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Loyd Roentel

" I feel as though time is beginning to repeat itself...."

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashii”, as played by Setsugie


Quote: "WHAT?! Are you picking a fight with me I'll screw you the f*ck up!!!!"
Name: Loyd Roentel
Nickname: The Fallen Knight, One of the Three Pillars of Heaven
Gender: Male
Age: 1604 (Looks 17, Cursed to live an life where he cannot age.)
Height: 5'9 Feet
Weight: 154 Pounds (144 without armor)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Group: None - But is willing to ally himself with one.
Race: Cursed Human

Personal Description: He has bright and dark red shoulder length spiky hair and almost pink eyes. Has a muscled build and no noticeable scars or tattoos on his body except a single very large scar on his back and a tattoo(Curse) also on his back. He wears a black-long sleeved T-shirt, dark brown silk jeans, blood red steel plated boots and black fingerless gloves with this white crest on the back of the palms ( ... und%29.jpg ); Over that he wears a very dark gray long-sleeved coat with armor on the shoulders, forearms and upper back(armor is steel) and ends in rags ( coat reaches to the back of the knee). Barely notable armor in his shins and knee's(thin black steel), and a long sword around his left hip.

Extra: Being cursed has eaten away most of his memories so he doesn't know much of the past only bits and pieces. The curse has been eating away at his very life force and soon he will dissipate into nothingness though he has been preventing this by gathering energy from nature to feed the curse so it doesn't completely consuming him doing this in turn has had a negative effect on his life span, the curse is making it so his body does not age for further nourishment. He has still suffered the consequences he has weakened quite a lot since 1587 years ago, he cannot freely use his magical supplies or strain his body that much or he will suffer from extreme deterioration that will cause the curse to consume him at a faster rate. But it’s a whole different story at night, his power fluctuate and increases exponentially at night due to the curse metamorphosing this happened in some point in the past, he gains raven hair and yellow eyes his personality changes as well he becomes serious, calm and considerate (he still retains a few of his weaknesses though). Every time the new moon arises his curse strengthens and the seal on his back grows(when it is complete he will die) the process takes about 5 hours and leaves him in excruciating pain while it grows. Gurimu Mokushiroku no fuin(Seal of the Grim Apocalypse - ... est%29.png -) the seal is as big as his back right know- Estimated he has 7 new moons before it consumes him whole.-


Personality: He is laid back guy he does whatever he feels like doing. Quite explosive and fearless guy usually hard headed too, but he has his heart in the right place and his sense of justice is strong. He picks fights with anyone for the most stupidest of things, even though he has lived for countless years he acts like a child. --
Likes: Training to become stronger - Fighting a strong opponent - Women - His pet Fox
Dislikes: His eternal life - Being called a kid - People who are ignorant - People who are high and mighty about themselves -
Weakness(es): He is extremely quick to anger and will pick a fight with anyone. He fights to the bitter end and even if the odds are against him. Even if he’s clearly outmatched he will keep on fighting. He never leaves anyone behind in a time of crisis and he will do anything for a friend even give his life it means saving him or her.


Equipment -

Standard Knight Sword ( ... 80&bih=826 ) - A standard knight sword forged during the Demonic War, Loyd usually carries this sword around his left hip. Considering its age it is well taken care of and quite sharp, all in all its a normal sword he uses to fight weak opponents.

Conwell and Raize( ... maller.png ) ((In the Picture Conwell is in the right hand and Raize on the left hand ))- Are the two swords Loyd mainly uses for a serious battle, they are made from reinforced anti-corrosive materials making them quite hard to break, they well taken care of considering their age and sharpened to perfection. They are stored within the Gate of Babylon.

Gate of Babylon - is black fingerless gloves Loyd wears on his hands, that connects to the "Golden Capital" the great treasury, allowing the user to easily access its contents. It connects the space of reality to the vault, opening an "invisible door" that allows for the contents to pass through upon the user's command. The items that pass through the gate form ripples in the empty air as they appear. They can be summoned directly to the users hands. Upon activation of the gate the symbol on the gloves begins to glow a pale orange color, this is where Loyd stores most of his belongings.

His armored coat, Named Susano'o which bears the kanji's " 神退治ウルフ " (God Slaying Wolf) on its back, it is bound to Loyds soul. It lets him access Seithr, life energy's purest form, this is what Loyd uses to feed the curse to slow down it. Though it is in a dormant state, when activated the coat becomes red and gains a fiery aura around it as it begins to absorb tremendous amount of Seithr in which Loyd can use, but there a heavy drawback the seal on his back begins to grow shortning the time he has to live. Can be activated by saying, "Dai San-shiki kikkan Kaiho, jigen kansho kyosu hojin tenkai, Susano'o Yunitto Kido." If the coat is damaged it will repair itself with Seithr no matter how broken it is also damage to the coat is transferred to Loyd.

