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Katherine "Rin" Jiang


0 · 711 views · located in Cherry Blossom, Virginia

a character in “Cherry Blossom's War”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


Current Name
Katherine Mei-Lin Jiang

Rin, Jiang, May||Preferred
Lynn, Kathy||Indifferent
Kat, Kitty||Dislikes

Appears 21||658 years old




Animal Morphing



Business Owner and Part-Time Stripper
Owns the local Strip Club and Coffee Shop

Rin easily plays the most responsible and the most reckless role in the coven. During her time before the Coven Katherine didn't care. She went through life, or death as it was, doing whatever entertained her at the time. It wasn't until later when she lived in america that she even took on a semblance of responsibility. Her time with the Native Americans are what shocked her out of the haze she had been drifting through. After that she decided she wanted more from her life though what she didn't know.

Original Name
Borjigin Chao-Xing MeiLi
Bore-jigh-gen Chow-Zing May-Lee

Rin was born in ancient China during the Yuan dynasty, in the year 1357. Her father being the ruler of the Chinese-Mongolian Empire Rin was royalty, the only daughter of his third wife, Empress Qi. Though she never talks about it she remembers her original life with startling clarity. Everything from her childhood with her two older brothers, to her marriage, to her kidnapping and 'death'. Once she had killed her creator, who had been the cause of her mother's death, and all her close family had died from various means Rin left China and traveled. Though Rin has journals, pictures, and documents that mark her trail across the world she never goes through them and therefore the time is a blur, only certain memories sticking out and the timeline majorly scrambled.

Sometime in the mid 1600's Rin built herself a cabin in a secluded part of America. The settlements in America still being relatively new and Rin's home being so far from any of them she was able to live there for over a century, worshiped by the Native Americans as a goddess. As the colonization of the west kicked into full force and settlements replaced Indian tribes Rin had to start traveling again, coming back to re-buy her home every few decades. By the point the werewolves settled there and created Cherry Blossom Rin had already owned her home and land for at least a century and a half. Staying clear of the area due to the werewolves the house ended up in the possession of the town, though she visited occasionally. Due to the town seeing it as a historical landmark, it having been there long before them, they preserved it, renovating it when need be but leaving the land and house otherwise untouched.

By the mid 1900's Rin finally decided she wanted her house back and purchased it from the town in 1989. This took a large sum of money and a lot of persuasion including documents from when she had purchased the land the first time, the town surprisingly protective of it's history. The original house being little more than a shed compared to the modern houses Rin bought more land and built a second house, turning the original home into a guest house. She kept her time there short, only staying 5 years before she left, keeping the deed to the house in her name, set to go to her "daughter" Katherine when she died.

As far as everyone else is concerned Rin's "Mother" left town in 1994 when she became pregnant with Rin. Though Rin had been distant in her visit she had grown fond of the town and had even gotten a boyfriend, whom everyone considered to be Rin's dad. Though Rin's 'Mother' was a kind and gentle woman in the words of the townsfolk it is obvious they think differently of Kathrine. The beginning of her indiscretions against the town was opening the coffee shop when she first came to town two years ago. The modern atmosphere from the computer bar she installed and the 'strange' menu causing the rural town's older inhabitants to frown upon going there. Mad that people, especially the werewolves, in town were judging her for bringing what she considered a bit of 'urban flair' to Cherry blossom Kathrine opened the strip club a year into her residence. As such the townsfolk have permanently labeled her as a delinquent, and it is often said she is 'nothing like her mother' which is almost laughable.

So begins...

Katherine "Rin" Jiang's Story

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Julie was starving, she hadn't fed in days thanks to the werewolves recently prowling the town. She was getting sick of hiding from them and depriving herself of food so she decided to go out. From what she knew there was a party that night at some house, perfect place for a meal. She put on a tight red dress that showed off plenty of leg and cleavage with her red pumps. Red lipstick and a brush through her hair and she was ready to go. Walking down the sidewalk alone in the dark wasn't a big deal to her but it was an unwritten rule of the town not to. Of course Julie could handle herself so she really didn't have to worry about anything happening unless a werewolf decided to show up.

The party wasn't too far from her apartment but it was slightly chilly making her wish she had a car or a ride. Unfortunately she could afford one, not that she really needed one but using her speed isn't a good thing in this town you never know who's watching especially at night.

Finally she arrived at the party, tons of people to choose from. Julie smiled as she walked in the door. She took a drink from the table and gulped it down before grabbing a second cup. After the second drink she wasted no time getting on the dance floor.


