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Ace Lancaster

0 · 564 views · located in Transylvania | Château de la Maudit

a character in “Château de la Maudit || Till Death Do Us Part”, as played by ℰℯℯ℘




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"Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule."




Full Name
Ace Jon Lancaster

A, Jonny, Master, my Lord.

He stopped aging at 18



Face Claim



"There is no love in this world, or in my heart, that can cancel out my hatred."


So begins...

Ace Lancaster's Story

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Château de la Maudit || Till Death Do Us Part



A bad idea. Perhaps it wasn't, but if Addie hadn't thought it would be a good idea to go prancing around in the woods in a completely different state she would have never suggested it. However, she wanted Amélia to get away from that horrid man who had hurt her countless times. It was perfect really, her suggestion for an all paid camping trip, Addie was more than excited about it, she loved the wild and loved exploring new places, but a feeling of dread was pooling in her stomach as dark clouds formed over head.

The trooper had dropped the two girls off at the woodland entrance, giving them a worried look as he drove away without question. Despite telling the two young females about stories of wolves and ghosts that inhabited the forest - and some nonsense about monsters and cursed castles - the two had decided that the plane tickets had cost too much for them to not go in. The older man left as soon as they stepped out of the jeep - clearly to scared to offer any assistance.

They set off with determination, but that drive slowly faded away as the sky grew darker and darker, not from nightfall, but a storm. Adèle winced. She didn't want to admit it, but they were lost. The trail had ended a good mile back, and so the two stumbled around blindly, looking for perhaps a small river they could camp by. "Well...should we camp here?" Addie asked, glancing up at the sky nervously.

Amélia flinched as a crackle of thunder ripped through the sky. While normally Mia would of suggested going home due to the poor weather... But, they had already flew out here, and with the Trooper already gone, they were stuck. Stuck and lost. Scanning around the area, it didn't seem like they were going to be able to make it much further without getting caught in the storm. Well, this could of gone better... As long as she was with Adèle though, it would turn out to be just fine.

Still, the forever smiling Amélia looked over to Adèle, trying to forge some sort of reassurance through her voice. "Yeah, at least until the storm blows over. I'm sure it's for the best." Adèle must of just had been trying to give not only Amélia a break from that man, but to just get a breather herself. That was always a plus... But as much as Léon was a scumbag, she still had some sort of longing for the moron. "I wish we brought a map though..." Ame sighed, stretching as she set down some of their camping supplies. 'Where would be a good place to pitch a tent though?' Being under the protection of trees would be the best bet In this situation.

Addie looked around and let out a sigh. She hated being lost, however, she put on a brave face for Mia, and returned the older girls smile. She couldn't help but agree, a map would have been a really smart idea, it was actually sad that they had thought of everything but the map.

Adèle felt like smacking her head.

She shouldn't have overlooked something so simple. "Under the trees would be best I guess..." She looked around for a moment, and frowned at their location. They had somehow ended up in a small meadow like opening. Another boom of thunder bounded through the sky, followed by a bright flash of lightening that split the sky.

Darkness seemed to overtake the forest at once, and Addie suddenly felt uneasy. "Lets hurry and set up the tent." she mumbled bending down to pull out the tent. They would set it up in the treeline of the clearing.

Bending down to help Adèle with the tent, Amélia slowly grew more anxious by the minute. Milly's head jerked up at the sudden snarls close by, as well as the soul piercing howl in the distance. "W-wolves?" That would explain why the Trooper left rather quickly... Right? Eyes darting to the treeline, Ame slowly began to stand. Staring back at her were savage, golden glowing eyes that almost bore right into her. Gently reaching down to touch Adèle's shoulder, Ame tugged on it.

"Addie, get up very slowly..." Amélia's voice trembled with fear, sure she liked wolves, but not when they were snarling and about to pounce.

Addie had been busying herself with the tent, and there for hadn't noticed anything odd. That is, until she felt a tug on her shoulder. Addie looked up at Am's and raised an eye brow before her face sobered at her friends tone. Slowly, Addie did as she was instructed, and glanced in the direction Mia was looking. The young girl nearly cried.


Fear sprang to life in her chest, making it feel like someone had just knocked her down. A gasp escaped through her gaping mouth, and her lips trembled as her eyes burned with unscathed tears. The wolf growled at them, and took a threatening step forward. "Amélia," She tugged on her friends frozen form. "We need to go. Now. Am's, come on...we...we have to run...or we'll die" She shook her friend a bit harder as the wolve stepped forward, inching closer to them.

Thunder shook the ground, making Addie jump in fear. Two things happened at once. Rain began to pour down, and the wolf lunged at them. Addie screamed, and grabbed the half built tent. She threw it at the snarling wolf with all her might, stunning it for a moment. She took the chance to latch onto Mia and drag her along in a full out sprint, away from the wolf.

The two ran hand in hand, rain pouring down onto them and soaking their clothes through - a small part of Addie's mind noted that today was a bad day to wear a white shirt - and soaking the ground through, weakening it. They slid and slipped, and the branch's from the trees around them seemed to reach out with gnarled hands to claw at them, slicing open their skin and clothes.

A howl cut through the air in front of them, followed by a growl, and Addie quickly made a sharp turn, pulling a still stunned Mia behind her. Suddenly, the ground beneath the two girls gave out, and they found themselves tumbling and falling down a rather steep slope. Addie saw a wolf jump onto the spot they had been at mere seconds before, teeth snapping and growls escaping it's large bulk as it watched it's prey escape.

Soon, the two girls landed with sharp thuds, Amélia landing on top of Addie, emitting a pain filled cry from the smaller girl. Angry barks could be heard from above them. The wolves hadn't given up on their hunt yet. Adèle forced herself onto her feet, and pulled Am's along with her, both stumbling and tripping every few steps in the blind dash. A shadow of some kind of castle loomed near by, and without a second thought, The two shuffled towards it.

The castle looked hundreds of years old, if not older. The large black cobblestone walls were cracked and falling apart, and the huge gate that separated the castle from the outside world as bent a bit in the middle, as if a body had been slammed into it with great force at one point. She could hear the thump of paws behind them, and Addie shifted into over drive. She shoved Mia with all her might through the small opening of the gate, not caring that the metal cut into her friends side, and dove after her.

Sharp teeth sliced through the skin of her ankle, snagging it loosely, pulling her back. The small brown haired girl cried out in pain, blindly kicking with one leg and gripping the bent gate so hard with both hands that blood flowed down her split palms. Her foot connected with something hard, and a whimper was heard as her ankle was released. Addie pulled herself the rest of the way through, the opening big enough for the two girls, but not big enough for the wolves. However, as if the animals had just noticed where they were, they took off running.

Addie layed back on the ground, her breathing heavy and labored. Ame's was shouting and crying, saying something about her foot, but Ame's ignored it. She didn't want to see the blood, it would just make her throw up, or pass out. Carefully, she helped haul her friend too her feet, and limp towards the abandoned looking castle. The two didn't make it very far though. As they started to climb the front steps, the rain pushed them down too hard, and both Addie slipped. She stared to fall backwards, but Ame's warm embrace was suddenly around her, protecting the small girl from the collision from the ground.

Soaked, weak, tired and injured, Addie sat over her now unconscious best friend, crying helplessly. "Please!" She sobbed uselessly. Shaking her friend. "Wake up. Please please please. I don't know what to do." Her body shook with her frantic sobs. "Someone...please help us..." Addie hadn't cried in so long, but at the small gash on her friends head that bled so quickly made her so scared. As the rain poured down onto them, Addie bowed her head as her body shook with her cries.

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#, as written by Scra


Blowing a puff of smoke into the air, Monty walked along the wet grass. "M-M-Monty,...w-why... are w-we...o-o-outside?" Henry spoke in his usual monotoned voice, he took pauses between his words, as if each one was more strenuous than the last. Monty glanced over at Henry for a few seconds before answering,"Victoria told me she felt something enter the gates, so I wanted you to come check it out with me." Henry looked at Monty then at the grey sky, rain drops spilled from his face, "D-D-Do y-you h-hear t-t-that?" Monty looked up, listening to the noise in the distance,"Yea, it sounds like...Wolves?" Henry continued to look at the dull sky, "W-W-Why a-are t-t-they b-b-braking?"

