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Kichiro Ren

"If you can't control your power, then it is up to me to remove you from this World."

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a character in “Chasing Rin”, as played by AppleSauce


"We cause corruption with power; with power we can annihilate such corruption. In the end the weak fall and the strong survive. Power is absolute."


Kichi. Those close to him call him Kichi, sometimes strangers call him this also simply because it rolls off the tongue easily.



6'1. 187cm.

75.3 kg (166.0)

Sexual Orientation
Pansexual. He hasn't really given this much thought but he can say he doesn't care for what gender someone is and treats everyone equally.


Fruit, spicy food, puzzles, playing mind games with others, dark humour and bad puns, cocky people (enjoys making them feel inferior after they thought they were so tough) and animals.

Weak people, hypocrites, pacifists, people who are too serious, mopy people, pessimism, negative people, being bored, water, Demons, people who cannot control themselves or their power.

Deep water (can't swim is afraid of drowning), losing himself to the Demon within him, harming someone unintentionally, losing, becoming weak or inferior.

None. If he were to join one he would perhaps eventually join Shikaku.

Kichiro has a White Hare which has grown a liking to him after he saved it as a child from a wolf. It's quite large, much bigger than a rabbit (obviously).


Human. Although his mother was Human and his father a Demonic, Kichiro is full Human and was born Human.

Sacrificial Health - Heals the target however another person or living thing's health must be sacrificed to heal the target. However this can be used to harm others also. When someone is badly injured it could take away the remaining health and kill them. If someone is completely health and fine it could be used to simply make them feel weaker.

Sacrificial Defence - If Kichiro ever finds himself in a threatening situation, he is able to use his blood to make a shield of some kind. To do this he must make a small cut anywhere on his body enough to draw blood. This then allows him to bend the blood into a thick matter. Although not tooo much blood is needed to make a decent shield, if the shield is broken he will lose all the blood used to make it in the first place. If he gets away successfully with the shield still, he can bend it to return to his body. It is possible that eventually he may be able to bend the blood of others but for now it is impossible for him and it would probably cause too much strain and harm himself more than the other.

Static Speed - After rubbing his hands together at a fast pace for only 5 seconds, an electric energy can be seen forming around him, sparks and such are seen pulsing from around his body. Followed by a bit of concentration, Kichiro is now out of sight in the blink of an eye. Although this is great for getting away and for fast attack and tricking the opponent, within those 5 seconds the enemy could already be on his way to attack Kichi. Also a brief electric trail is left behind him as well as a faintly black or burnt ground, mainly footprints. The electric trail is gone after 3 seconds though so it isn't harmful to follow the trail and easily find him. so with some concentration and observing you can break through his speed and lay a blow at the right time.

Inner Maelstrom - Kichiro can freely use his electric powers freely as it is something passed down from his mother. He can control the strength of his electric power from a simple small electric shock or zap to freak people out randomly, to the ability to create something equivalent to a violent thunderstorm. Although the stronger it is, the more energy it uses. Creating something like a thunderstorm is something he might use when nothing else will work as it really drains him to the point of being unable to use any other ability or run away.

- Earth Magic. Although his electricity could easily break a rock in half, a large amount of thick, Earth is easily unharmed by his electricity, so it would require more energy for him to go up against someone who uses Earth Magic.
- Water in general. Although he could electrify water and fry whoever is in the water, it can backfire. If Kichiro were to be drenched in water or wet from water anywhere on his body, he could easily electrocute himself of that area.
- Kichiro is also easily angered and annoyed, simply bringing up his mother and father can cause him to lose concentration and screw up, you'd think anger would make him stronger but it causes him to lose control and injure himself in the end. It's the only time he could possibly lose control, and it's not because he can't control his powers it's his emotions he can't control.
- Kichiro is quite easily persuaded especially when it's about something he agrees with. Such as someone might say that all people who can't control their magic should be eliminated, he'll be intrigued and agree and that person could then possibly manipulate Kichi to kill or harm someone they might have said is dangerous or a threat when they are indeed not a threat.

- A small, sharp but very useful dagger. When he has no energy to use any magic his dagger is what he relies on so he's made sure he actually knows how to use it other wise it's useless.
- A small back-pack full of clothes, food, water, a few medical things like bandages in case he can't use his magic.

Personal Description
Kichiro is slender, tall, a bit toned, not the most muscular guy but he's nimble which makes up for his lack of strength. He has long hair that only just sits at the base of his neck, white, messy, a long front fringe which is probably due for a trim soon. His eyebrows are also white, sharp, pointed and thin. His eyes a bright crimson colour. When he smiles it's quite wide and sinister. His nose is small and round. Kichiro's skin looks rather soft and is milky white, quite pale, due to not really enjoying his time in the sun much. His clothing varying in style, consisting of mainly black and white. Usually seen wearing long sleeved shirts, normal convenient, pants for moving around it which are then tucked into combat looking faded black boots.

