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Cherry Blossoms University

Cherry Blossoms University


What if you can choose your physical appearances and play at elementary school? high school? university? start working career? Any stages of life! your choice! Create YOUR stories, Play with LIFE

483 readers have visited Cherry Blossoms University since abbynadya created it.



Welcome to Cherry Blossoms Town! The beautiful town full with Cherry's Trees! The town have everything the nature has to offers, like rivers,seas,jungle.

At the same time, the development of the town also fast. Cherry Blossoms's got her own University, High School and plenty of jobs career to offer!

Cherry Blossoms Town located near London, England to be exact. 45 minutes drive to London.

Now you has to create your family, and begin your legacies at Cherry Blossoms town!

You can create up to 4 characters! So feel free to choose any stages of life! you can be a kid again and try elementary school, or be a teens and enjoy the high school life, or a young adult who enroled in university or even a working adult and choose your dream career!


You are the main character of this role play!....You can compete in beauty queen, politician, state championship in sport, best students and many more!.....if you interested please register yourself and start the drama with me ;)

Or you boring with normal daily life??

So you want to escape normal routine days? Be the hero and save the day? Here you can! Join SWAT team and kick the evil outa town!


Or you want to live to fame?


This is just some of the examples. Basically, you can be anything and everything as long its realistic. So be creative, and create your own! ;)


Please join ;P


Please read RULES as there contains the tutorial on the gameplay

I will update more about gameplay, for now just create your character


Character pictures
»Last Name«
Height and Weight
5 Good Traits
5 Bad Traits
»Worst enemy«
»Family Background«
»Family Tree«
»Plans for the future«
» Favorite Foods«
»Photo Galleries«

Or you can using my character Cheryl as an example:

You dont need to follow 100%. Just fills all required informations and additional informations you think needed. Please take your time creating and customizing your character because it is one of the fun part.


More question you can visit OCC..


Its a status rising game

here the status that you need to upgrade to be better ingame. At start all is 1

Basically, you just add each status +1 every 1 post, except Popularity status. Popularity can only gained thru gaining title (like winning state championship, beauty pageant, etc)

So if you post 5 times a month (week in real life) you will get +5 status ;)

And if you do the GM event, the +5 status, yes, you will gain popularity +5 if you allocate +5 status to popularity

Intelligent: 1
Strenght: 1


Basic gameplay:


1) 1 week of real life = 1 month ingame. the game will start to the 2nd month when at least have 2 players.

2) Post 4-5 times a week on status building(depends on months). Not more than 1 posting a day on status building. each post tell the stories of what happened in 1 weeks. so by the forth post, you have the stories of 1st week to 4rth weeks.

If you posting 5 or more a week on 1 character, you will get +5 status

GM will make an event every month and you will write a good stories about your character participating on the event. good story telling will give you a bonus +5 status. The event is optional, you can choose to tell a story or not.

3) The status upgrades in game is meant to decide how well you compete in the competitions. if you want to win a state championship or score an A's in the exam, make sure your status is high enough.

4) Choose any stages of life. If you have 4 characters, at least post once of their activity in a month. It is recommended to have at least 1 University student (since the 1st time I created the game is about university! ;>).

5) If you ever play The Sims 3, you will be familiar with this gameplay.

************* ANNOUNCEMENTS *************


January Events (choose 1):

1) Tell a story that included you and other players, be creative

2) Tell a story about how you go to the event (such as concert, festival), with who? what happen?

Toggle Rules

Rules and regulations:

1. Make a real human profile picture. Strictly NO anime/cartoon face. Put details on character personalities like the 5 (max 10) main traits. if you have more than 1 pictures of the characters, put more on the profile data. No same player pictures.

2. Make a moderate long stories. Long stories is welcomed too if u want.stories with nice pictures will be welcomed. GM will award +status to the player with the best story telling

3. Post at least once a week. but in interaction with others, building stories, you can post as many as you want. Not more than once a day on status building.

You can post more than once a day, but the 2nd post wont increase your status, just story progresions when you interacting with others. So who is always posting everyday will get a better status.

While you interracting with other players, GM will watching you. If you create a good drama while interacting with other players, GM will give you a bonus status! maybe +5 status or whatnot.

4. Allows cross storyline to maximum characters interactions. Player can use other player character as long they stay in character (the 10 traits/personalities and tag the player name so they aware u using their character in your story).

Other player can increase or decrease ur status by doing this, they can even ask your character to go out on date if they have the traits/personalities that make your character likes them.