Freezing Monty stopped to listen more closely, faintly he did hear the sound of cries, and that was never a good sign. "Henry, fly ahead to see what is happening." Henry looked at Monty, "W-w-w-what's...w-wrong?" Monty just stared straight ahead, and Henry nodded. Sprouting his black wings he disappeared soundlessly, heading to the scene. Monty stayed there for a few minutes before continuing to walk.

Walking swiftly, Monty spots Henry hovering above him. He was about to ask what he saw, but then he noticed his expression, "What?" Henry kept afloat, "I-I-I-It's bad." Following Henry who was guiding him from the sky, he witnessed what the commotion was all about. Two female humans, they were badly hurt, one unconscious while the other was awake.

Walking up to the two humans he was silent, and just watched them for a minute. Henry landed beside him, folding his wings. Glancing at Monty's face, Henry could see what he was thinking, "M-M-M-Monty?" Monty looked behind the girls to see the wolves barking at them. Their fangs baring ferociously. He glared at them, silencing their constant threats. Whimpering they ran off, leaving the girls alone. Monty sighed as if he had just lifted a huge burden of his shoulders.

He stared at the Humans, meeting the eyes of one of them, "...Your filthy." Monty said this in a cold voice. Turning to Henry he signaled him to pick up the girl who was unconscious. Henry bent down and picked up the girl gently, "D-D-D-Don't worry. I-I-I-I'll b-be c-c-careful." Without waiting for a response Monty scooped the other female in one of his arms and the two man headed toward the castle with the girls in their arms.

Kicking the door open, Monty yelled loudly, "Victoria! Cleo! Get in the bath ready!" Cleo walked in, "What are you yelling about Mont-" Stopping mid-sentence she started at the two humans as if someone just jumped out of nowhere, scaring her. "Humans?" Monty walked past her, "Be quiet, and do what I told you."

Cleo nodded slowly and drew a warm bath. Once done she walked into the living room to see that Monty had seated the girls on one of the couches. Victoria appeared behind Monty, clutching tightly onto his pants leg, she stared curiously at the girls. "Monty why did you bring them inside?! They are Human?!!" Cleo protested against Monty, but he didn't pay her any mind. Her looked at the girl who was conscious and spoke clearly,"Who are you?"

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Rain kept pouring. While one would think it would wash the dirt and blood off the two girls, they were very much wrong. Adèle shook from the cold as she struggled to somehow stand up, her knees, however, buckled under her weight every time. Now tears of annoyance streaked her dirt ridden porcelain skin, mixing with the rain and falling to the ground harmlessly. "I can..." She pushed herself up, her arms shaking. "I can..." The small girl fell once more, and she let out an aggravated grunt.

Her body didn't have the strength her mind and heart did. She couldn't get back up. "Amélia...I'm sorry. " She sighed, her shoulders slumping as she sat over her friend, taking on the rain that would have hit Mia. Slowly, her mind started to slip into darkness. For a moment, all she heard was the patter of the rain, and woosh and the cooling winds, and the snarls of the wolves, and then, all at once, the wolves stopped, and so did the wind, though the rain kept up a steady beat.

"...Your filthy." Her head jerked up, purple eyes connecting with amber ones, and her mouth fell open to gape at the men in front of her. Addie had been sure this place was abandoned. What kind of people live in the middle if nowhere, in transylvania no less. Killers... She shook the thought away. They didn't honestly have luck that bad.

Addie started as the second man with strange eyes swept down to take Amélia from her. She reached out weakly, panic spreading through her heart at the thought of being separated from her best friend by strangers. "D-D-D-Don't worry. I-I-I-I'll b-be c-c-careful." She paused as she man spoke, and then, slowly, Adèle nodded. "Thank you," She mumbled, wondering if the man could hear her over the boom of thunder that made the small girl cringe.

The other man, the one who had spoken first - calling her filthy, how rude - swept her up next, both males heading towards the castle. Catching sight of her own bloody ankle, Addie's skin turned a strange shade of green, and she turned her face into the mans chest as she focused on calming her sudden intake of breath. The man holding her smelled like smoke and cinnamon, that was an odd mix.

Kicking the door open, the man yelled loudly, making Addie jump in his arms and stare up at him with wide eyes. "Victoria! Cleo! Get in the bath ready!" Addie blinked at him, briefly wondering if she smelt bad. "What are you yelling about Mont-" A pink haired girl stopping mid-sentence starting at them as if she was about to have a heart attack. Mont? Odd name... "Humans?" Addie titled her head to the side and stared at the woman like she had just rolled down the stairs in her underwear. Why would anyone address someone in such a manner? "Be quiet, and do what I told you." The man, Mont, walked passed the woman without a second glance. I wonder if they're together... She hummed to herself in her mind, they would make a nice couple...but they didn't look quite right.

Addie watched Mia from the other side of the room, she had been layed out on a couch, while she herself sat upon another one. She turned back to the man in time to see a small girl appear behind him and clutch tightly onto his pants leg. Adèle met her curiously stare and tried to smile kindly at the child, but she was worried it was more of a grimace than a smile. "Monty why did you bring them inside?! They are Human?!!" Addie flinched and looked away from the smaller girl and down to the ground. How was it possible that someone could make her feel like it was a crime to be Human? Were these people not Human?

Adèle decided she didn't think she liked the pink haired girl, and that she wouldn't be right for this man, Mont, at all. "Who are you?" Addie looked back towards the man and blinked several times. She opened her mouth to respond, but snapped it shut at once, her teeth making an audible noise as they clicked together, flashes of snarling wolves and steep hill sides came to the front of her mind, making tears fill but her purple eyes and spill over. She felt bad, she was bleeding on their carpet. "I'm-" She stopped when her voice came out hoarse and weak.

Angrily she wiped the tears away and tried again. "I'm Adèle S-Sinclair, " She shivered. "Thats, Amélia Delacroix we were...camping." Addie finished lamely and looked down once more. "W-we got lost, the trooper just left us, a-and we figured we would just set up camp b-before the storm started, b-but all of the sudden there were...wolves," She looked up, the fear evident in her eyes.

"They chased us all the way here. At first there was just one and then there was two, then three, then four." She shivered again, more tears falling. "We saw your castle, I am so sorry, we t-thought it was abandoned, it looks so old, we made it through the hole in the gate, but I got caught on..." Her eyes trailed down to her ankle, and her skin turned from pale to green again as she quickly looked away, different flashes filling her mind this time, this time they were flashes of blood stains floors and walls, and mutilated bodies. For a moment, Addie struggled with the contents of her stomach.

"We climbed the stairs to take shelter from the rain, but we slipped...Mia hit her head...will she be ok??" Addie looked up with wide innocent eyes, worry and fear shining through for her friend. She owed this man a dept, it was a scary thought to think if they hadn't come across them, or if the two girls hadn't found the castle, they would have ended up dead, scary indeed. "I...thank you." She mumbled, glancing at the amber eyed man, and the other man who had carried Mia inside.

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#, as written by Scra


Monty just stared as the Human, called Adèle, told her story. He showed no emotion on his face, and by the time she was finished he was craving another cigarette. "I...thank you." Monty stayed silently, while Henry nodded his head beside him. Monty took a minute to examine the girls condition, "...Don't thank us. You don't even know who we are. Don't say something you will regret."

With those words he turned his back on the Humans, and spoke softly to Henry, Cleo, and Victoria, "I'm going to see my Old man, I need you three to tend to their wounds and clean them up. Get some fresh clothes from Al's room, and make sure no one finds out that they are here. Understood. Also, don't reveal anything to them, we don't need anymore confusion."
All three of them nodded at Monty, as he walked out of the room.

Emerging into the hall Monty pulled out a cigarette, and lit it. Taking a depth breath, he slowly let out a long and burdened sigh, letting the scent of smoke mixed with cinnamon fill the air, strangely calming Monty down. He repeated this action multiple of times until his cigarette was just a small butt. Tossing the finished cigarette into a nearby trash can, he pulled out yet another. But before he put it in his mouth his hand froze.

