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Cherry Blossom's War

Cherry Blossom, Virginia


a part of Cherry Blossom's War, by thehalfbreed443.


thehalfbreed443 holds sovereignty over Cherry Blossom, Virginia, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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this is a remake of cherry blossom war


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Cherry Blossom, Virginia is a part of Cherry Blossom's War.

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Willow Octavia Sanders [42] "Why are you talking to me?"
Lillian Smith [42] "Runt No More"
Levi Winters [36] "What the Hell did I walk into?"
Elisabeth Hill [31] "A bird cannot fly without its wings, nor can I live without blood."
Julie Sinclair [29] "Loneliness is much worse when your immortal"
Roman Kingsley [28] "Here comes the big bad wolf."
Shane Dawson [22] "I know what's going on here..."

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Character Portrait: Brooklyn Simmons Character Portrait: Vivian Greenwood Character Portrait: Nathaniel Searus Character Portrait: Charles A. Greyson
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Interacting With: Shawn Dawnson, Vivian Greenwood, Charles Greyson, Nathaniel Searus Mentioned: Sennia De Lucchi

From Charlie
{No, haven’t heard from her or seen her since yesterday. 
Probably out partying again, I suspect… I’ll swing by her apartment later tonight before heading home.}
Brooklyn frowned at that. She couldn't be mad at him, she really had no place, she hadn't spoken to him in far too long, and honestly, she didn't want this to be the thing that got her talking but honestly, she didn't know how to deal with this.

From Vivian
{I haven't seen her..or heard from her. How did she reach out?}

Brooklyn sighed and sent a quick text back.

{She's in my head....Something is very, very wrong.}

She sighed and looked up as young man approached up. “Hello Ms. Simmons, I presume,”  He said and she saw his expression. “I am Dr. Nathaniel J.A. Searus, however please, call me William."' He offered his hand and Brooklyn stood and shook it before sitting back down. Her heart was heavy though, knowing what was going to be said next. Or so she thought. “I’m here to answer the questions I can for you in this difficult time, but I do believe it would be best to wait a moment longer for Sheriff Dawson, Shane, to arrive as well.”  He told her and she swallowed. "Um, thanks." She said with a sigh. She didn't want to prolong this, and with Sennia reaching out like this, things were only going to get worse.

After a moment of awkward silence, the Sherriff arrived, looking right at her. "Hi Brooklyn," she said friendly and Brooklyn only managed a tight smile in response.

"I'm really not sure how to say this..." That was enough. She closed her eyes and swallowed back tears. "I need to see hi-his body...." She said but it was more of a question, as she breathed out hollowly as she looked at them. "Can I? See him?" She asked, as tears began to fall.

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Character Portrait: Brooklyn Simmons Character Portrait: Shane Dawson Character Portrait: Vivian Greenwood Character Portrait: Sienna De Lucchi Character Portrait: Nathaniel Searus Character Portrait: Charles A. Greyson
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{ Location: Hospital || Interacting With: Shane, Brooklyn, Hospital Staff (NPCs) || Mentioned: N/A || #112865 }

Brooklyn was understandably broken, Nathaniel could have easily deduced from a distant look. Let alone additionally from the clammy, limp hand-shake she offered to his own firm one, the tenseness her shoulders held, and the smell of salty tears that had threaten to fall earlier with more soon to replace them. Even her tired sighing of, “Um, thanks,” echoed his deduction. They did say you could know someone best by the enemies they made along the way: How they defied beings that should have cowed them into silence; resisted forces that were inevitable for no more reason than the belief that they should be resisted; not bowing their head to neither demons nor angels; and putting themselves into harm’s way to defend those who could not defend themselves. But, Nathaniel figured that was only a portion of a true measure of a person (or supernatural entity) – because life was pain, and suffering, so how one became broken and tried to glue the pieces together (if they even tried to do so) was a far better measure of such an immeasurable thing.

It wasn’t long of a silence between the pair of them, before the Sheriff arrived, coming up to sit beside Brooklyn – Shane started out holding unto Brooklyn’s hand, stroking it gently in reassurances before speaking softly. First a friendly hello that only managed to draw out a thin smile from the girl, and then the ‘killer statement’ of … I’m really not sure how to say this… brought on the beginning of the waterworks – and needing, then asking if she could see her brother’s body. Finally, Nathaniel had a window to rejoin the conversation, after having remained a politely silent, if stoic presence for the mean time while he let Shane (who likely knew far more about the girl after living in this town, versus the ‘new doctor’) take the lead. Of course, Nathaniel mused softly, a gentle but sad smile lurking beneath his words, never quite surfacing to his thin-lined lips for the moment. Let me go ahead, and Sheriff Dawson will bring you back… He finished as he rose, offering Shane a slow nod in return. It was only proper for him to go ahead, pulling up the proper paperwork (though Janet, wonderful Janet would likely have it ready at the edge of the nurse station the minute he walked out the door), and making sure the morgue was presentable – though as far as he knew, Jonathan the mortician, was not a messy individual for the most part – and the deceased patient ready before anyone came back. Before moving to the door, and on his way…


