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Titus Tinman

"Can I not work in peace for 10 minutes without something attacking us!?"

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a character in “Chasing the Sunset”, as played by Sneakyrio


Titus Tinman
Blakc version on his right Bicep

Theme Song: 3's & 7's by Queens of the Stone Age

Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Tin-Tin
Date of Birth: January 7th
Age: 22
Determination: Titus isn't sure what to believe about the "Land of Eternal Youth". But he does know whoever gets there first will be famous. And whoever worked on the ship that got there first will be famous as well. Fame means respect and respect means funding. Titus has a great ambition to do a great many things, but he'll need money to do it. Besides, he'd never miss an opportunity beat some Guards into a watery grave.
Position: Shipwright

Appearance: Titus is a very tall man. He stands at 6 feet 6 inches with a very well toned physique. His muscles are rather defined but not particularly bulky. Though he doesn't really look it, Titus is incredibly strong, being able to lift well over four hundred pounds. Spending your entire life building boats and machinery will do that to a person. His blonde hair is always short and very messy looking. He never spends a moment on it, except perhaps to scratch it. Under his giant gloves which he rarely removes, you will find incredibly scarred and calloused hands. His face always has some sort of smudge on it, be it oil, powder or food. His eyes are a very deep cerulean blue, his eyes are very soft.

Preferred Clothing: Titus always wears his big machinery gloves, he is never seen without them. He always wear the matching pants and boots to go with the gloves. They are all flame retardant. Besides that, he usually has a white wife-beater on that he will take off if it becomes too hot. Also, almost never leaving his head are a pair of goggles that he usually wears up. He only puts them down if he's working on something. He also wears a rather large tool belt around his waist.

Preferred Weapons(s): Vera is his pride and joy. He made her out of one of those fancy Guard rifles. She weighs a pretty penny, his attacks with her are rather clunky. His shots rely more on spread than accuracy. All in all, she's the perfect weapon for a lot of guys, or one big ass monster.

Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Titus is a very down to earth person. He believes in what he can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Beyond that, he couldn't care less. What he does care about is money. Without money, he can't work on his side projects. He speaks very plainly and likes to get straight to the point. He doesn't like to waste time dancing about in wordplay when there is work to be done. Titus very much believes in hard work and earning the things you get in life. He also believes that he has worked harder than anyone and believes he is entitled to be incredibly rich and own a major company by now, so piracy is just something the world owes him, in his eyes. He can be very arrogant about his craft, though it is rightly deserved. His general attitude is usually rather pleasant. He can usually be found with a small smile on his face and saying something sarcastic or crass to someone. Titus can come off as fearless, but this is not so. He is plenty afraid of a lot of things, he's human after all. He just doesn't find sitting there in a stupor will help resolve the issue at hand. He is a professional. Sure he will have his "OH SHIT!" Moment when a sea monster rears it's ugly head, but then he will get to work. He works very well under pressure.
Likes: Building and repairing ships, making machinations, freedom, the untamed sea, Space, space ships, smoking, keeping his hands busy in general

Dislikes: The Guards, oppression, people interrupting him working, people interrupting him relaxing, being forced to do nothing

Fears: Sea monsters, being caged, being landlocked, never seeing space. None of these are debilitating fears. I mean, who the hell wouldn't be afraid of a Kraken?

Skills: Titus is the definition of prodigy when it comes to assembling things. He can make or improve any ship to run at maximum capacity. He is also rather skilled at making monster traps, bit of a hobby of his.

Personal History: Titus has felt like he's been under someones thumb his entire life. Mainly, the Guards. He spent his entire childhood living with his Uncle Faulk in his shipyard. He grew up around other shipwrights, along with tools and wood and metal. Ever since he could crawl, it seems he had a hammer in his hand. The town he lived in had a military base on it, so Guard activity on it was high. His parents were up in space, working on star ships. He always longed to join them, but it was nigh impossible to get a job up there and you had to have serious money to get up there if you didn't work up there. When he was older he began working in his Uncles shipyard. The ships he made were the best around and his Uncle made a lot of money from military contracts.