"Monty! Quit that smoking, do you want to die?!", the girl swiped the cigarette from his hand and crushed it on the ground with a huff. Monty glared, "What the hell! I wanted to smoke?!" The girl looked him straight in the eyes, "You smoked twice today! No more!" She held out her hand, "Now. Give it to me." Monty turned his head nonchalantly as if he didn't hear anything, "What I thought I heard something?" She glared at him, "Give me the pack of cigarettes. Now, Monty." Monty stared at her sharp grey eyes, a faint smile spread on his face, as he gazed at her face. Taking out the pack, he handed them to her. She smiled triumphantly, as if what she had accomplished was a huge feat, "I'll be holding on to these. You may have two a day." Monty smiled gently, than gave her a kiss on the cheek, which made her entire face light up bright red. "Monty!" She yelled loudly, as he walked away laughing, "Okay, Evy. I'll come to you twice a day when I need a smoke." She pouted and followed after him.

The memory left a sweet smile on Monty's lips, but than he quickly wiped it off. He continued to walk, casting his head downwards. How long has it been since he thought of her, two maybe three years. Too him, that was no longer than a couple minutes. Those sweet memories were like bitter nightmares, though it wasn't like they were terrible, in fact they were delightful. But maybe that was why it was so hard to reminisce about them, they brought back to many feelings, feelings he wished to forget. Putting the cigarette back inside the pack, he continued to walk toward his Father's study. Knocking on the door, he didn't wait for an answer and entered, "Hey, Old man, we have a problem. Two Humans found the castle." Monty stared into the eyes of his Father.

Henry looked over at Celo and Victoria, "I-I-I'll go g-g-get the c-c-c-clothing, y-y-you t-two can h-h-help t-t-t-them." With that Henry bowed to the two Human girls and went to retrieve the clothing. Celo glanced down at Victoria, "Victoria, take care of the one who is awake. I'll handle the other one." Victoria nodded quietly, and walked over Adèle. Examining her foot, a pained expression appeared on her face. Quickly she ran to retrieve a first aid kit.

Coming back, Victoria sat on the floor and pulled out some alcohol, "Umm...My name is Victoria Faustine. And that is my sister, Clea Faustine. We will take care of you.", her voice was soft but audible. "This will sting, but it will feel better in a second. So please bear with it." Showing a small smile to calm Adèle down, she dapped the cloth in alcohol. A second later, she applied the cloth to the wound, processing to clean off the blood and dirt. She could feel the girl squirm, but she continued until the human calmed down. Once finished, she wrapped the wound, and stepped back, "All done." She smiled kindly, than glanced over at her sister, who was finishing up tending to the other Human. Cleo also stood up, "Okay I'll help them bathe. Stay with this one, while I'll clean Adèle first."

Cleo helped Adèle to the bathroom, which was only minutes away from the living room, but since the girl was hurt it took a while longer. Celo was careful not to go to fast, as to not hurt the Human. Once she entered the bathroom, she helped the girl undress, of course there were issues as she the Human was uncomfortable, but after some persuading Celo finally got Adèle cleaned up and covered with a robe. Once Adèle was comfortably seated on the couch, Cleo took the other girl and cleaned her up. Once both were cleaned and wrapped in warm robes, Cleo turned to Victoria. "Henry should be coming soon. Get the clothes from him." Victoria quickly left the room. A few minutes later she came back with two outfits. Locking the door behind her, she handed the clothing to Cleo, than Cleo helped the two Humans into the fresh clothes, "There all done."

Aimé, was lost in his studies one more, he has spent years trying to solve the mystery of his families and the d'lunes curse, trying to track down the witch who did them in heartlessly, but so far he was coming up blank. That is, until recently. He found an old prophecy, one that was in a language he has yet to learn. However, he was able to make out several key points, those of which being Humans, Memory Protection, and blood. The elder held in a sigh as his eldest son strode into his study, though his head jerked up at the mention of Humans.

Monty looked at his Father's room, piles upon piles of books canvased the area. Many of which Monty has never seen before, he took a moment to take in all the work his Father had been doing. Quickly he shook the thoughts from his head, and turned his attention to his Father. "Two Humans were chased into the castle gates. I brought them inside. Cleo, Victoria, and Henry are treating them at the moment." Monty waited patiently for his Father to answer.

"I see.", He let out a sigh, before standing. Even now, the man wore a perfectly kept suit and white gloves. "Let us go, I will inspect them, and then we will drop them off to the nearest Trooper." At his sons odd look, the father rolled his eyes, and went on. "Of course we will erase them memories of us. Lest they not lead anyone to our castle." After straightening his coat once more, Aimé lead his son out of the study.

Nodding he followed behind his Father. It took a while to reach the living room. Once they had entered the two Humans were both tended to and dressed in new clothing. "Good evening", He addressed the two humans, taking in their appearances with keen eyes. Since they had already been tended too, he could get on with erasing their memories and sending them on their way. He needed to get back to his studies.

Gracefully and swiftly, he moved towards the female who seemed to be the most awake, and crouched down before her. "Look into my eyes." He instructed gently, his crimson pools gazing into the bright violet ones before him. Slowly, he reached up, around the girl with both arms, and placed one arm around her waist - to keep her in place - and the other over the back of her head.

Aimé's hand glowed purple, and stayed that way as he gazed into the girls eyes. What occurred next was not what he expected. The young human began to wiggle around in mans hold, and instead of her eyes growing dull, they grew panicked. "Let go!" Addie had cried out, making Aimé stand up at once, his grip vanishing from her form as his body tensed. It wasn't possible.

Turning swiftly, Aimé repeated the action with the other Human, only to find that the results were the same. Slowly, the family head took a step away from the Humans, and stared intently at his son. He was about to speak, when young Alphonse walked in. Perhaps, if the young lad had not stormed in, the girls would have been able to leave, perhaps.

Monty, for the first time in his life dreaded the appearance of Al. The young imp was fuming, which caused his tail and pitch black wings to appear. Luc, Mael, and Remi were all behind him, pleading for him to calm down, but to no avail Al stormed into the room. He spoke loudly, his voice booming off the walls, "Which one of you vermin stole my beautiful outfits! Those were for little Victor-" Al froze in his tracks, every fiber in his body came to a stand still. He stared at the blank faces of everyone in the room, than turned to faces of the Humans, who looked absolutely horrified. He looked at the triplets behind him, who were as surprised as everyone else. Al stayed silent, and it seemed like hours until a noise was made.

Only minutes later Monty let out a long sigh, and rubbed his forehead in pain. Al knew what he had done, he quickly made his wings disappear, along with his tail. He hide behind the triplets, fearing Monty's or the Lancaster Head's stares. It was than that everyone turned and stared at the two humans. Silence filled the room, the thing that could be heard was the raging storm outside, announcing a new beginning.

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"...Don't thank us. You don't even know who we are. Don't say something you will regret." Addie stared at him as he stood and turned to leave, her mouth open slightly in surprise. These people were very odd. "I-I-I'll go g-g-get the c-c-c-clothing, y-y-you t-two can h-h-help t-t-t-them." Addie was silent as the man bowed to her - how strange - and then hurried away. The youngest one - Victoria - walked towards Adèle, and after examining her foot, she went to get a first aid kit. Addie tried to ignore the pained looked the younger girl had, she didn't want to think about the blood.

Victoria sat on the floor and pulled out some alcohol, "Umm...My name is Victoria Faustine. And that is my sister, Clea Faustine. We will take care of you." Addie smiled at the girls soft voice. "This will sting, but it will feel better in a second. So please bear with it." Adèle's eyes widened at the sight of the alcohol bottle, opening her mouth to protest, but it was too late. The small girl applied the cloth to her wound, processing to clean off the blood and dirt. Addie gasped silently as she wiggled around, trying to pull away from the searing pain, however the small girl was rather strong. Soon it was over, and her wound was wrapped. "All done." Addie leaned back against the couch and let out a small breath. "Okay I'll help them bathe. Stay with this one, while I'll clean Adèle first."

"I can do it..." Addie mumbled, her face turning the shade of a cherry as the older girl tried to help her undress. She fidgeted around, and felt like a small child as the pink haired woman helped her, some rather intense persuading from Celo, Adèle was finally clean up and covered with a robe. Once Adèle was comfortably seated on the couch, Cleo left with Mia. The silence stretched on for several minutes, and Addie found herself dozing off, her ankle still hurt, but now she was clean and warm. The click of a lock made her eyes flutter open sleepily, being held out to her, was one of the more beautiful pieces of clothing she has ever seen.

