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Rea Sukimima

"Baby I'm lawless, you couldn't burn me if you threw acid on me!"

0 · 357 views · located in Chen Zhen Academy

a character in “Chen Zhen Academy”, as played by Scarlet Bullets


Name: Rea Sukimima

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Height is 5’2. Blood type is B. Zodiac is Leo.
Image ... aedf11.jpg ... c17d6d.jpg

Fighting Style: Ushi Kyaku (Cow Legs/Kicking style)


Yakuki (Burn Aura): A technique that turns the user's aura into pure flame. Must be trained or else the user is burned too. It is also a special Ki type exclusive to certain styles, but quickly becoming common.

Yeberu Kyaku (Amazing Glider Kick): This is a generic flying kick straight out of a kung fu movie. But, it has style. All Flame ability is diverted into the striking leg.

Orakyaku (Go! Kick): A rapid series of kicks that can be imbued with Ki or Yakuki.

Enkozan (Arc Slasher): A Backflip/kick that sends a wave of air pressure to the opponent, so it still fires a hit even when not in range.

"Knock me UP?! I'll Knock You OUT!": A kick to the happy sack.

"Squishie~": the ladies version of the above move. two palm strikes are made, finishing with the squishing of the opponent's breasts while saying 'Squishie Squishie~." Shows her hand techniques are primarily grappling.

Hiyake-Te: A Short to Long Range Blast attack. the short range version is weaker, but useful for grappling situations, and placed on a certain area like the back, stomach, or chest. grabbing and doing it on other areas will be apart of the upgrades.


She is a fun loving, energetic lover and a friend. Her life show as a suffering poor state so she very emotional about the rich and the poor. Helping the poor, and well beating the rich. A darker robin hood. She is cocky, mean, and a bit of a perv during battle. Training is different, she is determined and a bit helpful with others. Neutral with people she does not know. A pushy helpful friend with the people she likes and your worse nightmare if she does not like you. She can be street sometimes but mostly a tom boy. She only embarrassed when talked abut her looks and her fighting. Angered easily. She feels like a bad ass but put her in her place and well, she a different person. She hates authority, rules, laws, and will break every single one just because. Sorta a anti-hero or a neutral in the good and evil bar. She enjoys both males and females on a romantic level.

If you can somehow control her, forceful or not I'll give you a pat on the back. ^_^


Items: Ipod, clothing, greaves, bubble gum.

Weapons: Greaves


History: Rea grew up poor, there family poor and everything they owned was either taken or poorly there’s. She hated the rich, for they always gave there family crap for being so poor. She got to the point where she was not going to take it no more… Began to train and ‘kicked’ anyone’s butt who dared mess with her parents. A only child, commended with her fighting. Got into the school. Law did not matter, rules did not either, Rea only brought pain to those who dare mess with her, and stands for others just like her. If not, not her prob. She wants to be the best fighter in the world. To find out more, in role play.

Quote(s): “I’ll knock your whole bottom row of teeth out!”

"Don't worry about them, I'll take them out for ya."

“Every rule I'm breaking it!"

Theme Song: ABOVE THE LAW By: Bad meets evil

The poor stay poor, the rich get richer, it's just so disproportionate

Sometimes life seems so unfortunate, that's why I don't give a shit.
The poor stay poor, the rich get richer, it's just so disproportionate.
You don't know just what I've gone through, that's why I would rather show you
just how far that I can take it, every rule, I'm breaking it

To hear the rest press the link!

Extra: “WATA”

So begins...

Rea Sukimima's Story