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Rin Hayashii

The Destroyer of Kuusou. A stubborn girl who has been gifted with enormous powers.

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a character in “Chasing Rin Hayashii”, as played by Kaire23


Quote: "Me? Pfft, you don't know who your talking to guy. I'm Rin Hayashii. The only person of Kuusou who is NOT gifted with magic. How the hell could i be this "Destroyer" your talking about?"
Name: Rin Hayashii
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 105 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Likes: Sweets, Cherries, Music, Sword fighting, Strawberries.
Dislikes: Bring confused, Creeps, Vampires, Bitter stuff, Spicy things, Mysteries.
Fears: Fire, Death, Dead things, Vampires, Bandits, Loss of freedom, Death of friends.
Race: Half Elven, Half Human.
Weakness(es) - If she ever gets hit on the head, She blacks out. She also can't control her magic that well so she can easily tire herself out or accidentally hit her friends.
Equipment - Twin Swords. She also has a first aid kit she keeps in her bag just in case.
Picture: Image
Personal Description: Rin has long black hair and dark blue eyes. She wears red earnings and has a purple dress with a pink ribbon tied around the waist.
Personality: Rin is very stubborn. She doesn't like to do anything that she doesn't understand. She also has some trust issues. She can be a bit insulting at times but really does try her best to be nice. In the middle of danger, she sort of gets out of it and her powers may go out of control if she starts getting over emotional. You always want to stay on her good side or you just may get injured.... horribly... also, don't make her think your a creep or she will slap you.
History: All through Rin's life, she had to go through life without something common to everyone. Magic. Her whole family excelled at everything having to do with magic and all her friends did too. Magic is very common in her town and was thought of as a necessity to keep away vampires who often attacked their town. One even killed her sister. Rin's parents were often the one's that sent the vampires away with their strong magic and soon grew distant from them because she felt she was a disappointment to them. Rin knew that she'd need something to keep herself safe so she started practicing with her twin swords since she was 6. Every birthday, she wished at least a tiny bit of magic would come to her. When she was 18, she was walking to school when she got her wish. She felt a horrible, unbearable pain on her right arm as golden markings grew and glowed on her right arm. Her friends were blown away and hit into the bakery building. Everything around her started getting destroyed extremely fast and she quickly decided it was time for her to leave. She ran all the way to the forest outside of town and collapsed from too using too much power. When she woke up, She found the God's Hand of Chikyuu no Mirai staring down at her.

So begins...

Rin Hayashii's Story


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#, as written by Kaire23
Rin quickly spun around as she heard the thundering of feet and the jingle of armor heading her way. They soon mad their was to her and the person who seemed to be their leader looked straight at her.

"The Duke of Vraush has been looking for you. Some of Utoko's inhabitants survived the mysterious massacre. You are on the census, so its probably best if you come with us." The man said and her eyes brightened with hope as she looked up at him. She suddenly completely forgot about a certain stranger/creep behind her and only paid attention to these men.

Then, another man spoke.

"One of them said he knew you personally, he said you are a good friend of his. The lad must be torn, better come with us, we will take you to Vraush." And then another one spoke. "I am sure they will be very happy to see you lady. Come on, time's wasting."

Rin's eyes widened and she immediately nodded. She quizzically looked up at their leader and paused for a moment.

"Who's all alive?...... And if you don't know, how many?" She questioned as she looked up hopefully at this man.


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"Who's all alive?...... And if you don't know, how many?" the girl looked up with hope. A long distance from over there Vaansyan shuffled his legs, what a pretty young lady. Her short and petite build seemed to enlarge her already big eyes, a breathtaking sight. "I need to focus..." Vaansyan's monotone sounded stressed, not sure what he was about to witness through his thrall.

"Ah, that's right. At least three hundred people have already been evacuated to Vraush." another thrall intervened "Great... just what we need, more hungry mouths to feed." The leader of the thralls spoke up "Quiet you two. You are making the lady uncomfortable." A gentle breeze of wing caressed the landscape about them, a few of the townspeople grasped their cloaks and sunk their heads to protect themselves from the steely cold breeze.

The leader of the thralls spoke. "Well, before we go. Did you find any other survivors?" The leader of the thralls scanned the horizon for any potential threats. Vaansyan's voice sounded in his head "It might be better if you take her to me alone, her companions are troublesome."

The thrall made a signal, and another thrall made yet another signal to one of the carriages passing nearby. "Good morning sir, where are you headed to?" the carriage driver spoke with a smile on his face, making his hazel eyes shine with kindness on his feeble pale face. The leader thrall looked to the driver "Take us to Vraush. The duke expects us." The driver's eyes opened widely with surprise "Vraush? the cursed castle?" The thrall laughed wildly "Hahaha, cursed, yeah right." Another thrall intervened "You should know better than to pay undue attention to such childish rumors, good sir."


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#, as written by Rari
Len, who had been in a state of deep thought for a while now, finally snapped out of it. He noticed the....whatever they were... Len really didn't care what they were, he only cared that they were trying to trick her. Suddenly he felt like panicking, something he never really felt before, this girl was actually falling for the trick.

"Not good.... Definitely not good..." Len said in his head. He thought of different things he could do and picked one, maybe not the smartest one, but it was a solution to the problem.

