Enya Thompson

"What would happen if this world was destroyed?.... I wish I could do it myself though..."

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashii”, as played by Kaire23


Quote: "What would happen if this world was destroyed?.... I wish I could do it myself though..."
Name: Enya Thompson
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 101lbs
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Likes: Blood, Destruction, Affection, Acknowledgment, Sweets.
Dislikes: Being ignored, Being tied up, being weak, Losing.
Group: "Neither... I'm a lone girl just trying to have fun."
Partner: Knox (Her Demon)
Race: Demonic
Mesmerization - She can say anything and people will take her word for it.
Mind Break - She can trap your mind in a world of insanity.
Shadow Arms - Shadows surround her and do what she commands
Possession - A fire surrounds her arm and if she hits you with it, your under her command for awhile.
Demonic Shield - Makes it so she can't be hurt for awhile but as soon as it's over, the wounds appear and they're worse than what was dealt.
Demonic Merge - Her demon's mind fuses with hers and she becomes stronger, more cunning, and powerful. Can only work at night and it drains her after awhile.
Weakness(es): She can be easily deceived with words of kindness because of her unstable mind.
Equipment: An axe, a couple of butcher knives and a sword.
Picture: Image
Personal Description: Enya has long pink hair and pink eyes that turn red as soon as Knox (Her demon) comes out. She usually has a black cloak on with the hood up when traveling so as to not draw attention to her hair. She always wears a black cloak over a white shirt and shorts and when her hood is up, she lets some of her hair hang out while keeping her eyes hidden.
Personality: Enya is a bit, well, childish. She excelled at such a young age that she was never able to have a real child hood. She used to be very sweet but now, it just seems wrong. She sounds sweet but it's followed by a stab in the back. And don't even think of getting her angry. Enya has always had a bit of a..... temper..... Long story short, stay on her good side and you won't have to worry about getting brutally slaughtered in your sleep.... Possibly....
History: When Enya was young, she was a very sweet girl. She listened to all of the rules and followed them to the letter. She had two perfect parents and a sweeter younger sister. Not before long, Enya started to notice something. Her parents seemed to favor whatever her sister did more than her. She tried everything she could. She was extremely smart for her age and was a child prodigy... Sadly, that would lead to her insanity. When the demons attacked, she was on the front line fighting with everyone else. They chose to seal it in her because of her strength and innocence... They didn't know what'd come out of it. Knox trapped her in mind destruction where she slowly became more insane every minute. When she woke up, she killed her family and laughed the whole time. Anyone else she met while leaving, she killed on the spot. She now travels with Knox, her only friend.
Extra: If you find a way to convince her, she will join your side.

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