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Atlas Anderson

0 · 339 views · located in Cherry Blossom, Virginia

a character in “Cherry Blossom War”, as played by Amybel


La verità è l'uomo nello specchio.
The truth is the man in the mirror.

Name: Atlas Ray Anderson
"An awesome name for an awesome person."

Age: 20
"Ugh, I'm getting old"

Sexuality: Heterosexual
"Girls are simply the best."

Species: Werewolf
"Don't get confused, I'm not a dog."

Occupation: Part-time waiter
"I'm not kidding, it sucks."

Mate: None/Single
{If you'd like to become his mate/SO please get in contact with me .}


Rank: Delta

Other Duties in Pack: Sentinel/Tracker
(Despite his constant goofing off he takes his duties rather seriously.)

Family: Mother and Father - Unknown who his biological parents are, he has been with the pack nearly since birth.
His adoptive father having been a member of the pack long before Atlas even knew what he was.
Siblings- Not counting his pack-mates he has none

Pets: None

Hobbies: Sports of all kinds

Dreams: Uncertain

Fears: Drowning, His pack-mates getting hurt, Being called out.


Height, Weight, Build: 5'8", 145lbs, lean muscle.

Hair color, Eye Color, Skin tone: Black, Brown, Tan

Distinctive Markings: Various scars scatters on random body parts. He is usually never without a bruise or two. He does have a few freckles and slight acne.

Tattoos, Piercings, Modifications: He has a single tattoo behind his ear (seen in final image.)

Common Clothes: Generally wears regular t-shirts and jeans, nothing too fancy and sometimes he'll throw in a hat or jacket. He doesn't pay that much attention to the clothes he wears, unless he is trying to impress someone in which case he will put on his best. Though this doesn't happen to often. His style can be describes as laid-back, or possibly as just plain lazy.


{Sarcastic| Comical| Attention-Seeking| Reckless| Abrasive| }

Atlas has always been the kind to seek out attention, from anyone he can. Having spent much of his childhood feeling ignored and misplaced. Though his tendency to do recklessly stupid things for others approval has often gotten him into a lot of trouble. His rule-breaking, recklessness, and often abrasive nature make him a nightmare for authority figures. As such the word 'trouble' is often equated with him, even to those who don't know him very well. And while all of these traits are often considered bad he owns up to them, and knows that what he does is both annoying and childish.However he has yet to find another way to let out his pent up energy and aggressions. Besides often getting in fights with people, or acting rude towards strangers hes just met. He can be a sarcastic asshole at the worst of times, and at the best he seems like a moody teenager again. Despite being in his twenties now.

But most of his behavior stems from loneliness and the feeling that he isn't accepted by his peers. He likes to give his all when it comes to his pack, and often feels like they don't see him as anything more than a bratty child. Which he often perpetuates this stereotype knowingly, to fit the mold he thinks others have created for him. And despite everything that anyone could ever say about Atlas there is one thing that nobody can deny. Atlas is incredibly loyal, and to be his friend is to be his friend till the end. He isn't dishonest when it comes to friends, and is known to keep his more reckless behaviors to a minimum when around them. He is incredibly sensitive to emotional people, and though he won't admit it is the kind of person to cry just because someone else is crying (but as he would say, he doesn't cry EVER.)


Orphaned, or Forgotten...Atlas doesn't know what he is. He can't quite call himself an Orphan, since he was taken in early on in his childhood. Perhaps Forgotten fits the bill. He never knew why his parents gave him up, or how Orion (his adoptive father) came to obtain and raise Atlas. All he knew was that he didn't have a mother and father like other kids his age. While they were off with their families Atlas was stuck mucking about an empty apartment day in and day out until he was old enough to attend school. Though he found friends there he never quite fit in there either. His attention seeking behavior often getting him in trouble and causing the other kids in his class to dislike him. He didn't mean to be such a bother, he just wanted someone to pay attention and notice him.

