Olivar Furen

"Let's go for a little run, shall we?"

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|Full Name|
Olivar Furen






Epsilon || Sentry (Scout)

Works at the radio tower




5' 10''

180 lbs.

|Hair Color|
White; Base color and roots are black

|Eye Color|
Grey brown

Olivar is confident in every aspect of his appearance, and it definitely shows. There is no possible way of insulting him by commenting on how he looks; for one thing, he simply doesn't care, and for another, he knows he looks good. Well-built in muscle and physique, it's no surprise that Olivar is an athletic person. He has a runner's body equipped with extra muscle to discourage people from messing with him. He may only be five foot ten inches, but you wouldn't really think so what with the way he holds himself. He may have a disadvantage in height when compared to most of the vampires out there, but it's never stopped him before. He's well suited for his job, and well suited to being a werewolf.

With a symetrical face, Olivar is automatically categorized in the 'attractive' side of things. His hair stands out probably the most out of his entire person, and that's saying a lot, since his personality is so loud. People may think that it's dyed white at the top, but they would be wrong. His hair color is natural. Whispy white bangs tend to cover some part of his forehead at any one time, and equipped with light sideburns and a bit of rugged facial hair, he's definitely got some charms. The contrast between black and white in his hair can be said to resemble a placating in regards to aggression. Where one might find darker hair to represent some roughness or feralness, the white evens it out as a bright, inviting layer.

His skin is tanned from innumerable hours spent outside, and his eyes compliment the tone rather nicely. They are a spot of mellowness when compared with how loud and bubbly he can be. He might have a loud, cocky smile to his face, but his eyes speak something different. They are soft and friendly, drawing people close to him along with his good-natured temperament and love for laughter and pleasantries. They are the color of quiet marshes or the hue of treebark on a cold morning.

Olivar's wardrobe is rather limited. He wears jeans or black pants with dark boots. As for tops, he's either in a long-sleeved, form-fitting grey athletic shirt with blue and white accents, collared shirts, simple t-shirts, or a black hoodie with white arrowheads running down the sleeves from the shoulders. He prefers jackets and coats over any other sort of outerwear.

His body is completely void of any markings, except for a singular tattoo on his wrist. It's on his right hand, on the right side under the thumb. It is of a narrow wolf paw print, simple in design, and generally hidden behind a sleeve.



Running || Working out || Energy drinks || Laughing || Joking around || Grinning || His hair colors || Speed || Forests || Wolves || His pack mates || Antique radios || Having a plan || Scouting and securing areas || Trains || Explosions || Spicy things || Rivers || Cherry pie || Jumping in puddles || Being a werewolf

Large amounts of blood || Humans in danger || Infighting || People who are stick-in-the-mud's || Not being able to make someone laugh or smile || Vampires || Losing || Anger, greed, negative emotions in general || Ice || Wet, cold paws || Wet socks || Static || High-pitched noises or whistles || Witchcraft- it makes him nervous || Lazy people

Working out || Running || Scouting || Playing shooter games || Sharing info through the radio station

Not being strong enough || Being outrun by somebody || Blizzards, deep fogs, white-outs (basically any situation where he can't see well) || Losing the use of his legs || Losing his senses

Quick-witted || Speed and Running || Optimistic || Resourceful || Observant || Senses are highly attuned to surroundings || Strength || Loyalty

Too outgoing, as it might make some people uncomfortable || Too fast-paced || Might not take a serious situation seriously enough || Likes to provoke enemies || Vampires || Allergic to most Mexican food


【 Jester | Upbeat | Strong-willed | Self-assured | Resourceful 】

Olivar is a very confident individual- everything he does oozes surety and excitement. You will never see him down. Seriously injured? Still cracking lame jokes or trying to make light of it. Upset? Impossible; he'd just get brush it off and exit any toxic sort of scene. He doesn't allow himself to deliberate much when it comes to negative things, simply doing whatever his instincts tell him to and moving on.

However, he isn't all fun and games and wanting to see everyone get along. He finds enjoyment in fights, and can easily start trash-talking when it comes to actual enemies. When it comes to the wolves fighting amidst each other, he simply hates it and wants nothing to do with it. He likes any chance to stretch his muscles and get a good run in or to train in any way, so sparring or battling is a plus in his mind. Olivar is also rather mischievous, loving to get into a bit of good trouble.

