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Miki Haruko

"I'll protect anyone who can't protect themselves!"

0 · 447 views · located in Kuusou

a character in “Chasing Rin”, as played by AppleSauce


"I'll protect those too weak to save themselves, and too scared to fight for what's right."


Mik, sometimes Mike when being teased, usually Miki or Haru, there seem to be more bad nicknames as she's quite easy to make fun of.





Sexual Orientation

Earth, nature, flowers, lots and lots of floral things, sparkly objects, meeting new people, sweet food, tangy food, strawberries, animals, running, climbing, jokes, pranks, music, water, swimming, lollies.

Fire, being baby talked, being underestimated, being treated like a child, being cradled, snakes (bad experience), Demonics, not being trusted, liars, secrets.

Fire, snakes, darkness, Demonics, failure.

Associate of Chikyuu no Mirai

No pets but the only Partner she might have would be someone part of the Chikyuu no Mirai from time to time.


Unexpected Vines - Miki is specialised in Earth magic. She has the power to strengthen her very long, thick hair, to vines of sorts. Weak to fire elements and although someone with a lot of strength might be able to break through a vine, could they break through hundreds of them, wrapped around every part of their body?

Eye Seer - Miki can roughly see into someone's past but only after she's been around them for a while. If she tries to look into someone's past at first meeting, it'll look muddled, complicated and might not make sense but can still give clues to what someone might have actually done recently like the day before over the far past. This power is more of a spiritual power, she gathers information and connects with the Earth itself, tracing the footsteps of someone who tread the Earth below her. If one might not have ever stepped foot outside on the Earth at all then she would most likely see nothing about them but she has never come across anyone like this. Depending on the person, if they're aware and want to keep her out from seeing their past it makes it difficult and the vision is blurred and can cause severe headaches for Miki, it is risky and she might not even find any information at all. If someone is too open, the image is too clear and Miki will experience and see everything that person saw and experienced. If the past is terrifying and dangerous she'll feel the same emotions that person felt at that same which can be quite strenuous on Miki.

- Her fears are her weaknesses; fire, darkness, snakes and failure. Fire is an obvious weakness to Earth, she had a bad experience with it as a child when she was trapped in a forest fire and almost died because of it, thankfully a water elemental Nymph saved her life. Miki has always been afraid of the darkness since she was a kid. Once she decided to explore past the city that kept her safe, she was always a curious child and sneaked out of the city. However she found herself lost in the forest she was always warned about. It didn't take very long for it to get dark and she was very lost. Inexperienced with her Earth magic, she stayed put and began to cry which only got unwanted attention. A Demonic found her, one who had long been corrupted by their Demon and accepted it. The Demonic tormented her with snakes, making the illusion of them being far bigger than they actually were and lashing out at her which is why she fears the creature so much. After much running and crying from the Demonic's torment, finally a group of Nymphs from the city had found her and saved her from the Demonic after quickly disposing of it. She was quite petrified for she was only 8 years old. Miki is always afraid she will let her friends and others down, she fears she will fail to protect them or help them and feels it is her responsibility if she does fail. Miki is also quite gullible, oblivious at times and trusts people too easily.
- A thick, wooden staff an inch or two taller than her. It is very strong and hard to find, in the other cities it would probably cost a lot of money. Very detailed carvings, used to strengthen her magic slightly, help her regenerate stamina and energy quicker and is also a good weapon in general, could easily knock someone out with enough force.
- She also carries an over the shoulder satchel bag, made from white fabrics, possibly multiple layers of linen to make it strong and durable, thick rope wrapped in fabric for the strap.

Personal Description
Miki is slender with soft, flawless, vanilla ivory skin. She has soft facial features; small, flat button nose; thin, round eyebrows; long, thick eyelashes; soft lips; small soft hands, slightly curvy mainly in the butt, she hasn't got very large breast at all; very long hair, about the same length as her, up to her ankles, thick, bubblegum pastel pink, usually keeps it in two braids to the front. Her eyes are a beautiful purple, big, round, a curious look to them. Seen wearing a mixture of clothing, usually light or pastel coloured; skirt overalls, white and pink skirt, round collared blouse, long sleeved, puffy, white shirts, polka dots, skirts, long socks, puffy pants, bloomers, lace, boots etc. Miki does look quite fragile, her skin glowing with youth, unharmed, no scars or long term injuries. From time to time she is seen with an assortment of flowers in her hair or other flora, sometimes unintentionally, she does have a lot of long hair and it's quite easy for plants and stuff to get caught in it, but she doesn't mind, she loves nature. Sometimes, when more in the forest areas or places she's most comfortable like her home city, she is seen walking around bare foot. She can really be one with the Earth this way and feels it's easier to navigate. Usually she'll wear clothes with polka dots, floral patterns, simple patterns though, cream or pastel colours, sometimes coffee colours, tan, singular flowers on plain background clothing, thigh high socks, black or white, ankle length white or pink and other coloured dresses, thin dresses, free flowing, ribbons, round collared shirts, button up shirts, in cold weather it's over sized, sweaters, long, tight, trench coats, thick scarves etc.