Much to Addie's embarrassment, she was forced to have help dressing once more, she was certain her face was still red when that man, Mont, returned with someone much older. Are they all related?? What a gene pool, how can so many people be so beautiful? She shook her head to try and clear the thoughts. It went un-noticed by nearly everyone that Ace had slipped into the room behind his older brother.

"Good evening," The man addressed her easily, Mia was still asleep.The dark haired male strode towards Addie, and crouched down. "Look into my eyes." He instructed gently, and she did as she was told. For a moment, her mind felt fuzzy, and her eyes started to droop, she didn't notice as he reached up, around her with both arms, and placed one arm around her waist and the other over the back of her head. Silence stretched on, and her mind started to slip, like she was about to faint, and her vision grew darker, but suddenly, she could hear the hiss of a snake, and it felt as if something bit her through the bandage that wrapped around her ankle.

That's when she snapped out of it. "Let go!" Adèle cried out, pushing against the man. Instantly he turned away from her, and strode towards Mia. Addie sprung to her feet, intent on stopping him, but at the surging pain she felt from her injured foot, she fell back down onto the couch.

What happened next, will always haunt her.

A young, fuming boy stomped into the room, but that wasn't what surprised Addie, it was his tail and pitch black wings that threw her off. "Which one of you vermin stole my beautiful outfits! Those were for little Victor-" The boy froze, Addie froze, the room froze. As he turned and looked at her, he was most likely as horrified as she was. The silence seemed to last forever, until Monty let out a long sigh, and rubbed his forehead in what seemed to be pain. She gulped loudly as everyone turned to stare at her, and the boy hid behind three other boys. The storm seemed awfully welcoming all of the sudden.

Ace nearly tackled the other boy. Could he have been any dumber? "Alphonse," He broke the silence, all eyes shifting to him as he strode further into the room. "You are an idiot." Ace said simply.

The gathering crowd made Addie shrink back into the couch, before shakily standing up. "W-Well, I um, I think it's time I go..." Everyone could nearly see her shaking. "Lovely meeting you all, I-I, uhmm...thank you, Or uh...Yeah..." She chuckled as she backed up towards the door that had led out to a hallway and to the many doors that had been home to a bathroom. "I'll just, yeah I'll just go..." She slipped through the door rather quickly for someone who had an injury, surprising probably half the people in the room as she took off down the hallway at full speed, aiming her body for the half open window at the end.

Al being the closet to the girl, knew that he had to chase her down. Dreading the sweat he might form, Al spread his wings and took off after the young lady. Wrapping his arms around her slender waist, Al was about to lift her into the air, when she stomped on his foot. "Ouch!"

Addie made a small squeak as she scrambled out of the young boys arms, aiming a sharp jab at his rips for good measure, she made it to the window in record time, flinging it open and throwing half of her body out into the rain.

Regaining his composure from the pain of his throbbing foot and rips, his eyes grew wide as he witnessed half of her body through the window, "NO! Don't get my dress dirty!" Racing towards her, he once again wrapped his arms around her waist, this time having no attention of letting go, "Please spare the dress!"

Addie twisted around, fighting against his hold as Al's words fell on the deaf ears of a panicked young girl, she turned her head to the right, and doing the only thing she could think of, Addie bit down onto the boys shoulder sharply, breaking through his shirt, and through his skin, much to her horror and disgust. However, she didn't give up her struggle.

It took all of Al's might not to let out a scream, but to his horror he did let go of her small waist. Falling backwards, he watched as the young girl jumped out of the window. Without a second thought Al jumped out after her, racing to catch her before she met the ground. Reaching his arms out he once again wrapped his arms around her waist, "Please stay still! I promise I won't hurt you! So don't move, unless you wish to hit the ground and die!" He held onto her tightly, the flapping of his wings drowning out the sound of the thunder.

Addie, much to her surprise, found herself clinging to the boy to keep from falling. Since when were they on the second floor? She gasped at the feeling of them raising up, back towards the window, and tears gathered in her eyes. "No!" She cried out against the noise, daring to struggle once more, she didn't want to go back into that room with all of those people.

Al knew he couldn't let her go until they were inside, so he dealt with the multiple blows to the head and occasional close calls. Once inside Al and Addie were seated on the ground, he still grasped her, but he had loosened his hold. "Please, just stand still for a moment. Let me explain. I promise you don't have to go back into the room. So just listen to me."

She paused for a moment once they were inside, a small part of her thinking about jumping out the window again, but instead she turned slightly to stare at the boy behind her. She was unaware that her body was shaking, and if she had ever been with a boy before, Addie would have realized that it was a bad thing to be sitting on a boys lap, but she was too innocent to really notice this. "Okay..." She mumbled.

Al let out a sigh of relief, than paused. Turning his head, he mumbled, "Ummm...You...Can you maybe get off of my lap?" It wasn't like Al was shy, but he could smell that she was...pure. He wasn't evil enough to ruin that, not now anyway. So he gently moved her off his lap and sat her in front of him, "There. Okay so are you ready to listen?"

She blinked at him, not really understanding that she had done something wrong, and in response to not knowing, her face flushed scarlet. Addie nodded though, watching him carefully. "Y-yeah..." She glanced at the window one last time, before looking back at him.

Al took a deep breath and looked Addie in the eyes, "Okay. So long story short we are what you Humans call Monsters. But. We will not harm you, so stay still. We were cursed a long time ago, and the result of that curse was that we turned into different species of monsters. I'm an imp." Al paused so the girl could take in all the chaos. He glanced at the window, preparing himself for if she tried to jump out of it again. He stared at her seriously, awaiting for her response.

Addie stared at him for a good four minutes, trying to decide if he was just plain crazy, or telling the truth. That's when she caught sight of his shoulder. Her violet eyes widened and she reached out in shock, lightly touching the bite mark she had left. "I am so sorry..." She whispered, before the smell of his blood hit her. Addie's skin turned deathly pale, and she turned away from Al, her body shaking once more.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but instead - much to her horror - her body started to shut down. She was going to faint. Addie tried to push herself up to stand, but instead she fell forward, onto Al, and the darkness took her.

It all happened so fast, and to Al's surprise it didn't end at all the way he had thought. The young girl had spotted the blood coming from his wound and fainted. But it wasn't like she had fell out the window again, --As that might have been better-- No she had to fall on top of him. Al let out a loud groan, as he held onto the girl.

Moments later, Monty had appeared, seeing Al in trouble, Monty couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "Help!" Monty shook his head, staring straight at Al, You started this. You fix it. We will handle the other one, so you handle this one." Al couldn't believe his ears, he wanted to run away, but the Human held him down, "What in the world am I supposed to do?!"

Monty shrugged his shoulders as he walked away, "Take her to your room and let her get some rest. I'll come check up on you guys later." Al yelled after him, "I don't want some filthy Human in my room! Monty! Come back! Argh!" Al carried the girl in his arms to the nearest room, as he forbid this human entering his own sleeping chambers. Setting her on the bed, Al took out a first aid kit, and tended to his wounds.

Addie rolled over on the bed, a small sigh escaping her lips. "Pretty...dress..." She seemed to fully relax then, her chest rising and falling gently. "Pretty boy..." She said in an even smaller, softer voice, her eyes fluttering for a moment before they stayed closed. Addie buried her face in her pillow, her voice fading almost completely. "Warm...lap?" She made a humming noise, before rolling back over onto her back, a small smile gracing her full lips.

Al listened to her small voice and couldn't help but feel....happy? Just the thought of a human girl making him happy brought Al to the vurge of throwing up, but he couldn't deny it wasn't bad to get praised. At least she complimented the dress, even though she almost ruined it. Al let out a groan, realizing there was no way out of this situation.

Standing up he carefully lifted the girl in his arms, looking out the window he saw that the rain had lightened. Stretching out his wings he was about to take off to the other side of the castle, when he felt movement from the girl. Tensing up, he worried she would attack again. But instead she...snuggled against his chest, holding onto him. Al eased up, and couldn't help but blush a little. When he got a closer look at her, she wasn't half bad for a Human.