Hospitals in general were cold, sterile environments for the most part, to control and contain the spread of disease as well as simply “freeze out” others, but Morgue’s were the worst place to be he had been told – and perhaps he’d agree that it was particularly chilly if he could feel the temperature that is. The dull, blue-tinted lights did not help the chill much, nor the lifeless stainless steel everywhere, but Nathaniel made the room as “welcoming” as anyone could manage: The Sheriff’s clipboard, post-it-notes, and jacket had been safely stowed out of sight in the attached office. The late Donny Simmons white cover-sheet was back in place and a couple small round skin-tinted bandages now covered the remnants of the holes teeth-marks had left from his ‘attack’ (smelling of a Vampire from his new coven that Arthur, Elisabeth, or Kat, hadn’t introduced him too) that the mortician had left for the Sheriff to observe (but there was no need to additionally upset the girl for her to see part of what had ‘done her brother in’). And the paperwork Janet had provided, including release forms from what the Sherriff would require as a proper agreement that the identification was correct and the hospital’s agreement of what / where / etc the body would go through to be properly rested.

& Nathaniel waited for Shane and Brooklyn's eventual arrival...


{ Location: Leaving Diner, Sienna's Apartment || Interacting With: Vivian, Brooklyn || Mentioned: Sienna || #929292 }

Okay, I’m going to check out some parties on my way home. At Vivian’s comment, Charles eyebrows unintendedly raised – not only in disbelief, but genuine surprise. She was not one for parties in mind or spirit as long as he’d known her (not that he was much one either to be frank, but he’d probably fit in better and would not stick out like a sore-thumb); and it would be a step, a certainly stressful step, to attend a party (or more) looking for someone you might not even find there. Well, he had to hand it to her at the very least… Be safe, Charlie spoke softly, his words echoing an unspoken good luck. As he rose from the table with a farewell, cheeky grin, before going out onto the streets.

There was still a fair amount of hustle and bustle in the early hours of the night, but everyone was moving fast and heading to zones of safety as quickly as possible – aided by the spook the atmosphere of the Full Moon brought upon the town already ripe with weird happenings, and helped along by the distant yip and snarls of “dogs” bouncing about the alley’s and city streets. Charles made his way up into Sienna’s apartment swiftly, and with a flick of his hand unaided by a key, unlocked the door with a simple breeze to the dark and empty living room. He fumbled briefly with the lights, before locking the door behind him tight, and went to work – looking around to find something about Sienna’s whereabouts…

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Character Portrait: Brooklyn Simmons Character Portrait: Vivian Greenwood Character Portrait: Sienna De Lucchi Character Portrait: Charles A. Greyson
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From Booklyn:
She's in my head....Something is very, very wrong.

Vivian read the text quickly before giving Charles a nod. Something was wrong, Sienna didn't associate much with the rest of the witches and if she did it was a last resort but why? She glanced at her half eaten sandwich and found that she'd lost her appetite. She began looking through her purse to pay for her meal but caught sight of the $30 Charles had left. She sighed and put away her wallet. She called friendly goodbyes to the staff and made her way out into the street. Tonight was not the night to stay out late and alone. More than most nights tonight people had to be even more careful, the full moon made the werewolves even crazier which made vampires more on edge. The full moon, thankfully, didn't effect witches at all.

Parties weren't Vivian's thing. Everyone that knew her would be surprised that she was even there. It was crowded and loud. It wasn't hard to find a party, follow the loud music but it was hard to find someone in a house full of drunk people. She squeezed through people on the dance floor. They didn't seem to pay her any mind when she asked if they had seen her witch friend. Honestly they probably didn't even know who she was talking about or they were too drunk to even understand what she was saying.

She went to three different parties and no sign of Sienna at any of them. She decided to call it a night figuring she might have better luck finding her in the morning. Never again, Viv. Next time let Charles volunteer to search parties. She scowled at herself. It was horrible, she'd seen a few people throw up and one was so close to puking on her but she diverted the poor girl into a trash can. She would never understand humans love of alcohol especially if it had that effect on them. She took out her phone as soon as she stepped into the dark night to give Charles an update.

To Charles"
Calling it a night, might have better luck in the morning.