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Alice Carroe

0 · 503 views · located in Riverdale

a character in “Childhood Rivalries - Secrets Untold”, as played by VincentRayne



Name:: Alice Carroe

Nickname(s):: Alice, Alicia, Ali

Preferred Name:: Alice

Age:: 18

Gender:: Female

Sexuality:: Heterosexual

..::A Bit More in Depth::..
Infected Rain - At The Bottom Of The Bottle || Dir en grey - different sense ||
ARCH ENEMY - My Apocalypse || MACHINE HEAD - Now We Die || Ambeon - Ashes || The Gathering - A Noise Severe

Group:: Outcast


Charlotte was the creepy girl of the school. She had a piercing stare due to her blue eyes. She dressed in
dark apparel. And she kept to herself. The few that did manage to talk to her knew that she wasn't a bad
person but even that opinion ceased when someone found out about the contents of her journal. Then her
earlier status became official. She didn't care because she never really hung out with many people anyway.
Charlotte was the type of girl to stay away from the crowd. This was surprisingly easy when the crowd went
out of their way to avoid her. She could easily melt away into the background and out of attention.

Charlotte is a huge fan of music and is often seen with headphones on. She used to wear earphones but
since her long hair easily covered them people would sometimes come up to her and try to spark a
conversation. So she made the switch. Headphones normally had the blatant message of "I'm in my own
realm so leave me alone
". The method worked much more efficiently then with the earphones she wore.

Sometimes Charlotte considered herself lucky. There were several others that were part of the goth or emo
clique and they were picked on by the jocks of the school. It was the same as watching a movie or drama.
It was obvious who was a target and the ones who didn't defend themselves were often people of the
mentioned cliques and the occasional nerd. Maybe word got around what happened to the last person
that tried picking on her. A small group of girls took Charlotte's notebook and she pulled a knife on
them. Ever since them Charlotte wasn't bothered much anymore.

The girl wasn't anywhere near the bottom of her class. She wasn't perceived as dumb or lazy. The few
times she was called in class she used to just say she didn't know the answer so she could go back to
being in the background. It seemed that she didn't care for her studies but her test scores always proved
otherwise. She was a bright girl and even when called to stay after school and discuss anything regarding
class participation, Charlotte would tell the teacher that she didn't like the attention. Charlotte hoped that
at least adults would understand that's just how she was.

During the Autumn and Winter months is when Charlotte is seen outdoors the most. She's normally at the
park or near the woods if not in them. Some have even said they've seen her in cemeteries. The girl with
the long dark hair that wore headphones and had a sketchbook in hand. Charlotte never considered herself
a good artist. The drawings she drew were often primarily filled with dark colors and appealed to only her.
Sometimes she'd sketch an animal and put them in a gloomy world on her pad. Even her art teacher said
that even though her pictures were different and disturbing, that's what made them stand out and have their
own unique feel. The teacher eventually took a great liking to her pictures and would ask to see what her
latest drawings were. He said that he would try having her artwork put on display sometime. It would be a
chance to possibly get noticed but it was for something she didn't mind for once.

Music(primarily Metal and Gothic genres)
The night
Anything horror
Cloudy days and rainy days

The day
Loud people
Mainstream music
Jocks and cheerleaders
Disrespectful and insensitive people

Being the center of attention

Carries her mothers hand-me-down knife in her satchel, even at school
Everything she puts in her journal is considered a secret

..:: Somebody's looking fine::..

Tattoos/Peircings:: Variety of ear piercings (although, often covered by her hair)

Faceclaim:: Jodelle Ferland


Alice carries a satchel that primarily consist of a journal, her knife, and some
art supplies. Her journal is her most prized possession and is a very
sensitive button to press by taking it from her. Since the satchel is always
on her so is her journal. In her journal are many bizarre sketches and
short stories.

So begins...