Realizing what he was saying he shook his head back and forth,"Not now Al!" Taking to the sky Al fell to his room. Making sure not to wake the girl he held her closely, "I-It isn't like I'm doing this on purpose! I just don't want to see blood on the ground." He said this with blush on his cheeks. Arriving at his room, Al entered through the window. Carefully he layed the girl on his bed, and closed the window so the rain wouldn't get in. Seating himself on a chair next to the girl, Al sat down with a huff, relaxing in the seat.

Addie drifted off into the most peaceful sleep she had experienced in a long time, for once she wasn't plagued by nightmares from her past, though she would soon realize that real monsters didn't haunt your dreams, they haunted your waking hours.

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#, as written by Ever

"Damn it... of course. Of course it had to be bloody raining! See, another reason why I shouldn't have come back; there isn't any fucking sun..!" hissed out the gripes of ebony-haired girl, those impossibly long tresses already curling from the moisture. Producing a sound along the lines of an agitated huff, this stranger brazenly shoved aside the fronds of undergrowth, little to no care being expressed for their tender wellbeing. Taking a moment of standstill from the chaotic shoving, bubbles of rain pooling off the burlap trench coat, Evy raised her steeled gaze to peer off to the north. Meeting her probing was the faint outline of conical spires, a sign she was still awhile from reaching her goal...and one that was not well-received. In a bout of anger, the succubus hurled the haphzaradly sewn gunnysack, the pouch that held a single pair of clothes, a few feet in front of her. Not yet quite satsified in expressing her tantrum, the female pirate marched over to the abandoned bag before delivering a swift quick to the unsuspecting cloth, droplets of water being flung from her person in the process. With yet another small grumble of discontentment, this time being along the lines of "Why...why did we have to build a castle in the middle of bloody nowhere?!", the succubus bent forward to retrieve her belongings before continuing on her way. Far past the point of shivering, her clothes thoroughly drenched at this time, Evy simply picked up her pace and began to distract her mind with old pirate shanties she learned in her time sailing.

As the first rays of sunlight began to filter through the clotted stormclouds above, a new sight greeted the wandering stranger. The foliage of green gave way to wrought iron gates, their imposing twists and gleams a sight that could spark feelings of dread in any brave soul....especially one that was foolish enough to return to their threshold. Heaving a bitter sigh, those crystalline pools swirling with indecision, Evianna's concious urged her feet to move. Half dragging, half pacing, she clung to the birth of the outer walls until a naked tree caught her attention, it's appearance bringing about feelings akin to gazing upon a lost friend. Even now, despite the tortuous visit soon to follow, the succubus couldn't prevent a glimmer of a smile from playing on her lips. After all, it was through this tree that she made her escape the first was through this tree she first tasted freedom. "Fine then. Heave ho.." mumbled out her tone, knowing all too well that she couldn't turn away now. Flinging the poor bag over the lower outer wall, Evy was quick in pursuit as she began her adventure to scramble up the cobblestone walls. However, just was she was nearing the top, it hit her: the wall was slippery from the still ongoing drizle. The second hestitation flooded her thoughts was the second her right foot slipped on a patch of moss, panic making her heartbeat rocket. Lashing out, her tender palms managed to hook themselves on the crowning of the barrier, her forearms trembling in effort as they hauled the rest of her person to sit atop. Breathing out the recent fright, Evy took a single glance downwards before sliding off into the hydrangeas below. Merely giving a wince at the tenderness in her bottom, the victimized flowers having absorbed a majority of the pain, the pirate scooped up the bag's straps before waltzing over to the tree.

Sending a quick scan of her surrounding environment to ensure no one was near by, the succubus uttered a chuckle of delight. Just like when I was younger... Firmly clutching the sack's single strap between her teeth, Evy tapped into her supernatural reserves to scurry up the gnarled trunk and into the branches. Seeing the window closet to her open, the window that marked her bedroom, a wide smirk painted it's way onto her gardenia mouth. "Perfect... I see Joker can still follow instructions rather well..." Crouching and crawling further out on the limb, the strange girl wasted little time in pondering when to leap. Firmly landing on the stone ledging, her balance that of a feline's, Evianna flung her rain saturated luggage onto the hardwood flooring. Quietly removing herself from the perch she was on, her body hitting the warmth of the interior, the pirate slid the windowpane down before removing her drenched outer coat. Feeling the complusive shivers come on, a small sneeze being produced due to her extinguished body heat, Evy's gaze wandered about her room. "S...still the s-same...a-as.... I left...i-it...H-heh...fools... guess the-they knew I woul-would be back.." rang out her broken sentences, the words left choppy due to chattering teeth. It was in that moment, as the succubus stood in an expanding puddle from her own clothes, that Damien burst in the room.

"M...Miss Evianna!!" squeeled out the servant's joy, his violet eyes holding a reassured gleam the second they were casted upon her person. However, it was in that moment, the moment in which she took in a member of the opposite sex, that this succubus's suppressed hunger started to emerge. As Damien prattled on about how it wasn't healthy for her to be exposed to the rain and that he should draw a bath for her, Evianna's left hand clutched her throat and right flew to her stomach. Damn it... it's getting worse again.. When did I last...? It was 2 weeks ago.....shit! echoed her self-commentary as her vision became tinged with blue and pulsated with desire. Struggling to find words, the girl took a staggering step towards her servant, those crystalline orbs taking on an unearthly glow. "Look...Damien..t-thats great and all....but I...really need to f-feed right now.. o..k?" Upon hearing those words, an odd sort of smile flashed on the incubus's mischevious features, a smile that was out of place for him. Is he...happy? No no..that can't be it.. puzzled her thoughts, her body not really caring.

Leaping at him, that cerulean flickering intensifying, Evy wasted little time in attaching to her prey. Pressing her lips against his, her side being a tad bit aggresive, the succubus nature began to take over..especially so as she buried her tugging fingers in his hair. After all, he was an incubus...that indicated she didn't need to be gentle with him. The pair stumbled about the room, crashing and knocking over various items, until the succubus's back collided, not so gently, with the wall.. something of which she payed little attention to. However, it wasn't until Damien took ahold of her right thigh, tugging her closer, did she begin to find the need to up the previous violence. Why that little-! Removing her slender palms from behind his head, the girl wound them in his collared shirt, breaking their kiss for a moment. "Wha-?" mumbled out her victim, dazed confusion evident. Suddenly pushing him away, her eyes holding a deadly flash, Evy hissed out in clear annoyance. "Look here, you insolent dog. You are my servant, got it?! That means that only I can call the shots... Do you understand?!" In an instant, shameful regret clouded the incubus's gaze, his head giving a slight dip, "Yes... My lady. I understand." Giving a small tsk, Evy quickly yanked him closer once more to join themselves together, that haunting glow dimming slightly. After a few more seconds, the succubus broke their kiss once more...only a strand of pulsating blue energy being the bridge. Flowing from between Damien's lips to her own was her servant's energy....a taste she quite enjoyed. Feeling that blue glow fade, Evy merely clutched Damien's shoulders, her rain-soaked clothes and hair crafting a growing pool by the second.

Al had escaped his room, leaving the sleeping Human to have peaceful dreams. Upon walking the halls he felt compelled to check out the one room he was forbidden to enter, the room his Mother despised, his Sister's room. Opening the door, he was greeted with an image that he probably could never forget. Seeing the main servant, Damien, on top of his sister, who had been gone for who knows how long. Silence filled the room, as the two stared at the young boy. It was a few minutes before a innocent smile crossed Al's face, his voice sounded like a child in a candy store,"Evy!" Walking toward his sister Al allowed his wings and tail to appear. You could see his tail swish back and forth ferciously as he walked closer to his sister. Climbing onto the bed, it only took a split second. Al lifted one of his hands and blasted a fire ball at Damien, knocking him agasint the wall. Al took a moment to check if he was unconcious --of course if he wasn't he would attack him-- Once he was sure the Incubus was out, he yelled gleefully. "Big Sister! You are home!" Hugging her tightly he snuggled agasint her chest, smiling like a small child.

