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Chernobyl Blast Radius ONLINE

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Prison Fortress

Several years after the SAO incident, VRMMO's were big business once again. A safety system was implemented, making the log out system part of the helmet system, which you can access at all times. A new game was coming out, at tactical called Prison Fortress, and it was given golden colors when the beta came out. Players lined up to buy hard copies, but most just downloaded it from their homes. When the server started, players started in a lift, which just landed on the bottom floor, the only full area that has no hostiles in it. There, mentally damaged NPCs mingle, harmless unless provoked, and even then, easy to kill. The goal of the game was to make it to the top floor and escape the final zone, Chernobyl itself. Every floor more difficult than the next. After a few minutes of goofing around, players found that they couldn't access their helmet's system, preventing them from logging out. It was later discovered that they were all those that downloaded the game, which rewrote the hardware. As everyone realized what was happening, the speakers placed across the facility turned on.

"Welcome, prisoners, to Prison Fortress!

By now, you all should have figured out that you cannot access your nervegear's system screen, preventing you from logging out. Most of you have backdoor programs that allow you to log out through another method, and that too has been rendered useless. I noticed a few of you were from the Sword Art Online incident, so you should know the drill, although my method of killing you is somewhat more... Twisted. If you die, you wake up. But thousands of volts are shot into your skull, killing you in a moment of the most pain you will ever feel in your life. (Scream) Another twist I added, though. If you make it out of Chernobyl, and finish the game, you wake up, and don't die. But that is it, everyone else is still stuck inside. (Crazy laughter) I know, right? I don't know why no one else thought of it... Also, another thing I'd like to add. I am playing with you, but as the Commander at the top of the base. I control the boss of each zone, with restrictions so that I'm not overpowered, of course. If you have the guts, you can try to clear the largest zone in the game; my zone, the base that sits right on top of the prison. The zone covers the whole building, a six story fortress, and has only the best stuff in the game! If you can kill me, I die in the same fashion as everyone else, and everyone gets to leave! Of course, it is the hardest zone in the game, so good luck with that!

Oh, and goooooood luck!"

The crackly voice fades, and the normal background music begins playing.

Prison Fortress is a tactical RPG game where everyone starts on the last floor, and must work their way up the fifty floors to reach the end. Between here and there are safe zones between combat zones. The goal is to go from safe zone to safe zone by either rushing through, sneaking by, or gunning/beating down any and all opposition in the combat zones using team tactics. Only one team of four can enter a combat zone at a time, and one cannot turn back after passing entering the safe zone on the opposite side. The only form of communication backwards would be radios made or found by the players. Everything must be scavenged, and items that have been used to a while need repairing, and armor is always in need of repair. The players take on several classes that have sub-classes to fill out the various roles and to cover for their various weaknesses.


Soldier: The jack-of-all-trades trooper. Has the ability to wear medium and some heavy armor at higher levels, and can wield most weapons. Isn't great at everything, but can do everything. "Leave it to me."

Warrior: The melee specialist. Has the ability to wield all melee weapons, but can only wear light armor. Has higher health, but low armor. Is pretty fast. Poor when using ranged weapons. "You wait till I get over there..."

Veteran: Gun specialist. Has the ability to wield all guns, and can wear medium armor. Has lower health, but wears medium armor. Usually keeps to cover. Poor when using non-guns. "See those guys? I can take 'em."

Tanker: Defense specialist. Wears the biggest and most badass armor in the game. Has a lot of health. Also has a high resistance to explosives, something all other classes don't have. Is limited on weapon choice, but most stick to rifles, as melee is impractical with such heavy armor. "What? A grenade? *Boom* ...That was it?"


Manufacturer: The builder of many amazing weapons out of nothing but a pile of scrap. Has low health, and can only wear light armor. Not meant for battle, but must enter combat zones in order to continue. Can use most guns effectively enough, as well as melee. "You said that gun is too powerful? Bullshit, nothing is too powerful!"

Combat Engineer: The repairman on the front lines. Can build weapons, but not as well as the Manufacturer. Has higher health, and can wear medium armor, so is meant for battle to a higher degree. Can use guns more effectively, as well as melee. "Wait, I can fix that hole in your armor in a second..."


Kinetic: Can move objects and basic enemies using your mind. Isn't made for combat in a certain sense, but can be very helpful tactically. Can use most guns and melee, but can only wear light armor and has low health. "Don't make me throw this guy at you..."

Reader: Can see what enemies see when focusing, and can view the entire map. Very useful. Same combat capabilities as the Kinetic. "I finished scouting out the area and... You pig!"

Teleporter: Can teleport short distances with any allies nearby. Very useful. Same combat capabilities as the Kinetic. *Bamph* "Hello!" *Ratatatatatata*


Infiltrator: The little sneak. Can move with no noise, and is the only spy sub-class that becomes completely invisible when using the cloak class item. Has low health, and cannot wear armor. Can only use light melee weapons and handguns, so is next to useless in actual combat. "They don't see me now, they don't see me then, they don't see me ever."