You can help increasing or decreasing other players status (Since same status can only been upgraded +1 on 1 day). with your help they can get +2 status upgrade in one day. However to do so, the schedule of both players cant clash (A is saying with B go out, but B saying he is in the room)

This system been provided because the story need to be progress even when the other player not online. Its hard for all the players to online at the same time! So u can be nice, be mean, so fight!

5. GM will makes lots of interesting events so stay active. the events will give you a lot increasement in status. Player with the best status will get many awards. for example, popularity, the best player in sports will get MVP awards, starting 1st eleven in soccer, best player in studies will get top student awards. best player in social can be a university politician

6. Update your status in every post and be creative, create a drama and be realistic. Dont cheat in status. GM watching you. Normally players who posting everyday will have the maximum status and win the trophies.
update your status yourself. you know what status you aim for every story telling. best story telling, GM will give +5 status.

7. Describes what you doing in the dawn,morning,noon,afternoon,evening,sunset,night,late night everyday. +1 point will be given everytime you doing something (like studying, training, etc.)

8. Maximum character is 4. so you can play as male and female at the same time. Or just 2 same gender with different personality. Every characters that you created must be related, like siblings, aunts,cousin

9. Be creative in creating character because everyone is different. not bad character is all bad. and not good character is all good

10. Follow the character creating and gameplay walkthrough from GM as posted in this thread. you can add any other additional details, but must have the basic informations like the GM do.

11. Player can purchase anything with money The money player get basically from partime work. player with good relations with family can get easy extra money. If you excell in studies, you can get extra cash too.

12. Everything has in world have in this game, just create it and make it realistic. enchant your imaginations

13. You can create any NPC side character so your character will looks good or badass. But please remember them and list them in NPC list name.

You can even fall in love with NPC character (If u dont get the chance with other player). You can create your own lovers or BFF but interactions with other players is the main objective.

14. Post "LOVE" on your character creation so we know that you have read the rules and regulations.

15. You cant have more than 1 same status increase in 1 day. so prepare your stories so you can upgrades all your status in a day. Good story telling will get bonus status upgrade. GM will tell you in OCC about your bonus status

16. This game still in beta testing and gameplay would change from time to time to find the best gameplay. Any ideas or suggestions can be post in OCC.


Thanks for reading!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 5 authors


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Cheryl Elisabeth Winstead
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0.00 INK

2 January 2012
7.01 a.m
Junior Dorm.
Weather: Rainy morning

Cheryl wake up and go to bath. She smile to the girls in the crowded bathroom. She wait for her turn a little while and started brushing her teeth. Her turn comes and she started showering. The water is so refreshing! the orange flavour soaps makes her body smells good.

Cheryl comes out from bath room. she blow dry her hair and start combing her hair. Today is the 1st day of class, so she want to looks good. She choose the piggytail hairstyle with side bang. Her face looks good in this style.

Its time for breakfast, Cheryl asking her roomates, Linda to come along. At the Dorm cafetaria, Cheryl eat Thousand Island Pizza and hot chocolate. She is stuffed and ready for today adventure.

Cheryl go to class by bus. Its the bus campus and its free for student.
All the boys staring at her beauty. She is so stunning.

Cheryl decide to use the stairs to her class

Cheryl arrived early at the class and concentrating in class. Cheryl answered some of professor question eventhough some were false

8 am-12 pm - in class

Class ended. Its time for lunch. Cheryl and her fellow classmate go to cafetaria to grab some foods. Cheryl choose spaghetti for her lunch

Cheryl goes to her dorm, take a shower and take a nap. At 3 pm she will be working at the boutique.

Cheryl working from 3 pm to 8 pm. tired but feels good.

Arrived at the dorm, she take a shower and get a dinner. A chicken rice curry. Its delicious.

After dinner Cheryl open her laptop and finished the assignment for today. After that she listen for music and do some vlogging on youtubes

Its 12 am, Cheryl goes to bed.

(like this stories is the most simple,so all status +1)

(if very good story telling, associated with other characters,long,full emotions,etc = status +5.)


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Alexis Grey
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0.00 INK

Alexis wakes up to the sound of her ringing alarm from her Iphone on her desk. With a long and wide yawn she leans over and turns it off as she slowly pulls the blankets off her. She looked at the time. 7:06AM. As she glanced around the dorm she seen the rain pouring down out through the window.
Another rainy morning. Great. Just what she wanted. She'd get up early just to spend half of the time doing her hair when by the time she got across the road she would be drenched in rain.
She slightly sighed to herself and stood up. She walked to the bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror, she didn't look too bad for just waking up, she rubbed her eyes and brushed her teeth then got showered.

