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Sienna De Lucchi

Witch with ability of channelling

0 · 558 views · located in Cherry Blossom, Virginia

a character in “Cherry Blossom War”, as played by Pantheran


Sienna De Lucchi
I'm sorry did you just call me a bitch? You're mistaken, I'm a witch.

ImageAge: 21, but looks several years older
Gender: Female
Species: Witch

Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Waitress at cafΓ©

Eye color: Olive green
Hair: Short and black

She's around 170cm tall and a bit chubby. She's not overweight even if people often think that way.

Distinguishable features:
Sienna has a small tattoo of Sun in her right ankle

FC: Ginnifer Goodwin

Her ability is channelling so she's able to channel another's energy into herself or her own energy to another witch. However, when channeling her own energy to someone else it drains her powers quickly and she avoids using it. Using the skill also makes her age faster. She's strongest when the moon is full and weakest during the new moon.

She's not a typical witch – quite the opposite in fact. She wants to hide her true nature and acts like any human in her age could. She's social, likes to go out with her friends, have fun and date guys.

Sienna is very sarcastic if someone is irritating her or acting like she's an idiot. ”Oh really? I didn't know that at all”, is probably her most used sentence. She may seem to be a bitch but in reality she's really caring towards those who are close to her. However getting close to her can be quite a challenge.



ImageThe same day she turned 13, her younger brother, Charles, ended up in serious accident and was taken to the hospital. When she got to see him, he was unconsious and barely even alive. As she was hugging her brother, tears falling down her cheeks, her powers woke up. A blue aura covered both of them and her own life energy was running to him. After a short while she collapsed on the floor.

Just a couple of hours later Charles opened his eyes, which was -according to the doctors – pretty much a miracle. When seeing all this, her mother, Cassandra, saw an easy way to get rich with her. For the next few years Sienna was forced to help people with injuries or just effects of agining, while her mother charged them for it, leaving her nothing but a aging process much faster than anyone else.

It took four years before she was brave enough to stand against her mother run away. After all the events happening to her, Sienna wanted to get far away from her hometown and her mother leading her to the Cherry Blossom's coven. No one in the town actually knows she's a witch expect for the other coven members of course.

She has now lived four years in the town and works in a small cafΓ© as a waitress trying to live as normal life as possible – lying her age every time someone asks it.

So begins...

Sienna De Lucchi's Story

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Julia Sinclair, also known as Jewls in her work place. being the towns most famous stripper wasn't something most girls, if any, would consider and accomplishment but Julia did. She didn't care what people thought of her profession or what people said about her attitude about her profession. she loved what she did, arousing men the way their wives or girlfriends couldn't it was amusing to her how human men were when it came to things like that. While dancing she caught sight of a very pretty girl who she planned on making her dinner.

after her shift was over she stayed behind watching the girl. She ordered a few drinks as she watched the girl interact with other at the bar. Juli had to admit she would be attracted to the poor girl if she hadn't already planned on feeding from her. Sad really she thought as she finished her second drink. Waiting for this girl to leave the club was kind of boring. She had to sit there watching the girl talk to other people and also watch her colleagues dance on stage, they weren't terrible but they were bad. they were trying to hard to be sexy while Julia didn't have to. She had enough confidence to know she was the hottest thing in the room no matter what people said.

Finally the girl was heading out the bar, hopefully heading home. Juli finished her last drink and followed her from a distance. She followed her down the street, stalking her like she had been taught all those years ago. Just as she was ready to make her move on the girl she sensed something that she was sure was going to ruin her night, werewolves.


Lillian had gathered a few wolves to help her scout the town for vampires. It wasn't hard to sense a vampire in a town full of humans however tonight they weren't having much luck. She had split the four of them into two teams, one was sent to the west side of town while she and Serena scouted out the east. The streets were deserted, it being a Friday night most people went to bars or college parties which was perfect targets for vampires. No one ever paid attention at parties, just a bunch of drunks dancing and drinking while some poor kid was getting feed on by a blood-sucker.

Lillian grunted seeing a drunk couple wobbling down the street past them. She never understood humans habits of drinking, they just woke up with a blistering headache the next morning or drank until they puked. Lilly didn't like feeling sick for any reason so to voluntarily drink so much that you feel sick sounded ridiculous to her. "Anything yet?" She asked Serena checking if she'd sensed anything yet. She probably hadn't but it was better to ask than assume.