Assassin: The little snake. Can move with almost no noise, and can use the cloak, although it only distorts, and is only effective at longer ranges. Has somewhat higher health, and can actually wear some light armor. Can use light melee weapons and handguns, so is next to useless in actual combat, but gains bonus damage to unsuspecting enemies. "Never know what'll hit him..."

Sniper: The sniper. Can use sniper rifles with amazing accuracy while remaining hidden. Can use the cloak, although it only distorts, and is only effective at longer ranges. Has poor health, but can wear light armor. Can use light melee weapons, handguns, and sniper rifles. Good support. "Wanna hear a story? See that guy? He's dead. End of story."


Programmer: Has the ability to work with programs on a basic level. Can unlock doors and chests, allowing access into secret areas and special gear. Can also be used in conjunction with a manufacturer to construct automatic turrets. Has low health and light armor, and can only use some ranged and melee weapons, so is next to useless in combat. "Yeah, I can open that door. Gonna take some time though..."

Combat Hacker See combat engineer, except make them powered down versions of a programmer. "Oh dear, not this kind of lock..."


Doctor: Can heal injuries sustained on the battlefield, on the battlefield. Can wear light armor and wield rifles/handguns and light melee weapons. Can use Can also heal allies when they lose all their life, who enter a 'incapacitated' state, where the only action they can take is crawling, and can only die from an enemy killing them using a melee attack. Players that recover only have quarter life, which the doctor may heal immediately. Doctors require time to get them out of the red, which restores them to their feet. "Dammit, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a- actually, forget I said anything."

Combat medic: See combat engineer, except make them powered down versions of a Doctor. "That looks like it hurts..."

Character Skelly:
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Give a good description of your character's appearance here. And no, you don't have to have a long one.

What your players character did to go to this place... (something like failing to pay taxes or murder)
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[right][img]Picture of the person who is trapped[/img][/right]
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Now do so for your real-life character
Tell us how your character acts. Make sure it is at least a couple of paragraphs. Your character is (or at least, shouldn't be) a potato. He/she is alive.

What has happened to your character to get him to this point? How were things in life before the game locked him in, or what has happened to him in this game that is worth note? A couple of paragraphs is the minimum, but I do enjoy more.


[b][font=Impact][size=150]Item Name here:[/size][/b][/font]
Basic Description here. Don't worry about exact damage, but if it does do a lot of damage, say so.

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Additional Information:
Just to make sure that everything is clear, combat is similar to SAO, but with the introduction of guns has forced things to a more cover based shooter. Those that have played The Last Of Us will have an easy time picturing this form of combat, as it is very similar. The plot and the way things move are similar to Portal/Portal 2, and the randomness in the weapons and in what the enemies say is the same as Borderlands 2 (I have the shiniest meat bicycle!).
Losing all of your life doesn't kill you immediately. should you crawl into a hiding place, or another player picks you up, you are safe from getting the melee that kills you. Another player can help you up, but unless they're a medic it takes a ridiculous amount of time to perform. Otherwise, another player can pick you up to move you to a safer place, or even out of the combat zone. Of course, one cannot enter a previous combat zone, so caution is advised.
Safe zones heal everyone to full life upon entry, with a engineer's bench that allows engineers to repair and make stuff. Please build within reason. While the weapons are as random as Borderlands, I don't want overpowered stuff (Will not tolerate).
Also, notice how many roles there are, but only four can enter a combat zone at a time? Yeah, makes the tactical part make much more sense, don't it? Use your head while making characters, and post in the OOC to try and figure roles out to make a proper team. (Or take a chance and just throw yourself out there, up to you!)
We're starting at ground -49, so the level of your weapons sucks at first! You start with 2by4's, shivs, lead pipes, maybe an old revolver you steal from a local.
Ammo is endless, although reloading is mandatory. (important to note)
And there is no PVP! (mostly everyone is happy with that)

Toggle Rules

No godmodding. This game is a tactical team based game, so no one is really allowed to be super tough (except the tanker, he just can't really kill anything very fast.)
no metagaming. you control ONE guy. It is how well that one guy works with everyone else is the determining factor.
Yes, you can make your own toys, but please be reasonable with it. Don't make a gun that does massive electric, fire, and splash damage! (possible, but can only be found in a secret place!)
There will be much cussing, and there will be sexual innuendos. Kinda how the game was made to be, to show how violent and brutal thing could get. Romance isn't exactly encouraged, but it is't against the rules...

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Character Portrait: Sarah Crosby (BlackJuwl)
Sarah Crosby (BlackJuwl)

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Character Portrait: The Commander
The Commander

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Character Portrait: Sarah Crosby (BlackJuwl)
Sarah Crosby (BlackJuwl)

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Character Portrait: The Commander
The Commander

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Character Portrait: Sarah Crosby (BlackJuwl)
Sarah Crosby (BlackJuwl)

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