Lillian had called for a meeting earlier that day, she was early. She had planned for the pack to go out scouting for vamps as they did most nights. She liked the idea of them not being able to hunt every night and being forced to go days without feeding. It meant they were actually afraid of them. She paced around the table that sat in the middle of the meeting room in their pack house. The pack house was located in the woods, away from town to keep away from the humans. If humans did find it it was usually assumed that it was a normal cabin.

She went through plans for the hunt in her head but she needed the opinions of her pack mostly her Beta, Serena. Serena was the one who kept Lilly's head on straight, she made sure Lilly didn't act just out of anger especially when it came to the other pack or anyone questioning her role as Alpha.

Being a female Alpha wasn't easy, everyone questioned your leadership and your ability as an Alpha even your own pack members. Lilly could usually handle it if it was another Alpha but her own pack members usually set her off. She remembered a time when all she wanted was to be a tracker, she had the skill but when the two packs were whole she was, and still is, considered a runt. There was no way their Alpha would have allowed a runt to be a tracker, too much of a risk. She didn't understand it until later but she was always angry that she was never acknowledged for her skills until she was considered for Alpha.


Vivian had nothing to do tonight, she'd already done some practicing and parties weren't her thing. She made herself some tea as she tried to think of something to do. She curled up on her couch and thought [i]Maybe just a book[i] she thought and got up to search for one she hadn't already read in her house. Finally she settled with her mothers spell book she's read it multiple times but it always made her feel closer to her mother.

She didn't know her mother was a witch until after she'd died, she was sure her mother would have told her and her sisters when they got older but she died when Vivian was very young. Her sisters found out about their mother and lied to her about it when she finally found out. She left after that, she couldn't see herself forgiving them for hiding such a thing.

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Location: The Cafe She Works At
Interacting With: Julia Sinclair, Arthur Madden
and Katherine "Rin" Jiang (texting)


Elizabeth put the last of the plates away. There were a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, but she always managed to have them fit nicely inside of their cupboard. She stood, closing the doors and looking around. The cafe where she worked at was empty and had been for at least half an hour. Only a few late nighters had come in, making her job of cleaning and closing the cafe much easier. She let out a yawn, despite the fact that she had no need to sleep. It had become a habit for her to yawn in order to appear more human.

Running her fingers through her dark brown hair, she let out a sigh. It had been a couple of days since she had last fed. The two packs had made it a point of trying to let the vampires (and each other) know who was in charge of the town. Elizabeth had thought that the pack splitting would make feeding easier-- after all she was now able to have a job in town instead of just wandering around-- but it hadn't. She wasn't starving, but she could feel the urge to feed in the back of her head like a nagging thought that popped up when you least wanted it. In a few more days she would need to feed. How she would go about doing this would have to be planned out. Perhaps she could scout someone or find someone Julia was tracking. If she really needed help finding and securing a meal, she knew she could turn to Arthur or to the one who had turned her. However, her protector rarely set foot in the town, preferring to feed off of people who wandered into the woods.

Elizabeth walked to the front of the cafe, looking outside at the street. She wondered what the werewolf situation was like tonight and what the rest of her coven was doing. Arthur could be doing any number of things at the moment. Rin was probably working given her occupations. Julia might be working as well. Perhaps she could text them and ask if they had seen any wolves out. She pulled out her phone and sent a group text to the three. Anybody see any werewolves yet? She hoped that there weren't any wolves out, as she wanted to go scouting or maybe even feed. She continued to gaze out the window as she waited for a response.

Location: The Movie Theater/On the Street
Interacting With: Vivian Greenwood (texting)


Gerald stepped outside into the cool air. The movie he'd been watching had just finished. He probably should have headed home, but he really had no intention to. He was still wide awake and ready to do something after sitting for a couple of hours. He turned and began to walk down the street, heading wherever the wind decided to take him tonight.

He was aware of the unspoken rule of Cherry Blossom: don't walk alone at night. Yet, he never seemed to pay much attention to it. He thought he was capable of defending himself should anyone decide to attack him. He also found it inconvenient to always walk with a buddy. Sure, there were people who were missing or turned up dead around town, but nothing had ever happened to him when he walked at night. Perhaps he was lucky. Others might say he was ignorant or stupid.