Partners: Mugen and Rina the Three Tailed Fox that can talk



~Armageddon Blade - Transcend his sword with a powerful magical aura that increases the overall range of the sword, the aura will cause internal damage to any living being it cuts but leaves no wound. Sword transcends to ft 15

~Kokūjin Ōugi: Akumetsu - After assuming a Battōjutsu stance Loyd, Loyd quickly dashes at nearly untraceable speed and rapidly slashes the enemy with incredible force appearing behind the target then after sheathing his blade 5 more slashes cut the enemy leaving behind a large thin crimson red blot that dissipates after a few seconds.

~Unlimited Blade -(To Be Added)

~Last Will and Testament - Loyd's final trump card Last Will and Testament is one of the reasons he was selected as one of the Three Pillars of Heaven; the technique allows him to enter a state named "Ransōtengai " where he gains complete dominance over Seithr. It forcibly sucks the Seithr out of his surroundings causing them to break down and onto himself healing light wounds in the process then he creates a azure colored Seithr aura around his body composed of countless strings of Seithr, where he allowed to control his body parts using said strings of Seithr with his brain so the user can control their body as one would a puppet, allowing them to move freely despite paralysis, broken limbs or any other force that would impede normal movement. This technique has only been used three times by Loyd once as a demonstration while he was opting to be a captain of the three units, the second time was during his fight with the Demon Overlord and when he was forced to use it to save the live of the Fallen Angel trainee Mugen(See Mugen for more info.) in which the curse reacted to the massive intake of Seithr and grew at an exponential rate almost ending his life, from then on he knew that if he used this technique once more he would surely die so he hasn't used it ever since, but know he has completely forgotten of this technique due to the curse eating away his memories of it.

((Thought I should let you know what Seithr is.))
Seithr is Life forces purest form and is found nearly everywhere in Kuusou from the ground to everyday objects but in tiny quantity's. It can neither be seen nor smelled. In small doses, Seithr is harmless, but in larger quantities it can carry very detrimental effects; one can become addicted and their body will deteriorate in which the body of the afflicted will become very frail and weak and might cease to function(Though the Vampire and Demonic Race have a strong immunity against these effects and Angels are completely immune to it.) and is labeled as a poisonous substance to those aware of it. It is part of the lands own life force and act as a endlessly flowing river of life that Kuusou uses to keep itself rich and bountiful. It should be noted that all things in the realm of Celestia where the Angels reside are made of Seithr hence the Angels immunity to it.



Loyd's story begins many centuries ago, back when the War of the Demonics had just begun. Loyd was the youngest knight to ever serve in the military before the war had started, he was as some would say a child prodigy. Soon the Demons began rebelling and waged war on the other species in Kuusou starting with the human race they struck hard but humans where not their only target Elves, Vampires, Dwarfs and Angels that lived on Kuusou; they killed men, women and children alike. Loyd was quickly brought to the front lines where he fought day and night but to no avail, the Demons numbers were great and on top of that they were strong, way stronger humans could ever imagine. They retreated to a stronghold where the Human Kings, Elven Elders, Ancient Vampires and Dwarven Chiefs gathered and formed a peace treaty to fight the Demons. Upon creating said treaty the gathered their best warriors and formed the Three Pillars of Heaven; The Amaterasu Unit, The Susano'o Unit and The Tsukuyomi Unit. They where the best of their races lead by the three captains they where the three most powerful individuals in the stronghold.

All in the time the Demons where attacking the Capital city of the realm of Celestia where Angels lived, the Angels then began descending from their heavenly metropolis onto Kuusou to fight the Demonic nuisance. The Angelic Lord, a Seraph rumored to be the the longest living being to still walk Kuusou offered his help to the stronghold and by decision became their leader. The Angels bestowed the stronghold their knowledge in the Arcane arts and the Seven Virgin blades, they were the Seven strongest fighters in Celestia who joined the Three Pillars of Heaven.

The three units and their captains where each given a role: For the Susano'o Unit it was to slash all enemy's. They were the ones on the front lines fighting against all threats, their captain was said to be the the strongest fighter within each of the races his name was Loyd Roentel the youngest captain within the Three Heavenly Pillars. The Tsukuyomi Units role was to shield them and their allies from any assault, their captain was a Dwarven Chief whose skill with a shield and mace where matchless, his protective magic was hailed as the best in the stronghold. Finally The Amaterasu Units role was to heal and support all their allies, their captain was one of the Seven Virgin Blades a female archangel whose supportive and healing magic where the best in the stronghold even in Celestia her expertise in the healing arts where without a match.

