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Galen Archibald

"Violence breeds violence, but in the end it has to be this way."

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a character in “Chasing Rin”, as played by FamishedPants


Galen Archibald
"I've carved my own path"


Nickname: Gale
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 151 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Likes: Strawberries, Fighting, Sleeping, Eating, fun in general
Dislikes: Losing, being wrong, work, death, boredom
Fears: Failing to protect a friend, death of friends and loved ones

Group: Protector of the Chikyuu no Mirai
Partner: Elysia - Elysia was a renowned mage, known for her unparalleled mastery over lightning-based magic. At some point she ended up being sealed into a blade, which stripped her of her own magical abilities. However, she has since decided to tutor Galen.

Race: Human

Electro-Mastery - Control over lightning as an element, he also has a moderate resistance to it. He is capable of creating electrical currents within his body, causing him to shock those he physically touches and is also able to generate enough power to fire small bolts of lightning from a distance, though for them to be harmful requires him to charge them in his hand. Excessive use can cause exhaustion or headaches, so he often uses it sparingly. He learned how to use this power from Elysia, who was the best of the best in this field at one point.

Static-Step - A means of instantaneous transportation rapidly over short distances. It is more or less a blink that has very limited range (about 10 or so feet at maximum). Galen appears to vanish into a spark before reappearing and can do so multiple times, though overuse can lead him to becoming winded.

Despair - Something he picked up from a fellow mercenary years ago. It's a dark magic designed to send an opponent into a deep state of despair by imprinting images of various memories of the user's onto them. People who have suffered or witnessed suffering are better suited to using this for obvious reasons, so Galen is at least decent in this regard. However, use in battle is very impractical due to it requiring contact with the person's forehead for extended periods of time. Because of these limitations, it is only usually utilized on an injured or restrained opponent.

Mend Wounds - A strong healing ability. It allows him to focus his magic into a injury someone has sustained to assist in its healing process. While it can't guarantee someone close to death would survive, it does have a chance. Generally, the larger and more serious a wound, the more magic must be put into it, which can leave him tired. It is ineffective against disease or wounds that are not physical (mental manipulation).

Ranged foes - Gale's effectiveness at anything but close-quarters is extremely limited and unreliable for the most part. Bolts he can shoot from his hands require a moment's charge to be strong enough to do any real damage in a fight, giving a foe enough time to react and evade. People who can keep him at a distance are the at the biggest advantage.

Selfless - Using innocents against him is a fairly decent deterrent. He prefers the outcome where the most people live, so there are some situations where this may not be a reliable weapon against him unless they were his friend.

Strawberries - Galen loves strawberries and is capable of being bribed for a favor.

Equipment - Aside from his clothing and a lot of coin, Galen only has Elysia as equipment. That, and whatever he may have bought while he was out.

Personal Description:
Galen has a full head of black hair with bangs that extend down to his cheeks. He owns a moderate build with some definition that most only recognize when he's bare and he is a bit tall. Two blue eyes and a grin usually make up his facial region at any given time.

He is normally seen wearing expensive clothing he can afford due to his heritage. Oftentimes he wears a black twintailed coat over a white tan vest and a red tie. Along with fingerless gloves, he wears black slacks and dress shoes, which often throw people off given his rowdy nature. Most of the time, as long as it looks fairly expensive and isn't a hat, he'll wear it.

Galen is a light-hearted and kind person. He has a tendency to not take things seriously until the last moment when it comes to just about anything aside from fighting, though he's fairly playful even then. He also enjoys playing pranks on his friend or allies, as well as teasing them, but gives amusing reactions himself when on the receiving end. He is very loyal to those he considers friends and places promises very high on his priority list, making him quite trustworthy. The young man is very frank about most matters and isn't known to panic, often reporting bad news with a somewhat-straight face. He may joke otherwise, but Galen doesn't judge by appearances or race, but by actions. One does not earn his trust nor his anger without just cause. But the same can be said about respect. He admires people who are strong because of their own willpower and determination, and also resents people who are weak because they let themselves be that way.