Alexis finishes then walks out and back into her room she then drys her hair, afterwards she brushed it then straightened it and fixed her silky, long black hair until it looked just perfect. She looked at the time on her i phone for the second time that morning, this time it was 7:40AM. There was about 20 minutes to get to class, just enough time to eat her breakfast and get there on time.

She strolled down to the cafeteria and poured some Lucky Charms cereal into a bowl, then the milk. She sat down with her friends at a table, munching her cereal then had a glass of orange juice.

At 7:55AM Alexis went to her class, holding her text books close to her chest while walking down the hallway.
She was right on time 8AM exactly. She took notes as she listened questions being answered and the teacher talking about equipment that nurses use and the uses Ect. Alexis's class had an upcoming, important exam. I don't know about you but like any other student wanting to achieve their goals, she had to study for it so she could pass.

It was noon and class ended, Alexis went to lunch and sat with her best friend, They both had a hot dog to eat. It was surprisingly nice for the school's food, usually it wouldn't even taste like what it was meant to be.
Her friend, Alison and her chatted together and ate.

When they had finished she went back to her dorm and got ready for helping out with the fully trained nurses. She had a part time job there, ever since about 5 months ago when it was offered to her by her mom's friend, Audrey. She enjoyed working there, it was a good way to meet new people. Alexis worked 1:30PM-5:30PM, so it wasn't that long and she still got a good amount of money for working.

She walked out the door when she was ready and drove to work in the blue car her parents had got her for her 19th birthday, last October. Once she got to there, it was a 10 minute drive, she parked in a space and got out, heading to the hospital doors, she walked in and went up the elevator, walked out and down the hallway.

She worked until it was shortly after her shift ended, she walked back out and then to the car and drove back, she went to her dorm then had her dinner, a chicken burger with chips and tomato ketchup. She loved the taste and the sauce just topped it off, it was yummy.

Once she had finished she sat down at her desk at studied for the exam which is in a few days, she looked through her text book on nursing reading and taking notes of the details. Once she had finished she took a read over all her notes she had made, learning them.

Alexis needed time for herself to relax, she watched a movie with ice cream. It was her favourite movie in all of time, The notebook, she had watched it at least 15 times, it was so well acted, so well written, and not to mention romantic.

It was 11;30. Alexis had a busy day and it was time to get ready to rest, she got into her pajamas, brushed her teeth and hair before settling down in bed and eventually falling asleep.


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Character Portrait: Cheryl Elisabeth Winstead Character Portrait: Alexis Grey
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0.00 INK

11 January 2012 (post once every week ingame, use 2012 calendar)
6.54 am
Cheryl's room
Bright shiny morning

Cheryl wake up early today. She do some little warm up and take a glance at her roomates. She noticed Alexis still sleeping. Cheryl dont really have time to socialize with her fellow roomates since they all take different major and have busying all days. Then Cheryl goes to shower.

Finished showering, Cheryl take her time to dress up herself. While she dressing up, Alex enter the room, she just finished shower. Cheryl smiled at Alexa and start a little chit chatting and invited Alexa join her in breakfast.

The 2 roomates go breakfast together. Cheryl choose to tuna sandwich, while Alex is eating a cereal.

Cheryl: I dont know about you, but I cant eat just a cereal at morning, I need heavy food.

Alexis: Ahaha. I know! me too. But i feel like eating just cereal at the morning now.

Cheryl: You know, my lil sis name is Alexa, sometimes I called you Alexa because slip of the mouth, so sorry!

Today class is just same as usual. But Cheryl pretty much silent in class. She doesnt have that mood to talk much. After the class, Cheryl grab a lunch with Linda, her classmate. She ate Burger and fries.

2 pm - 4 pm: Cheryl at the library with some group assignment.

Wednesday is time for the club. Every student have 1 club of their choice, some choose sport, some choose not sport clubs like music club, art club. Cheryl choose soccer, she love soccer like her father. Cheryl even play for her school last time. Cheryl really good at it and her school is in the top 3. She love soccer and she will join it.

5 pm - 7 pm: At soccer field.

Cheryl so mad to the one of the snob player. She think she's all that good?