Titus was finally getting into the swing of being a shipwright by the time he was 17. He had forgotten about space and his parents. Giving most of his free time and money over to making little machinations of his own design, the first and favorite being Skamp, a small spider-bot that acted as his assistant. He made a lot of extra cash in selling monster traps to people to keep themselves safe from sea creatures like Drac's, Champ's and Cetus'. Though, one day, a Guard Commander came to his Uncle demanding to make him the greatest Galleon that Liompas had ever seen. So he and his Uncle spent almost 2 years on the ship. They poured all of their combined skill into it, seeing it as the ultimate challenge. The Commander returned, demanding that they hand over the ship, but he refused to pay for it. Instead, he accused them all of aiding pirates and treason and brought along a contingent of men to arrest all of his Uncles workers. The moment Faulk resisted, the Commander stabbed him through the heart. Faulk was a great man in the eyes of many, so Titus and all of his Uncles men fought the Guards, killing many of them, but the Commander escaped. Knowing he couldn't stay there any longer, Titus grabbed a small sail boat, but not before setting ablaze the ship that he and his Uncle spent so long building, so it would not fall into military hands. He sailed for days and was caught in a great storm. His boat was capsized by creatures of the deep, but he washed up on an island. Two days later, he was picked up by a pirate ship.

Other: Titus made a robotic spider named Skamp. He has many functions and has a very quirky artificial intelligence. Also, Titus smokes a lot. He almost always has a cig in his mouth.

So begins...

Titus Tinman's Story


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Taylor Briggs

Taylor was't all to surprised at Isabel's elated response. She started hopping around and dancing, even spinning around with that pesky mut, Avalon. He got a quick laugh out of the little mut's sullied nature and Trinity's sharp response. Taylor let out a brief sigh, "Trinity, you, of all people know my name." His expression went from carefree to annoyed. "It's Taylor, not Briggsy." He was getting fed up with the whole Briggs name, but Trinity was his crew mate... again. He'd just have to deal with her for awhile, which wasn't going to be too difficult, he hoped. As Taylor watched his new crew fumble around, he thought that it wasn't such a bad idea to join this crew. After all, he was all but opposed to forming a crew, it'd be nice to add another story to his novel of life.

"I'll head back to the bar, we're going to need a bigger crew than us three." Taylor left the duo with a light smirk. He knew his reputation as Briggs' son would persuade numerous no-name pirates to join their ranks. 'Dad, it seems I'm about to break anew, sorry.' Taylor's attitude reached an all time high from his thought; now, he could finally begin his own adventure, his own legend, his own title. Taylor knew that now was the time to break from his father's lousy name and create a new Briggs, one that was far more honorable and vastly known as a legend. Today was the day he'd create the new Briggs, Briggs the Brazen!

He entered the bar quietly, his sheer size was enough of a presence for most people. He easily towered over a majority of men and that was a great intimidation factor, but it also worked against him many-a-times. He sat at the bar next to a few men who were fumbling around, more of Sterling's men. A messy man with a cigar approached Taylor. -"Did I just hear right? Did Briggs the Broody just sign himself onto the crew of a sprat? A crew that's going to chase the setting sun to find the land of youth, no less? I knew you had low standards Briggs, but seriously? I mean, I expect it from Tricksy Trinity, but from you? I thought you made of smarter stuff. I guess with that compass in your head there wasn't any room left for a brain." In between comments the foolish loudmouth took a few hits from his cigar. "I mean, she's a kid! She obviously can't pay you guys and with an innocent smile like that, you ain't gonna see a scrap a plunder." The loudmouth took another hit and inched closer to Taylor, "Or are you planning something, eh Briggs? Maybe ye two are planning to mutiny this poor little sprat and taking off with her ship. That'd be mighty low, Briggs. You know what they say, like father like son."- Taylor knew that this nobody was simply there to anger him, which he didn't take kindly. He was rather annoyed that this kid, no doubt a cocky nobody, would stake claim on Taylor's reputation or even consider comparing him to his father. Taylor's spirit was lit aflame. He stood up, towering over the boy. "I'm sorry, but I have no idea who you are. And as far as I be concerned, you have no right to speak my name." Taylor was growing this urge, the same one he undertakes when his father approaches. "Before ya even consida yourself a pirate worthy of speaking my name, make sure you're bestowed a title." Taylor opened his eyes quiet angrily and swiftly drew his pistol, placing it just below the boys chin. "I suggest you shut your trap and leave my crew alone. If you dare speak another word, I'll erase your piece o'shit existence now. So leave my presence you lousy good-for-nothing filth rat." Taylor was awfully serious about killing this kid, he had it with everyone calling him Briggs. He wasn't Briggs in any way other than name, and that's how it would be.


