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The Market


a part of Chasm, by bokystroki.

Filled with odd smells, small alleys, and stalls alike - The Market is an excellent one stop shop for all of your dungeoneering needs.

bokystroki holds sovereignty over The Market, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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No one is really sure how old the market is, or really how it was created. The only thing that is obvious is of all the merchandise you can purchase with the keys collected, or - if you wish, even open shop yourself.
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The Market

Filled with odd smells, small alleys, and stalls alike - The Market is an excellent one stop shop for all of your dungeoneering needs.


The Market is a part of Theas.

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Sheonna (Chione) DuCairne [1] "A coyote isn't a threat until it's persistent."

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The sounds of the market were unusually louder than the usual standard. People were murmuring along, while the familiar sound of keys jingling together around peoples key loops and merchants collecting them seemed to be drowned out by the gossiping amongst the people. Which, could only mean one thing:

New arrivals.

Chione casually made her way - her hips swinging as she walked which made the keys on her own belt loop clang together, followed by a little bell that she had attached on a braided ribbon to secure them as an extra measure, in case if anyone wanted to swipe them.

Bumping against people shoulder to shoulder, she attempted to go to the square, which really just looked like a giant opening with a few make shift benches made out of hide and bones, as well as a well so that she could observe the large tunnel ahead.

That's where everyone's living quarters were located - that's where the new arrivals will wake up and have a panic attack.
"Not too long now." she mused, flopping her knapsack on the ground and sitting on one of the benches languidly. She began to tap her foot, every waiting patiently.

It's been three years since she's been held up within the Chasm, not that she minded much. Still, she knew how scary it was the first day, the fear of awaking somewhere and not remembering how you even got there or moved was definitely a nerve-wrecking experience.

In fact, she couldn't recall ever seeing anyone moving people into the Chasm at all.
Still, while the whole area was shrouded in mystery, she waited.

She was sure she'll get her day to escape, after all.