He's all about making people laugh or just simply enjoy themselves, and is always saying things to make another person crack a smile or get into his mindset. Olivar hasn't a singular concern for what other people might think of him- he is who he is, and he owns it. Very few words will change his actions, and he can become a bit overbearing in the personality section because of this.

Collecting resources is a part of his job- whether that be physical items or mental capacities. He's always got something to say in any situation, and often has many resources to answer questions or make something up to get himself out of a tight situation.

All in all, Olivar is just a fun-loving person; all he wants to do all day is run around and play in puddles or mess around in the mud, to feel the strength coiled in his muscles and the surety of his form's physical capabilities. He loves the freedom that comes with being what he is.


Olivar has only been in the Cherry Blossom pack for about 5 years. Originally, he lived up in North Dakota with his family which consisted of his mother, father, and twin sister. He's mutt-born, which probably attests to his easy-going demeanor. His mother was a werewolf, while his father was a human. Unfortunately for dad, however, he had to deal with two rambunctious pups, because Olivar's sister was born werewolf as well.

He had good relations with both of his parents, and an almost inseperable bond with his sister. Nothing horrific happened to him to make him leave North Dakota, he just decided that he wanted to go out on his own and find his own pack- a fresh set of faces. He left with words of scouting out ahead hoping that his sister, when she was ready, might follow after him. She hasn't yet, but he does occasionally get in contact with her through letters.

He soon arrived in Virginia, and after searching for a good place to settle, he stumbled upon Cherry Blossom and immediately bonded to the werewolf pack there. He's been in it ever since. When the alpha died and the pack split, he decided to side with those he knew best and who were the easiest-going. It was a swift decision, as he didn't want to suffer over deliberating between the two. He can't stand the high tensions between the two groups, however, and hates that there's often fights that break out.

|Wolf Form|


So begins...

Olivar Furen's Story

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Julie was starving, she hadn't fed in days thanks to the werewolves recently prowling the town. She was getting sick of hiding from them and depriving herself of food so she decided to go out. From what she knew there was a party that night at some house, perfect place for a meal. She put on a tight red dress that showed off plenty of leg and cleavage with her red pumps. Red lipstick and a brush through her hair and she was ready to go. Walking down the sidewalk alone in the dark wasn't a big deal to her but it was an unwritten rule of the town not to. Of course Julie could handle herself so she really didn't have to worry about anything happening unless a werewolf decided to show up.

The party wasn't too far from her apartment but it was slightly chilly making her wish she had a car or a ride. Unfortunately she could afford one, not that she really needed one but using her speed isn't a good thing in this town you never know who's watching especially at night.

Finally she arrived at the party, tons of people to choose from. Julie smiled as she walked in the door. She took a drink from the table and gulped it down before grabbing a second cup. After the second drink she wasted no time getting on the dance floor.


Lillian had called for a meeting earlier that day, she was early. She had planned for the pack to go out scouting for vamps as they did most nights. She liked the idea of them not being able to hunt every night and being forced to go days without feeding. It meant they were actually afraid of them. She paced around the table that sat in the middle of the meeting room in their pack house. The pack house was located in the woods, away from town to keep away from the humans. If humans did find it it was usually assumed that it was a normal cabin.

She went through plans for the hunt in her head but she needed the opinions of her pack mostly her Beta, Serena. Serena was the one who kept Lilly's head on straight, she made sure Lilly didn't act just out of anger especially when it came to the other pack or anyone questioning her role as Alpha.

Being a female Alpha wasn't easy, everyone questioned your leadership and your ability as an Alpha even your own pack members. Lilly could usually handle it if it was another Alpha but her own pack members usually set her off. She remembered a time when all she wanted was to be a tracker, she had the skill but when the two packs were whole she was, and still is, considered a runt. There was no way their Alpha would have allowed a runt to be a tracker, too much of a risk. She didn't understand it until later but she was always angry that she was never acknowledged for her skills until she was considered for Alpha.


Vivian had nothing to do tonight, she'd already done some practicing and parties weren't her thing. She made herself some tea as she tried to think of something to do. She curled up on her couch and thought [i]Maybe just a book[i] she thought and got up to search for one she hadn't already read in her house. Finally she settled with her mothers spell book she's read it multiple times but it always made her feel closer to her mother.

She didn't know her mother was a witch until after she'd died, she was sure her mother would have told her and her sisters when they got older but she died when Vivian was very young. Her sisters found out about their mother and lied to her about it when she finally found out. She left after that, she couldn't see herself forgiving them for hiding such a thing.

