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Horatio Castle, from Check Mate, a roleplay on RPG

Horatio Castle

0 · 86 views · located in 1856, Victorian London

a character in “Check Mate”, as played by AugmentationAudit



Name/Nickname: Horatio Castle
Sex: Male.
Age: 32.
Marital Status: Single.
Profession: Private Detective. Previously a military surgeon with the British East India Company.


Height: 6’0
Weight:145 pounds
Hair: Copper-brown, though when oiled back into his customary style it appears closer to black.
Eyes: Green.
Complexion/Skin Tone: Pale skin that frequently takes on a greyish cast.
Distinguishing Marks/Scars: A deep, upwards-curving scar is clearly noticeable beneath his right eye.
Appearance: An unhealthy looking man by all accounts, and one with little stamina since his return from India; he holds himself carefully, sometimes shuffling with hunched shoulders when tired, though there is some trace of his military training in his even, measured stride.
Anything else: He takes a great deal of care when dressing, liking to appear immaculate even when he feels far from it. His typical outfit is topped by a dark brown frock coat.


Likes: Lavender, the works of William Shakespeare (especially Sonnet 20), salmon.
Dislikes: Parasites of any form, rats, the cold.
Physical Condition/Health/Disabilities: Since his return from India he has suffered from a poor constitution. He tends to keep to himself and has limited finances. He appears to be unhealthy in general, being overly thin and often pallid.
Talents: A qualified medical surgeon.
Family: Unmarried. Parents deceased.
Goals/Life’s ambition: His true life’s ambition is private, though his present concern is raising the funds to live the lifestyle he desires.
Bad Habits: He is a secretive being by nature.
Happiest memory: His happiest memory is a private affair.
Equipment: Although he still possesses the tools of his previous trade, he tends to carry little save for what can fit within the confines of his coat pocket: a magnifying glass, a notebook, two pencils, one small blade, a cigarette case and a card holder.
History/Bio: A highly private man, very little is actually known about his life before he came to settle in London, and even less is disclosed by Horatio himself. After training in London, he joined the British Army and served in India for several years. He was in India for the Anglo-Sikh conflict. After developing Typhus, he was removed from the army and eventually returned to England to convalesce, the exact dates of these happenings are unknown, Castle has been operating as a little-known private detective for at least two years, given the date of the first newspaper advertisement offering his services.

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Horatio Castle's Story