At night Cheryl decided to go to the dinner with all of her roomates at the Mcdonald. They go with Alexis' s car. They have a good time, Cheryl think Alex is friendly.


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Character Portrait: Dean Jacob Frew
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0.00 INK

Dean Arrives at Cherry Blossom University. "Well i guess life begins" He Says. He parks his car in the Lot and walks over to the dorms there is someone standing outside looking like they are waiting for him, 'Dean?' says the stranger, "Yeah", "Hey I'm John, I'm your guide around the campus," "Sweet Man, Hey there are some good looking girls around this place how is it like not so populated?". "Cherry Blossom is relatively new it's been around for about 15 years not many know about it and to be honest it's sorta better because the lectures are much more suitable and there's plenty of places to just be solitary, plus you get to know everyone so yeah there's nothing bad about that." So the morning consisted of John showing Dean around campus and he met interesting people he signed up for the football team and the art and design club. Totally based on the guy to girl ratio he had to share this college experience with someone besides his Mum and Dad preferably someone of the opposite sex.

That afternoon after he settled in his room there was a knock at the door it was John he handed him an invitation to the party tonight they mingled then John shot off and Dean had to prepare for this party he jumped in the shower, brushed his teeth and just got ready.

6PM he got to the dorm where the party was he nearly broke his jaw it was massive all the people that were at this campus must have been at this party and boy did he almost met everyone in the college as soon as he walked in then he walked into Dave, He'd known Dave for years they had been mates since the day they were born but they were split at about 13 when his parents moved away and to see him here was great they were like old pals again drinking and socialising with random people then Dean realised he had downed enough beer that he had 4 hands so he called it a night grabbed Daves number the headed of to his room in his head he recited as he drifted off to sleep. This is going to be a great three years.


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Character Portrait: Cheryl Elisabeth Winstead Character Portrait: Alexis Grey
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0.00 INK

Alexis had been up since five o'clock this morning, she was so stressed about the exam today that she could not get back asleep, she made the time pass quickly by playing 'Angry Birds' on her iphone, with the volume off of course, the game was so addictive sometimes.

Eventually she looked at the time, it was 6:30. Alex decides to get an early start to her day and gets ready, she walked from the bathroom into the dorm again and saw that a few of her room-mates were awake, most of them were still sleeping though, as it was only about 7:25 and class would start at 8:00. She smiled small at them all, just to try and be friendly and waved at Cheryl who was just awake.

After while later of talking to some of her room-mates, Alexis walked down to the cafeteria for breakfast. She chose to have a bowl of cereal and sat at a table with a couple of girls in her class talking.

In class Alexis was nervous to start the exam which her teacher was handing out in a couple of minutes. She clenched her fists, she did this when she was scared or nervous. She had studied non-stop but she just was doubting that she had, one minute felt like forever right now to her, finally they got handed the exam out. She took her pen and filled the answers in.

At the end of class she walked out feeling proud, she didn't know her result yet obviously but she knew she had done well. She knew the answers like the back of her hand.

Alexis made her way to the lunch room with her class-mates, she had a caecar salad. It tasted delicious, so fresh. Once she finished eating, she walked back to her room and got a quick shower before she went to work.

Arrived to work at 1:20 in her car, she walked into the hospital and started to work until 6:30, she stayed later than normal today because the nurses needed some extra help.

She came home, exhausted. Alexis went to dinner, she ate a Chinese meal, with her favourite food ever, noodles. She enjoyed socializing and talking to everyone, there wasn't one person there she thought any bad of.

Once she was finished her dinner she went on her laptop and chatted to some of her friends and family, afterwards she lay back as she drifted into sleep.


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Character Portrait: Cheryl Elisabeth Winstead Character Portrait: Alexis Grey Character Portrait: Dean Jacob Frew
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0.00 INK

17 January 2012
11.33 am
At the class.
Bright day

Cheryl's class ended earlier today. Harry, the head of class is keep asking Cheryl out for lunch from last week. Just 2 of them. He said its for the class event management and since Cheryl is class assistant, she needs to follow him to discuss things up. Cheryl know its not just a job discussion, Harry seems to be interested in her. Cheryl love to use her teasing skills haha. She love teasing guy, playing hard to get.

3.11 pm.
Started to windy day.It is gonna rain?
At the hall for drama class.

Cheryl is reading a script. Its the third week already and this is the time for her to prove that she deserve for the main role. The play is about love in the war time play.

It is the play time. Cheryl try her best to impress the lecturer, Mrs. Miranda. Whoever qualified will be known next week.