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Trinity Faith Morain

Trinity sighed as the man apologized and leaned over near Titus, standing on her toes so her face was closer to his. "Oh I remember you," Trinity whispered and then paused, letting Titus look her in the eyes. "The guy with two left feet," she said suddenly, pulling back and chuckled. She remembered being scared out of her mind that night as what she thought was a golden piece began to crawl up her arm. Trinity shook the thought from her head and looked back at Titus.

"I'd join your crew,but, Ive got too much common sense. She seems like a sweet girl, but I doubt she'll be able to make the hard decisions a Captain needs too. A Captain needs to look out for the crew, not the other way around."

Trinity huffed, thinking of her two or three previous captains, and rolled her eyes at the man. "You'd be surprised how much some cap'ns need lookin' after," she only whispered to herself. Trinity had started to rethink her life lately and had been thinking way too much of the little things like this. She just really felt like she needed some time to think about taking on another new ship. She had been under so many cruel captains and crew member. Trinity knew that Isabel obviously wasn't a harsh one, and neither was Taylor, but that didn't mean that the other crew mates - if they ever got any - wouldn't be.

As Titus left to sit at a table in the corner, Trinity turned to Taylor with a sigh. For one of the first times in a while, Trinity was completely serious. "Hey, Bri-Taylor," she said, her voice almost sounding tired and defeated rather than having that fierce edge that it had had moments ago. She then continued, "I'm jus' gonna head out t' the docks to get some air. Can't take this stuffed-up bar much more. I'll see Isabel and ya around later though, kay?" Without waiting for a response, Trinity turned on her heels and gracefully weaved her way through the crowds of drunkards and out of the bar.


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Isabel Copperhead

She had been dancing carelessly but stopped when she noticed that Taylor and Trinity had gone back into the bar, she followed them in but stopped when she saw they were talking to someone. At first she thought he was an old friend of some sort but when Taylor took out his gun she reached for her saber to jump at the guy. Don't mess with my crew, was what passed through her mind but then she noticed how the guy was just playing a bad joke and she sheathed her sword. She was going to join them but when she got too close she heard what they were talking about:

"She seems like a sweet girl, but I doubt she'll be able to make the hard decisions a Captain needs too. A Captain needs to look out for the crew, not the other way around. Just my professional opinion, which no one ever seems to care about. Have fun chasing after the Land of Make-Believe."

"You'd be surprised how much some cap'ns need lookin' after."

Isabel was used to being rejected or made fun of and she had a very good way of not being hurt by it . . . walking away . . . They were adults they had lived so much longer than her, they had actual goals in life . . . she was only fifteen, so yes, her reason to sail after the sunset was absurd but that was also why she didn't want to even try explaining. She went back to the docks and went onto her ship, the dear ship her father had spent so much time building, the figurehead was a beautiful woman wearing a small tiara and a tunic . . . her mother actually. She sat on the back of the figurehead and gazed out at the horizon. She knew that people would never take her seriously . . . then again no one ever did, but she would still sail the seas and accomplish the rumor she started.