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It all started with a girl who met a boy, and the bowl of beef she made for him...

699 readers have visited Chef-erella since JayZeroSnake created it.


A Little Backstory on the world of 'Chef-erella'


At some point into the near future, about 2025, the world had used scientific breakthroughs made in 2012 to start fixing the earth as best they could. The process was not easy. Most cities, and economically efficient towns remained rather urban. Otherwise, there was more natural land on the Earth since the amazing change that had been completed in late 2013- early 2014. At this same time, Animals were beginning to evolve some, immediately studied and learned, for there were many new uses for these creatures, as well as dangers that had to be understood…

Hunting is now a major factor to the Earth with the huge numbers of these animals. Even today though, some species are still endangered. Poachers and excess hunting is still possible, by breaking hunting laws and code.

Restaurants are starting to flourish these days with all the new combinations of food. New pets have been showing up, and all kinds of new jobs and things have risen from this 'new earth's' gifts.


She was the new girl in town. Her Family moved in from Japan to Rover City, where she would attend an American high school, and learn to live with a place most unfamiliar. She and her parents were off to join her uncle in his restaurant business, which had picked up after half a year of little luck, due to these sudden changes in the world. She remembered it being called the 'Flavor Rush,' her uncle's dream always to master cooking, the art passed down through the girl's family for years, her parents being some of the few to break tradition. That is until she discovered her almost magical ability to make a treasure for the tongue with her hands with relative ease, and has since been working to become assistant chef.

Then came her life at school, which was at hand now. She wasn't too social, but she had a couple friends. However, there was her one strange infatuation with a young man from her classes. She was too shy to ever say 'hello' or anything. She did notice that other girl though, who happened to claim the boy the girl liked, who was from a more successful, popular gourmet restaurant. The rich girl with the fine clothes, golden hair, and eyes like the ocean, and her interest in this same boy, while the boy taking no interest in the 'relationship' himself, constantly getting disgusting meal after disgusting meal from the rich girl. Her parents didn't see it, but her uncle, eccentric and sympathetic, had put together the perfect idea to help his little niece: The Aigyuudon, a bowl of beef, rice, and other things like garlic, invented in 1871 and known as 'Gyuudon.' The day the dish had been invented, it became the girl's family's tool of deciding love, for the one who ate the bowl would have their future intertwined with the creator of the dish.

Okay, you see where I'm going with that 'Aigyuudon,' so let me make this clear: The uncle tricked the girl into making the Aigyuudon, and at school, manipulated a couple events so the beef bowl would fall into the hands of the boy, and sure enough, the young man ate it, disliking the awful school food, and digging into the bowl. The young man had been astonished by what he ate, immediately shedding a couple tears of joy, and wanting more very badly, eventually discovering the Flavor Rush restaurant.

But little does the Uncle and the girl realize, he's in for far more than just getting together with the girl. He will be forced to marry her, and produce at least one child, preferably a son, some time when they become adults. As if that wasn't enough, the girl's family starts to make him work for their restaurant at minimum wage, one minute being a busboy, dishwasher, janitor, and god knows what else. That is until he shows off his amazing physical power, and is immediately given the main job of hunting fresh meat for special dishes.

With the girl at his side. You see, the family is pushing for them to become not only a couple, but a tag team in the world of food…But there are some difficulties to their future: The Rich girl girl before is probably pissed, other restaurants don't like competition, the animals will be dangerous, and worst of all, the Aigyuudon love oath can be broken under certain special circumstances…



1) The New Girl (Bootsie)

A Japanese girl who recently moved in. Has a natural cooking ability, and is very shy.

2) The Rich Girl

The snobby girl who claimed the young man as her boyfriend. She doesn't take too kindly to the new girl 'taking her man' AND her family's customers.

3) The Young Man (JayZeroSnake)

A simple american teen who enjoys a good bite. After eating the Aigyuudon, he is bound to be with the new girl. He's very strong, and capable of taking on some tough animals.

4) The Professional

A young man from England who hunts with 'honor,' 'grace,' and 'style,' having been from a long line of hunters, fighters, and sportsmen, excelling at numerous sports and being an overall 'professional' hunter.

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That's all for now.

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It wasn't very far back. Not at all, no. In fact, the day came perfectly to him, like a home movie: He'd been let out of class at the delightful lunch bell, but didn't want to eat: he'd either have to eat more of that other girl's food from her chain restaurant business, or the crappy school food that easily qualified as tools of attempted murder by poison or something. But, he was by himself right now. He was totally free, free from all of that nonsense with the girl and her big mouth. He waited in line, grabbing a dull, beige colored tray. The first stop of his awful trip was to get the main course, a 'chicken burger' it was called, but in resemblance, it was horrifying. The buns were either gray, and looked hard to bite into, like hockey pucks, or cookies burnt to the point of being hockey pucks, it didn't matter, they were awful! these stale pieces of olden bread would hold between them a strange looking green piece of what appeared to be meat, cooked improperly, with cheap, processed, square shaped cheese placed on top, like a poor sheet, unable to hide the horrible ugliness, as it began to mold into the 'meat' like a parasite, except for the edges sticking outwards, as his tongue wanted to recoil into his throat to prevent a flow of puke from flowing outwards. On the side placed was a cheap piece of bread, moldy and unlikely to be eaten. Then came the side options: he didn't want them, no, but he had to, or else he would have no food for the day. He grudgingly picked out some beans, literally fresh out the can with no cooking involved whatsoever, with a disgusting addition of turd brown 'chocolate pudding' that looked like it was plucked out of a toilet. He had to snatch a bottle of water, and held that in his hand, away from the food, always thankful they could at least manage the water best, since it didn't kill him as easily...