The play ended at 5 pm. Its heavy rain now, thank god Cheryl going with her Mazda Rx7. Sometimes Cheryl go with bus because its hard to find parking on campus. But since drama class is in the evening, parking not that pack like in the morning.

Later that night Cheryl asked Alexis and Alison to go with her and Linda to watch some midnight movies! Scott Pilgram the third! The girls go with Cheryl Mazda's and get some dinner at Pizza Hit first.The movie so fun and they enjoy the night together

18 January 2012
4.28 pm

Cheryl in the class. She's not concentrating. This evening at 5pm have training match between 1st team and 2nd team of soccer team. Eventually she's been named in 2nd string! she's so mad because she should been in the 1st team. Its all because the rival team got Amy, a very skillful player. Cheryl team lose twice to Amy's team, 0-3 and 2-4. Next week was the 1st Inter University tournament. She need to impress the coach, Mr.Rednap and get into the 1st team!

5.15 pm
At the field!

The campus field is big, the soccer and football team share the same spot, they just neighbour in term of field positions.

Cheryl walking to the girl soccer place. Suddenly, something hit her head. Its kinda hurt. Awww, its football ball..

"Hey..sorry girl!"

Dean comes with some smile face. It was the oddest smile ever. Is he doing it on purpose? Cheryl just giving a stare and walk away. As she love to act snob to new people ;D

Later that evening Cheryl get 1 assist and her team win slightly 2-1. Her tactic on man marking Amy give a good result. Amy always lose the ball because Cheryl defensive is so good. Cheryl no more play for attacking midfielder, she think maybe she suit to be defensive midfielder.Her coach smiling at her. It might be a good sign! Cheryl have a good shower before going back to her dorm.

For the night, Cheryl studying because next 2week she got quiz! But you know her, she's lazy bump and just ended up hearing song and chatting all night


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Character Portrait: Cheryl Elisabeth Winstead Character Portrait: Alexis Grey
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0.00 INK

It was 11;40pm, nearly the end of class. All the students in Alexis' class got given their test results back, Once Alexis got her she turned to the back page where her result was. She read 98%, she was proud of herself because she only got one question wrong, she smiled to herself. In the remaining time of class the class chatted a bit, telling each other their scores.

When Alexis got home that night, she looked in her schedule she made, she had the night off working every Thursday. She thought to herself, she wanted to join basket ball abit, she remembered she would always play it when she was younger, in elementary school & the day to join was today.

When she got to the basketball court, they got put into teams, she met a new friend named Erika there, Alexis thought she was friendly. The teams played a few games and praticed. It was fun.

When she got back to her dorm, she got showered and clothes on. She seen Cheryl texting, Alexis could tell by her face it was someone she liked. [; She smiled to herself and asked if she wanted to go ice-skating with some of their room-mates. They went in alexis' car, it was a great night. She fell a few times, but she was laughing, they had a wonderful time.

She got back to the dorm, exhausted. Alexis pulled her coat off and hung it on the rack. She fell back on her bed, extremely tired and went to sleep.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Alan23
Thursday 18th January 2013

Crunch hates early morning training sessions. He hates everything about the Cherry Blossom Reds, really, but he doesn't show that. But he can show he hates early morning training, because all his team-mates do, too. He's got a slight limp, at the moment, due to a foul tackle on him from last week's game, so the coach informs him he's not playing on Saturday. In some ways, that's good - he didn't fancy the long flight to the away game at San Izabella - but part of him hates sitting around doing nothing. In any case, the Coach's decision is final, so all he can do is accept it with good grace. It means no training tomorrow either, since he hasn't even got a start in the reserves.

He emerges from the shower, still wet, shares a few bantering exchanges with his team-mates, and after rigorously drying himself struggles into his clothes. Again, he's different from the others. They favor expensive Armani suits, bling, the trappings of success. He's happiest in his jeans and tee, though he does have a nicer car than he's ever owned before. He reflects on this as he reaches the car park and throws his kit in the rear seat. The bronze Mazda's a nice machine, and the tiny little sponsorship logo on the front wing is barely noticeable.

What he should do, on his free weekend, he reflects as he maneuvers in and out of the traffic on the Cherry-Blossom Freeway, is something in the fresh air. Go surfing, or kayaking. Or maybe a swim in the local lake. And go for a run, keep his fitness up. What he will do, he realizes, is lie in bed in his lodgings, reading and listening to music, and wishing he were in London, surrounded by industrial buildings and graffiti, instead of the bright, sterile atmosphere of Cherry Blossom Town.