Miki is not shy and is always happy to talk to anyone, even strangers. She's always been the curious type since she was a child and doesn't like secrets or people keep things from her. Miki is very energetic, playful, tends to enjoy pulling pranks on people who might baby her. She's gullible, oblivious to peoples real deceitful ways and so she's easily betrayed and taken advantage of. But in a fight she can definitely defend herself, she can protect herself and is not weak. Easily flustered, doesn't know how to take compliments usually ends up insulting the person in reply or simply going quiet and red. She's not afraid to tell others how she feels and is open, quite emotional but greatly dislikes people treating her with extra care or cradling her because of her fragile exterior, she's tougher than she looks. Most of the time, Miki is very happy, positive, optimistic, full of hope, never the type to give up, very determined, protective and sometimes aggressive. Miki's mental state is what's fragile as she has quite a few fears, but she is brave and will do anything to save a life. She thinks there's more to someone than meets the eye and that things can be resolved with words and not just fighting all the time and so she tries hard not to end up fighting another person. She dislikes how carelessly a lot of people throw away another's life. Miki can sometimes speak before she thinks, causing a few arguments here and there with others from time to time. She's also very stubborn. She is the type to fall in love quite easily, well, actually more like someone. She can crush on people quite often as she generally likes everyone and finds everyone beautiful. But just as easily as she might crush on someone, she can lose interest and no longer have a crush on them and move on. Love is not common for her, she can't really tell the difference between having a crush and loving someone. A bit naive and easily fooled.
Miki had a great childhood, her parents are still alive although her mother is missing. Miki did have a few encounters with death as a kid because of her stubbornness and curiosity. But she had many who loved her and protected her. She grew up in the Nymph home city called Ceylon, so apart from what was allowed in the city she hadn't encountered any other race except for that one Demonic who terrified her as a child. Because she's been so cradled in the walls of the city, it has only made her will to leave and explore stronger over the years. Although her mother went missing when she was 8-9 years old, her memories of her mother are pleasant and her father always tells her she's a lot like her mother. Her mother was always curious and tended to explore what ever places she could, she was strong too and quite specialised and powerful with her magic. Her mother and father has met when her mother was 20 years old in the Nymph city. Her mother had returned after a long journey and Miki's father instantly fell in love with her. After some years went by they had Miki, but it is still a mystery where she went off to or if she was kidnapped when Miki was 8-9. It was in the middle of the night, they woke up in the morning to see no sign of her, not even a hint of a struggle or fight, it was as if she was never there. Miki's father was greatly depressed from this, thinking she didn't love him anymore, got bored of him or simply wanted to be free from the responsibilities of a family. But he still put on cheerful smiles and gave off a happy aura around Mki and raised her on his own to be a wonderful, young woman. They think that she might have left to prepare for the war that was soon to come and never returned after it was over, it is speculated that she died in the war. But after the war, it was clear that much hatred still lingered, and after Miki encountered many people in trouble throughout her life after the war, she sought out to help as many people as possible, to solve things without war. Miki has a strong hatred towards the war and war in general because of the disappearance of her mother. After she had helped quite a lot of people, her father was most proud and she still returned to her home to sleep and eat and converse with her father who she loved dearly. But when the Chikyuu no Mirai approached her and asked her if she was interested in joining she couldn't refuse. She was more than happy to join a group who fought for the same cause. Her father however was not so happy with the decision, although Miki was old enough to not have her father decide for her, it saddened him he would be alone again and he didn't want to lose his only daughter. But Miki reassured him she would always come back and visit whenever she could, to show him she was alive and well.
Since then Miki has been working for and helping the Chikyuu no Mirai in anyway she can, with word getting around of a female with great uncontrollable power getting around, she feels it is up to them to protect her from the Shikaku and other misunderstood people from harming the girl. First things first is finding her. Miki is most curious about the female and looks forward to getting to know her.

Theme - Laura Shigihara - Everything's Alright
Speech Colour - #FE72B5

So begins...

Miki Haruko's Story