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#, as written by Ellara
Location: Party || Interacting with: Meredith Langrange, Willow Octavia Sanders, Olivar Furen || Mentioned: Julia Sinclair

ImageLisa danced to the music pointed out a cute guy to her friend Jaime from the book store. "Go for it!" Jaime yelled over the loud music. Lisa smiled and shook her head. Jaime rolled her eyes.

Lisa glanced at the guy and bit her lip. Smiling at Jaime, she started moving towards the guy.

As she was making her way over, she smelled something unusual. The smile disappeared from her face. There was a vampire here.

She looked around at the sea of people. This party was packed. She had no idea who was the source of the scent. She became worried that it might know that she was there already.

She pulled out her phone and texted her pack.

At a party. There's a vampire here.

She pressed send. I hope they text back soon. Lisa was worried. She'd never encountered a vampire without her pack. She was unsure what to do.

Jaime came up behind her and gave her a questioning look and gesture. Lisa shrugged and gave a fake smile. She continued dancing and checking her phone after phantom vibrations.

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#, as written by mjolnir


T H E - A L P H A

# 0 0 D F 9 9

Willow could tell Levi was the strong silent type. And for her that only drew her in more wanting to know what hid behind the tough, quiet exterior. He at least acknowledged what she was saying with shrugs or head nods. She continued to study him curiously, gauging every movement and action he made. Will couldn't put her finger on what it was about him, but she was determined to find out. But as she watched him she couldn't help but smirk a wild mischievous grin while running a hand through her blonde locks.

Levi finally gave her a verbal answer regarding if he was recruited by Lillian.
"No, She didn't." Interesting. She shifted where she stood, tilting her head in a curious manner causing her hair to veil have her face. "Fair game." Will could smell Markus approaching but before he joined them she added, "Well there are 2 packs here in Cherry Blossom... Lillian's and- She was cut off by her Beta's appearance making the duo a trio. "Evening." Will gave him a sideways glance momentarily although she kept her body facing Levi. Her gaze was direct and wavering. That was until her cellphone gave a little chirp. She reached into her back pocket, pulling the phone out. "Pardon me handsome."

Willow unlocked her phone, her gaze flitting about the group text message from Lisa.

At a party. There's a vampire here.

Will scowled down at her phone, a growl rumbling in the pit of her throat. She assumed Markus had already seen the message and was waiting for her orders. Her stance shifted to a slightly more dominant position as her thumbs feverishly tapped upon her phone, the screen illuminating her face.

Markus & I have plans ruffling feathers of the
inferior Alpha. Don't engage without back up.
You're in public so they shouldn't attack.
Stay alert & inform if anything develops.

Willow cleared her throat in frustration while shoving her phone into the back pocket of her skin tight pants. "Sorry that was rude of me... Alpha duties." Will then did a double take finally taking it what Levi said about possibly knowing Markus. "Wait you both know each other?" She motioned back and forth between the 2 while furrowing her brows in confusion. "How is it you could know him?... I've been in this town for over 100 years and never crossed paths with you before." She took a slight step towards Levi looking him up with a predator like gaze. "I would have remembered you."

Will didn't notice the appointed glance from Markus, or maybe she did but didn't digest it until that moment. She rolled her eyes slightly because of him, expecting some sort of comment later on when they're alone. She hadn't even realized how much time she spent wondering the town and talking to Levi. Will reached out grabbing Markus' wrist to look at his watch, cursing under her breath when she saw the time. Her attention shifted back towards the mysterious stranger. Her angered facade quickly fading to a seductive smile once again. "Unfortunately lover-boy... I have plans to stir the pot. Although," She stepped towards him, raising a hand to brush back a loose hair of his from his face before whispering, "I'd rather spend my time here... Trying to decode you." Before she turned away she added one more comment, "Don't be a stranger Ghost."

Willow slowly turned towards Markus, allowing her gaze to linger on Levi for a long moment before she turned her complete attention to her Beta. "Alright Mutt... Let's go." She slid her left arm under Markus' right arm, resting her hand on his forearm allowing him to guide her down the street. After a few strides down the street she stopped momentarily to glance over her shoulder towards Levi. "Hey!" She called out to him, "You don't seem like a Ghost to me. A ghost is tame... You're more of a Phantom." Will smirked, "But don't let anyone else call you that. That's my name... And I'm possessive of what's mine." Will winked towards Levi before disappearing down the street with Markus.

