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a character in “Chicagoland: A Monsters Tale”, as played by miss randomness



➔ BIRTHDAY (NUMERICAL AGE) :: 108 but appears 23 years old.
➔ RACE :: Witch, specializes in the Animation discipline
➔ DISTINGUISHING MARKS // APPEARANCE :: Minerva looks like a normal twenty-something brunette with a busy job. At her job she wears her hair up in a bun (that usually manages to become undone at least once per day) and bottom up blouses with brown or black slacks and comfortable dress shoes. Her casual attire is more "garage sale hippy" with a lot of home made outfits paired with sneakers or sandals.
➔ OCCUPATION :: Junior Monster Advocate (CCMAA)
➔ POWERS :: Minerva is a Specialist within her field and has managed to successfully master Object Animation, or bringing inanimate objects to life. She is currently striving to master a secondary field of Artistic Animation - bringing artwork to life.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: Minerva dreams of some day becoming a published author of a series of monster novels.
➔ RANDOM FACT :: Minerva is allergic to scales (fish scales, dragon scales, snake scales)
➔ RANDOM FACT :: Minerva has an irrational dislike for avocados.

anything homemade / avocados / theme song

model is rose mcgowan

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Minerva Eldridge's Story


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#, as written by Nahanni
Jake looked away from the woman in the corner when he heard the growls and protests of a disgruntled Badger. He raised a brow at the familiar face, she was a brunette, her hair tied up in a nice bun with a few strands of hair falling down around her face. She had an interesting look about her and Jake offered her a smile, he had seen her around in the library and had recommended a few books to her. She was an art buff and he liked talking about the different art ages.

It took him a moment to remember her name and he lifted his glass in greeting, "Hello Minerva." she asked about a book that she wanted in the library and Jake dug through the new books he had seen that day and nodded, "Yeah I think we did, I also saw a book on the evolution of Art Deco, if that pipes your interest." He finished off his beer and signaled for another, "Can I get you anything?" He offered. Perhaps she might stay and they could debate on a few topics, that would be a wonderful end to the night for him.

He glanced at the badger on the floor and tried to remember the name for the creature but couldn't, the cat in him wanted to move back to safety but he forced his human self to stay put and act as naturally as he could. "I can put the books on hold for you." He offered. "I work in the morning, so I can snatch them for you."