One thing that bothered him the most about living with Orion was the fact that the man was always secretive, and nearly never home. And when it came time for Atlas to learn the mysteries surrounding his life Orion up and disappeared. Though by this point Atlas suspects his disappearance may have been less of a choice than Atlas first suspected. Luckily he had Orions strange friends to help him out on his sixteenth birthday, when his first change came and he was forced to face an impossible reality. He never did learn who his parents were, or why he never knew what he was until now, but he no longer needed to know. He had the pack at his back to care for him, and he in turn gave them as much as he could muster.

Of course when push came to shove a few years later within the pack he was forced to choose sides. Though if he were to have it his way the split never would have happened in the first place. He decided to go with pack 2, simply because of his preference for certain Pack-mates in this group.


So begins...

Atlas Anderson's Story

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Julia Sinclair, also known as Jewls in her work place. being the towns most famous stripper wasn't something most girls, if any, would consider and accomplishment but Julia did. She didn't care what people thought of her profession or what people said about her attitude about her profession. she loved what she did, arousing men the way their wives or girlfriends couldn't it was amusing to her how human men were when it came to things like that. While dancing she caught sight of a very pretty girl who she planned on making her dinner.

after her shift was over she stayed behind watching the girl. She ordered a few drinks as she watched the girl interact with other at the bar. Juli had to admit she would be attracted to the poor girl if she hadn't already planned on feeding from her. Sad really she thought as she finished her second drink. Waiting for this girl to leave the club was kind of boring. She had to sit there watching the girl talk to other people and also watch her colleagues dance on stage, they weren't terrible but they were bad. they were trying to hard to be sexy while Julia didn't have to. She had enough confidence to know she was the hottest thing in the room no matter what people said.

Finally the girl was heading out the bar, hopefully heading home. Juli finished her last drink and followed her from a distance. She followed her down the street, stalking her like she had been taught all those years ago. Just as she was ready to make her move on the girl she sensed something that she was sure was going to ruin her night, werewolves.


Lillian had gathered a few wolves to help her scout the town for vampires. It wasn't hard to sense a vampire in a town full of humans however tonight they weren't having much luck. She had split the four of them into two teams, one was sent to the west side of town while she and Serena scouted out the east. The streets were deserted, it being a Friday night most people went to bars or college parties which was perfect targets for vampires. No one ever paid attention at parties, just a bunch of drunks dancing and drinking while some poor kid was getting feed on by a blood-sucker.

Lillian grunted seeing a drunk couple wobbling down the street past them. She never understood humans habits of drinking, they just woke up with a blistering headache the next morning or drank until they puked. Lilly didn't like feeling sick for any reason so to voluntarily drink so much that you feel sick sounded ridiculous to her. "Anything yet?" She asked Serena checking if she'd sensed anything yet. She probably hadn't but it was better to ask than assume.

Being the Alpha wasn't an easy job for anyone but especially Lillian. Even after earning the title she found herself continuously having to prove herself to everyone. Weather it be other Alphas or her pack members, it was much more annoying when her own pack members did it to her. She was always forced to injure them in someway to get it through their heads that she meant business and wouldn't take their crap.

Taking a deep breath, getting ready to call this scouting off she got wind of what they had been looking for. "You smell that?" She whispered to Serena, nudging her in the arm. She scanned the streets searching for where the sent was coming from.


It was late but Vivian was the type who like to practice her magic after most had went to bed for the night, plus it was safer that way. She was still learning about her abilities there were still things she didn't know how to do or make. Just recently she discovered she was able to extract vampire venom from a werewolf, but it wasn't like she would be able to practice that any time soon. She also found out that there was an herb that would help her keep her energy up while healing with her chants. Normally she had to ask Sienna,though she was usually reluctant, to help her when she practiced her chants since chanting took more of her energy but with this herb she would have to. The downside to this find was that the herb was rare and not even found in Cherry Blossom anywhere.