Once they were out of ear shot of anyone else, Will slowed down their pace as they walked, her arm still linked in his.
"Shut up." She peeked over at him from the corner of her eyes. Will knew he'd have some smart comment about Levi so she wanted to shut him up before he said anything. After another long moment of silence she spoke up again. "So should we arrive fashionably late to make an entrance?... Or should we arrive on time so Lillian starts her whole spiel so that she chokes once she sees us?"

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#, as written by Ellara
Location: Party || Interacting with: Julia Sinclair, Pack 2

ImageLisa watched the vampire from as far away as she could get without losing sight of her. The vampire was leaving - alone. This was good, it meant that she had been scared off by the presence of werewolves before being able to secure a victim. The bad thing was that she would likely go somewhere else now to find her meal.

Lisa pulled out her phone and sent a text to the pack.

Vampire leaving party to find victim elsewhere.

She turned to Jaime, who was already confused by her behaviour and told her, "I'm feeling sick! I'm gonna head home!" Jaime gave her a sympathetic look and waved. Lisa made a mental note to come up with some excuse for why she was acting strange tonight.

As the vampire stepped out the door, Lisa followed. This is stupid... this is so fucking stupid. She thought to herself. She didn't want to put herself at risk, nor did she want to piss off Willow, but she kept thinking about that human who would be the victim if no one intervened.

This was a dangerous decision she had made. If it were a human, Lisa would easily have been able to remain undetected, but without the smells, sounds and human obstacles of the party, she would be unlikely to stay hidden from a vampire for long.

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{ Location: His Home || Interacting With: Meredith; Pack 2 Members (NPCs) || Mentioned: Willow }

With the hunt being scheduled at no set-time, but the general agreement of getting there right around the settling of dusk to dark, Markus and his parents had accepted wolves into their home in varying waves over the hours since he’d arrived home after 4pm (without a nap that lasted more than a quick few minutes, or a shower since that morning as the flecks of purple and green finger/hand-printed paint gracing his arms today noted) – depending on when school let out, or their means of employment’s letting out...

The trio had finally had a break that only occurred with the later stragglers filling in (including their missing Alpha, Markus could only hope), his elderly mother disappeared up the stairs to the quiet the second-floor held away from the majority of people and wolves out waiting with gentle chatter on the back porch and yard. His father stayed a moment longer, as he had eased to sit down at the dining room table, and spoke softly but intently, “Be careful.” Always. The old man nodded, evidently pleased with finishing the simple ritual that they'd started since Markus ; and his form shifted into a dark-ish (as the amount of gray and white, could not truly be called black anymore) wolf, stiffly ambling up the stairs to join his wife for the night.

A welcome distraction came as the front door opened, without a knock that would normally be seen as rude enough to get fur ruffled, but the scent that caught his attention was familiar – and her brother had been doing it long before her. Hey, how long till Willow gets here? Before Markus could answer Meredith about their blighted Alpha’s fancifulness with being fashionably late to even her own pack’s hunt, and potentially chastise her for traveling alone – James walked in, a second behind (so she hadn't been entirely alone for the majority of the trip from her shop to his home), laughing as he spoke, “That depends, how long have you been avoiding her?”

Peace, James… Markus rumbled, lightly. He already had suspicions himself of where Meredith had been lately, and avoiding Willow had been a part of it; and not doubt Willow, if she’d noted anything strange about it, would have her own opinions. But James, even as her second eldest brother, didn’t need to stir the pot up any more than it already potentially was… Your guess may be as good as mine, Meredith… This is Willow. He replied as evenly as his exasperation would allow for. She’d be the death of him one day (if not a brain aneurysm), he was more than certain.

Markus glanced to his silent, message-less phone, with a brief moment on contemplation - before unlocking it, and typing a brief (if you could call only word as such?) text to Willow: "Ready," and waiting... The pack would be ready by the time she arrived, and they could more or less get straight to the business of hunting. There would likely be little deliberation, and much less hashing out additional plans; their methods typically cut and dry - especially when you didn't split your strengths, and when every wolf knew what was expected of them.


