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Kojin Kaguzuchi

"Not all who walk in Darkness are lost."

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a character in “Chasing Rin”, as played by Slybop


Kojin Kaguzuchi
We all have our Hellfire we must face. It is how we choose to face it that defines us.


Nickname: The Hellwalker/The Burned Saint/Koko(To those who give him pet names)
Gender: Male
Age: 33

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Likes: Tea, Smoking his pipe, Equality, The company of those he cares for, lounging, helping others, Games such as Go/Chess/Ludus
Dislikes: War, Cruelty, Selfishness, Ignorance, Arrogance, Pessimism
Fears: Fire(Though he can still face it), The world never changing, For those who are lost to refuse to be found

Group: Master of Chikyuu no Mirai

Partner: Seiiki- Seiiki has been with Kojin since he was a young child. Even when he was a puppy he was the size of a pony. Now Seiiki stands at 12 feet at the shoulder and around 20 feet long. In spite of his imposing figure, Seiiki is extremely affectionate and is a very good judge of character. He seems to have the ability to smell ones true self, no matter how much they hide it from the world or themselves. He can often be seen lounging and sleeping, often with Kojin laying on him. The two are incredibly good friends.


Race: Human

Magic: All of Kojin's Magic is based around vows, principals and sacrifices. He based his Magic on the Myths of those who deliver fair judgement, Those punished for good deeds and those who feel and know the weight of choice. His predominant Magic type is Earth.

The Three Judges of Gorgias

-First Judge, The Sway of Minos: To activate this ability, Kojin must be touching the Earth. He cannot use this ability to fight one who he believes is innocent. He has trained himself to where it is impossible for him to use it unless he knows his enemy is guilty of a "crime" or is pursuing a belief that will cause harm to others.

The ability allows him to tap into the natural magnetic energies in the earth. This allows him to hover around 5 inches off the ground and move at blinding speeds along tectonic paths by gliding. It is difficult to perceive his movements due to their speed and him being unhindered by the normal bounds of gravity. He can also use it to make actual body movements much faster, allowing his Iaito strikes to cut air and slice at range. The body affects are limited however and should only be used sparingly.

-Second Judge, The Gaze of Radamanthus: To activate this ability, Kojin must be touching the Earth. Kojin may only use this ability to defend others or to defend what he believes in most. He never casually uses his powers.

The ability allows him to once again tap in the natural magnetic energies in the earth. This time however he uses to control and levitate the earth itself. It only affects rocks, sand, or anything else with natural metals in them such as iron. He can throw boulders or call up dust devils. He more commonly uses this ability to bring up walls and shields of earth, often to defend others or himself. This is a more classic ability when people think of wielders of Earth magic. Though his principle on it is different. Instead manipulating the earth itself, he simply borrows power from the natural magnetism in the ground.

-Third Judge, The Mercy of Aeacus: To activate this ability, Kojin must be touching the Earth. He may only use this ability on others, never himself. There must also be a supply of either healthy soil, rock, or plant life.

The ability allows him to the life energy within the Earth. He uses it to heal others. In doing so, he borrows the life energy from the soil or plants and places it into the person to move their natural healing processes along at a much greater rate. Once the body no longer needs the energy, he places it back within the earth. If for some reason the body consumes the energy, as the body is severely damaged or near death, then Kojin is punished. He must trade away some of his own Life energy to give back to the Earth. He has put this stipulation on his power himself.

The Chains of Prometheus: Technically speaking, Kojin no longer possesses this ability. To use it he had to be touching the earth. He would only use this ability if he was facing certain death or destruction and he had cause to fight on. He lost the main ability of this magic when he was burned.

When activated, the Magic would tap into the very will and spirit of the Earth. His body would temporarily take on aspects of Mother Natures adaptive fortitude. Every magical attack he was hit with would lessen in intensity as the fight went on, to a certain point when certain magic attacks(While The Chains were activated) would cause him no harm. During his fight with the great Demon Erasmus, his Hellfire overloaded this ability, permanently wiping it from his body. It is the only reason he is alive this day. It did however leave him with a side effect, most fire can no longer harm him as it once did. He was Baptized in the flames of Hell and came out the other side pure. Magical Fire can definitely still harm him, but to a diminished affect. This is thought to be due to his natural connection with the Earth and the Sacrifice of one of his Magics.

The Sword of Damocles: This is Kojin's Ultimate Magic. He must be touching the Earth to activate this ability. Kojin only uses this Magic if he is willing to die to complete a task or fight. He must state a goal when the power is activated such as "Stop my enemy" or "Save my comrade". He has a very short allotted time to achieve this goal. If the time runs out and he has not achieved his goal......Kojin dies.

When activated, the Earth around Kojin begins to glow and rumble. The Earth then breaks and apart and shoots dozens of feet into the air. The earth and rock comes together to make a Giant Sword. This hovers over Kojin no matter where he goes. The center of the Sword glows a bright Green color, matched by his eyes glowing the same color along with a faint aura. It allows him to effortlessly use both the First and Second Judge Magics simultaneously and at a heightened state. He's faster, stronger and earth and natural metals seem to flow towards him and surround him like a magnet. He has only used the Sword of Damacles once, and that was against the Great Demon Erasmus. Fortunately he completed his goal in time to not be killed by the Sword, but not in time to save his body from deformation.

Weakness(es) - His body offers weaknesses that others don't fully understand.
Equipment - Senku- Senku is a 6 foot long Nodachi styled blade with a very intricate sheathe and tsuba. Kojin often carries it with him either on his side or just holding it. The amount of people who have actually seen what Senko's blade looks like could be counted on your hands. This is due to the fact that Kojin fights very rarely, most who see the blade die, and that he uses(Despite the size of the blade) the Iaito style of swordsmanship. The blade was crafted for him by a fat drunken elderly man who called himself the Soulmaker. It has served Kojin well.