Vivian sighed as she looked through her book of herbs. There was still so much she didn't know and she hated it. She thought that by now she would know at least most of what healers should know but she didn't even know half. It frustrated her that she felt like she was far behind, she partly blamed her father. He should have embraced who she was and allowed her to at least read her mothers books. Instead he burned them and forbid her from even mentioning magic to him.

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He stood leaning against a burnt out street lamp, one hand resting in the pocket of his coat, he is seemingly relaxed as he watches a steady stream of people come and go from the bar, looking to any who see him as nothing more than a man stepping out for a smoke and indecisive of whether to light the coffin nail or not, swinging his watch out of his pocket by the chain it snaps into his palm, springing open at his touch seeing the time he breathes explosively from his nose as if the time piece had personally offended him. He hated waiting, even if he was excellent at it, he hated it, his eyes track over every person leaving the bar, lingering for a moment on a particularly attractive girl leaving, and then an instant later his nostrils flare as a familiar scent drifts his way, and his distinct amber colored eyes track over the form of a woman exiting the establishment, stalking the one he'd noticed moments before, blond, good looking, moves like sex and death had a baby, blood sucking skank barbie.

An instant after seeing her the watch is stowed away in a pocket and his hand is toggling a switch at his throat, static sparks in his ear from the mic.

"Beta actual, this is Alpha actual, move into position and hold, I think I have one."

Connor had ordered a small contingent of wolves to hunt with him, they were to circle seeking out the blood suckers and wait for his command, some would be in human form, mingling with the humans, others as wolves, running the circuit of the town, they he would have to call through a set of whistles, or in his own wolf form by howling since they wouldn't be able to make use of the mic in their wolf forms, but the system was as good as he could make it at present.

Moving his hand away from the mic switch he growls softly, the sound rumbling up form deep in his chest. His voice deeper than normal, and coming out half growled in irritation, as he glances up at the moon.

"I hate hunting at night," better to burn the damned leeches out of the holes during the daytime, all the better to make them feel as hopeless as those they prey upon.

Moving non chalantly away from the lamp post he flicks the still fresh cigarette into the street, seemingly heading home he crosses the street staying well back, eyes trained on the women in front of him, undead leech or not, she was something to look at. It was almost too bad he was going to have to tear hear heart out and set her body aflame. Almost.

Now if he could get through a hunt without being interrupted he'd be happy, well, smiling wryly, happy enough at least.

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Johanna couldn't believe her luck. She was actually offered a gig. Granted this place wasn't exactly Madison Square Gardens, but it was good enough, people would see her.
Though they'd probably expected her to take off her clothes....this was a strip joint after all, it smelled like sex, cheap cologne, beer and sweat but hey, who cares, not her.

She set that stage ablaze and people even cheered. After her set was over, she hung around, she got offered drinks, she passed out her mixtape and was talked up by a few of the 'patrons' of the place.

Joey loved it, and it was fun.

Finally she decided to head home, she decided to walk, since she was far too buzzed to drive. It was good thing she lived in a rather small town. As weird as Cherry Blossom was, she loved it here. All of the strangeness, the murders, which would freak most people out, but not Joey, she grew up here, she knew most everyone and they knew her. Mostly tourists ended up dead, they didn't know the rules. Joey knew all the rules, she used to write them down when she was a kid and had them all memorized by now. Never break the rules and you'll live.

    Rule #1 of Surviving Cherry Blossom.
  • Never Walk Home Alone after Midnight.

This rule Joey was actually about to break.
Why one might ask, because she was too buzzed to remember the rules, if she had, she would have called Atlas, he would have picked her up and brought her home but then again, he had some big ol important family meeting he had to attend, so chances are, he wouldn't have been able to pick her up anyway.

All of the rules came flooding to her when she felt someone following her. It was late, very late, after midnight. She pretended not to notice, and causally reached into her bag and pulled out her phone.

{To Atlas}
{Hey, Lassie, Um, So I'm totally buzzed and broke a rule, um....I think someone's following me, Save Me :(}

She sent the text quickly and started looking for some more populated places and hide out. The feeling was getting stronger and more sinister by the minute.