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Hey, as long as I get one of these beef things a day, I'm happy!

0 · 204 views · located in Rover City

a character in “Chef-erella”, as played by JayZeroSnake


I'm 15 year old Jack McCoy, officer. Caucasian skinned with an athletic build that stands at 5,11. I have spiky black hair and dark brown eyes.

I follow a simple style of black track pants, green T-shirt, sleeveless dark blue jacket, wristbands, and black/red hitop sneakers.




Some would call me lazy, selfish, and downright stupid, a complete loser...But those are also the people who're failing the grade in class or something. Others have called me Decent, nice, an all around good guy. True though, I might be a little lazy…well…whatever!…

No one should attack an animal just to enjoy killing things, nor to waste what it leaves for the taking. If I have enough food, I will only kill in self defense, or fight as per a challenge.

That Rich bitch girl tried to date me…

…And that cute japanese girl made me the most delicious beef and rice which has forced me to marry her by family code of 'Aigyuudon.' Oh boy… DX

Theme Song: Kajiba No Kuso Chikara (Burning Inner Strength)


Cell Phone, Keyring, Monsterpedia App, Candy Cigarettes…

I usually have a meal with me at all times that normally consists of Potato Chips, Fruit Juice, Candy, and a main course, Gyuudon, or something else like my first food love, the canadian poutine!

Oh, I'm also really strong. I train in martial arts, and have dozens of techniques, and I play basketball and a couple other sports with friends.


An Italian American boy. At first glance he's one of the 'outcasts' of Rover High. The crowds of an American school from even the lowest year, even the 4th or 5th grade, included all sorts of unkind cliques that followed set conformities, and worst of all, tended usually to act harshly upon others for a few weak reasons, or even none at all, and in this case, these groups treated Jack, and some people like him unfairly from earlier years. Quickly placed into the 'geek/nerd/etc' category, Jack kept to himself and the friends he found in the school, often getting into fights that he won due to his brutal nature towards the ones that treated him horribly, cared for like a budding flower by bullying and disrespect he faced at the hands of his peers. He only found enjoyment in those he trusted, his carefully picked friends, and his family. He'd be an outgoing, happy guy outside of the school, when none of those 'jerks' were watching him.

Even after all kinds of training and achievements, he receives little recognition for the things he does, unless its a failure, and will always be another 'loser.' Oddly enough one day though, one of the higher up girls that actually helped to grow this hatred of the crowds at school who took up the majority of the student body had claimed him as her 'man' for a while despite once calling him ugly, stupid, and a bunch of other things, probably to boast his brutality and strength for her own popularity. She even brought him food everyday, but it was as bad, if not worse than the terrible school food, but he ate it anyways, because most of his lunch money had to be put towards other things, behind his parents' backs.

Eventually though, he smelled a divine scent, and happened to find an oddly designed bowl filled with several ingredients including a tasty, tasty, helping of beef and rice, which he happily ate. Then he discovered he was forced to marry this cute girl from his class, getting a decent job and everything. Life was just strange…but rewarding in a weird way.

He's become much happier, managing an early release plan from school to work at the 'Flavor Rush' for the girl's uncle, hunting down animals and releasing pent up aggression with violence. Despite that last part, he refuses to kill an animal if he has plenty to eat, only for self defense/ the animal challenges him.

So begins...

Jack's Story