Alice Carroe's Story


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#, as written by Ky-Lin
Jane pulled herself out of the pool, gasping for air after that last lap, and grabbed for her towel that was neatly folded beside the ladder. The sun had warmed it nicely while she had been playing around in the water and it felt wonderful on her skin as she dried off and wrung out her thick hair. Twisting her hair back and into a messy pony tail she walked into the house, towel now wrapped around her like a small dress but way less effective. Jane was quick to strip and head into the shower once she was in her own bathroom, the door locked behind her as the water slowly turned the air into steam. She had woken up early despite it not being a school day, like every day, although she had swam a bit longer than she usually did but it is good exercise. In the middle of her rinsing her hair of the salt water she heard her phone play a few beats of "Dirty Little Secret", a smile slide on her face as she wiped her hand on a wash cloth to look at her message.
- We're all at the diner, so if you want avoid I understand. Or you could stop by, so I can see your beautiful self. -

Janes face created a pained expression as she finished reading the message, questioning how she had even gotten into all of this, and put her phone back down to finish her shower. She enjoyed the smell of her blueberry wash that she had had a difficulty finding and when she did she had ended up cleaning them out, so she had enough for decade or so. Showers were probably the best thing of the world and she enjoyed everyone she took no matter what she was thinking while standing under the spray, it was like escaping to a small world of her own. Jane wrestled with whether if the long meal by herself with her listening to Tobias' friends "whisper" at another table would be worth the small moment they would get to themselves. But she did owe him, after having to have canceled their last few dates for work and it had been her fault since she had willingly picked up the shifts. She picked up the phone, already pulling out whatever reached her hand first from the closet, and sent Tobias a message. Then a group message out to her friends, it had been a bit since they had all gotten together and it wouldnt look as bad if she wasnt there alone.

-Ill pop by in a bit, this hair likes to take a bit to dry.-

~Group message sent at 13:25 p.m.~
-Hey everyone, if your not busy how about we all meet up at the diner? On me of course-


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Alice was awakened to a light knocking on her door. Her eyes immediately looked to her clock and saw that whoever was at her door obviously didn't know that the girl had, least a couple of hours left to sleep. The sun was out which meant that she should be asleep. Alice was a night owl. The canvas she worked on the previous night was proof. All of her art works took place during the night if there was a setting.

"Charlotte," Her mother called from behind the door. "I'm coming in." Astrid, Alice's mother walked in the room and her eyes immediately fell upon the artwork. Alice turned over in her bed and pulled the covers over her head.

"Mom, if you keep calling by that name, how will I ever get used to the one I have now? My name changed when you married David."

"Oh, excuse me. I forgot. I'm still adjusting to it--your name I mean. So I'm guessing you worked on this piece all night?"


"And I'm also guessing you're too tired to have my breakfast I made." Alice pulled the covers down off of her face to see her mom already looking right at her as if expecting the reaction.

"With the eggs, bacon, and pancakes to get me fat?" Her mother smiled.

"Just the way you love them. It'll be finished in about five minutes." Alice's mother stood and exited the room to get back to tending the food leaving Alice stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sleep or her mothers cooking? It was rare to receive any kind of food from her since Astrid was so busy with work. That fact alone made up Alice's mind.

As she entered the kitchen the area seemed quite busy. The television running, the food being made, and the conversation between Astrid and Alice's step-dad, David.

"Dear lord, Astrid, you didn't tell me you were practicing Necromancy and woke the dead." David said and Alice gave him a half asleep grin through her squinted eyes as they adjusted to the brightness of the room. Alice didn't think of David as a father but more as an older brother. When he and her mother first started dating they always got into fights. And they were the unfriendly kind of fights. But as time went on she realized that David truly loved her mother and she respected that. And he eventually, warmed up to Alice as well. Eventually, they got along really well. It was Astrid's only worry and she was very happy at the outcome.

"Hey, your phone went off, by the way." David spoke interrupting Alice's thoughts as she took a seat at the table. "You should do better to keep track of it. Or is your life so boring you could care less who looks at your password-less phone?"