Being the Alpha wasn't an easy job for anyone but especially Lillian. Even after earning the title she found herself continuously having to prove herself to everyone. Weather it be other Alphas or her pack members, it was much more annoying when her own pack members did it to her. She was always forced to injure them in someway to get it through their heads that she meant business and wouldn't take their crap.

Taking a deep breath, getting ready to call this scouting off she got wind of what they had been looking for. "You smell that?" She whispered to Serena, nudging her in the arm. She scanned the streets searching for where the sent was coming from.


It was late but Vivian was the type who like to practice her magic after most had went to bed for the night, plus it was safer that way. She was still learning about her abilities there were still things she didn't know how to do or make. Just recently she discovered she was able to extract vampire venom from a werewolf, but it wasn't like she would be able to practice that any time soon. She also found out that there was an herb that would help her keep her energy up while healing with her chants. Normally she had to ask Sienna,though she was usually reluctant, to help her when she practiced her chants since chanting took more of her energy but with this herb she would have to. The downside to this find was that the herb was rare and not even found in Cherry Blossom anywhere.

Vivian sighed as she looked through her book of herbs. There was still so much she didn't know and she hated it. She thought that by now she would know at least most of what healers should know but she didn't even know half. It frustrated her that she felt like she was far behind, she partly blamed her father. He should have embraced who she was and allowed her to at least read her mothers books. Instead he burned them and forbid her from even mentioning magic to him.

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Sienna De Lucchi

Oh how she loved this, the music, dancing, cheap drinks and the freedom. No one would think she was somehow different. Sienna was in the middle of the dance floor having fun. Earlier at the evening she had been celebrating one of her friends birthday. Now her friends had left home but Sienna kept going, laughing and drinking with complete strangers.

She had decided this would be the night. A night to find a guy, go to somewhere private and maybe have a couple of drinks later at night. And who knew what would happen afterwards. Sienna giggled to her thoughts. She was confident no guy would ask her to come with them. No one had even asked her phone number in years. She looked over the crowd trying to see if there was any familiar faces but when not seeing any she headed to the bar. ”Cuba Libre” she said to bartender as he got to her and paid the drink. When getting it Sienna walked over to the booths and leaned against the wall observing anyone who would came in from the door.

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❝I may look small, but I am strong❞
Ι—ΞΉΞ±Ζ–ΟƒgΟ…Ρ” cΟƒΖ–ΟƒΡβœ¦#8B3A3A
тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cΟƒΖ–ΟƒΡβœ§#868669

【Hocus Pocus | Ghost Town】


Fire. Nova could remember a lot of fire. And there was a lot of it in that attic.

The dream-like fire flickered with orange light, eating up and devouring everything in it's path. It burned in Nova's soul, in her blood. It always had, and it was obvious from the way it swirled about her, bowing to her every whim. Nova liked it that way. She felt strong, powerful.

The flames licked around her ankles, before curling their way around her legs and arms. She could feel the heat gnawing it's way into her flesh, but she ignored it. The burn felt good, as if the flames were fed by her pain.

Nova was startled out of her dream with a flinch, and a shiver. She hated those dreams - it reminded her of the way she really felt. She disliked the whole 'I-could-be-powerful-if-I-wasn't-scared' thing. Her powers scared her - it was made obvious by the bandages bound around her hands like vices. Plus, she'd heard someone calling - Elisabeth. She shook her hair out of her face, brushing it back with her hands, and tying it up into a ponytail. She brushed her hands down her apron, and got up out of her chair, before peering around the door at her friend. "Hey, Elisabeth? Did you call?" She asked, yawning. She wanted to stuff her fist in her mouth and stop yawning so much. "Did you need any help with anything?" She asked, walking out and grabbing a damp cloth, before wiping the tables down. She was cold, and pulled a jacket around her quickly. "Its actually freezing in here." She complained, a whine tinging her voice. Nova was feeling more and more cold these days, which was not a good sign. Winter was coming, and Nova was not prepared.

She knew she should voice it to the other Witches. Her insecurities were getting worse and worse, and November was doing nothing to help solve them. The fire in her spirit was heating her from the inside, and Nova was worried that it was going to devour her completely one day. Maybe Vivian or Sienna could help her.

She shook her head again and scrubbed down a table hastily, tucked in the chairs and wiped them down, too, before cleaning out the coffee machines. It wasn't the most pleasant experience ever, but it needed to be done. "Are you doing anything this evening?" She asked.