He sat down at a table by himself. The quiet atmosphere was beautiful today, but felt painfully lonesome. He began to try and 'dig into' his 'food,' which had been claimed as a 'healthy alternative to most things kids eat these days.' Wrong. Wrong. WRONG. This food was far WORSE than junk food these days, frozen, and taken out of a box from some shitty ass company, the school putting all its money towards all the wrong things, like getting new pencils for the school store, or paying all the BAD teachers more than the GOOD teachers. It was awful here at Rover High, and it made itself painfully obvious. Sadly, it was unlikely anyone could, or would want to do anything about it.

Now, Jack was about to continue his groaning, about to take a bite of this food that gave him fright. When he happened upon a smell, that most certainly, was not from hell, and well? he had to have it. He began to float towards the food, holding onto his water bottle, and leaving the 'bullshit' behind, as he stepped outside where more fellow outcasts were when the weather was nice. He continued over to a lonesome table, where he spotted an oddly designed bowl with fantastic colors and design on it, sitting on a fine cloth it was probably wrapped in, as he removed the lid that appeared to be like a second, slightly smaller bowl: and he saw it, the juicy looking beef, the mixed in pieces of garlic, onion, and a couple other veggies, with rice underneath. This was called a Gyuudon, but he didn't remember, know, or care for that matter. No, not at all: he began to pig out on the bowl, chowing down immediately, and then chugging the bottle of fruit juice he saw near the Gyuudon bowl.


Tears of Joy streamed down his face, as a surge of joy began to go through his body, and he performed the strangest dance, one which he did not understand, nor did he ever practice the choreography for…


Slowly, Jack began to snap out of his trance, and realized he was still at the 'Flavor Rush' Restaurant. Lunch break with 'Yuzu-Chan' as he was instructed to refer to her as from now on was a bit of a while away. But he was sure he could manage.


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#, as written by Bootsie
Yuzuriha was was hard at work in her Uncle's kitcchen. It might as well have been her kitchen, as she did the bulk of the work within it and produced the bulk of the product that exited it. As she was doing right now. Her chest length black locks were curled expertly as she chopped onions with a knife bigger than her hand. This was something the whole family had noticed. Not the onions, but her hair. First of all, it was the weekend. Second of all, she was working. Her hair was only curled when she was out and wanted to make herself pretty. At home this never mattered to her. But ever since her home had gained a new inhabitant, her hair had hardly been up at all. Her had worked with her bouncing curls in tow, just trying to catch Jack's eye.

Right now however, she was absorbed in her work. A pot of broth was simmering into an ethereal smell behind her while she chopped vegetables. They were for her noodle bowls bowls, perhaps the most famous dish the resturaunt offered. Yuzuriha never grew tired of making them. This was a good thing. If it wasn't enough with the steady orders, she was constantly trying to improve and expand on them. She was currently tinkering with a new broth in hopes that her Uncle would put it on the menu. She decided she would take small break after they were completed.

"But should I start on his lunch? Hmmm... I don't think Uncle will mind if we go on lunch break a bit early," she murmured.

She smiled at that. Her chopping picked up some speed. The gyuudon started to form alongside her noodles. Her Uncle entered the room when she began sweeping the plethora of vegetables into her broth. Within minutes, she presented her waiting Uncle with three different revisions of the broth she usually made. He sighed at the aroma and gave her his utmost approval after taste-testing each one.

"I'll add these to the menu as soon as tomorrow. Excellent job on making your first recipes kiddo, you're a natural," he complimented.
"Ah, thank you!" she exclaimed, a proud grin complimenting her embarrassed blush.

He ruffled her hair and offered, "Take your break, you deserve it. I'll finish up the rest of the orders."

She thanked him quickly as she put the final touches on her gyuudon. She knew he would come to her once the smell reached him. Yuzuriha grabbed a small bento she had made for herself that morning from the fridge and placed it under her arm. She untied the frilled apron draped over her jeans and blouse while she walked and draped it over her arm. It was a nice day with spring unfulring. She propped the door open and began on her lunch, waiting for Jack to be lured by the promises of food.

((Sorry this took so long, was out to dinner X3))


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(It's cool XD)

Jack was cleaning up the dishes in a more entertaining way for the current and incoming customers, juggling the plates, and whistling a tune, as he carefully put them in the plastic container for dirty dishes, followed by him twirling the glasses on his fingertips, and putting them down, and then stacking the forks, knives, and spoons carefully to make them incredibly steady, as he proceeded to take the dishes away. After that, he did the exact same thing with several other ones before realizing he had a shit-ton of dishes. He left them where he usually would, and wiped some sweat off of his brow, as he began to inhale the aroma of some freshly cooked beef. Ah, how heavenly!! That Gyuudon thingie was prepared for him again, surprisingly. He put his hands together in a prayer form as Yuzuriha's father showed him, and began to say a couple words he didn't understand, finishing off with 'Itadakimasu~!' and digging into his Gyuudon bowl like a machine.

"Thish ish *NOM* Delishshush *NOM* Yewjew *NOM* Chahan!" He spoke between bites, smiling at the girl.

"Hum. Didja change your hair?… :O" He began, seeming impressed.

"…I liked it better the way it was before. :D"

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Character Portrait: Jack

Hey, as long as I get one of these beef things a day, I'm happy!


Character Portrait: Jack

Hey, as long as I get one of these beef things a day, I'm happy!

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Character Portrait: Jack

Hey, as long as I get one of these beef things a day, I'm happy!

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