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Kirstin Lee Blair

0 · 433 views · located in Cherry Blossom, Virginia

a character in “Cherry Blossom War”, as played by Amybel


Anda entre las lápidas.
Walk among the gravestones.

Name: Kirstin Lee Blair
"Call me Kirstie."

Age: 23
"But I don't look a day over 20, right?"

Sexuality: Bisexual
"Just between you and me."

Species: Human
"What else would I be?"

Occupation: Teachers Assistant/Runs a Part Time Daycare.
"Working with children everyday gets to be exhausting."

Mate: None/Single
{If you'd like to become her mate/SO please get in contact with me .}


Family:Mother and Father - Lorna Blair (Current age 56) and Carson Blair (Deceased)
Siblings - Kerrie (Current age 29) ,Iona (Current Age 26), Molly (Current age 18), Jack (Current age 19)

Pets: Reggie (A neighborhood cat actually, but she feeds him.) and Pretzel

Hobbies: Writing

Dreams: Uncertain

Fears: Spiders, Burning (Fire)

Religion: Agnostic


Height, Weight, Build: 5'6", 135bs, Lean

Hair color, Eye Color, Skin tone: Red, Green, Pallid

Distinctive Markings: Freckles, and a scar on the back of her left calf.

Tattoos, Piercings, Modifications: Tattoo 1, Tattoo 2, Tattoo 3 on right shoulder, Her ears are pierced, and Her navel is pierced.

Common Clothes - As someone who has to dress to impress for her occupation she tends to wear a lot of plain blouses and slacks. Though she prefers jeans most days with jumpers or jackets layered over. She prefers plain, or neutral colors as opposed to bright ones. Normally seen sporting brown jackets over similarly colored shirts, her jeans being the only 'blue' color on her. She never wears skirts, and only when its hot out will she wear shorts of any kind. She has a single pair of black boots that she wears most days, and a spare pair of white sneakers for occasions when she is going to exercise.


{ || Challenging || Clever || Authoritative || Self-Critical || Spitfire || Alluring || }

When asked to describe Kirstie in a word most people would say she is a Challenge. Someone who isn't easy to decipher, or make assumptions about. She is the kind of reserved that makes it hard for others to get to know her right away. And because of this she tends to draw people in. People who want to know about her, and why she seems to keep so many secrets about herself. When in reality there is nothing about her that needs to be kept secret. She is a fairly simple woman. With a simple, boring life thats been wasted by staying in her childhood home.

She gets along best with children, a by-product of her occupation. Having went from babysitting her siblings to taking care of day care kids, and from there to being a teachers assistant at the local elementary. She loves kids, and hopes someday to have some of her own but knows its going to be a long time until then. Though she is known as being playful and kind she is also a figure of authority and as such doesn't take kindly to rule breaking or back talking.

Not particularly intelligent, but rather Clever with her words. She knows what she needs to know and very little beyond that. She hasn't ever had a real drive to continue her education, despite knowing she will have to in the future. She is also rather self-critical, and is known for making self deprecating jokes about herself at random times. She doesn't see herself as important, and is of the mindset that if she were to disappear one day nobody would notice.

Her most well known trait however is her spitfire attitude. She can be happy and friendly one minute and then suddenly switch to fire breathing dragon the next.


She has lived in the town nearly her entire life.

Kirstie comes from a very large, and interwoven family. Often describing themselves as a "clan" Just because of how many Blairs there are. Growing up surrounded by uncles, aunts, and dozens of cousins everywhere. Her fathers side of the family seemed to never stop growing. Her mother and father being entirely too enthusiastic about children had five themselves. Kirstie being the third born out of the bunch. Though being a middle child often is described as a bad thing, she didn't view it as such. Her parents had enough love in them for all of their children, and Kirstie actually enjoyed being left to her own devices at times. However there were some aspects to her solitude that caused problems for her. Mostly in the form of being lonely, or becoming angry with her parents for not noticing her more. But she tried her best not to make a big deal out of and eventually when her older sisters Kerrie and Iona went off to college things got better.

Though now that she was older her role in the family was mainly looking after her younger siblings. While most teens would have been bummed out to be watching their kid siblings all the time Kirstie found that she actually liked it. Bonding with them was fun, and she had always been a fan of kids (hoping someday she would have some of her own.) She spent a lot of time with them, but just as any other teenager in the world she also had her own social life. Though her circle of friends was small. Growing up there were plenty of kids in school that thought it would be funny to make fun of her for her watered down accent (a mixture of scottish and american) that she never was able to shake off (partly due to her fathers thick accent, having heard it all her life.) because of this teasing her ability to make friends was impaired and she developed quite an embarrassing childhood stutter, that to this day still shows back up when shes nervous or feeling personally attacked.