Len rushed at Rin and preformed a vulcan nerve pinch on her, effectively knocking her out. He picked her up and ran. Len ran as fast as possible,being a vampire meant he could run extremely fast, there was a very small chance that those.. things could catch up to him, even if the were in carriage. Len ran for quite a while before almost passing Sani and Asher. Len stopped and caught his breath for a second.

" Back to the base... now.." Len said to them, they couldn't see his face due to the hood that kept it shadowed, but he knew they'd recognize his voice. He then ran off towards the base at a high speed. Once he reached it he waited patiently for Asher and Sani to show up.


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(Sorry, liek doctors and blood tests and results. Crappy post too :( Messed up the taggs LOOOL! )

"Well of course, she is my friend after all. I wonder what she is doing at the moment. I just hope I can find her before I do anything stupid, since I can barely do anything on my own."

"If you dare harm Rin, then I will rip you apart limb by limb."

Asher smiled and gave a light chuckle. "Nah, we want to help her." He told the odd male. He then leaned closer to Alexander, closing one eye in a long wink and a smug smirk hung upon his jaws. "You seem very protective of Rin, isn't that adorable..."

"Oh, and do you want me to heal your friend now? I wont be able to stop the pain, so he'll still feel the pain of the wound as if it was still there. The wound itself shall be gone."

The Elfen boy nodded before bowing his head respectfully. "Thank would be lovely, the poor kid can't feel it anyway. His nerves are ruined. What do you want as your pay?" Ash glanced over at Sani, giving him a kind of half hearted warm glare. I promise you will be okay.

Suddenly Len appeared from nowhere, holding the girl they had just being speaking about. As quickly as he appeared he vanished again, barking out some orders. The situation was causing difficulty to do as he had said.

"I don't follow orders from Vampires, Sani's life is important now. Hey Alex, if you fix him up you can come with us and see if Rin is alright. I will take you there, I promise."


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"Hyue?" Sani blinked, a little blurry from his lack of blood and possible impending doom. Was that... Wait...

"Was that Big Boy Vampire?" he muttered as loud as he could through his weakening grip on life. "I could've"

Sani was fighting to remember things now. Without blood to bring oxygen to his brain, he was feeling dumb and slow. Ever so slowly, he closed his eyes and begun slipping in and out of consciousness while Alex began to heal Sani.


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Vaansyan's red hood waved in place under the caressing of the wind. He laid back on a wall, and crossed his arms, his prey Rin Hayashi had just been abducted by some sort of vigilante. He reached out to the spirit senses, he felt a cold dead echo coming from the running Vampire. He thought out loud "He sure seems strange... not your run of the mill townsman."

Vaansyan knew better than to send his thralls chasing after someone dangerous looking. "Time to begin plan B, I guess." He shifted his attention to another thrall, who was undertaking a slightly different type of mission. One that he's wager required a deeper understanding of the human mind.

On a distant stone fortress deep within the town, two wardogs playfully mock fought one another. A particularly well dressed thrall walked by, wearing what seemed to be magicians robes, except very aristocratic. Weather this man was a noble or not, regardless, he seemed to give that impression. The two guards guarding the keep stood in attention as the mysterious man walked inside the keep.

The keep was like a labyrinth, easy to get lost in. Its stone walls had very clearly fallen into disrepair, as all sorts of deformities now plagued what must once have been a splendid looking palace. After walking through the grey ancient walls, a pair of steel gates opened, Vaansyan noticed they seemed remarkably newer than the keep itself.

A long hall came to sight as the doors that hid it gave way. It was a round structure, with a round table in the middle. A group of wealthy looking individuals sat on their respective thrones. The mysterious man walked into the room, and took a bow "My Lord, the Duke of Vraush bids you a most respectful greeting."-

Ten minutes of empty courtesy and feigned friendliness ensued, before the real negotiation came to be. "My Lord, the duke of Vraush, needs your help."

A fat wealthy man spoke "I had heard Vraush was no more, but it's good to see their town still stands. What can we do for you, most honorable highness?"

The mysterious man took a bow, and continued "My master, the duke, has tracked a band of cutthroat bandits to your city."

An arabesque skinny man exclaimed "Oh?"

"Yes, they call their group the Chikyuu no Mirai. Most of them are denizens of darkness, vampires and demonics." Spoke the mysterious man.

The court whispered to one another, their faces pale in fear "We cannot allow this... Mirai group, to just walk into our city! An invasion is what this is!" Spoke a short man, standing up.

"The gods will forever abandon us if we allow them to practice their hideous magical arts within our walls! What if they invoke demons! The last age saw the effects of their tyranny, we cannot stand by idly while these demons defile our city!"

The council stood in rage and howled all sorts of confirmations on their aggressive intentions, before a very tall and slender man told the mysterious man "Tell his highness, the magnificent duke of Vraush, that he can leave this matter to our hands. We will mobilize the champions of freedom that safeguard our democracy." Vaansyan observed from a long distance, and understood that they "champions of freedom" must've been some kind of army or militia.

The mysterious man bowed "Then I'll leave this matter to your capable hands." He paused, stood up and continued "I humbly suggest you immediately handle this contingency, they are violent and dangerous warlocks and witches. They can- and will, at any time erupt in violence."

Vaansyan still laying back on the wall, had a smile concealed under his mask and hood.