{ Location: Hospital || Interacting With: Shane Dawson, Hospital Staff (NPCs) || Mentioned: Elisabeth Hill }

Nathaniel had an uneventful time coming earlier than necessary, with few files of current patients lively (and the handful dead, in the morgue) in the small hospital; and a small conversation with a nurse, Janet, having come back to find her station occupied – but eagerly helped fill him out on their computer system (simplistic, but with enough short-cuts to get around its’ faults). Janet departed not long after from being kind enough to humor him for a coffee run, and offered to grab some for him too - but he politely declined. Alone again, Nathaniel took the time to shrug off his bike-coat, folding it neatly away, making himself seemingly leaner with the scrubs and under-shirt he wore clinging to his frame (and hiding the ugly scars, except for the very tips marring the top of his throat-line). Eyeing the time thoughtfully on the monitor, figuring another 10-15 minuets before he should start his rounds. Yes, he could figure, another slow night, as he pulled out an old medical journal - figuring to pass the time, reading his own notes...

Or? Another woman rounded the corner, not Janet or a nurse he didn't know the name of but was more or less had the familiarity of a couple nights' work, but the badge at the hip and leather jacket told him quickly enough who she was - even without Elisabeth's warnings to keep an eye on the Sheriff, a human that actually had the hints of possibly believing in the supernatural world, how quaint. He watched her in thoughtful curiousness as she rounded up to the nurse station he was sitting on, sipping on her coffee and flipping through the evidence (or lack of) from the recent four deaths that had been placed on the counter by Janet earlier after he himself had finished perusing them, silent and not noticing his presence right away. Hey Janet, I’m going to-- You’re not Janet… Sorry… I’m still trying to wake up. At her extended hand, he disentangled his own from the journal he’d been pursuing moments before, before grasping it a firm but friendly shake – offering a small, genuinely polite smile.

No worries, I understand. Janet just went to the kitchen to grab a cup or two of liquid luck for herself, and luck as in if it happened to work properly enough to get one through a night shift with a large dose of wake-me-up caffeine. Nathaniel wasn’t much of a believer in coffee much before he’d turned, and hot tea had been the way to go for him; but now, regardless, either item had to have a certain additive placed in, otherwise he was secretly loathe to drink them both now. He could easily fake eating unnecessary food any day, but liquids it never felt right to stomach without blood mixed in for whatever reason. I’m the Sheriff Dawson, but everyone just calls me Shane… Don’t think I’ve seen someone as young as you in this hospital. A pleasure, Shane, I-… “Oh, don’t listen to ‘Siri’ here, Shane. He’s found where the fountain of youth is, drank some of the water, and won’t tell anyone else the location!” Exclaimed with chuckling laughter, not Janet, but some excitable nurse that he had yet to actually learn the name of, but figured this might have been the one of the Humans Elisabeth had mentioned from her Scouting duties that worked at the Hospital that was a family-less, loner, and a perfect meal probably. Even if the likelihood he was ever interested in feeding off the young woman, he might just half to kill her on the principle of annoyance – and really, who interrupted the middle of a conversation with a Doctor and Sheriff?

Once she stopped giggling over her own ‘joke’, possibly in part to his even but expectant look Nathaniel did not doubt, she offered a why, “Could you sign the medication sheets, Dr. Warren didn’t get a chance before he left tonight, and I don’t want to start the meds too much later than eight – if that’s okay?” Typical to be working before he was supposed to start, but it kept life interesting he supposed. That’s fine, here, Nathaniel hummed, taking the clip-board from her outstretched hand. He made sort work over the necessary signatures; but took the time to peruse the latest test results (if attached) with a watchful eye, but everything was in proper levels, and most medication changes happened during the day anyway. With everything in order, he passed the clip-boards back to the nurse shortly with a dismissing nod, she left with a beaming smile - that he couldn't quite place. Humans...

"Sorry about the, distraction, I don't know if it was wise letting them know I sneak in earlier than my shift - it may create bad habits," with both the nurses and daytime doctors. Nathaniel began apologetically, but his smile breathed an air of amusement into his tone as he continued. "I'm the new Junior Medical Staff, Dr. Nathaniel J.A. Searus, but most call me William on the side I thought - but 'Siri' could be far worse, I suppose... Whether or not I've found the fountain of youth, I don't feel I am capable of answering such a question not in my area of expertise - alas I'm only a Student Doctor, it'll come to me one day perhaps." He snorted with a bemused smile, of a person that had far to often been put further down on the totem pole because of his youthful appearance. "Janet will be returning soon, but is there anything you'd like in advance?" Musing, he gestured to the folders she'd been thumbing in through as a helpful reminder. Shifting back in the chair, to flick close the journal, as the time on the computer monitor caught his eye - a few more minuets, he could humor the young sheriff for a little while more.