The young man stopped on a corner underneath a streetlight and pulled out his phone. Chances were that Vivian was still awake. Maybe she wouldn't mind if he came over or if they went out somewhere. Hey, so I'm guessing you're awake. I'm out walking around. Want to do something? he typed. He looked at his message and decided to edit it, omitting the part about him being out. He didn't want her to worry about him being out alone. Hey, so I'm guessing you're awake. Want to do something? Gerald hit send and then continued walking.

Location: The Woods Outside of Cherry
Blossom/The Pack House (Lillian's Pack)
Interacting With: Lillian Smith
Mentioned: Serena Roberge and Levi Winters


Roman normally enjoyed walking through the woods. Tonight, however, he did not. Too busy thinking, he had fallen into the creek. He hadn't realized how close he was to the bank of it until he had slid down the slope and into the water. He was now wet from the waist down, making him uncomfortable and irritated. Why couldn't that have happened to one of the bloodsuckers or to Serena? Really, anyone but him would have sufficed.

After rising from the creek, he had continued on his way and now found himself only a minute or so from the pack house. As he walked, careful not to make too much noise or to fall again, he wondered if Lillian was already there. Something told him that she was. He also suspected that Serena and Levi had not yet arrived, but were somewhere in the woods walking to the cabin.

Roman could now see the cabin, lights in the windows. So the Alpha was there as he had guessed. He sighed, cracked his knuckles and neck, and proceeded towards the cabin. Not bothering to knock, he entered it. Breathing in deeply and letting out a sigh, he looked down at his wet clothes. Would any of the other pack members be bothered if he attended this meeting in just his boxers? It was a bit chilly and uncomfortable in the wet clothes and he wanted to remove them. Not seeing Lillian in the immediate vicinity, he removed his shoes, socks, and pants. He decided to leave his shirt on for now. Picking up his pants, Roman proceeded to step further into the cabin.

Maybe he had an extra pair of pants here. He sure hoped he did at least. "Lillian!" he called out. "I'm going to warn you now that I don't have pants on!" He doubted his good friend would care much right now-- after all there were filthy bloodsuckers and the other pack to worry about-- but he decided to give her a fair warning just in case she ran into him while he looked for a pair of pants and a towel.

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Location: Cafe
Interacting With: Nathaniel Searus (briefly), Julia
Sinclair (texting) and Shane Dawson
Mentioned:Arthur Madden, Willow Sanders,
and Katherine "Rin" Jiang


Elisabeth continued looking out the window, daydreaming of simpler times. Times before she didn't have to glance over her shoulder at night, before she was in this war between species, before she was a bloodsucker. Some days she would think about her family and wonder how much they had been hurt by her death/disappearance. After all, her body would never been found even if she was truly dead. The vampire who had turned her had transported her across the country by the time she awoke. Still, it would have been nice to have a proper goodbye with her friends and family. But there was no use in being sad about it, as it was out of her control and always would be. On a few occasions she had observed her siblings from a distance and they seemed happy enough. That was good enough for her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of eyes on her. She turned to meet them, making eye contact with a young male next to a motorcycle. Though it was only a moment or two before he put his helmet on and rode down the street, Elisabeth felt that he was familiar. She knew she had not seen his face around Cherry Blossom before, as she knew nearly everyone here-- whether they knew it or not. It was her job to scout the town for potential meals (though she considered this part of her job pointless, as others often ate whomever they desired), know who was in Cherry Blossom, and know what was happening around town. No, it was not his that was familiar but his entire being. She was almost certain that he too was a vampire.

Perhaps she should follow him and find out who he was. What would Arthur think of this? The coven leader could be quite unpredictable. He might decide to rip off the other man's head or he might happily offer him a spot in the coven. Something told her it would be the latter, considering the current werewolf situation. Though the pack was split and the two resulting packs did like to ruffle each other's feathers, they still had the common goal of protecting the humans from vampires. So far none of the coven had been bitten, which was a good thing. Elisabeth had never experienced a bitten vampire before, but Arthur had told her that it results in the afflicted slowly going crazy and attacking the members of their coven. This was not something that Elisabeth wanted to happen to her, though she had a feeling that some of the wolves would rather just kill her on the spot.

Willow would likely be one of those wolves. Truth be told, the young vampire was rather scared of the Alpha. She had a formidable look and presence. It was as if she were telling the whole world that she is not to be messed with. Lillian was intimidating too, but not like Willow. Still, both Alphas could hold their own in a fight.

Elisabeth was again pulled out of her thoughts by her phone vibrating. She looked at Julia's message, saying she hadn't seen any vampires and was at a party with lots of humans. Elisabeth didn't need to feed tonight nor did she enjoy parties. The music was loud, the humans reeked of alcohol, and there were just too many people in one place. She could see Julia thriving in that sort of environment though and was happy to hear that her coven mate was ok.