Still, he's got time on his hands. For some reason he doesn't fathom, he takes a left instead of a right, into a part of the town he's never been to before. The road leads nowhere much, except to the University. Bored and homesick, he parks the Mazda, and leans on the fence overlooking the empty sports field, thinking of nothing in particular.


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Character Portrait: Cheryl Elisabeth Winstead Character Portrait: Alexis Grey Character Portrait: Kieran "Crunch" Coulter
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0.00 INK

21 January 2012
8.30 am
At the soccer field
Bright morning!

Cheryl get the ball, the London University's defender try to get the ball from her. Cheryl use her ball control skills, doesnt keep the ball too long, she play 1-2 with her teamates, Ada.

Cheryl see Amy is at the left wing waiting for her to pass. Cheryl give a killer high ball thru pass and Amy run to the ball!

Amy beat the defender and dash towards the penalty box. Cheryl run to support. She waiting for Amy to pass back to the center.

Amy didnt pass, she go for herself and keeper save the ball. Corner. Cheryl is upset. Amy could pass and she could have scored. Could you just pass the ball bitch? Cheryl really want to said that.

The first half ended 0-1. Cherry Blossoms Red 0.

At the dressing room, Cheryl caught into an argument with Amy. Amy really doesnt like Cheryl, she sees Cheryl as a threat. Amy is a senior and Cheryl is one of the 2 players who is the freshman that qualify for the 1st team.

Mr. Rednap sees the fight, and he warn the 2 of them to start playing along or both of them will get to 2nd team.

The second half started and Cheryl give 1 assist to Amy. The goal inside the penalty box on 66'. The score now 1-1.

However, London University lead again from long range shooting, 80'. 1-2.

Ada get the chance and give 1 Assist to Cheryl,her first goal for university team. The goal is the tap from left crossing, 88'. 2-2 the scored now

The game ended 2-2. Its not a bad result. Mr Rednapp said to Amy and Cheryl that if they 2 combine, they can be a strong team. The both girl shake hand. Amy still had some of her ego.

While walking across the field, Cheryl sees the second match, its the man team tournament. The Cherry Tree Red team has scored 3-0, wow they were very strong team, compared to girl team who just draw.

The match commentator shouting Crunch name for the scorer. So he's name is Crunch? Some player he is. Not a bad looking young man, maybe a bit skinny?

5.16 pm
In the car
Weather fine

Cheryl goes back to her home this weekend. She want to spend time with her family. She drive her Mazda Rx7 to her home. On the way home,she saw 1 Mazda MX5 Miata car driving so fast, the car nearly hit her car, what a jerk. If he really want to challenge her into a race, do it in a track, Cheryl thinking. The time goes by and the song in her car calm her down from anger.

Saturday night, Cheryl and her family goes to midnight movie at the local cinema, playing some roller coaster game and have wonderful meals.

Cheryl saw Alexis here, with a guy! who is him? but Alexis doesnt notice her and the couple just disappear in the crowd.

22 January 2012
10.15 am
At home sweet home
Windy morning.

In the morning, Cheryl watching tv while helping her sister, Rebecca doing her homework.

In the evening, Cheryl bring all her siblings to the shopping mall. They have a fried chicken at the KFC and swimming at the beach nearby. The beach view is so beautiful, Cheryl feel so relax and wonderful. Cheryl try some sea boarding, but she's not good at it and easily fell and get wet at the beach. She wonder how the hot guys do it? the sea boarding, they makes it looks so easy. While swimming, Cheryl noticed 1 guy, looks farmiliar, but she cant remember where she saw him, she is very absent minded sometimes.

Its Sunday night, Cheryl cooking dinner with her mom and sisters. Its really fun, they cooks many delicious dishes like Chicken Barbeque and Grilling, spaghetti, pasta, cheese cake, pie.

Cheryl love to spend time with her family. They had a family dinner and some of their relatives comes by, Cheryl's cousin Kate is gonna get married next month. Cheryl spend the night chatting with her cousin.


23 January 2012
3.55 pm
At work ;)

Working nothing fancy. Cheryl texting to her bestfriend Melody Bostic. Its been a long time they not hanging out together since high school. After work Cheryl goes to Cafe and have a chat with her bestfriend.