Personal Description: Kojin is covered from head to toe in medical bandages. This is due to the fact that his body is nearly 100% covered in extreme burn scars. The only thing that remained from his old self is his striking Blue eyes. He talks with a slight mumble, implying that his mouth might be partially melted together. As for clothes, he wears a very simple white kimono with a black pair of Hakama over them.
Personality: Kojin is always seen as calm and collected. Some even say he seems serene. No one in Chikyuu no Mirai has ever heard him even raise his voice. His voice often feels warm and inviting to people. He speaks like that of a kindly father and often treats the members of Chikyuu no Mirai as of they were his own children, yet still with respect. He often is seen as sagely, doling out sound advice for most circumstances. He is very wise beyond his years and learned many of life hardships at a young age. He treats all he meets with a kind word and a warm tone. No one has heard him speak with amger, but he has spoken with disappointment. He can often communicate exactly what he's thinking with his gaze. His eyes seem to convey much emotion.

Kojin likes to relax and often invites members of the group to do so with him. Some people say he's to lackadaisical to lead such an important group, but those of the upper brass know of his ever present cunning and wit. Kojin is incredibly intelligent, often being able to put together peoples abilities and skills from watching for a short time. Some also believe he is somewhat naive as his goal as Master of the Chikyuu no Mirai is to unite the species in true harmony. Others say this is an impossible feat. Kojin says it is if people keep talking that way. He truly everybody deserves a chance to live their life, even in second chances. After all, he got one.

For all of his relaxed and fatherly visage...a lot of people don't really know what Kojin is really like. He keeps most of his emotions close to the chest, but it isn't obvious, one would have to be a keen observer. Despite how open he is, their is definitely an air of mystery surrounding Kojin.

History: Kojin is the bastard son of a prostitute and some other man. When he was 3 years old, she gave him up to an old fat drunk in a small village far outside of Kelec. It was called One Stone village. She didn't need a child driving away customers and he needed assistants. You see, this fat old man was a Sword Maker. He refused to mass produce them so he was rarely hired to outfit armies. He believed that blades take time an effort. No one knew his real name, everyone simply called him the Soulmaker. Soulmaker was not an affectionate man, nor was he kind. He was gruff, unsympathetic and stern. But, he was fair. He raised Kojin to be tough and that hard work trumps all, especially if the work means something. During this time was when he came across a wounded dog near the size of a Pony. It had a limp to it and it growled when most people from One Stone came near it. But, when Kojin approached it, it didn't growl. Kojin healed the dog and formed a bond with it. He named it Seiiki, for the Sanctuary he found in his soft fur.

When he was six, his mother dropped off another 3 year old child. His younger half-brother named Fujin. He was told that he was responsible for Fujin and he was a very good older brother. In another 3 years, a third boy was dropped off. This brother was Raijin. The three became inseparable. They all learned the craft of sword making from Soulmaker. They worked tirelessly without end, only breaking to eat and sleep. The brothers became strong, as they grew stronger, so did their bond. When they were older, they all learned the art of the sword and what it meant to wield one. Each of them had a different philosophy of what a sword meant. Kojin decided that his sword would be wielded to defend others. Fujin decided to wield his sword for survival. Raijin decided his sword would be wielded for Power. All of their beliefs and even fighting style heavily different from each other. Though they had different philosophies, nothing could transcend their bonds of brotherhood.

After each of them reached the age of 16, they left One Stone to become Mercenaries to uphold their own personal Bushido. He was sad to leave his brothers and surrogate father, but he was determined to uphold his promise and his Bushido. He also had Seiiki to keep him company, so it wasn't all bad. Not long after he got fame as the Merciful Mercenary, that he joined Chikyuu no Mirai, matching his Bushido with theirs. He rose in the ranks quickly and was soon Hand of God to the old Master, an Angel named Zaphriel. It was here where he believed he would achieve his goal of equality with all races.

During the Demonic Wars, he met back up with his brothers. Fujin had found his gift for Wind Magic while Raijin had found his gift for Lightning Magic. The Jin brothers were back together again. They defeated many great foes together. Though not member of Chikyuu no Mirai, they often ended up at the same battles. One battle though, did not go well. With his power and youth, Kojin had grown somewhat arrogant. In an attempt to avoid bloodshed, Kojin challenged the Great Demon Erasmus, one of the great generals of the Demonics, to single combat for the outcome of a battle. With a laugh, Erasmus accepted. His brothers begged him to allow them to fight with him, but Kojin believed he could defeat him and he didn't want to get his little brothers hurt. in truth, Erasmus had slayed his master Zaphriel and Kojin wanted revenge. Believeing his Chains of Prometheus to be unbeatable, he headed confidently into the fray.

During the fight, Kojin was set ablaze with Erasmus's powerful Fire Magic of Hell. In order to defeat Erasmus before he died, Kojin activated his Sword of Damocles, a magic taught to him by Zaphriel. The fight was long and perilous, but Kojin slew Erasmus. His unbeatable defense of the Chains of Prometheus was completely overpowered by his enemies strength, losing it for all time. With his body horribly maimed and his ride beaten, Kojin was baptized anew. He decided to become a better man and Lead Chikyuu no Mirai as their new Master and rive to wards a better goal. Peace, Unification, acceptance and tolerance for all.


Raijin: The Youngest Brother
Fujin: The Middle Brother
Kojin: The Eldest Brother(Before the burns)

So begins...

Kojin Kaguzuchi's Story