"Bingo!" David handed Alice her cellphone and she looked to see what the notification on it was. There was a text message from Jane Thomas. The looker of Alice's small group of friends. Jane had tons of tattoos and several piercings. Alice thought she was the coolest person in Riverdale. Although Alice could never imagine getting tattoos or facial piercings, Jane made her wish she had the looks to pull them off.

~Group message sent at 13:25 p.m.~
-Hey everyone, if your not busy how about we all meet up at the diner? On me of course-

"I got an invitation to the diner." Astrid turned to her daughter, her brow furrowed.

"So no breakfast?"

"No, no. I'll eat here. The diner is just a place to meet up. I'll probably just have a drink or something. You really think I'd take food from there over the food my mom makes? This is about as rare as seeing a lunar eclipse." Alice's mother's smile returned.

"I'm glad you love my cooking so much. I was about to ask you about your friends. You should definitely visit them more often. I know you love your artwork and computer about as much as lion loves its cubs but sometimes you gotta step outside that comfort zone."

"Yeah. You've given me this speech several times. I'm going to see them so no need to worry about me so much. I'm not sure when I'll be back because I have no clue what Jane has planned."

"Jane?" David asked. "Isn't that the tattoo girl?" Alice nodded her head. "I just hope she can find a job with all those body modifications. It looks cool not but not so much when you're out there searching for a job."

"Oh, my, god. David, you're not old enough to be concerned about others and trying to view their future. You have a full plate dealing with your own."

After breakfast Alice was out the door and in her Mini Cooper after she grabbed her trademark satchel. Due to the town she lived in not being entirely too big it was a little more than a hop, skip, and a jump to get to the diner. Upon pulling into the driveway Alice saw that there were several other vehicles parked as well. She thought maybe it was someone's birthday celebration going on. When she entered the diner she almost froze at the door. Many of the 'A-listers' were there. Alice didn't particularly enjoy being in the same vicinity as them. Their personalities clashed way too much. To make matters worse she didn't see any of her friends.

A waitress came up and seated Alice, thankfully, at a booth a little ways from the others. Alice hoped that none of the others recognized her.

"Honey, what would you like?" The waitress spoke up to get Alice's attention.

"Oh, uh, I'll take a water for now. I'm actually waiting on others" The waitress nodded in understanding and went off to get Alice's drink. All the girl could do was pray Jane and the others showed up soon. Alice was used to being by herself but not in such a crowded place.


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Tanner smiled at the text he received from Jane, she'll be stopping by. And he would need a lot of willpower to keep him from just forgetting that they can't be seen together. He was hanging out with the popular people, and she wasn't acceptable by their standards. He quickly typed out a text back,

- Sweet, Can't wait! God if I could, I would shove the person sitting next to me just to have you by my side. -

As Nicole ordered up, Tanner looked at her and smiled "Nice, are you sure it'll last you till dinner?" he asked Nicole, who had an impossibly fast metabolism. "May I have the Chilli Cheese Fries and the Philly burger?" asked Toby before looking out the window, in anticipation. "And I'll have the Guac burger." Tanner added on. The waitress left after writing down the orders on her notepad.

"So, do you guys think Ray would love me or hate me if I got her an alarm clock for her b-day coming up?" Nicole spoke up, Toby smiled, and Tanner snickered. "Are you serious Nikki? I would love you forever, and to eternity if you do. And if she hates you, you can tell her that I was part of it too. We'll face her together. Tanner said to his best friend. And Toby was brought back to earth when Anna joins the group and sits right next to Tanner. "Sup Anna, So after brunch what do you guys want to do? I'm thinking a day at the lake would be nice. Catch up on everything before school starts again." Toby said, before scanning the diner. He noticed that an Outcast had just walked into the diner, maybe even one of Jane's friends. He honestly didn't know anyone Jane knew, they never hung out with others around them. He tapped his finger against his glass of cherry coke as he kept glancing occasionally out into the diner. "I'm bailing if you guys go to the lake, you know I hate Lakes." Tanner said in response his older brother's suggestion.