But as all things tend to go, so did childhood. She graduated high school and left it all behind her. She went on to college in another state to earn a teaching degree, finding that she felt the best when working alongside kids. It was around this time, at age 22, that tragedy struck her family. Her father who had been ill for quite some time had passed away. His funeral was the first time the entire family had come together in quite some time, and the entire experience had left her completely emotionally exhausted. After her fathers death the family mostly split up, her older sisters had their own lives, and her mother wasn't emotionally capable of staying in the family home anymore. By that point Jack and Molly were both old enough to do their own thing, so there wasn't much tying anyone to the town anymore. But Kirstie, ever the sentimental fool had decided to stay, to maintain the house she spent nearly her whole life in.

She found work at the local school as a teachers assistant, and runs a part time daycare for the local kids.


So begins...

Kirstin Lee Blair's Story

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Julia Sinclair, also known as Jewls in her work place. being the towns most famous stripper wasn't something most girls, if any, would consider and accomplishment but Julia did. She didn't care what people thought of her profession or what people said about her attitude about her profession. she loved what she did, arousing men the way their wives or girlfriends couldn't it was amusing to her how human men were when it came to things like that. While dancing she caught sight of a very pretty girl who she planned on making her dinner.

after her shift was over she stayed behind watching the girl. She ordered a few drinks as she watched the girl interact with other at the bar. Juli had to admit she would be attracted to the poor girl if she hadn't already planned on feeding from her. Sad really she thought as she finished her second drink. Waiting for this girl to leave the club was kind of boring. She had to sit there watching the girl talk to other people and also watch her colleagues dance on stage, they weren't terrible but they were bad. they were trying to hard to be sexy while Julia didn't have to. She had enough confidence to know she was the hottest thing in the room no matter what people said.

Finally the girl was heading out the bar, hopefully heading home. Juli finished her last drink and followed her from a distance. She followed her down the street, stalking her like she had been taught all those years ago. Just as she was ready to make her move on the girl she sensed something that she was sure was going to ruin her night, werewolves.


Lillian had gathered a few wolves to help her scout the town for vampires. It wasn't hard to sense a vampire in a town full of humans however tonight they weren't having much luck. She had split the four of them into two teams, one was sent to the west side of town while she and Serena scouted out the east. The streets were deserted, it being a Friday night most people went to bars or college parties which was perfect targets for vampires. No one ever paid attention at parties, just a bunch of drunks dancing and drinking while some poor kid was getting feed on by a blood-sucker.

Lillian grunted seeing a drunk couple wobbling down the street past them. She never understood humans habits of drinking, they just woke up with a blistering headache the next morning or drank until they puked. Lilly didn't like feeling sick for any reason so to voluntarily drink so much that you feel sick sounded ridiculous to her. "Anything yet?" She asked Serena checking if she'd sensed anything yet. She probably hadn't but it was better to ask than assume.

Being the Alpha wasn't an easy job for anyone but especially Lillian. Even after earning the title she found herself continuously having to prove herself to everyone. Weather it be other Alphas or her pack members, it was much more annoying when her own pack members did it to her. She was always forced to injure them in someway to get it through their heads that she meant business and wouldn't take their crap.

Taking a deep breath, getting ready to call this scouting off she got wind of what they had been looking for. "You smell that?" She whispered to Serena, nudging her in the arm. She scanned the streets searching for where the sent was coming from.


It was late but Vivian was the type who like to practice her magic after most had went to bed for the night, plus it was safer that way. She was still learning about her abilities there were still things she didn't know how to do or make. Just recently she discovered she was able to extract vampire venom from a werewolf, but it wasn't like she would be able to practice that any time soon. She also found out that there was an herb that would help her keep her energy up while healing with her chants. Normally she had to ask Sienna,though she was usually reluctant, to help her when she practiced her chants since chanting took more of her energy but with this herb she would have to. The downside to this find was that the herb was rare and not even found in Cherry Blossom anywhere.

Vivian sighed as she looked through her book of herbs. There was still so much she didn't know and she hated it. She thought that by now she would know at least most of what healers should know but she didn't even know half. It frustrated her that she felt like she was far behind, she partly blamed her father. He should have embraced who she was and allowed her to at least read her mothers books. Instead he burned them and forbid her from even mentioning magic to him.