Each of the Three Pillars of Heaven where given a special item bound to their soul to prove ownership over each unit. For the Susano'o Unit it was the Coat of the Storm God named Susano'o it's power was to let the user tap into a infinite amount of Seithr, Life Energy's purest form enabling him to fight for prolonged periods of time without rest and to increase his own strength. The Tsukuyomi Unit was given Yata no Kagami a shield that repelled any attack and greatly amplified ones magical powers, allowing him to withstand any assault and protect his allies. For the Amaterasu Unit it was the Magatama bracelet, a bracelet that lets one cross over the boundary to this world and the next making it's wearer basically immortal and communicate with the spirits of the dead it also exponentially increased ones healing magic with it she could heal any wound no matter how dire it was.

The Three Pillars of Heavens where each deployed to take back a part of Kuusou, with time they succeeded on taking most of Kuusou until only one area was left where Demons where most concentrated at, their "Demonic city" the stronghold sent out troops to try and take the city but to no avail. They then sent out they primary force the Susano'o unit, they headed out of the Stronghold and into the front lines as the unit is intended to though it should be noted that their captain was not with them at the time since he was currently deployed at another mission, upon reaching the Demonic city the unit comes across immensely powerful demons nothing like the ones that they fought before but this did not matter they where to fight until the last breath and for a long week they did. The Susano'o unit was being overpowered not having their captain with them was a large setback they began retreating but in the mist of that the leader returns commencing his relentless assault on the Demons. Though most of the unit was either exhausted or very wounded but this did not matter because with him Loyd brought reinforcements the other two captains and their units. And thus began the real Demonic war the three units fought day and night for a year over-exhausting their powers against the powerful demons, until a solution against the Demons was brought about by the Seraph.

The solution was to seal the demons within a human host since humans had the strongest "will" within the world, and so they began one by one sealing the demons. The method used to seal the demons was brought to the front lines where the Three Pillars of Heaven fought, they quickly began using the method to seal them using valiant human soldiers withing the three units then taking them out of the battle field and into safety. The stronghold was beginning to win the day where this war ended was finally coming, the three captains then where faced against the Demon Overlord a whose power beyond those of any they then began to fight. the Demon Overlord was powerful so powerful that he began overwhelming the three units they fought until only the Three Pillars of Heaven and the Seven Virgin blades where left, they struggled but in the end however, they proved to be the stronger opponent; they successfully imprisoned him in crystal that was bound to the souls of the three unit captains but in his dying breath the Demon overlord cast a spell and cursed the Seven Virgin Blades and the Three Pillars of Heaven they suffered the curse was going to eat them whole but the Amaterasu Units Captain quickly reacted and cast a healing spell to nullify the curse and in thus destroyed her body in the process.

Seemingly the Curse was nullified so they where able to live their lives form that point on, however the curse wasn't completely broken the Seven Virgin blades curse was severely weakened but where able to live on with their lives until noticing its effect and acting against it, The Susano'o and Tsukuyomi unit Captains curse had remained unaffected though. The first one whose life was claimed by the curse was Dwarven Chief he was consumed by the curse and dissipated into nothingness leaving nothing behind. Loyd then heard the news that the Tsukuyomis captain was dead was from an unexpected source, the spirit of the Amaterasu Units captain warned him that the curse had not been broken but only put to sleep until know, Loyd knew that the wielder of the Magatama bracelet was said to be immortal so he listened to her and reacted finding the only solution was to feed the curse using Seithr to reduce its effects.

Countless years passed, the Treaty long since forgotten, the Three Pillars of Heaven crumbled and Kuusou slowly healed from the war, leaving behind only the legends of the Three Pillars of Heaven who fought valiantly against the Demons in the Demonic war. Loyd has lived through many years so many that he has grown sick of his immortal life, having forgotten most of his past because of the curse he know walks Kuusou protecting it inhabitants in anyway that he can. He is also in search of a way to break the curse but he has almost given up hope in that; He travels with his two companions Mugen a Fallen Angel trainee he had come across in his travels and Rina who is actually the Demon overlord Loyd had fought an defeated long ago, the crystal where he was imprisoned meta-morphed into a talking Fox but retains none if its memories or powers and is know in search to regain its memories with the help of Loyd.

So begins...

Loyd Roentel's Story