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White Cell


a part of Checkmate, by Shané.

The one place a Black cannot commit crimes.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over White Cell, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Even the Black pieces are not completely invincible and can find themselves imprisioned in the White cell. While the White's interrogation methods are not quite so brutal as the Black's, not every organisation is perfect, right?
Let's just say, the Black's might want to avoid this location.
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White Cell

The one place a Black cannot commit crimes.


White Cell is a part of The White Castle.

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Noel MacDonald [0] Black Bishop; "Me gramps always said that genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one. I'm proof of that."

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#, as written by Lace
Requiem; White Knight #1

"Tell me where you are hiding the headquarters, you bastard!" Requiem raked her nails across the agents face. The man was sweating; blood leaking down his cheeks and face. He had been beaten; and he hadn't broken yet. Two hours of countless torture; and this man was a fighter. "Something! God damn it!" she said with frustrated, slamming her fist into his face out of anger as he groaned when his nose broke. She leaned her head against the wall and bit her lip. She needed to get something out of this demon. She turned back towards him and pulled out a knife.

"A knife? You think I'm scared of a little knife?" the man laughed as he breathed heavily; in so much pain as he struggled to find piece within the chains that held up his hands. Requiem glared at him before taking out a bottle of bright pink liquid and pouring it on both side of the knife and tossing a few drops of liquid onto the floor. She dropped the bottle as it shattered and she walked up to the man, her white long dress covered in blood and sweat from the hours she had been trying to get information out of this man. "Whats... what's that?" he asked, breathless as his face was curled in worry.

Requiem didn't answer; she only slashed the knife across his stomach. His shrieks of pain bounced around the walls from the toxic venom that was burning his flesh and making him feel like a thousand needles were stabbing him over and over across his body. "Poison. From a rare tree frog only found in a part of the rain forest in Brazil." she said softly and calmly. Requiem didn't really enjoy doing this; but she had to, it was her job. "So; talk. Or I'll slash a bit lower." she said, gesturing the knife towards his groin.

His eyes went wide and he swallowed heavily. "They moved the head quarters. I haven't been informed in over a week; I've been at a down town store undercover. All I know is they are looking for more white pawns to destroy; at least the black queen is; I don't know what their other plans are, I swear." he said, shaking as he was sweating extremely and blood dripped down his stomach. Requiem sighed as she looked at him and then she tucked the knife inside her holster and walked out of the room. "Wait! Aren't you going to let me go!?" She slammed the door before he could say anything else. It wasn't her choice to let him go... it never was.

She wiped her hands off with a towel and sat down on a chair, rubbing her forehead. Stress. That's what she was dealing with.