24 January 2012
3.30 pm
Drama Hall

Cheryl got lead role! yeay. Some say she got because of her beauty looks. But who cares? So they practicing for the play next Saturday night.

At night Cheryl is still hungry, its 12.30 am,everybody is sleeping. Cheryl grab a instant noodles, she doesnt know who own this, she just eat it. Maybe Alexis? Hope she dont mind ;>

26 January 2012
10.30 am
At the Cafe

Cheryl is discusing with Harry at the Cafe. She doesnt have morning class at thursday, just night class.

At the night, Cheryl is at the class, some of her classmates thinking of organizing a Paintball match on Sunday. Harry is joining too, he asked Cheryl if any of her friend want to join too?

Cheryl texting Alexis if she want to join them play Paintball on Sunday.

27 January 2012
7.12 pm
Party night!

Its friday night. Cheryl is at her room combing her hair. Alexis just finished showering. The roomates is gonna go to the town to watch Paramore concert tonight! Cheryl wear a black jeans and a black baby shirt just for the concert!

They go by Melody Bostic car. Suprisingly, Adam is there too, Adam was Melody's cousin. He got some reputations to be a player.

"Ow, hi pretty..em and you?" Adam

"This is my roomates, Alexis" Cheryl

Adam and Alexis introducing themself.

Cheryl see Alexis and Adam talk a lot. She wonder what Alexis think of Adam?

Before the party started they go grab some dinner at Mcdonald, Cheryl eat Double Cheese Burger. They have fun that night, the concert was awesomeee


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#, as written by Alan23
27 January

Crash is lying on his bed listening to Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" when his mobile rings. To his surprise, it's Dane DeSoto, the team's goalkeeper. Chase isn't playing tomorrow, he's at a loose end, and his wife's out of town visiting her sister who is having her first baby. Since they're both at a loose end, Dane suggests a drink, followed by taking in the Paramore concert at the entertainment center downtown. Crash has always liked Dane, who has gone out of his way to make him welcome, and he likes what he's heard of Paramore, so he agrees.


He was glad he did. He and Dane have done a bit of male bonding, over drinks, and he enjoyed the concert. Hayley Williams' voice was awesome, and the refrain of "Brick by Boring Brick" is still playing in his head when he says goodbye to Dane (who is sensible enough to take a cab after drinking - after all, it's chargeable to the club) and decides to grab a coffee at the small coffee shop next to the concert hall. he sits, flirting with the waitress and sipping his cappuccino, watching the pretty girls walk by outside. There's two girls that really catch his eyes as they walk by, part of a group. One has deep chocolate eyes and dark hair, the other wears her brown hair in a sort of side-bang and has the loveliest eyes he's ever seen - as far as he can make out in the street lighting, they are blue. He wishes that the girls would come in and buy a coffee, but he knows real life never works like that. At that moment, he's distracted by one of the guys at the next table recognizing him and asking if he's really Crunch Coulter. The guy's wearing a Cherry Blossom shirt, and asks him to sign it, and Crunch obliges. The guy then wants to go on talking, telling Crunch what a great game he played the last time he saw him, and whether he likes the fact the Coach has made him go forward into the midfield. It's a pain, but the guy means well, so Crunch make shim welcome, and even buys the guy a coffee. he's still thinking about the girls, though.


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Alexis had been up all night to morning texting Adam, she thought he was a really nice guy and felt really grateful that she had been introduced to him. She looked at the time realizing that she didn't get any sleep, anyway it was the weekend and she had the day off.

After taking a short nap, Alexis decides to get a shower and then go bowling with Cheryl, Harry, Adam and some other friends, Cheryl won the game only a couple of points from Adam, It was still a great night- even though she does feel a bit competitive. After they went to 'The olive garden', The food was delicious!

It was 4pm when they got back to their dorm. Alexis went straight onto her laptop and went on her blog on tumblr whilst listening to her playlist that contained songs from her favorite band, falling in reverse. Once she got bored of the internet
Alexis went for a walk to get some fresh air, luckily the weather had been bright and sunny. While walking along the sidewalk she spotted her old friend she hadn't seen in quite a while, Maddie. She was a family friend and had long blond hair, falling down just below her waist. Alexis squinted to see if it was actually her, once she could see clear enough she seen Maddie waving. ''Hi! Alex, Is that you?'' she asked.
With a smile Alexis answered, '' Yes. It's me.. What are you doing down here?''
''I had a really good job offer here, so I chose to take it.'' Maddie explained.