"Evy!" resonated the gleeful tone, a sound that she knew all too well...and one that she dreaded hearing. Displaying a wince in nature of a mix between discomfort and shame, Evy peered past Damien's shoulders to take in the sight of her adored younger sibling; Alphonse. Oh dear...... was the only thought she could muster seeing that falsely innocent smile accompanied by his true form. "Al-! I can-" before the sentence was fully out, the imp had already hurled a ball of flame towards her servant, effectively knocking the incubus away from her and out of a concious state. Exhaling a heavy sigh, her palms resting on her hips, the succubus turned to repriamand the youngest...however any intentions were silenced taking in his overjoyed state. "Big Sister! You are home!"

In a heartbeat, the child was clinging tightly to her person, his face snuggling against her chest. Unsure how to precisely react, the pirate simply settled for pulling him closer, a devious smirk of her own ruining an otherwise tender moment. By effectively embracing the younger boy, Evy managed to drench his own clothes with the rainwater from her own, an action that she held no remorse for. "You shoulda learned by now: Don't interrupt me when I'm feeding!" Giving a dark chuckle, she crushed the boy even closer to herself, a patch of dirt on her blouse leaving a faint mark on his cheek.

After a tight embrace that involved the ruffling of Alphonse's precious blonde tresses, Evy finally took a step back to send her kin a half-smirk. "Well.. I see you haven't gotten any taller. As if you need to.. So..." trailed off her words, an awkward silence settling between the two. Casting her cobalt orbs over to a sprawled Damien, the succubus attempted to piece together what she was to say next...and with obivious difficulty. Finally, after seven full heartbeats of quiet, the girl retrained her attention to the imp to finish, "Soo...what's this about that hag- I mean mom, being sick?"

Visibly pouting, Al held back all his strength he wished to use on his sister when she touched dirt to his skin. Pulling back, he grasped a peice of cloth from his pokect and began to rub the skin of his cheek. This lasted for a good minute before Al stopped at the smell of raw flesh, he could smell some blood forming, but he didn't care. Sighing Al looked down at his new outfit. He knew that his clothes would have to be dealt with later, so he left it alone. Walking to his sister's closet he pulled out an outfit, "Well, my dear sister. Our Mother is extremely ill...sicker than usual. Anyway, she would like to see you. Put this on before you meet her." Al smiled knowing that it matched his sister's taste. He tried very hard to match it to her style, even if it wasn't really his own style. Handing her the outfit, he smiled happily at her, "Welcome back Sister. I'll see you later. I have an important matter to intend too." He flew up to his sister and kissed her on the cheek, before taking off to his room with an impish smirk on his face.

Evy merely took a step back in amusement watching her little brother go about his fussing, a small snicker expressing her disbelief at his complusive need to be "perfect" all of the time. Tracking his movements with her eyes, the succubus reached over and snatched a towel resting on the cherry-stained bureau, her hands set busy to the task of towel drying her shadowed waterfall. "Tsk... Sometimes I wonder what the use is of having long hair..? Such a pain.." mused her commentary as she raked the strands between the dry piece of material. "Well, my dear sister. Our Mother is extremely ill...sicker than usual. Anyway, she would like to see you. Put this on before you meet her." rang out Alphonse's instructions, her eyes gleaming with appreciation seeing the masterpiece her fashion-oriented sibling pieced together. Raising an eyebrow in mild surprise and doubt, it was all the pirate could do to resist rolling her eyes at Al's comment of her mother wanting to "see her"."Welcome back Sister. I'll see you later. I have an important matter to intend too." floated out his final sentence before placing a kiss upon her cheek and leaving the room entirely. "Important.....buisiness...? Hm...Well.. guess I can't blame him. I mean, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that witch either.." Producing yet another discontent grumble, the fifth one today, Evy stripped herself of the ruined clothing before pulling on the new outfit. Simply pulling her damp tresses up into a crown-resting ponytail, the succubus casted one last look over at the unconcious Damien before wandering down the halls to pause at her mother's door. Timidly, a majority of her concious telling her to ignore the woman and let her die alone, she rapped on the oak before slipping inside.

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"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." -George Eliot
The sound of happy laughter rebound in her head, the laughter from the three people she missed the most in the world. Her deceased mother, little sister, and older sister were all walking ahead, with Amélia and Claire not far behind. By why towards an unnaturally blinding light? They kept walking far, far away from the two.

It was almost as if they didn't notice them... Until her mother finally came to a halt, looking back and waving. The scenery soon changed to the time they were walking in the garden. Her mother's smile was always the brightest out of the rest of the family, it was the one thing to give courage to the daughters. Without that, it seemed like the light faded away to the darkness.

"Mia! Claire! Come on you two, we don't want to leave you behind, now do we?" Her blonde hair waved in the wind as she turned her back, looking out to the small sparkling pond of blue. Her two sisters, both sharing the said blonde hair nearly matched their mother's beauty, while Claire and Amélia were left with their unknown father's genetics.

Running to their mother, Amélia's arms wrapped tightly around her from behind. A pleasant dream, perhaps, but behind it lurked the truth, Amélia was the reason rhey were gone now, and the reason Claire held such a distaste for her.

Maroon eyes snapped open as she finally looked around. What happened? One minute she was with Adèle, the next... Had she fallen? Rubbing her eyes, Amélia let out a groan at the dull throbbing pain on her head. Ick, she must of. But... wait! Where the heck was Addie?! And where am I?!

Ace was left alone in the living area with the other Human. To be honest, it was odd, being so close to a being he was once so much like, the young Demon couldn't understand why the other memebers of both families held such disdain for Humans, thinking them low and filthy, were they not more horrid than Humans? The two families were in no way surprieor. They hadn't been granted to gift of a monster form and never ending life, no they had been cursed, Ace thought they were much lower, than the Human race.

He couldn't help but let out a sigh. It was clear no one would take chrage of this Human but himself - it was surprsing enough that Al had stolen away the first Human - so he had no choice really. The young man moved silently as he swept up the sleeping girl.

He moved silently towards the stairs, but before he set foot upon them, two shadowed black wings sprung forth from Ace's back, and with serval flaps, he was flying through the air, up the stairs, and down the hallway.

Soon, sooner than if he had walked all this way, Ace was walking into his sleeping chammbers, his wings vanishing in a puff of black smoke. He paused for a moment, carefully looking around for a proper place to set the Human. Well...she can't sleep on the couch. He sighed, and moved to gently place the brown haired girl upon his own bed.

He moved away to his desk, much like his father, he had been trying to find a way out, or even around the curse.

She was in a... Bedroom? Oh goodness, what the he-... Sitting up, Mia stared at the boy that seemed like he could of been her captor. Eyes shrinking just a tad, Amélia felt her body tremble. "Who...? Who are you?! Where am I? Where's Adèle?!" Springing from the bed, Amélia wasn't exactly prepared for the sudden dizziness that followed as she stumbled for a moment.

At the sound of the girls voice, Ace turned sharply, however he moved even faster the catch the girl before she fell over, least she gain another head injury. [color=#8968CD"Do not strain yourself, you have sustaind a blow to the head that rendered you unconscious,"[/color] He gently pushed her back towards the bed, so she was sitting instead of standing.

"Calm down and allow me to explain, I will not tolerate any annoying outbursts." He waved a dismissing hand at the girl and sat down in the large leather chain that sat in front of his desk. He swivled the chair to face the girl, awaiting her respone before he went on.

Tolerate? Annoying? Amélia gritted her teeth in annoyance. Who did he think he was? Couldn't he be nicer? Not letting out an ounce of air from her lungs, she did the best she could to not say anything spiteful. Milly just wanted her friend, and she just wanted to leave. Lèon was right, this wasn't the best idea.

Ace nodded at her silence, before going on. "Yourself and your friend were found on the castle grounds. While she was awake, you were not. You both were brought inside, and tended too." At the flush that graced the girls face, he rolled his visable eye. "No need to fret, I was not the one who tended to bathing or dressing you." He stood up, and walked towards the Human.

"Amélia," His voice was soft and gentle. "You need to rest, you friend is being tended to as we speak, and resting from your small...adventure. You will see her again when it is time to din for the evening." He gently pushed her back, towards the pillows.

Looking down at her... New attire and back up, Amélia's eyes widened as she was gently pushed back down. No, she wanted to see Addie now. Who knows if they were telling the truth or not. Wasn't this castle supposedly abandoned..? Why were there people here? Her unease was growing as she stared him in the eye, trying to search for anything. Something.

