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Alex Cunningham


0 · 255 views · located in Cherry Blossom, Virginia

a character in “Cherry Blossom's War”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Alexandra Marie Cunningham


Alexandra Marie Cunningham

Alex, Lex, Lexie

24/25 [Or so she appears]





Eye Color

Hair Color/Style:


Skin Tone




Rank: Alex was not originally apart of the wolf pack that ruled over the town. She was kicked out of her old pack for arguing with her Alpha.

Occupation: (if vampire/witch/werewolf you don't have to have this unless you live in the town and are trying to fit in.)

Ability:(Vampires as well as witches get one ability. If witch and chose elemental please specify which element.)




History:(If vampire include how you became a vampire)

So begins...

Alex Cunningham's Story

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Julie was starving, she hadn't fed in days thanks to the werewolves recently prowling the town. She was getting sick of hiding from them and depriving herself of food so she decided to go out. From what she knew there was a party that night at some house, perfect place for a meal. She put on a tight red dress that showed off plenty of leg and cleavage with her red pumps. Red lipstick and a brush through her hair and she was ready to go. Walking down the sidewalk alone in the dark wasn't a big deal to her but it was an unwritten rule of the town not to. Of course Julie could handle herself so she really didn't have to worry about anything happening unless a werewolf decided to show up.

The party wasn't too far from her apartment but it was slightly chilly making her wish she had a car or a ride. Unfortunately she could afford one, not that she really needed one but using her speed isn't a good thing in this town you never know who's watching especially at night.

Finally she arrived at the party, tons of people to choose from. Julie smiled as she walked in the door. She took a drink from the table and gulped it down before grabbing a second cup. After the second drink she wasted no time getting on the dance floor.


Lillian had called for a meeting earlier that day, she was early. She had planned for the pack to go out scouting for vamps as they did most nights. She liked the idea of them not being able to hunt every night and being forced to go days without feeding. It meant they were actually afraid of them. She paced around the table that sat in the middle of the meeting room in their pack house. The pack house was located in the woods, away from town to keep away from the humans. If humans did find it it was usually assumed that it was a normal cabin.

She went through plans for the hunt in her head but she needed the opinions of her pack mostly her Beta, Serena. Serena was the one who kept Lilly's head on straight, she made sure Lilly didn't act just out of anger especially when it came to the other pack or anyone questioning her role as Alpha.

Being a female Alpha wasn't easy, everyone questioned your leadership and your ability as an Alpha even your own pack members. Lilly could usually handle it if it was another Alpha but her own pack members usually set her off. She remembered a time when all she wanted was to be a tracker, she had the skill but when the two packs were whole she was, and still is, considered a runt. There was no way their Alpha would have allowed a runt to be a tracker, too much of a risk. She didn't understand it until later but she was always angry that she was never acknowledged for her skills until she was considered for Alpha.


Vivian had nothing to do tonight, she'd already done some practicing and parties weren't her thing. She made herself some tea as she tried to think of something to do. She curled up on her couch and thought [i]Maybe just a book[i] she thought and got up to search for one she hadn't already read in her house. Finally she settled with her mothers spell book she's read it multiple times but it always made her feel closer to her mother.

She didn't know her mother was a witch until after she'd died, she was sure her mother would have told her and her sisters when they got older but she died when Vivian was very young. Her sisters found out about their mother and lied to her about it when she finally found out. She left after that, she couldn't see herself forgiving them for hiding such a thing.