Kichiro is usually quite kind to those who don't get in his way. When someone does something that he dislikes, he's blunt about it and not afraid to tell them that they irritated him just now for what they did. He's willing to help others but sometimes he can be a bit selfish in the sense he finds it tedious to lend someone a hand unless it will benefit him too. He enjoys meeting different people, he likes to study them, see what different things make them tick or angry, how they react to certain words and and actions. At times this makes him seem quite sadistic and well, he is a bit of a sadist. He finds it hard to trust others since most races still hold a grudge against others and he knows very well that Humans aren't liked by almost every race. When he's proven wrong, he hates admitting defeat and gets annoyed with himself, a bit of a baby in the sense that he'll pout and frown and stay silent for a while, while he wallows in his defeat. Kichiro isn't as serious as he may seem at first; he enjoys joking around, tricking people, scaring people, he thinks everyone should try and have as much fun as they possibly can in such a puzzled world full of distrust and grudges. Kichiro hasn't exactly experience love before, he can't recall a time where he might have had affectionate feelings towards someone and so he doesn't know what would attract him to another person. This could be because he loses friends quite quickly and prefers it that way. He prefers not to get attached so that way he won't get hurt if he loses them and can move on easily. It has been hard for him though to say goodbye to the people he meets along his journeys; but he makes sure to leave early to avoid such sadness. When he's angry, he's quick to judge and make decisions without thinking of the consequences or how it might affect others. When he's certain his opinion is right, despite the arguments that may occur beforehand, he will do everything in his power to make sure what he believes is right follows through. Kichiro is positive on the outside but negative on the inside, he contradicts himself in the sense that he hate negative people and pessimists when he in fact is one. He feels that the only way to survive is to be powerful, and without power he feels weak, useless, nothing, trash to be easily tossed away by those stronger than him and so he fears defeat. Kichiro enjoys travelling around as much as he can, even if the places to travel to are limited. He doesn't have any family that might be waiting for him but one day perhaps he would like to have a place he could call home.

Kichiro's mother was Human and his father Demonic. They loved each other very much and his father had been in the quite infamous war, he was one of the people who had a Demon sealed within him. His father, unlike most, did well to keep himself in control and never really used his magic ever, it was the only way he would feel comfortable with not losing himself to the Demon within. His mother and father knew each other for a very long time before they got together. They had been childhood friends and after the war they became a couple and had Kichiro. At birth it was clear that the Demon in his father had affected how Kichiro was born. At first his parents were extremely worried, they thought that somehow his father's Demon had moved on into their baby boy, but this was not the case which they realised after his father could still feel it within but. But still they wondered if there was something within their son. Over the years they came to realise nothing was there or else their son would have lost control by now, being only a child and all would make it easier for a Demon to take over. But he was still isolated by the other children who feared him and indeed thought he was a Demon, followed by Kichiro's cries and pleas to convince them he wasn't. His snow white hair and crimson eyes did certainly stand out compared to the other Human kids. But Kichiro grew up this way and learned to deal with it as the children around him got used to Kichiro and realised he wasn't harmful at all. There were some that would of course be cautious around him and want nothing to do with him but all in all he had a fairly nice childhood.
Up until the age of 16 that is. Yes 3 years ago, Kichiro had woken up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. As he walked past his parents bedroom, he noticed the door was slightly open and within he could he struggled breathing from a raspy voice. He was scared but worried about his parents, and when he opened the door, what he saw was something no child could ever possibly imagine. His mother's lifeless body lay on the floor, covered in her own blood, and looming over her was his father. Kichiro was struck with fear, shaking, hoping it was a nightmare. His father's breathing stopped for a moment as he slowly turned to look at his son, he himself covered and a fair bit of his mother's blood. Especially around his mouth. What Kichiro saw was not his father however. And what he heard was the voice of the Demon his father had inside him for so long. The Demon said "you will be much easier than your mother." Kichiro couldn't move and before he knew it his father's hands were wrapped around Kichiro's neck. Kichiro struggled to breathe, looking into his father's eyes and pleading for mercy, but his father was no longer there until, it suddenly stopped. Kichiro was shaking as his father suddenly went limp and fell to the floor before him, a large hole was seen in his chest. Kichiro looked at his mother as his mother's arm was outstretched towards his father, shaky it fell to the ground and she gave her son a weak smile as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Kichi your father loved you sweetie. We both love you, be brave my precious boy." And with that she finally passed away. Kichiro was terrified and alone, he began to scream and cry and fall apart until someone finally came in through the front door with much force to see a young Kichi crying uncontrollably. At first everyone though he did it but after much study of the bodies it was clear the wounds of his father were from a power his mother had only, but how the mother died was uncertain of if it was by the father or Kichi. They thought it wouldn't make sense for his mother to kill his father randomly unless she was protecting herself from him and protecting Kichi. Still a lot of people were more cautious than ever of Kichiro and he felt more alone than ever. A few families cared for him but in the end he was moving from place to place, being tossed around like an unwanted toy until he finally decided when he was 18 to leave and travel on his own. His goal is to make sure things like that never happen again, to exterminate the world of those who pose it a great threat, to kill those who cannot control themselves or their power. And to do that Kichiro craves more power as his hatred for his father poisons his mind and fuels his anger.

Theme - Into The Labyrinth
Speech Colour - #970808
Kichi's goal is to kill those who pose a threat to the world, to exterminate those who cannot control their own power or themselves.

So begins...

Kichiro Ren's Story