She was considering leaving the cafe early when Sheriff Dawson walked in. Any hopes of finding out who the mysterious young vampire was would have to wait. Elisabeth was obligated to serve any customer no matter how close to the end of the night that they walked in. Besides, she should have suspected there Sheriff would come around for a late dinner. That's just what she did.

"It's slow in here today. You think it's because of the parties?" the Sheriff commented as she took a seat at the counter. Elisabeth walked from he window back to her spot behind the counter. "It's been pretty slow all day. Nobody has been in in at least half an hour." Thus, she had started cleaning up the cafe ahead of schedule as she hadn't expected any more customers. "It could be," she said, responding to the Sheriff's second statement. "It could also be that Cherry Blossom isn't safe at night. After all, people say you should always walk with a buddy." It was the truth after all-- Cherry Blossom wasn't safe at night. The Sheriff knew as much too, though Elisabeth doubted she knew the true reasons.

"How have you been Elisabeth? It's been awhile." The Sheriff was glancing over the menu, despite coming to the cafe quite frequently. Humans were odd that way. Had she done that as a human? Elisabeth really couldn't remember. "I've been fine. Just working here and reading lots of books." She was thankful that she didn't need to attend the local high school to pass as human. If she did, she felt she would go insane. Instead, she was able to work and obtain money for books and clothes. What she didn't spend was saved for whenever she decided to fix up her house, which would probably be deemed unsafe to live in if a human lived there.

She smiled as she handed Shane a glass of water. "How have you been Sheriff Dawson? It can't be easy trying to deal with all of the recent deaths in the town." There was no denying the deaths of humans around the town whether it be vampire related or natural. Elisabeth decided to bring it up for two reasons: she was interested in what the Sheriff had to say about the murders and because she didn't know what else to talk about. A human her age would probably be curious about what the Sheriff was doing. Humans were both curious and disgusted by murders, so Elisabeth believed this wouldn't raise any alarm by her asking about it. Plus she could gauge how much the Sheriff knew about the true nature of the murders, though she still had doubts that Sheriff Dawson was aware of the supernatural presence in the quaint town of Cherry Blossom.

Elisabeth's phone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled it out and read the text from Julia, stating that a wolf was at the party. Of course, that wasn't enough to convince Julia to leave. The blonde vampire would probably stay unless it was either of the Alphas or Betas. So there was probably no need to be concerned at this point. Elisabeth couldn't do anything anyway, as she was busy doing her job. Ok, don't make a scene and be careful, she replied before placing her phone back in her pocket. If Julia did need help, she could always call Arthur or Rin.

Location: The Street/Somewhere in Cherry
Interacting With: Vivian Greenwood (texting)
Mentioned:Edmund "Markus" Bales, Willow
Sanders, and Levi Winters


Gerald decided to head toward the center of town, knowing that the streets there were well lit and well travelled (at least during the day and early evening). He had no personal concerns of being attacked as he walked, but he figured he would play it safe just in case tonight was the night someone decided he was a perfect target.

He continued walking, enjoying the cool spring air. It wasn't terribly late, but he was still surprised to see a trio of people on the next block. The trio quick dispersed, with a male and female heading his way while the other male walked away opposite of them. The female called out to the lone male. However, Gerald did not pick up on what she said. His phone had vibrated in his pocket. He read the text from Vivian, more intrigued with it than whatever the woman had said to one of the men. Remembering that they were walking towards him, he moved off to the side so that the two would be able to pass him.

Honestly, Gerald hadn't planned what to do, where to go, or where to even meet. He just wanted to do something with someone. He really should have thought ahead, as now he was left staring at the keyboard of his phone. It was late, so most stores and restaurants would be closed right now. The movie theater was still open, but he wasn't in the mood to see another one. He tried to think of somewhere where they could go that would be open, have something fun to do, and wasn't near any shady parts of town.

He couldn't come up with anything and felt increasing pressure to reply to Vivian. Well, what do you want to do? he decided to ask. I'm at the center of town right now. Even if he did have any ideas for what to do, he would go with whatever Vivian wanted to do (unless it was along the lines of robbing a bank or another illegal activity). He just wanted to hang out with his good friend.

Gerald placed his cellphone back in his left pocket before proceeding to walk down the street.

