Yoshitane Ashikaga

"How about 20 more coins? No? Okay, just don't expect your throat to be in one piece by the end of this job."

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"I'm hard to bribe. Don't think a few gold coins will get me on your side."


♦ Name : Yoshitane "Yashi" Ashikaga

♦ Role : Infamous thief and mercenary.

♦ Gender : Male

♦ Height : 5'8"

♦ Age : 20

♦ Face Claim : Nezumi/Rat | No. 6

♦ Sexuality : Pansexual


♦ Appearance (Hair, eyes, clothes, etc.): ImageYashi is a somewhat tall man, with shoulder-length raven hair, and a tied up ponytail. He has almost empty bluish-gray eyes, and smooth, light peach skin. Usually, he wears a brown scarf over green ragged jacket, which is also over a thin white shirt. (He also wears pants, but it would probably be awkward if everyone saw his manhood) Yashi is also well build, with toned arm and abdominal muscles. On the days when he wears his chestplate, though, he doesn't wear anything but his white shirt and pants, just to add mobility.

♦ Power :
Yashi has no natural powers, so he bases his strength on magical weapons and armor. His first magical item is a bow, which has three spells enchanted an infused into it. The first can speed up the arrow with the power of wind, set the arrow on fire with the power of... well... fire, and the third can explode with the power of light. Each one takes a different amount of power away from the bow (the least is on the left, and vice versa) His second weapon(s) are two long swords, each with one half of the other's power. Both swords are enchanted so that they are as heavy as twigs, but actually hit with the same force and power. The third magical piece is a chest plate, that has been enchanted so that it is more heavy and makes the user slower, but it can withstand almost any blunt attack to the top front chest, protecting the heart.

♦ Personality :Yashi doesn't usually work together with other thieves, mostly to get most of the treasures or spoils. Therefore, his social skills are bound by violence and threats. Yashi also doesn't usually care about his clients, willing to backstab them if more money is at hand. In general, he is pretty greedy and ambitious. He is hard to build trust with, and often short-tempered and sensitive. One time, he charged his client more money for a quick-witted insult. When he is alone, he usually trains to keep fit, but often goes to bars, taverns and pubs to let go and relax. And maybe sometimes, he might let go a little too much, where bar fights ensue...

♦ History (Applies to all roles besides the Demon Generals) :

♦ Likes :WIP
Show me the money.

Love and Praise
"Who's awesome? I'm awesome."
Easy Tasks
"That was easy."

(okay i'm done making stupid references)

♦ Dislikes :WIP
Backstabbers, Cheats, and Cheap Clients
"You see, I get paid to do dangerous things. maybe at least a tip would help?"

♦ Strengths :WIP

♦ Weaknesses :WIP

♦ Fears :WIP

♦ Relationships :

So begins...

Yoshitane Ashikaga's Story


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#, as written by Bliss


"Let's settle this with fists."

BOOM! Was that a blast? The paved stone ground began to vibrate. In the distance, you could hear something impacting with the solid ground. There was screaming coming from the city plaza. Men, women and children alike all came running in the opposite direction of the blast. Their faces were fearful and some stumbled as they ran. It was enough to alarm Asrai Xylion. Asrai quickly rose from a stacked pile of concrete. Her brilliant colored hair waved back and forth while a slight breeze rushed by. Her eyes were narrowed in the direction of the explosion. She wore tattered clothing that was stained with patches of faded cloth that stood out from the colorless garment. Her friends that were hanging around the area also glanced in the same direction as she. Each of them concerned with whatever was going on. Suddenly, a little boy came running and shouting Asrai's name. She immediately hopped down from the pile of concrete to meet the child. He was thin and bony, his face gaunt. Visible signs of hunger.

"Milo," she softly spoke. "What's going on?"

The young boy stared at her wide eyed; unable to catch his breath. "In the plaza-" he gasped in between words. "An attack... Men in black..."

Everyone whispered amongst themselves as Asrai absorbed this information. Was it a military attack? Were they raiding homes for taxes? Maybe it was the beginning of a war between kingdoms. Such a war was way overdue. People were still running past all of them, continuously screaming and shouting. However, Asrai and her friends had nowhere to run. After all, they were from the slums. They had no home. Asrai clenched her fists and turned to the others. Even though they were all afraid, Asrai appeared to be fearless. She stood out from the crowd now more than ever.

"Everyone! We must-" she was suddenly interrupted by another explosion. Except this one was only a few yards away from her and the others. For a brief moment, Asrai, many people, items and rubble included were flung into the air from the explosive force. As Asrai regained her focus, she turned to see a few of her friends laying on the ground. Limbs blown off and heads decapitated. But to Asrai's horror was a creature standing before them, holding one of her companions by the hair a few feet above the ground. Her friend squirmed and cried, shouting her name for help. Asrai stared in bewilderment. This creature it... it was not human! It had an awful appearance. Two horns extruded from it's scalp with red beady eyes that contained no pupils. They glowed even in the daylight and it was as though smoke escaped it's nostrils. The creature had a snout and sharp, carnivorous teeth. It's arms were wide with muscle and for hands it had claws. It's legs were like that of a wolf's and it was as though it was grinning directly at her.

People ran past it screeching, trying not to look back, trying not to stop. Asrai felt frozen in place, unable to look away from this foul beast. Behind it were flames and more creatures similar in appearance. There were men too, but it was as though they had no life in them. Their faces were pale, very pale, almost appearing gray. Their eyes were vacant and they walked like zombies towards them while killing anyone in their way. Then, a terrifying woman who held a resemblance of a human but also that of a devil appeared beside the creature that was holding her friend. She had a purple complexion and lots of jewelry hanging around her neck and earlobes accompanied by a pair of wings on her back. The woman yawned as if bored, but then slapped the creature holding her friend. The creature dropped her friend almost instantly, snarling at the woman.

"Exel! How many times do I have to tell you we're not killing any babies today!" the woman spat with distaste.

She then turned back towards Asrai and the others as though she were examining them all. It was then that her demonic eyes locked with Asrai's for a long moment. The woman grinned, exposing a set of sharp, hungry teeth.

"That one, Exel. Get that one," she ordered pointing a long, razor-sharp fingernail in Asrai's direction.

Asrai's heart dropped. Suddenly she felt very fearful, knowing she could not protect the others from this let alone herself. The creature stepped forward walking straight towards her. This thing was at least three times her size. Her friends had already fled the scene, and she did not hesitate to follow. The woman wanted her. Was it her hair that made her stand out? In the past it's done just that. Her heart raced and she thought she would suffocate from the anxiety. She turned then ran, faster than she ever had before. Faster than most folk as she zipped past them in seconds. The creature pursued her. She heard it's lound, clunky steps behind her. This made Asrai start to run even faster. When she turned to see how close the pursuer was, she noticed it was running on all fours after her. Sweat was pouring down her face and the creature suddenly lunged at her. She screamed while tumbling over. It missed! Quickly, she darted off towards the side before the creature could even turn back around towards her. She kept on running, never looking back. Eventually she found a narrow stretch in between two buildings that was shadowed and dark. She squeezed into it glaring around for anyone else coming. Her chest was rapidly rising and collapsing with each heavy breath. In fact, she was somewhat wheezing from the run. She noticed she was near the city plaza where rubble was scattered and children were being gathered by more strange creatures. She noticed these creatures closely resembled demons from pictures she's seen in books or paintings in the past. She was bewildered, terrified and uncertain of her fate. A gloom hung over her as she began to think her death was near.

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