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Enya Rider

"What would happen if this world was destroyed? I wish I could do it with my own two hands..."

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a character in “Chasing Rin”, as played by Kaire23


Enya Rider
"The reason I let you live? Well, that's an easy one. Because I don't give a fuck about you. You see sis, sometimes death is a blessing... And right now, I'm going to make you BEG me to kill you."


Nickname: None Image
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Height: 5’0”
Weight: 105 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Unknown


Likes:Blood, Destruction, Affection, Acknowledgment, Sweets, Death, Tormenting her sister, Ruins, Killing, and Blood.
Dislikes: Being ignored, Being tied up, Being weak, Losing, Losing to her sister, Her sister, and being in small spaces.
Fears:Being locked up in a room and forgotten.


Group: "Neither! I'm just a lone girl just trying to have fun~."
Partner: Odrick, her demon.

Race: Demonic

Mesmerization - Anything Enya says is more easy to believe by those who she talks to when using this power. Everything just seems sweeter in her words.

Shadow Arms - Shadows surround her and she’s able to manipulate them to protect her.

Demonic Shield - Makes it so she can't be hurt for awhile but as soon as it's over, the wounds appear and they're worse than what was dealt.

Black Out - A black fire surrounds her arm and if she hits you with it once, you become drowsy. If she gets lucky and hits you twice with it, your body becomes heavy, making it difficult to stay awake. If she happens to hit you three times, the character she hits suddenly gets knocked out, falling into a deep sleep.

Mind Break - When her victim is knocked out and she touches their forehead, the victim becomes trapped in a world of insanity for as long as their out which when paired with black out, could be harmful. Side effects once waking up may include hearing voices, paranoia, Madness, and a lust for blood depending how many times this power has been used on the victim. Wears off after a day but leaves it's imprint on the victim's sanity.
"You know, all that good stuff!"

Demonic Merge - Her demon's mind fuses with hers and she becomes physically stronger, more cunning, and powerful. Can only work at night and it drains her after awhile. Although helpful, this causes some strain on whats leftover of her sanity. She may lash out at friends after or may decide to go out on a killing spree.


Weakness(es) - She can be easily deceived with words of kindness because of her unstable mind.
Equipment - An ax, a couple of butcher knives, a couple of daggers, and a sword.


Personal Description: Image Enya has long pink hair and red eyes that shine as soon as Odrick (Her demon) comes out. She usually has a black cloak on with the hood up when traveling so as to not draw attention to her hair. She always wears a black cloak over a white shirt and shorts and when her hood is up, she lets some of her hair hang out while keeping her eyes hidden.
Personality: Enya is very childish. She excelled at such a young age that she was never able to have a real childhood. She used to be very sweet when she was younger but now it just seems wrong. She sounds sweet but it's followed by a stab in the back. Don't even think of getting her angry unless you have a death wish. Enya has always had a bit of a temper. Long story short, stay on her good side and you won't have to worry about getting brutally slaughtered in your sleep... Hopefully.

Image When Enya was young, she was a very sweet girl. She listened to all of the rules set down by her parents and followed them to the letter. She had a perfect mom and dad and she also had a sweet older sister. It was a perfect life to live.

Not before long, Enya slowly started to notice something. Her parents seemed to favor whatever her sister did more than her. Ever since her sister, Alizé, had started to show amazing mental abilities, she grew to hate her.

Enya tried everything she could, but to no avail. She was extremely smart for her age, she was a great fighter, and was a child prodigy. Sadly, this would lead to her insanity. When the demons attacked, she was on the front line fighting with everyone else. They chose to seal it in her because of her strength and innocence... They didn't know what'd come out of it. Odrick trapped her in mind break every night where she slowly became more insane by the minute.

She woke up a week after Odrick was sealed inside her and found herself broken. When she walked out to see her parents in the morning, she found her father's ax in her hands. With a smile, she brutally killed her parents and attempted to do the same to her sister. Unknown to her, she was left her barely alive. Although she tried, she couldn't stop laughing. It was all too perfect. The stress put on her by her sister and parents were gone after their "deaths". Whoever she met on the way gave her the pleasure of relieving them of their meaningless lives. She enjoyed all the different ways they screamed when she tried of a new way of killing them. She now travels with Odrick, her only friend... or that's what she thought at first...

After a few weeks of living in The Unknown, preying on the fools who attempted to cross her, she found a sleeping vampire. After some contemplation on how to kill him, she decided she wanted him awake so she could see the fear in his eyes. She tried to nudge him to wake him up, but to no avail. Angry that she wouldn't be able to see his look of surprise, she waited....

And she waited...

So long if fact that the sun soon rose, shining down on the two. In a panic that her victim may be harmed without her doing a thing, she tried her best to drag him under a tree. It took a whole lot of effort for this 14 year old to drag this grown adult a few feet to the shade under a tree that she collapsed beside him once done. It turned out that by helping the man, she had wasted all the energy she had leftover from the night.

Sure enough, once she collapsed, the man awoke. She rolled over and shot him one of her worst glares she could muster. How dare this man, this lazy vampire cause her to work for him and make her lose her kill. She was ready to yell but something caught her off guard.

A pat on the head. The vampire thanked her. Enya was not prepared for this. She tried her best to be strong and shrug off the thanks but it was of no use. The man stayed with her for awhile and helped her as they traveled together. They grew to be great friends. If there was any hope for Enya to regain her sanity, this man was it... but Odrick didn't like it one bit.

While the man was sleeping, Odrick attempted to get Enya to murder him. Unable to entice her, Odrick instead controlled her and made her run away from the man.

Once the sun rose, Enya gained control again but had no knowledge of the events last night. On top of that, her friend was missing. Did he run away in the night without telling her? After days passed by without any sign of him, she decided to continue her old life until she found her friend again.

Extra: She hates her sister more than anything. If they meet, shits going to go down.


So begins...

Enya Rider's Story