Location: The Pack House
Interacting With: Lillian Smith and Serena


Apparently taking off one's pants was no appropriate in the Pack House, even if one did so because he fell in a creek. Roman had been hoping for a more playful response than the one he received from Lillian, but wasn't surprised by it either. He really shouldn't have taken his pants off, but at least he announced it before walking further into the house. It wasn't as if he was planning on walking around without pants on for the rest of the night. As soon as he found another pair and a towel he would be properly clothed.

Just as he was about to go in search of some pants, Serena walked in. And I thought falling into the creek was bad. Well at least she didn't- "What the fuck Roman!" Nevermind. Roman couldn't help but grin as Serena passed by him. While it was rather unfortunate that she saw him in such a state, it was also rather amusing. She obviously didn't think it was judging by her reaction.

Roman laughed as she quickly walked around him with eyes averted. "C'mon, I'm not naked or anything!" Serena, not caring if he was naked or not, disappeared into the meeting room. Still amused at her horrified reaction in comparison to the terse one he received from Lillian, he entered the house on the quest to find pants. He knew he had an extra pair in one of the rooms, but wasn't sure exactly which one. He had been drunk when he'd dropped them off, but at least he was thinking straight enough to actually bring clothing to the house in case of emergencies.

He quickly checked the bedrooms of the Pack House, but didn't find his clothing in any of the wardrobes or drawers. Where the hell had he put his clothes?! He closed his eyes, trying to remember. When he'd come to the house, he'd gotten a glass of water before putting his clothes... somewhere. Well, at least he knew they weren't in the kitchen. That still left quite a few places for them to be. Maybe they were in one of the bathrooms?

Roman returned to the master bedroom, which had a bathroom attached to it. Upon opening the closet door he found not only spare towels, but his clothing crumpled into a ball.Some might be concerned as to why he had placed his clothes in a bathroom closet, but weirder things had happened in Cherry Blossom. He grabbed one of the towels and began drying off his now damp legs. He started to dry off his boxers when he heard Lillian's voice. "Roman I swear, get some pants on and get in here!" He chuckled and deeming himself dry enough, put on his extra pair of pants. He tossed the wet pair into the sink, making a mental note to come back for them tomorrow.

Grinning, he walked into the meeting room. "Worry not, I have pants on now," he informed the girls. He stood with his arms crossed over his chest. "So what's our plan of attack for tonight?" he asked seriously. Hunting vampires and protecting an entire town wasn't something to be taken lightly.

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Location: Streets and Hotel
Interacting With: Nathaniel Searus
Mentioned: Rin Jiang and Arthur Madden


Elisabeth walked at a steady pace, so as not to seem in a hurry to get anywhere. Besides, there really was no hurry. She suspected she would come across the new vampire in due time, whether it be tonight or tomorrow. It wasn't very hard to find someone in Cherry Blossom, especially when they weren't trying to hide. His trail wasn't clear at first, but as she meandered around the streets she picked up on it. She continued along, his scent beginning to grow stronger as she approached the hotel.

She lifted her gaze from the sidewalks to the hotel as she continued down the street. The bright lights surrounded it, helping her to catch sight of the vampire and a human. She doubted either could see her given the glare of the lights. Likewise, she wouldn't have been able to see them had it not been for the lights. Her pace quickened to a brisk walk, so as to allow the other vampire to prepare himself and the human to leave. As she guessed, the human removed himself from the conversation the two appeared to be having. The vampire stayed put.

Elisabeth could now see him clearly as she approached. He looked young, about twenty or so should he be alive. She couldn't help but smile at the thought of having a member of the coven closer to her age. Rin had been 21 when she was turned, but the two years made all the difference. She could legally drink and was fully considered to be an adult. Elisabeth would never reach that age.

The other vampire left his post by the railing, entering his room. Elisabeth suspected that she was finally close enough for him to have seen her. She continued, glancing around. There were no humans in sight. The young vampire finally reached the hotel. She gingerly climbed the stairs, not wanting them to made any loud noises. Once at the top, she found an open door into Nathaniel's room. She tried to mentally prepare herself for whatever the conversation might hold. This was the first time she'd encountered a lone vampire since her time at Cherry Blossom. There had been a few others who'd joined in the past few years, but it was never her who went to meet them as they preferred staying in the woods until they knew they had the full protection of the coven. Then they would feel free to go into the town.