The girls stood chatting and they catched up on things as they hadn't seen eachother for almost 3 years with them being so busy. It was 5pm now and they had both went back to Alexis' dorm, Alexis introduced Maddie to Cheryl, they seemed to get along well. They all watched a movie and ordered pizza, it was a really fun evening.


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Friday 28th January


A slim black car swerves into a posh, rich neighbourhood. "My kind of place," Eden whispered to herself, looking out of the rectangular window. Her breath is slighty shaky as she has never met her grandfather before but she had been told that he was a busy man and scarcely stepped outside of his grand office. Each of her pale, soft hands clutched the straps of her hand pink hand luggage. The car came to a stop outside of a huge, white building. This is it, Eden thought as she came to the door with the chauffeur with her suitcases beside her. A shaky hand turned the front door knob before she unleashed herself into the spacious house. A troupe of maids were set to packing away her army of clothes and organise her possessions. Eden was shown her bedroom which had a giant, soft and plush pink bed that Eden collapsed on straight away as the maids laughed a little. Perhaps she could get used to this new place.
"Would you like anything, Miss Eden?" asked one maid with a finely cut, blonde full fringe sticking out of her white, frilly cap.
"I know this is a silly request but could I have some strawberry milk and some Oreos', please?" Eden replied, her head perking up from her lying position. The maid rushed off to get her requested snack and surprisingly, they had Oreos' and strawberry milk but Eden knew that her grandfather had probably sent out some maids or butlers to get foods that Eden liked seeing as she was a fussy eater. Once she had finished her snack, Eden set out to look for something to do. Just as she was walking past another mysterious door, she peered through a crack to see her grandfather sat at an old, crooked desk with rows of dusty books behind him. This was the first glance Eden had ever at her grandfather, he was short and
wrinkled with a fluffy, white curtain growing from his chin. As soon as he coughed, Eden scuttled away. After a long shuffle around the house, she retreated to her bedroom and began to listen to some music from her diamond encrusted pink iPod.


Icy chills of January sprinted down Pandora's spine as she tugged on her grey beanie over her back combed white hair. Her icy blue eyes scanned over this new apartment block. "Better than being stuck at my parents' place," she muttered to herself, walking up the path with pretty plants at either side of it. Her new apartment was ultra-modern and already furnished so all Pandora had to do was unpack her clothes then head to her new school. This was done with ease and she was soon sloping in the hallway. A cute boy emerged from the locker next to her, he had a silky black quiff, a sparkling smile and bright, glowing blue eyes.


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The sun was shining and Alexis felt as if this was going to be a good day; well she at least hoped it would. Alexis strolled down to the cafeteria, got a cup of coffee to waken her up and cereal. After, she went to her class ontime, she hated the crowed hallways so much.

Once her class was over she went back to the dorm and was welcomed back by some of her class mates, they went to lunch grouped together, she enjoyed her food which was a cheese burger and socializing with the table full of people. Afterwards they all had decided to go and watch a movie. The movie was alright, but it really could have been better but she still had great fun. They all travelled back to their dorm and once Alexis got inside she went on her laptop and talked to friends.

That evening, she finished her day by studying whilst listening to her music, she didn't have an upcoming test or anything but she really wanted to study anyway. Once she realized the time which was on the clock she fell gently onto the bed and turned the lights out.


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"Wake up, Miss Eden," a soft voice whispered though it seemed to bellowing to Eden. As she began to get used to the light, Eden blinked her perfect icy crystal blue eyes. She ordered the maids to make her breakfast while she glanced over her bulging, pink closet. Her hands rummaged through many ensembles before deciding on a vertically striped pink and white jumper, a matching shade of pink skirt that came a little bit over her knee, a French designer pink beret, immaculate white below the knee socks that were embellished with tiny satin pink bows and matching strawberry pink boots. Eden smiled at herself in the long, pearl-white mirror as she perfected the angle of her beret. Whilst being at her grandfather's house, Eden was going to be home-schooled from a high-class tutor. Once she had trotted downstairs, her boots knocked against the wooden floor, a sparkling silver tray was laid on the table with Eden's delicious breakfast placed carefully on top. Her breakfast consisted of lightly-cooked toast drenched in thick sweet strawberry jam, a tanned bagel iced with pink icing, a toppling tower with a waterfall of strawberry sauce dripping over them and a glass of strawberry milk sitting on a coaster beside the tray. Eden ate most of this but there was still so much left. Afterwards she began to search the house, yet again.

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