Did.... Did Adèle tell him her name? "I find it nearly impossible to rest when I'm in someone's room and I don't even know their name. I want to at least... See her before hand? How do I even know I can trust you?"

The young man scoffed. "You do not." He said simply. "You will see your friend after you rest, and only after. Do not forget, I do not owe you anything, you however, are in dept to my family. If we had not taken you in, you would most likely be dead by now." He stared down at the girl before sighing.

"My name, is Ace Lancaster." He bowed before her, not in the way of saying he is her slave, but in the way of greeting. "You are Amèlia Delacroix, you've gone on an out of state camping trip with your trusted friend, Adèle Sinclair. However, you were ambushed by a pack of wolves, and droven here." He turned his back on her and walked towards his desk.

"To pick Hell as your Safe Haven," His voice was low, too low for her to hear. "Horrible choice." He whispered, before turning back towards the Human.

"If you refuse to rest, I will force you." He said this slowly, as if speaking to a child.

Amélia glared slightly, a frown etching itself on her face. "I do not have to do anything. I am not a child, and I certainly have no need to be treated as one. I may owe your family something, but you aren't exactly being the kindest being on the planet. Hell, your acting worse then someone I know back home." Mia sat up once more, stubborn. "I doubt you can do anything to force me to sleep anyway."

Who did he think he was? Some kind of prince? She could understand his... Was this even an attempt of kindess? Well, she wasn't on the couch... So yes, this could very easily be an attempt of kindess. That still didn't give him a right to treat her as a child, for goodness sake. She could only wonder if Adèle was getting it any easier then her.

He fought back a frown. troublesome Human. This girl was yet to know of the secret. If he was careful, perhaps she would be able to leave. It was clear the other one wouldne't, his father was unable to erase her memeories, and she had already seen Al. Just maybe, he could give this human a chance at a normal life.

He let out a grunt, before turning towards the girl. "Please, will you get some rest? I do not wish for you to strain yourself." The word please left a nasty taste in his mouth.

At least he used to word 'please'. That was always a nice sign. "Fine, but don't you dare expect me to leave my Addie here with you people. I'm her self-proclaimed big sister, and I'll be damned if anyone takes her away." Amélia huffed, flopping back down onto the bed. The problem was... There was no way in hell she could sleep. Or let herself. For all she knew, she could have a concussion.

"Don't you guys have a professional doctor, or healer? How do I even know I don't have a concussion?" Okay, so maybe she was a little bored. Sue her.

Just when he thought the Human would go to sleep, she spoke. So much for peace. Ace mentally groaned. "You have already been looked however...if you wish to be looked over, I am sure that can be arranged." A small graced his pale feautres as an idea began to form. He strode towards the door, and called out for Pierre. The servent had sleep inducement, he would be perfect for this.

In an instant, the taller man stood before the open door. "You called for me, Young Master?" The older male placed his hand over his heart, and bowed respectfully. The dark haired young lad nodded in greeting.

"See to her head injury, and help her rest, I will return shortly." Was the only order the boy had, as he left the room.

Oh, lovely. Ace had finally left, but in exchange... Ugh, another guy. Maybe she could... Press about Addie? Hopefully if she played her cards right? "Um... And who are you? The doctor?" Amélia tilted her head to the side as she swung her legs overs the side of the bed as she looked up at him. This man was certainly handsome though.

Pierre turned towards the girl, and bowed slightly. "My name is Pierre, My Lady. I...uhm, yes, I am the Doctor, and being one, I demand that you lay back." He moved quickly to her side, carefully lifting the girl up and moving her to the middle of the bed. He set to work covering her with the blankets and fluffing the pillows behind her.

Amélia raised an eyebrow as she sat up. "You sure there? You sounded like you had to think about it. Besides, I just want to talk, what's so bad about that if I'm laying in bed?" Amélia protested, crossing her arms as a feeble attempt to show her determination to stay up.

He frowned, then sighed. Perhaps he could let her stay awake a little longer, before forcing her into sleep. "...What do you want to talk about?" He asked uneasily, standing at the end of the bed as he crossed his arms over his broad chest.

Amélia smiled brightly, reaching down and patting the end of the bed in attempt to silently tell him to sit down "Well, tell me about the residency? Or even about the history of the castle?"

He frowned, and stayed standing. "The castle is owned by two very old families, the built it together when they were both in a time of...need. The resicency is made up of those two families, and us servents. The families are known by d'lune and Lancaster." He nodded his head thinking that was enough.

"What was the time of need?"

He frowned. "Each family lost a newborn infant. It is a touchy subject, that is forbidden to be spoken of." He glanced out the window, at the darkening landscape.

Amélia's look of interest turned into one of sorrow as she looked down. Oh, they... Lost family members too? That was sad. A bit too sad. "Only the good die young." Milly whispered, rubbing her eyes. "Hey, Mr. Pierre? Do you have any siblings?" Trying to hide any sense of her previous musings.

Pierre once again frowned. "Not anymore." He huffed and stepped closer to her. "Are you tired?" He sounded awfully hopeful.

Oh... He must of not liked her being so nosy. For whatever reason though... She just felt so... sad. Almost like crying as she simply plopped down and hide under the covers. What if they were lying? What if she really had lost Addie? She was... She was like the little sister she no longer had. Sure Claire was alive, but she didn't talk to her. Tears were quietly finding their way out as a sob escaped her lips under the covers. This was one of the worst day of her life by far.

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#, as written by Ever

"Enter." echoed the command from within the concealed room, the craftsmanship of the lacquered double doors muffling the tone ever so slightly. With a stilled heart and baited breath, Evianna was left with little choice but to obey the instruction given to her...and it wasn't as if she could flee holding onto the knowledge a member of her family was to be at death's door. Even if she is a devil.. piqued her inner resentment. Curling her tapered fingers around the brass doorknob and giving a slight turn, the succubus passed through the intricate frame into the heavy shadows.

Vania took a pause as the door slowly swung to a close, those unnaturally hued orbs straining with the absence of light. Eventually, the outline of each piece of ornate furniture materialized in her sight.... and it was here, despite the lack of observable fine detail, that the stranger confirmed her suspicions; the woman hadn't changed in her absence. Still gaudy and over-cluttered as usual.. With a heavy sigh, an underlying wariness evident to her words, Evy finally took the chance to speak by only formally addressing the woman, "Madam d'Lune." Further in the back of the room, a light chuckle floated out only to be silenced by the next set of commands, "Mika. Bring her here. And, while you are at it, open the drapes so our dear guest can see." Within a split moment, a rather youthful boy bounded up next to Via's side, his demeanor one that was out of place in the gloomy environment. Without speaking a verbal word, the servant executed a slight bow before motioning for Anna to trail after him. Uncertainty welled up within her chest as she allowed for the lilac-haired child to guide her through the floorplan, a feeling of dread soon replacing the previous emotion. What the...? Is her condition really that fatal where she can't see the sunlight...? Consumed by her thoughts, the pirate nearly collided with the halted shapeshifter, his palm up in a signal for her to wait. A slight frown flitted across her features as she obliged, eyes casted downwards to gaze upon marble stepping. Oh...right....mother has a raised platform in here..

Lost once more in piecing together the possible outcomes of their impending meeting, Via wasn't even fully aware of the fact that someone had pushed aside the heavy drapes. With a flutter of motion redirecting attention upwards, the succubus was subjected to slight pain as the mid-morning sun illuminated the bedroom. Damn it..Just when I- halted her inner commentary as another sight greeted her, one that she had vainly wished to never gaze upon ever again. Past the four marble steps, seated at the carved tea table with her back to her daughter, was Anaïs d'Lune in her full glory. Eyes narrowing with caution, Evy, wordlessly, climbed those four steps with a lethargic pace before collasping across from the awaiting violet-haired woman. What the hell is this...?! snorted her inner thoughts taking in the adorned decor and pastries suited for an afternoon tea party. In fact, it wasn't until the servant was scrambling about to serve the tea, did the silence break. "You've arrived early." came the older woman's curt remark, those poisonous peridot eyes flashing open. Instinctively, a sense of fear jolted through the succubus's body, memories of the first time her mother inflicted pain upon her through those eerie orbs taking over attention. Biting her lip, attempting to suppress that panic, Via swiftly redirected the conversation to rest on the fury. "I must say this is a disappointment. I half expected you to be on your deathbed by the time I came here.."

