." He put the hood of his robe back up and turned to walk away from the group, pausing long enough for anyone that wanted to grab him before he left to do so.

Juliet nodded and walked closely beside him as they departed. Pausing with him when he didnt seem like anyone was going to stop him so she took some steps forward heading back to either the base or the place they were previously at.