Galen has a fairly strong sense of justice. He wouldn't be capable of standing by when someone is hurt and he had the ability to save them. Yet, he is not blind to reality and would choose to save the lives over the many rather than that of the few. Contradictory to this last statement is that were the 'few' people that he personally knew and cared for, he wouldn't hesitate to choose them, though he realizes the hypocrisy this holds. At the very least, he intends to help those he can, when he can and would prefer there be no sacrifices being made. It is for that reason that it was a close choice for him to make, deciding between the Shikaku and the Chikyuu. In the end, however, he knew the Chikyuu had less-radical means to help people, so he went with them.

Because of his wealthy upbringing, Galen may be a bit extravagant with his money. It is not rare for him to go purchase something on a whim and then get bored of it not two hours later. Friends benefit from this on their birthdays, if that's any consolation, but it is not a wise choice to leave him with the budget, as he'll blow it immediately. Perhaps it is because of his being well off that he developed a bit of an abundance of pride. He is known to taunt his opponents and make exaggerated statements about himself, to the point where people may fear he is too cocky. Yet, most of the time he does not let this bite him in the ass. Typically it almost appears to be a way to enrage his opponents into attacking blindly, though he does retain this confidence at home and with allies and friends. The few times it has backfired, however, have all been purely during activities he has little real confidence in, such as certain sports or hobbies, which he then fails pretty hard at, so the overconfidence is there... somewhat.

Galen was born into the very wealthy and huge human family, the Archibalds as a potential heir. They are the proud "owners" of the war business, being a very renowned weapons manufacturer (rich blacksmiths) for any war that required them, no matter what race they may be. Their weaponry, while expensive, is "made with only the finest, quality materials" and is rumored to be almost invincible, while still cutting clean. Galen has at least 14 siblings, as well as many different nephews, nieces, and cousins.

He was expected to learn the ways of a blacksmith and to forge great weapons in the years to come, but his mother and father noticed that he seemed to favor their use over their creation as the Archibalds personally tested their ware before sale. Galen, of course, soon became the best swordsman in his family around his age group, and even gave the elder members a run for their coin as well. Sadly, however, Galen's skill at forging weapons was nothing special and because of this, Galen found himself ostracized by the family. He left at the age of 16 and the only real connection he has to his family is an "allowance" sent to him monthly, that would make any normal person envious. His first thought was to become a mercenary. Most of the family's clients were mercs and soldiers, after all. For someone like him, who was only exceptional at wasting money and slashing, it was perfect, right? But reality hit him fairly hard over the next 3 years, when he learned that war wasn't pretty. It would be an understatement to say he nearly died a few times, but somehow, he managed to survive more than a few encounters without losing a limb or his life. These near-death experiences, as well as the people he was forced to kill against his will soon changed him. Whereas before he thought war was a game, he now knew the truth:

War was horrid.

People died. Some left their families without parting words, or broke promises they had made. Oftentimes it did not matter whether or not they were a soldier or an innocent. They were slaughtered by people who didn't even believe in what they were fighting for. And for what purpose? Land? Money? Revenge? Whatever the reason was, it always seemed so petty in Galen's eyes. If he had to kill someone, he at least wanted to do it for a just cause. Besides, he had enough money. At the age of 19, he met somebody who would help him find the path he is on today: Elysia.

Their first meeting was in the ruins of what used to be a peaceful village that emphasized coexistence and pacifism. Even though they were mostly unarmed and neutral, they were slaughtered. Galen, of course, was part of it. The regret of his actions had only occurred after the deeds were done, and so he sat near the debris of what used to be the village's temple. As he contemplated what his next actions would be aloud, something from the rubble began to stir, and out bursted Elysia. She was apparently regarded as a deity in the village due to her history as a legendary mage who specialized in the use of electricity-based magics. At some point in time, she'd been sealed into a sword and lost her magics, though the reason was lost to both herself and any texts that remained. Supposedly understanding his regret, she informed him that the only true way to atone for this was to save two lives for every one he had taken. Unable to recall the exact amount, he was met with the words "Well, then save them until you can't remember". Taking those words to heart, he decided to do just that, choosing to join the Chikyuu no Mirai, who were the best bet when it came to that endeavor. With impressive skills and determination, he eventually became the "Protector" of the Chiykuu no Mirai, a fitting title given his goals.

Extra: ~Destroyer~

So begins...

Galen Archibald's Story