Having received that remark as a snide attack, the d'Lune head transitioned her gaze into slits, a cruel smirk forming on her vermillion-painted lips. "Well, now you know what it feels like to be disappointed. I'm sorry to inform you, dear daughter, that I am in full health.. You have your darling little brother to thank for your foolish deception." Of course. Only Al would do something like this.. Just as the younger d'Lune felt the urge to interupt, her mother continued on with her prattling, "It was an essential course of action, however.. Luckily my quick-witted son saw that. How else would we have brought you back in time for your wedding. I mean honestly-" Within the heartbeat of absorbing those words, blood now chilling, Evy felt her mind lose control of her body. Wait....what?! Wed....ding?! WHAT!?

Leaping from her seat, those usually upturned lips falling into an open gasp, the succubus's outrage was being accurately portrayed through the steeled glint overtaking her gaze. "Wedding!? MY wedding?! What the actual hell, mother?! I'M ENGAGED?!" Tossing her daughter an exasperated glance, annoyance evident, Anaïs simply took another calming sip of her Earl Grey before emotionlessly stating, "Oh please, Evianna. You knew this was coming eventualy... After all, you are an heiress to our much as I attest to that. And anyways, it isn't as if you are engaged to a complete stranger. I'm sure that Montgomery will be a fine match fo-" Before the fury could even take another breath to complete her sentence, the succubus harshly shoved the table's contents to the floor, eliciting a small squeek from the awaiting servant. Slamming her palms down on the table, making the entire thing shake, Vania hissed out in disgust. "Montgomery... As in, Montgomery Lancaster?! MOTHER! WHAT THE HELL?! They. Are. The. Enemies! I'm refusing it! And, then, afterwards, I'm leaving this bloody place for good!"

Choosing to ignore the sharp commands of her mother, the pirate stormed out of the room, eyes tinging with a blue glow. Marry!? Me?! Like hell that's happening! I come back and this is what I get?! Why can't we be fucking normal for once?! fumed her thoughts as her stride increased with purpose and rage, eyes darting to find the nearest servant. Spotting a meek looking girl, her mousy locks frayed, Vania marched over to spit out between clenched teeth, "Montgomery Lancaster. Where is he?" Hearing the venom colour the d'Lune heir's tone, the maid's face shifted to a deadly pale as she whispered out something about the dining room. Not even bothering to utter out a word of thanks, Evy merely crossed her arms before carrying her stormclouds to her destination. Bastard thinks he can get away with this.. like hell!

Passing through the open doors of the great hall, it was there that the succubus finally casted her eyes open her target, the source of her current discontentment. Surrounded by an accompanying entourage of unfamiliar faces, all except the face of Henry Joseph, Via wasted little time in worrying about their wellbeing...after all, she just was out for Monty's blood. Reaching down and unsnapping both buckles on her heels, the pirate simply stepped out of the leather encasing before taking the right in her hand. Hurling with an impressive display of might, the girl let out a small "hmph" of content as it bounced off the Mesmer's head. "OI! MORON! WHAT THE HELL!?"

A throbbing sensation spread across the back of Monty's head. Silence filled the dinning room, not a word could be heard, everyone held their breaths as the event that just unfolded was too hard to comprehend. Henry glanced at Monty, "M-M-M-Monty?" Letting out a simple sigh, Monty didn't speak a word, nor did he turn around to see who comitted such an act. Because he already knew who did this, he knew who the voice belonged too. The salty smell of the sea insulted Monty's nostrils, as the echoing of worry resounded in his ears. "Monty?! Are you okay?!" Glancing behind him Cleo sent a death glare over to Evy, "What's the matter with you?! Who the hell are you!" Monty shook his head," quiet for a moment." Cleo could only look at Monty in disbelief, she was about to speak once more, but swallowed her words at the sight of Monty's expression.

Monty took a few more minutes of silence, before turning around to face Evy, "So...what did I do this time?" Monty could see the anger residing in the ‎succubus's grey orbs. He didn't even dare to stare any farther as he knew that would only agitate the woman even more, "Evianna. It's good to see you again." Cleo could only look on with utter horror, "WHAT THE HELL! THAT BITCH IS EVIANNA!?!" Monty glanced at Cleo, shutting her up once again. But her fuming protest was evident through her slitted pink pupils, as she stared holes at Evy. Once everything was silent again, Monty bent down, picking up the shoe which had caused him pain. Causally, he walked toward Evy, handing her the shoe, "Here." Shoving the shoe into her hands, Monty turned away and began to walk off, ignoring Evy's cursing.

Evy casted her stormy orbs down to the shoe that was just shoved into her hands, an odd sense of rejection welling up inside of her. In response to this new emotion, one that she had only felt a total of two times during the entirety of her existence, the succubus's temper flared. After all, not many had the gall to ignore her...Just as she began plotting her revenge on Montgomery's blantant disregard for acknowledging his wrong doings, something caught her eye. Glancing to her left was a butter knife, dancing in the lowlight of the room, an object that, certainly, could be used to exact punishment. Keeping her face a blank slate, Via darted out to take ahold of weapon as Monty turned his back..only to have her plan foiled. "Monty! Look out! She has a knife!" echoed the frantic squeeling of a younger girl that only earned a 'tsk' from the d'Lune girl. Damn it... I have to act fast now...! Making the move to slash out at the Mesmer, an urgency surfaced within her mind knowing all too well that he would resort to his powers. With orbs taking on a cerulean glow, Via plunged the knife into the right side of his stomach, ignoring the blood that began to coat her fingers. "You damn bastard-! You should know what the hell you did!"

Maybe it was the silence that followed that made Monty nervous, it was like everything was slowing down. And what came after that wasn't all that clear either. Still in and out of consciousness he felt sick, but knew what he would throw up wouldn't be pleasant so he held it in. Looking down at the knife lodged in his stomach, Monty would have laughed, but he felt too light headed to do such a thing. Using the strength he still had, Monty smiled at Evy, placing his right palm on on top of the culprit's head, he held onto her tightly, pulling her into a constricting hug. Every action took a great amount of strength, but he knew that the last thing he should do was faint, or this little assassian would truly kill him. So for him to get some rest, he needed her to fall alseep. Bringing the struggling female closer, Monty moved toward her ear, in a strained voice he spoke softly, " s-sleep." Monty's amber orbs flashed a bright crimson, resembling his own dripping blood.

Within a heartbeat, as the Mesmer's command drifted into her ears, Evy's strength was fading. Damn it... Of course he would do this-! hissed her internal voice as any intention to fight back was being drowned out. Lifting her head up, those fading slate orbs holding spite, the succubus managed to summon one last bout for her struggle. Resting her left palm on his chest, Via, without warning, dug her nails into his flesh, their length breaking past the skin. Not giving a single care to his pain nor the fact her alabaster tone was being discoloured by scarlet, the pirate was only focused on one last message to deliever. Managing to haul her energy-deprived form upwards, the d'Lune girl took a pause at her captor's ear. With her lips brushing against his lobe, Evy mustered one last malicious comment before losing concious. " dick."

With those very words, Evy fall limp into Monty's arms. Holding in a laugh Monty answered, "But...I...would...miss you...too...much." Falling to the ground, Monty secured Evy safely in his arms, his breath rigid and stiff. Henry and Cleo ran off to call for help, while Victoria stayed beside the two. Monty, totally unaware of everyone's presence, moved Evy to his left side, laying her down gently. After a while, Monty slowly began to pull out the knife lodged in his stomach, the throbbing from Evy's nails making it difficult for himself to breathe. It took multiple attempts, because of the sharp pain that kept hitting him. Once out Monty tossed the damn instrument to the far corner of the room, taking a few extra breaths he looked over at Victoria who was crying up a storm,"Monty! Henry and Celo went to get help! Hold on!" Monty nodded, but his vison became blurry, fighting the urge to show pain on his face, it was little to no use. He knew that Victoria could see past his lies, so what was the use of hiding it. Monty fading out of counciousness, fall with a thud to the ground. Faintly he could hear voices from the background, but by the time they came closer he was out.