Come what may, Elisabeth thought as she entered the room. All of the lights were on, as if to welcome her. The room seemed overcrowded with furniture, however the functional bed and chairs were a welcome sight in comparison to her own home. Nathaniel sat in one of two offices chairs, the other a good distance away from him. "Good Evening...?" he greeted her. She noted his tone of voice. He was likely cautious of her, given that he was on the turf of a coven he didn't belong to. But at the same time he was genuinely welcoming her to the room.

"Good evening," she said in response as she took a seat in the other office chair. She quickly examined him. He seemed well mannered-- the opposite of Arthur. A soft smile crossed her lips as she began speaking. She had no ill will towards the other vampire and she wanted him to know that. She was merely curious as to he was and what he was doing in Cherry Blossom. "My name is Elisabeth. I'm part of Arthur's coven as I'm sure you have surmised." She paused wondering how to go about asking why he was here. "May I ask what has brought you to Cherry Blossom?" Despite wanting to be polite, she felt that her question still came off as being too direct. However, she was curious and was not in the mood for small talk.

Location: Town
Interacting With: Vivian Greenwood and
Shane Dawson


Gerald cringed a bit as Vivian mentioned that he had been walking alone. He really didn't want to hear a lecture from Sheriff Dawson about why he should walk with someone else. Thankfully, she didn't give him that lecture, opting to talk about the herb shop with Vivian. He really had no interest in herbs (unless they were on his food), but he would still accompany Vivian nonetheless.

He felt a bit bad for having eaten so many fries, but he was hungry for something other than theater popcorn. The Sheriff bi them good luck with herb shopping, reminding them that they had her number should they get into any trouble. Gerald didn't see how the two could possibly get into trouble while going to the herb shop. "Have a good night Sheriff!" he called after her.

Gerald looked back at his friend. "So, to the herb shop then? You'll have to lead the way, I have no idea where we're going," he admitted. He trusted that Vivian knew where she was going. Worst case scenario they use Google Maps or something to find it.

Location: The Pack House
Interacting With: Lillian Smith, Serena Roberge,
Markus Bales, and Willow Sanders
Mentioned: Arthur Madden


“You’re lucky I respect my Beta…. Because if not, I’d be wiping your entrails from the underside of my boots,” Willow commented. Roman snarled in response, but made no attempt to move toward or away from her. He'd probably lose in a fight against Willow, but he'd fight till the very end.

“Must simple observations and idle chit-chat really delve into the threat of violence?” Markus commented. Roman felt that this was directed towards him, but he had to admit his childhood friend was right. There was no sense in violence at the moment, though he never minded a good fight. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh. "Roman! Sit down" Lillian commanded him shortly after Markus spoke. He rolled his eyes. Though he really didn't want to sit next to the Royal Bitch, there were no other chairs. He could sit on the ground, but he'd only look like a moody child put into time out then. Alternatively he could sit on the table, but that didn't seem like a very good option. He sat back down his chair, rolling it out of Willow's reach so that she wouldn't start touching him again.

He sat quietly as Lillian told Willow to leave. Willow in response had quite a few remarks about both of the packs and their respective alphas. Oh, pack politics. He never like them, but the pack needed a hierarchy lest they have an anarchy. Roman was somewhat surprised the coven had a hierarchy given that Arthur was the leader. He continued to stay quiet as Willow spoke, though he would love to throw in his thoughts. However, he felt that Lillian could handle herself well enough and that any more words or actions from Roman would lead her to take her anger out on him.

After Willow and Markus left, Roman looked at his friend. He opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it. He had enough sense to know there was truth in Willow's words, especially about the threat to both packs regarding the vampires. Perhaps someday they would team up to take out the coven, but today was not that day. He leaned back in his chair and let out a sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair. This night was not going well for him.

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Events for the next two days

Arthur met with Nathaniel and after a couple of hours of getting to know the youngster (history and all) he was accepted into the Coven. He isn't too sure what the boy's position will be but he will be assigned it soon.
Arthur senses witches in town and has given Elisabeth the job of finding them, with the help of Julia if needed.

Lillian's pack went on their hunt and as Willow had said some of her hunter's were hurt. Thankfully no one was bitten. Lillian is contemplating what Willow said about the two packs having to join together again to rid the town of vampires however she refuses to take orders from Willow.

Vivian and the coven grow stronger without realizing they were being sensed by Arthur. Vivian knows something big is about to happen but isn't sure what, sh'e afraid she must reveal the coven to the wolves sooner than expected.

Four bodies have been found in ally ways, three female and one male. All look as if they've been attacked by animals but they are drained of blood. Religious people think demons. Police think animals. Everyone else think there may be a cult forming.