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Lovino Amore

i ain't your fairy godmother so stop your bitching about prince charming

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a character in “Chicagoland: A Monsters Tale”, as played by miss randomness


● ● ● ❝ LOVINO AMORE- - -

➔ BIRTHDAY (NUMERICAL AGE) :: He's lost track of his exact age but around 900 to 1000. (appears 24)
➔ RACE :: Cupid
➔ DISTINGUISHING MARKS // APPEARANCE :: Unlike what most popular or classical artwork will tell you cupids tend to be pretty human in appearance. Sure they are universally gorgeous people with a subtle allure to them that seems to draw people in but they are not chubby babies with wings, not by a long shot. Lovino himself is a handsome man who appears to be somewhere in his twenties with lightly tanned skin and carefully gelled dark brown hair. His eyes are a soulful brown that tend to be glare distrustfuly at the world around him. They also have a subtle red glow whenever he uses his powers. He takes pride in his appearanc and tends to dress fashionably whenever possible.
➔ OCCUPATION :: Baker/Waiter (Cauldron Cakes)
➔ FACTION :: Arcane Society
➔ POWERS :: Like all Cupid's Lovino possess the ability to manipulate the emotion of Love. He can cause people to fall in love at will, induce feelings of love and passion in people, he can make people desirable and loved by whomever he wants and he can also make people undesirable and unlovable as well. Supposedly he also possess the ability to find people their "perfect match" or "soul mate" but he's pretty sure that's just bullshit that some greeting card company or overly romantic twit came up with.
➔ POWERS :: Invisibility, he possess the ability to turn invisible if he so desires but he seldom bothers to use it.
➔ POWERS :: Love Potion, he can whip up any love or lost potions with ease. He's also a pretty good shot and can shoot people with darts laced with strong lust or love potions.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: He loathes the holiday of Valentine's Day with a deep and abiding fury.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: He likes to volunteer at the local animal shelter when he has some free time.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: He has an irrational fear of Moose and a deep distrust for Canadians.

food (preferably Italian or pastries) / valentine related anything / theme song

So begins...

Lovino Amore's Story


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Kallistrate took a long sip of her drink, bringing it down to about half its original volume. "Good evening, Lovi." Eating her fig, which had absorbed just enough of the liqueur at this point to make it a nice little treat, she gave herself a moment to chew before swallowing and speaking again.

"Yes, I'd been hearing it. I was giving them a moment to get it under control, but as it doesn't seem to be stopping I'm going to go intervene." Her snakes, as usual, largely ignored Lovi as a non-threat, but the scuffle out front was raising them into a tizzy. Not that she believed Lovi was harmless, she was sure he had some weapons to bear including his cupid powers that had and could again deal with any problems he encountered. However, she'd known him and been his parole officer long enough to know of a certainty that he presented no threat to her, personally, and her snakes had reacted on that instinctual knowledge weeks before she'd come to trust him. They occupied a strange middle ground, in Kallistrate's mind, between friends and their legal relationship where Kalli had to keep an eye on him for the rest of his parole period. Whether or not they remained friends after that period was done was hard to say.

"But as I've had a long day of dealing with 'asses,' as you say, I have no compunction in knocking of few of those furry simpletons' heads together. I sincerely hope they won't keep me from my drink for long, I deserve a bit of relaxation this evening. You'll excuse me, won't you, while I deal with this?"

As she walked back towards the door, she made the decision to leave her snakes how they were. Writhing on her head and spread out in their anticipation of the fight, a few were even starting to hiss. Kallistrate knew what sight that made, and took full advantage of it in her work and off-work time. Werewolves were close to animals and humans, so her venom would likely be perilous, even deadly to them. Out front and to the side of the building in an alley stood a ring of young werewolves and a few humans, along with what she recognized as the chef of the Black Dog, Argus Lefroy, still in his wolf form.

*No biting* she urged her snakes as she tried to get them to close their mouths in a mix of an instinctual reining in and a difficult to describe sort of telepathic speech without words. Intimidation was well and good, but her venom could very well kill all but the Black Dog chef, and perhaps even him, depending on his age and strength. Her snakes calmed slightly but kept themselves spread, draping themselves in front of her shoulders or using their muscles to curl out and forward from her body. Taking a careful stance some ten feet away from the group, Kallistrate addressed them, moving her badge to her hip and sweeping her blazer away from it on both sides, her hands at her hips.

"Good evening, gentlemen," she remarked loudly, her badge glinting in the light of the one streetlamp that stood at the street where the alley began. Her crimson snakes, blue eyes wide open, were still hissing. "My name is Lieutenant Dimitriou and I'm with the Chicagoland Monster Investigators. I highly suggest that you disperse immediately, or shall I intervene and forcibly restrain you before hauling all of you back to the station?"

The circle froze, most in fear. She could tell the humans among them and quite a few of the young wolves hadn't seen her particular species before and they were torn between awe, bewilderment, and wetting their pants. Ah, the young. Kallistrate took a strong step forward and that was enough to disperse a large part of the crowd who decided a narrow alley with a gorgon was a dangerous place to be. They rushed out of the alley giving her and her snakes a wide berth. A few of her snakes decided to wriggle and half-strike at them as the young troublemakers passed, out of amusement and to ensure they did not forget the CMI was always watching them.

Taking a few more steps, the echo of her oxfords on the pavement an emphatic warning, she approached the chef. "Mr. Lefroy, may I ask what is going on here?"


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"Thank you, Mr. Lefroy," Kallistrate watched him walk back to the kitchen. He'd been dismissive of her offer, or perhaps saw no need for it, but for all that he'd been informative and polite. Before she went back to her booth, she decided to honor Mr. Lefroy's openness by doing him a favor. Also, she kind of wanted to intimidate someone and the cubs hadn't been satisfying.

Tracking down Mr. Lefroy's boss, who had left the office grumbling but had seemed at least a little cowed by her presence, she smiled and spoke. If it could be called a smile, as it was more a bearing of teeth. "Mr. Lefroy was kind enough to share some pertinent information, and assured me that he will be taking these things in hand. I trust that his attitude of responsibility towards his community and respect towards myself, as an officer, is appreciated at this establishment?"

He grumbled some more, but nodded. Good. Because if he'd given her trouble, she'd have no problem making life difficult for him. Mr. Lefroy wasn't a friend, but he had done her a good turn, and she always paid her debts. "Excellent," she said, smiling wider, her snakes waving a little at him. "He is a superb chef and I am fond of this bar. It was nice speaking to you." Kallistrate liked it a little too much that he cringed away from her when she walked past him, too close on purpose, and one of her snakes slid across his arm. Without the release of a good fight--and she hadn't been able to chase down any criminals in a week--she had to get her satisfaction where she could. At least this was a good cause, unlike if she'd succumbed to the temptation to thrash children much below her age and abilities.

She ordered the pie Mr. Lefroy recommended and went back to her booth. Pulling out her phone as she sat down, she made a note to go back and talk to him if there were incidents with the boys she'd seen tonight, and then put it away again. She had to have it on her, in case there was an emergency, but there was no reason she had to be thinking about work. Kallistrate was glad Mr. Lefroy had made the suggestion of the steak and kidney pie, some carbs would soak up the alcohol and it sounded like a very comforting pastry.

Her drink was still thankfully at her place, so she took a long sip and looked up at Lovi. "That's sorted, at least for now. Have you met the chef here, a Mr. Argus Lefroy? Appears like a fairly nice gentleman, or gentle-wolf, whatever the pc term may be."